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Hotel Sheets, Duvet Covers & Pillowcases

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-hotel-straip-7070-1 -hotel-straip-7070-1
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If you are looking for a quality pillowcase for your hotel or motel, the Hotel Stripe 70 * 70 pillowcase made by the Turkish manufacturer will be one of the best acquisitions for you and your customers. The pillowcase...
The sheet of Hotel Stripe 230x230 is made of snow-white and soft satin by a well-known Turkish manufacturer. This sheet is suitable for any hotels and motels. High quality workmanship, pleasant softness and density...
Pillowcase Gold calico made of high-quality coarse calico based on natural cotton. Pillowcases fit all modern sizes, have interesting colors, from classic white to abstraction. Such pillowcases are suitable for...
The snow-white Gold calico sheet will be a great purchase for hotels and motels. A sheet is made at a high level of quality and you will like it with its softness and resistance to frequent washing. The sheet will...
-hotel-straip-5070-1 -hotel-straip-5070-1
Limited special offer
UAH149.60 UAH176.00
Pillowcase of Milan Hotel Stripe from the Ukrainian manufacturer Milan is made of soft snow-white satin and decorated with a beautiful stripe. Soft cotton fabric has a high density due to which, such a pillowcase...

In the subsection "Sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases for hotels" the above products are presented for various institutions: sanatoriums, boarding houses, hotels, etc. As a rule, the owners of these establishments expect that guests will be satisfied with their services and will use them again in the future. So every detail of the interior, every accessory should be of the highest quality, pleasant to the touch, satisfy the aesthetic preferences of the guests and the practical characteristics of the owners. Particular attention in such institutions is given to the bedroom and its decoration. The more pleasant and comfortable the sleep of the guests is, the more satisfied and loyal they will be to the hotel or recreational facility.

For the hotel business, they choose products that are made in the same manner: they have similar styles, density and high quality fabrics. This allows for large orders to adhere to one tone in the interior of the bedrooms. The most successful version of the color scheme for sebaceous rooms is white and its variations. Buy bedding high or above average density. Textiles with a large number of fibers per square centimeter are more wear-resistant and can withstand more than one hundred washings before they begin to lose ground in appearance. From materials that can boast of similar qualities, the store sells sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases from satin and calico.

Calico and its strengths

  • The materials from which the calico knitwear is made are environmentally friendly.
  • Excellent durability and, as a result, a long service life.
  • The relative cheapness in the manufacture of running meter.
  • Bed linen made of calico is easy to iron.
  • The cotton base allows the product to accumulate heat and keep warm.

The popularity of CPB and their elements made of satin fabric

  • The structure of the fibers is located so closely (110 and more by 1 cm2) that the product practically wrinkle-free and does not need to be ironed.
  • Nice tactile feeling, smooth bed.
  • The structure of the materials from which sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are made withstands more than two hundred washes before starting to fade and fade.
  • Cotton perfectly retains heat and warms the heat.

The online store works with the best manufacturers of home textile knitwear at the moment. We are official representatives of Turkish, Ukrainian, Moldavian factories. We sell elements of the CPB only of verified trademarks:

  • TIROTEX - one of the top5 largest European textile manufactures. Founded in 1973. Production facilities are located in Moldova. They produce about 200 million square meters of finished fabric products per year.
  • “Love You” is a Ukrainian manufacturer that produces a wide range of knitwear, including bedding from Chinese and Turkish fabrics. It focuses on all price segments of the KPB.
  • TAS of the Turkish holding Zorlu. This is always an appropriate level of quality, confirmed by numerous certificates. Decent for the right price.

How to buy from our store?

For the convenience of making purchases on our website you need:

  • In the product window, select the size, color and quantity.
  • Click on the "One-Click Purchase" button, if this is your only purchase, or on the "Buy" button, after which the product will go to the "shopping cart", which is fixed on the site at the top right.
  • After all the selected models go to the "shopping cart" and fill in the main fields (marked with asterisks) click on "place an order".

Do you have any questions during the selection process? Just write support via chat, we will be happy to help.



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