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  • Terry sheets

    Terry sheets

    <h2> Terry sheets for comfort and coziness in your home </h2> <p> These products have recently been in great demand and this is not surprising, because they are made from natural terry, which is especially indispensable in the hot season. But this does not mean that at another time of the year it should not be used, just in the hot season, mainly in the summer, to sleep on such sheets made of pure natural raw materials is very comfortable and pleasant. But here the question already arises of how to buy a good sheet and we do not recommend saving money on this matter, because in return you can get the most unpleasant synthetics, and this is a completely different conversation. </p> <p> Terry sheet is a unique textile element, famous its versatility, since it is also used as a bedspread, or as a blanket in the summer, as mentioned above. It should be noted that terry fabrics are in no way inferior to ordinary bedspreads in beauty. </p> <p> The modern textile market is famous for a rather good assortment of terry products, each of which can differ in both quality and price. Naturally, great importance is attached to materials included in the production of fabrics, and this is the basis for the entire pricing policy. The most popular raw materials are bamboo and cotton fibers. Bamboo fiber is more popular for its antibacterial and deodorant properties. Also worth noting is the healing effect that bamboo canvases have. Heat treatment is not required, simple drying is enough and you can make the bed. Due to the unique properties of the product made of this material, the buyer will be very pleased with the purchased item, which will give him maximum comfort. Pay attention to the density and structure of the fabric (the duration of the service life is determined by the number of threads woven together: the more there are, the denser the fabric, which means it will last longer) - these criteria are also taken into account when prices vary. </p> <p > Such sheets of their terry are presented on the shelves of our online store. We are exclusively engaged in deliveries from Turkey, since the quality and price of this option will delight any buyer. Composition - 100% cotton. In the manufacture of the fabric, dyes of the highest class are used, accordingly, it is not necessary to be afraid that the sheet will shed. Preservation of the original color is ensured. </p> <h3> Advantages and distinctive features of terry cloth </h3> <p> Perfectly fits on the bed, and no duvet covers are required for operation - what else is needed? It is also worth highlighting a number of main advantages: </p> <ul> <li> Beautiful modern design; </li> <li> The surface is soft, silky and pleasant to the touch; </li> <li> Practicality and versatility; </li> <li> Massage effect; </li> <li> Hygroscopic and hypoallergenic; </li> <li> Only environmentally friendly raw materials; </li> <li> Bamboo and cotton are the leading elements; </li> <li> Long term of use; </li> <li> Abrasion resistance; </li> <li> Never lose their shape and will not fray; </li> <li> Conform to all international standards; </li> <li> The use of the modernized fiber in the product. </li> </ul> <p> The manufacturer ensures that no defects appear on store shelves in the form of an unfinished line, a large uneven and loose seam, hard pile or other nuances. The volume of the linen will increase after the first wash, so you shouldnt be too surprised. </p> <h3> Luxury that everyone can afford </h3> <p> Everyone strives for coziness and comfort for himself and his family. The assortment of products, which is constantly replenished on our trading floor, can help a lot in this. This product is indispensable for each apartment and house and in each room it is used for different purposes: </p> <ul> <li> Bedroom - blankets, bedspreads; </li> <li> Bathroom and toilet - rugs, bathrobes; </li> <li> Kitchen - napkins, towels </li> <li> In the bathhouse, on rest - terry cloth for saunas. </li> </ul> <p> This type of product does not require ironing, copes well with moisture absorption, but there is one drawback: the denser the fiber, the worse it is absorbed. Prices in our store are fundamentally different from market prices. If you browse the site’s catalog in full, you can verify this. Ask why? Everything is very simple. We have been working for many years and cooperate only with well-known proven brands that produce the best fabrics. Our assortment is huge, and the prices are designed so that any visitor can choose something to their liking. </p> <h2> Why is it profitable to buy a terry blanket from us </h2> <p> The network is full of competitors that provide their services and much more. Why is it necessary to buy our products? As mentioned above, we are an experienced company with many years of experience. We are a team of highly qualified specialists. We are safety and guarantee! By purchasing our products, you do not overpay a penny. Only certified goods are on the shelves of the Sweet Home online store. Add-ons are available with various embellishments, decorative borders or jacquard designs, for example: </p> <ul> <li> Unique Greek designs; </li> <li> Flowers and stripes; </li> <li> Sprigs of green bamboo; </li> <li> Panda bears; </li> <li> Pictures of several cupids playing, etc. </li> </ul> <p> A great gift can be made. Each hostess will be glad of such a surprise. We provide fast delivery all over the country. If you are suddenly unsure of your choice, entangled in the characteristics of a product, or you just need some information, please contact our administration. We are always happy to help you, provide advice, clarify the timing and delivery point, if necessary. All you need is to fill out the feedback form or call by mobile phone. Have a nice shopping! </p>
  • Bath and sauna sets

    Bath and sauna sets

    <h2> The best sets for baths and saunas in the Sweet Home online store </h2> <p> We dont know a single person who has not heard about saunas and baths and their beneficial effect on the immune system. Undoubtedly, every adult citizen at least once, but visited this wonderful place and felt the strength of steam, high temperatures and a great feeling of lightness after the procedures. In the Sweet Home online store there is a special section of knitted products designed to maximize a comfortable stay in the bath room. On our showcase you will find wonderful sets for baths and saunas from the best domestic and foreign knitwear factories. Here you can choose various options and models, both for women and men. </p> <h3> Assortment of sets for baths and saunas </h3> <p> When choosing a certain completeness, you need to clearly understand for yourself what exactly Do you want to. We have various kits, with different combinations of components. Heres what sets in this category might contain: </p> <ul> <li> Turban. </li> <li> Velcro towel. </li> <li> Waist towel. </li> <li> Slippers. </li> <li> Sauna sheet with fringe. </li> <li> Face towel and foot towel. </li> </ul> <p> We strongly recommend that you pay attention to the information inside each lot! We try to follow modern global trends and update our assortment as new model collections come in. All products can be roughly divided by the composition of the fabrics from which they are created. As a rule, the following materials are used for bath sets: </p> <ul> <li> Bamboo </li> <li> Egyptian cotton </li> <li> Cotton </li> </ul> <p> Mothers have to be in very hot and humid rooms, succumb to temperature changes, therefore they do not use synthetic and non-natural substances, only “pure” one hundred percent natural fabrics, without impurities. As for manufacturers and companies whose goods we sell on our shelves, they are represented by the following names of Turkish and Ukrainian brands and brands: </p> <ul> <li> Freecoton </li> <li> Gulcan </li> <li> HomeTextile </li> <li> Julie </li> <li> Philippus </li> <li> SoftCotton </li> </ul> <h3> What to look for when choosing sets for saunas and baths </h3> <p> When choosing a position, you can be guided by various reasons and desires. For example, someone likes a large double-sided terry cloth, which is pleasant to the touch, in which it is convenient to sit on the veranda after the next trip to the steam room. Others like the lighter and more open options, they do not restrict movement and allow you to feel comfortable both in the sauna cabin itself, and in the relaxation room or when walking to a pond (hole). These situations require different models. And of course, quite a few of our clients want to somehow stand out brightly, acquiring very colorful colors. By the way, we have a solid selection of palette colors. Here are the main ones: </p> <ul> <li> Brown </li> <li> Lilac </li> <li> Turquoise </li> <li> Green </li> <li> Cream </li> <li> Pink </li> <li> Yellow </li> <li> Burgundy </li> <li> Blue </li> <li> Raspberry </li> <li> Light green </li> <li > Beige </li> <li> White </li> <li> Chocolate </li> </ul> <h3> Subtleties of care for textiles </h3> <p> Any thing should not be taken lightly and washed all together at a time. Read the instructions on the product tag! Do not mix multi-colored and white fabrics, use the recommended types of washes. For colored linen, the temperature limit is +60 degrees, and in no case use bleaches. For white things, on the contrary, you can add “whiteness” and wash at higher temperatures (up to 90 degrees). Terry items do not need to be wrung out at ultra-fast speeds, the recommended bar is up to 900 rpm. </p> <p> Drying cotton towels is done in an open space. This will allow the product to dry faster and avoid shrinkage. Try to avoid direct sunlight, they make things dimmer with prolonged contact. Ironing, if it is really necessary, is done with a humidifier and in the “with steam” mode. </p> <p> Bamboo accessories for bathing procedures are more unpretentious in relation to washing. They can withstand more than half a thousand washes and remain in good "shape" if handled with care. I think it will not be superfluous to indicate that all fabrics made from bamboo raw materials should not be subjected to high thermal loads, 30-40 degrees is enough. Do not use softeners as well. After drying, such towels can sometimes “sparkle”, this is a normal reaction and property of matter. </p> <h2> Why is it profitable to buy in our online store </h2> <p> In our warehouse-store in the city of Kharkov and in the window online store Sweet Home, products from well-known manufacturers are sold. Our prices do not bite, on the contrary, due to direct deliveries, it is possible to keep one of the lowest prices among competitors. Our products reach the shelves without intermediaries. Compare the price tags with competitors! </p> <p> The constant highlight of our company is the bonus program for our customers, for each next purchase a discount coupon is provided. Buying goods from us, you get a certain amount of bonuses that you can cash out on your next purchase. Its simple, the more the purchase amount, the more bonuses. To find out all the subtleties of the discount system, please contact our consultants. Be sure that when you buy from us, you get a quality product, the composition of which is fully consistent with the labels on the packages. Excellent service and fast delivery, as well as bonus programs are the steps that we take to meet customers. </p>
  • Bath towels

    Bath towels

    <h2> How to choose a bath towel in Sweet Home </h2> <p> The subsection of bath towels presents various knitted models for a wide target audience (health centers, sanatoriums, guest houses, guesthouses, hotels, wholesale and retail buyers). We provide expensive solutions and budget options. There are more than 120 types and different models on our internet counter and store warehouse. Believe me, we have plenty to choose from! We offer our customers high quality products at reasonable prices. Undoubtedly, you will like our democratic prices, because we cooperate directly with the manufacturer. Therefore, we provide the most acceptable price tags among competitors for the entire product range. The main suppliers today are Ukrainian and Turkish knitwear factories. Today we sell bath towels of the following companies and brands: </p> <ul> <li> Gulcan </li> <li> HomeTextile </li> <li> Julie </li> <li> Ozdilek </li> <li> Philippus </li> <li> Pupilla </li> <li> SoftCotton </li> <li> Duygu </li> <li> Zuhra </li> <li> Berra </li> <li > Bulteks </li> <li> Gursan </li> <li> Maisonette </li> </ul> <p> All the abundance of the product range is presented in eleven sizes, ranging from the smallest, designed for a face 30x30 cm, ending with huge models 100x150 cm. In addition, our collections are constantly updated, stay tuned on the site! </p> <p> Basically, we offer high quality pieces of double-sided terry, bamboo fiber or velor terry. Fabric compositions can be either 100% bamboo, cotton or microcotton, or blended fibers such as cotton and modal (eucalyptus fiber). The density of bath towels varies from 320 to 950 grams per square meter. meter of matter. We have models for every solution and application. We can also boast of a truly wide range of color palettes. As for the monochromatic pieces, we have the following tones: </p> <ul> <li> Bordo and Orange. </li> <li> Somon Apricot. </li> <li> White and Beige. </li> <li> Blue and yellow. </li> <li> Green and brown. </li> <li> Cream red </li> <li> Purple and menthol. </li> <li> Milk and powder. </li> <li> Pink and gray. </li> <li> Blue and lilac. </li> <li> Dark blue and purple. </li> </ul> <p> Some products other than pictures has lace. Among our collection you can see towels for hands, face, body. </p> <h3> Difficulties in choosing bath towels </h3> <p> The main task of towels is to absorb moisture. Why then separate them somehow and do them with different characteristics? The thing is that depending on the conditions for which the towel is selected, there are combinations of characteristics that more effectively solve the tasks. For example, the length of the pile is an important parameter for absorption. The longest standard parameters are eight millimeter “protruding threads”, but in rare cases this figure is higher. Average permissible are considered from 3 to 6 millimeters. We also sell “short pile” from three millimeters or less. </p> <p> We recommend products with average parameters for our wholesale or retail customers for daily use. For example, a double-sided terry cloth with a fabric density of 530 grams per square meter, or an average fiber length (4-5 millimeters). These are optimal indicators of effective water absorption. If you choose a "heavier" towel, it will absorb more moisture, but it will take additional ventilation and time to dry. </p> <p> Different colors allow you to beat any highlight of the bathroom interior or just refresh the shower with bright shades. It should be borne in mind that light and bright palettes in practice wear out more often. This is because spots are more clearly visible on them, and they are more often sent to the wash. In our Sweet Home online store there are many interesting bath towels with different sizes for every taste. In the end, it is up to you to decide which length and height is more acceptable, and here we can only please you with an abundance of options. </p> <h2> Where is it better to buy? </h2> <p> Of course, in our online store. We sell products only from well-known manufacturers, therefore we guarantee and are responsible for the quality of all goods. Moreover, the company values each client and provides a bonus program that allows you to save on each next purchase. The larger the purchase amount, the greater the bonus amount. For detailed information, please contact our consultants. The company strives to meet the high trust of customers, so we make every effort to: </p> <ul> <li> Subject all textiles passing through us to strict quality control. </li> <li> Check the accuracy of the correspondence of the inscriptions on the labels and formulations sets. </li> <li> Provide quality service, fast and convenient delivery for customers. </li> <li> Provide your customers with favorable conditions, low prices and discounts. </li> <li> Replace products if they are did not fit. </li> </ul>
  • Beach towels

    Beach towels

    <h2> How to choose a beach towel for a comfortable stay at the sea </h2> <p> When going to warm regions on vacation, it is important to take care of absolutely all important things so as not to spoil your vacation. One of the most essential accessories is a beach towel. You can use it as a large and soft blanket on which you will lie and sunbathe and easily lay down a sunbed, you can also use a towel for its intended purpose, namely, to wipe off moisture and warm after a cool sea or river. </p> <p> To make it convenient for you to dry off and wrap yourself in a towel, choose models from high-quality and natural materials, for example, cotton. Cotton towels have a high level of absorption, while they do not lose their beautiful appearance and do not become stiff after washing. Cotton is an eco-friendly material, the pile is pleasant to the touch, such a towel will not only warm, but also quickly absorb water. </p> <h3> How to choose a beach towel? </h3> <p> First, start from how you will use it. If its like a blanket on which you will lie, then choose it according to your height, so that it is not small, and you completely fit on it. Very often, printed options are bought for such purposes, for example, with the image of trees or dolphins. Those that you will use as intended to absorb moisture should be soft and fluffy. This will allow you to wrap yourself in it at the same time when you get out of the water and immediately dry your face and dry your hair. Towels vary in size and it is important to choose the options that are most comfortable for you. Also pay attention to the color scheme. Most product models are made in muted shades, due to the fact that they are easier to wash, and they do not lose their appearance after the first trip to the sea. If you are choosing a lounger towel, we recommend choosing a bright one, for example, pink or brown with a yellow palm tree, so that when you leave the sea you can recognize where you are. </p> <h3> How to care </h3> <p > Groom very carefully. Violations of the elementary rules can cause the towel to become damp and musty. </p> <ul> <li> When you return from the beach, shake the towel so that there is no sand on it, then hang it on a rope before drying this will decompose it well. </li> <li> As soon as you are sure that it is dry, you can remove it from the dryer and use it further. </li> <li> After two or three trips to the sea, you need to wash it at a temperature not higher 30 degrees. It is categorically impossible to set a high temperature, it can lead to the fact that the thing simply decreases in size and becomes rigid. It is also advisable to use a rinse aid when washing. </li> <li> You can also steam it slightly after washing. </li> </ul> <p> You need to store it separately from all things so that your wardrobe or accessories are not saturated with the salty aroma water and sun. An important point: on the beach, when you see that the towel is already wet, you need to spread it out so that it dries. Otherwise, by the time you get home, your bag will be damp with a damp smell. The same goes for the sunbed towels. Do not lie down while it is wet, wait and wait until it dries, otherwise you will carry it to your room damp. </p> <h3> Where is the best place to buy a beach towel? </h3> <p> Today, manufacturers of things for leisure very much, they all offer a wide range. We recommend shopping online as the price of such products is much lower than the market price. This is possible due to the fact that the money is not spent on salaries of consultants, and there is no need to pay for the premises. These factors make it possible to sell products at a democratic, pleasant price. In order to place an order, you need to select our catalog, then the product you like and add it to the basket. After order confirmation, our representative will call you back to clarify all the details. </p> <h2> Why is it worth buying at Sweet Home? </h2> <ol> <li> Low price for the product; </li> <li> High quality . We represent a range of products from Turkish manufacturers. All products are made in factories from cotton fabric treated with velor for your comfort. </li> <li> Delivery throughout Ukraine by such services as: "Intime", "Autolux", "New mail". Delivery in the city of Kharkiv and pickup from our treasure. </li> </ol> <p> Courier delivery is carried out as follows: </p> <ul> <li> you choose the nearest metro station, where our representative arrives from goods. The delivery price will not exceed UAH 15. </li> <li> delivery to the door of the apartment, house. </li> </ul> <p> We make our service the best every day and try to ensure that our customers are satisfied cooperation with us. We work for you and do our best to make your life comfortable! If you have any questions, please contact our support team. Call or fill out the feedback form and we will be happy to advise and clarify all points of interest to you. </p>
  • Facial towels

    Facial towels

    <h2> How to choose a facial towel? </h2> <p> When choosing a facial towel, it is important that it is pleasant to the touch and even airy, since it is in contact with delicate skin. To avoid redness and rashes, order and buy towels made of natural fiber, so as not to harm yourself. Since the time of kings, a towel was in great demand. At first, its use was only for the nobility. Before meals, aristocrats always used small pieces of cloth, on which they wiped their hands. As you can guess, they had an impeccable and even rich look and were decorated with real gold inserts. </p> <p> At the beginning of the article, we have already started to touch upon some aspects of the choice. Repeating, we note that the towel must be soft. When you wash, it should not injure and cause discomfort. If you now have a towel, but you notice inflammation on the skin, this suggests that perhaps it does not suit you. It makes sense to change it. When choosing a towel, pay attention to the color scheme of the fabric. </p> <p> Manufacturers offer a wide range of colors in their models. We recommend opting for muted shades or bright colors. The proposed color scheme is more practical, it is easier to care for, such towels do not get dirty very quickly. The main materials from which the towels presented in our store are made are cotton and bamboo. </p> <p> Natural cotton material perfectly absorbs moisture, while maintaining a perfect appearance. The very soft pile and quality make the cotton options popular. It is a hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly material. It also does not lose its properties and softness after washing, absorbs moisture well, but dries slowly. </p> <p> Bamboo - characterized by the highest level of water absorption. If we compare them with cotton, then bamboo have a level of absorption as many percent higher, about 1.6-1.7 times. Bamboo fiber is denser with antibacterial properties and does not have a musty odor. There is an interesting fact: in 24 hours more than 75% of all bacteria die in it! It is an environmentally friendly product with beneficial properties. The bamboo towel does not lose its softness and is machine washable. Any stains are very easy to remove with ordinary powder or even soap. It is recommended to wash at a temperature of 30 degrees. </p> <h3> Rules of care and use </h3> <p> Important points of care of the product are as follows: </p> <ul> <li> Be sure to dry it. Never throw curled up in the bathroom. So it will not be able to dry and will smell of damp. </li> <li> Wash it in a delicate mode and use a rinse aid. It happens that you buy a thing, and after the first wash it rolls up, becomes tough and unpleasant. Throw away such a product immediately, it is of poor quality and will not suit you. You need to choose options with a natural pile that do not lose their characteristics after washing. </li> <li> Dry on a towel-dryer. </li> <li> As for the storage itself, you need to keep the towel in the closet, making sure before that that it is completely dry! In the event that you are going on a trip, the face towel should be folded separately, preferably on the very top of the suitcase, so that you can use it on the train. </li> </ul> <h3> Where is the best place to order? </H3 > <p> We suggest you make a purchase in the Sweet Home online store, as it is much more profitable. The prices in our store are lower, a democratic pricing policy is achieved due to the fact that you do not need to rent a retail space. A wide range of products will allow you to choose an option for yourself and your family at an affordable cost. </p> <h2> Why is it better to order in the online store SweetHome? </h2> <p> We present products from Turkish manufacturers that make home textiles and soft terry products made from natural cotton and bamboo fiber for 10 years. Each factory and brand represented in our store has earned recognition throughout Europe. </p> <p> Which towel to choose is up to you. It all depends on your tastes and wishes. Since we offer products only from natural materials, no matter what you buy, you will still be satisfied with the purchase. Towels have different thicknesses and structures, and you can easily burn to find the right size and color. Having ordered the goods on our site, you will receive them in your city by any courier service convenient for you: "Intime", "New mail", "Autolux". Kharkiv residents also offer city delivery or pickup from our warehouse. It will take a few minutes to complete your purchase. If you have any questions, contact our consultant, we will tell you how to place an order and answer all questions. As soon as the order is confirmed by the manager, we will contact you to clarify the details and send the order as soon as possible! </p> <p> Courier receipt is carried out as follows: </p> <p> 1. To the nearest metro station, it will cost no more than 15 UAH; </p> <p> 2. To the doors of your house / apartment. </p> <p> We try for you and do everything in order to make the life of customers more comfortable and pleasant. We look forward to your requests! </p>
  • Hotel towels

    Hotel towels

    <h2> Quality hotel towels from the manufacturer </h2> <p> Its always nice to see cleanliness and order in a hotel, because it becomes your temporary home. Hotel towels are an indispensable attribute of a bathroom, they give guests softness after taking a shower and warm them, which helps to fully enjoy their rest. These products should be silky to the touch, made exclusively and durable to withstand repeated washing and serve for a long time. Most often, they choose natural cotton items that perfectly absorb moisture and smell great. </p> <h2> Characteristics of hotel towels </h2> <p> This accessory must be fluffy and soft, because after washing you always like to feel a pleasant dry skin . High-quality creations made from natural materials are what the hotel sector needs. For one room, at least three types of towels are useful for hotels: </p> <ul> <li> For face </li> <li> For feet </li> <li> Bath </li> </ul> <p > It is important that they are all made in the same color scheme and the same style. White terry towels for hotels are commonly used. The slightest flaws are visible on them. You can use bleaches and other chemicals, but do not worry about the persistence of paints. If multi-colored accessories are more suitable for corporate symbols or design of the premises, they are also allowed. </p> <p> To check the quality of the product, it is enough to make a test and see how much the original look has been preserved. Significant features are: ease of stain removal, appearance, absorbency, size retention. Another feature is capillarity, the ability to quickly absorb water at the moment of wiping off the body. </p> <h3> How many sets should be ordered? </h3> <p> Usually, when opening an establishment, you need 3 - 4 sets per room. Under this scheme, one or two, based on the original order, need to be renewed in the second year. On the third, you need to buy hotel towels, including the one on the first. This guarantees excellent quality and low wear. This formula does not require strict execution, the main thing is to monitor the presentation and purchase as it wears out. </p> <h3> Rules for choosing textiles for hotels </h3> <p> There are many factors that affect positive memories of visiting a place. Hotel towels are a small element that has a strong impact on the impression of the guests, shows the care for them. Therefore, the choice should be approached responsibly. </p> <p> It is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the pile, the properties of the fabric, possible shrinkage, edge processing. The main quality indicators are described in the manufacturers certificate. The higher the density, the greater the price and stiffness that may appear if improper care is taken. Most hotel and motel owners approve of the following important features for evaluating textile quality: </p> <ul> <li> Made from 100% cotton. </li> <li> Shrinkage no more than 10%. </li> <li> Only two ends are stitched, the others are trimmed. Thanks to this, the construction is stronger, dries quickly and less abrasion. </li> <li> Seam up to 60 mm wide. </li> <li> Long-lasting color and whiteness of towels. </li> </ul> <p> One Of the most important criteria there are maintenance costs. It is not advisable to take towels with a pile density of less than 450 g / m2. If there is a pool or SPA, then for them it is better to stock up with colored, more practical ones that are easily erased. By purchasing quality products, you ensure the loyalty of visitors. </p> <h3> Care Tips </h3> <p> Daily washing, bleaching, drying - for these procedures you need to purchase hotel towels that can withstand these difficult conditions. After the purchase, they must first be washed to wash all the chemicals used during manufacture. If this is not done, the client may have an allergy. </p> <p> There are 2 technologies by which terry towels for hotels are painted: </p> <ul> <li> Reactive. Color changes form around the 30th application. </li> <li> Drum. After it, they do not fade after 120 washings. </li> </ul> <p> The recommended processing temperature for white items is 95 ˚С, for colored items - 60 ˚С. If the product is not designed for high temperatures, some impurities may not be washed: chocolate, butter, shoe polish and others. In this case, liquid chemistry will not save. Of course, you can wash at 90 ˚C to remove the stain, then the dimensions can be reduced by up to 30%. Colorful objects shed significantly. Proper use doubles the service life. </p> <h2> Where to buy hotel towels? </h2> <p> The Sweet Home online store works directly with trusted manufacturers and offers excellent textiles at an affordable cost. A wide assortment allows you to purchase the best option for you. Managers will gladly help with the choice, delivery is carried out as soon as possible. Most hotels want to increase the level of service; textiles play a significant role in this. By purchasing hotel towels in our online store, you will undoubtedly give maximum comfort and coziness to your hotel visitors. Durable and durable, they will last a long time, save money and bring joy to your guests. </p>
  • Foot towels

    Foot towels

    <h2> Sweet Home foot towels </h2> <p> This attribute can be used in everyday life as home terry or hotel rugs. This type of product is popular, because they are often used in the bathroom, and also act as an integral part of decorating hotel rooms and are attached to the set of terry towels offered by the hotel. Lets take a closer look at the characteristics: </p> <ol> <li> Made from natural raw materials; </li> <li> Pleasant to the touch; </li> <li> Density - at least 550 gm2; </li> <li> A twisted thread is used that does not allow the product to shed; </li> <li> They have good capillary properties and absorb moisture perfectly. </li> </ol> <p> It is also worth highlighting the low pile that makes the fiber sufficiently durable. This type of towel can not only decorate, but also complement any interior. On our site you can find many models of foot towels that you will not be ashamed to present as a gift. Especially if it matches a bath set or a dressing gown. </p> <h3> Main properties and advantages </h3> <p> A foot towel must meet basic quality requirements. The following properties are required: </p> <ul> <li> Long life; </li> <li> Hygroscopic; </li> <li> Resistance to tensile, tearing and damage; </li> <li> Resistance to rapid contamination and rolling of the pile; </li> <li> Must be pleasant to the touch, comfortable when touching the body. </li> </ul> <p> Dark or pastel shades are more popular precisely because of their it is not easy to make it look unattractive. Snow white colors help create a stylish and cozy environment. </p> <h3> What materials are used for production? </h3> <p> Of course, terry is most often used, which is natural, mixed or artificial in nature. Cotton remains the leader in this situation. The materials are easy to wash, they dont take long to dry, and they are amazingly durable and soft. Such an accessory will not only harmoniously complement the interior of any bathroom, but will also raise the mood of its owner. Any purchase in our store will bring you great pleasure. </p> <p> When choosing foot towels, it is important to remember about: </p> <ul> <li> The degree of moisture absorption. This ability, depending on several factors - the composition of the yarn, the nature of the thread, the technique of final processing of raw materials. Cotton is the best example. </li> <li> Rigidity. People with sensitive skin should consider this option before buying. </li> <li> Material. Pay your attention to what the canvas is made of. </li> </ul><p> </p> <p> Today, several types of fabrics are distinguished for sewing towels: </p> <ol> <li> Cotton - the undisputed leader in the manufacture of this product; </li> <li> Jacquard - fabric with small loops; </li> <li> Velor. Also practical and enjoyable. It looks interesting, but its cost is a little higher. </li> </ol> <p> If you cannot make a choice, then the best way out of the situation would be to purchase a canvas from mixed types of fabrics, for example, cotton fabrics combined with bamboo fiber (by the way, excellent prevention of fungal diseases) and does not give in to decay. We often see lyocell in the fabric. These are eucalyptus fibers, well absorbing, quick-drying, not accumulating dust and odors, hypoallergenic. There is also a combination with flax - it has a massage and lifting effect on the skin of the feet when applied. </p> <p> Pile length. It is worth noting this criterion when it comes to terry fibers. Ideally, the pile is of medium length - 5mm, short - 3.5mm and below (this option does not absorb moisture well) and long - 8mm and above. If you decide to choose the latter option, then you need to take good care of it, otherwise the product may look bad after regular washings. </p> <p> Size. Here you need to rely on your taste and some calculations of the dimensions of the bathroom. </p> <p> </p> <p> When buying, it would be nice to pay attention to the intricacies of caring for the goods: </p> <ul> <li> When washing choose a low temperature and gentle mode; </li> <li> For ironing, a steamer is best suited. Do not use an iron; </li> <li> To avoid residues of detergents on textiles, wash more often; </li> <li> After washing, it is important to dry the garment. </li> </ul> <h2> Where to buy this accessory </h2> <p> On the Internet there are a lot of different trading platforms that offer their products and services. To make sure that you need to buy exactly in our Sweet Home online store, take a look at the list of our advantages: </p> <ul> <li> The widest catalog of certified and high-quality products, updated daily with fresh news; </li> <li> Delivery to any corner of the country; </li> <li> We have been working in this field for more than ten years; </li> <li> Quality assurance and safety. </li> </ul> <p> Buying something or with us, you can be sure of the quality of the products, because we cooperate with the most famous manufacturers engaged in the production of the best textiles and much more. Our team of specialists works around the clock and is ready to help you at any time. If you need advice, or you just need information on the product you are interested in - please feel free to contact us! To do this, call by phone or fill out the feedback form. Have a nice shopping! </p>
  • Sets and gift towels

    Sets and gift towels

    <h2> Where to buy and how to choose gift towels? </h2> <p> Sometimes you just don’t know what to give to a person who has everything. Gift wrapped towels are one such solution or solution. Different sets of towels in variegated beautiful boxes, high quality, you see, a wonderful present! In addition, practice shows that towels are changed every two or three years. This happens due to frequent washing and wear. Even the most resistant synthetic materials cannot retain their original bright appearance for more than 300-400 washes. As for natural materials, their service life, before they begin to fade and lose their attractiveness, does not exceed three hundred. Therefore, you will not lose the choice! </p> <p> In the Sweet Home online store, there is a separate section in which all knitted products are collected. It will not be a shame to present it as a gift for a birthday or any other holiday. Moreover, we can choose different models for men, women, children, copies without drawings and more. To be honest, today we have a choice of more than a hundred items of towels for a gift only in this category! </p> <h3> What can we offer our customers? </h3> <p> Sweet Home online store ) can offer almost all types of home textiles. Here you can find: kitchen towels, towel sets with two, three and four objects in gift wrapping, kitchen napkins, bathrobes, bedding sets and much more. All of the above textiles have gift wrapping from Ukrainian and Turkish manufacturers. Global modern trends do not stand still, so we systematically update our collections. The lineup of the previous years is included in the section "Discount goods and sales". Stay tuned for the range of updates. The entire range of textiles in this category can be divided into two types of matter: </p> <ul> <li> Velor mahr. </li> <li> Bamboo fabric. </li> <li> Double-sided mahr. </Li > </ul> <p> As for the compositions, it is natural one hundred percent cotton or bamboo. These fabrics are completely hypoallergenic and have proven themselves in the textile industry, and have found recognition and love among buyers in everyday life. We purchase products directly from manufacturers, without intermediaries. Among them are Ukrainian, Moldovan and Turkish factories. Here is a list of brands and manufacturers who provide us with gift wrapped towel sets: </p> <ul> <li> Freecoton. </li> <li> Gulcan. </li> <li> Home Textile. </Li > <li> Julie. </li> <li> Philippus. </li> <li> Pupilla. </li> <li> Tivolyo Home. </li> </ul> <p> You should not choose thoughtlessly, try to remember the preferences of the birthday person or the birthday girl. A consciously made choice will be doubly pleasant if you like it. For a man, try to be more guided by the prestige of the presentation. When choosing a gift for a woman, find out in advance her favorite color. By the way, we have a solid palette choice: </p> <ul> <li> Lilac and black. </li> <li> Gray and brown. </li> <li> Purple and red. </li> <li> Green and cream. </li> <li> Pink and burgundy. </li> <li> Blue and peach. </li> <li> Beige and dark blue. </li> <li> Dark green and milky. </li> <li> Dark pink. </li> </ul> <h3> Features when choosing a gift set of towels </h3> <p> Regardless of whether you decide to present a set to someone towels, or purchased yourself, the following information is desirable to know. Thus, things will last longer: </p> <ol> <li> Brightly colored items are washed less often than white items. When it comes to natural fabrics, for example, cotton fiber, the temperature regimes should not exceed 60 degrees. </li> <li> White towels and bathrobes made of double-sided terry can be subjected to more heat treatment during washing, up to 90 degrees. Also, it will not be superfluous to use bleach. </li> <li> After purchasing any jersey, take the time to read all warnings and instructions for use. Thus, this item will "serve" you longer. </li> <li> Terry items, especially with long pile, should not be left in the washing machine for spinning. You better hang them in the fresh air, so you will avoid shrinkage. </li> <li> If you still want to squeeze terry products, then choose a mode that will have a minimum of revolutions per minute. </li> <li> You do not want to see that your textiles look faded, quickly fade? Then do not leave it to dry in direct sunlight. </li> <li> When ironing, it will not be superfluous to use steam modes and moistened gauze. </li> <li> Cotton fibers are less susceptible to high temperatures. Bamboo knitwear can be washed well even at 30-40 degrees. It is also not recommended for him to use softeners. </li> </ol> <h2> Buying towels as a gift from us is profitable! </h2> <p> By selling the product range from well-known brands and knitwear factories directly, without intermediaries, we we can create a price tag that looks very attractive. Compare with competitors! </p> <p> Moreover, for our regular customers we create seasonal promotions and bonus loyalty programs. Find out all the details on the website or from our consultants who are ready to help you in any matter related to the purchase of knitwear from us. For wholesale buyers, we have convenient ways of delivering goods to anywhere in Ukraine. If you buy from us, you will receive a high quality product, excellent service and fast transportation. We try to meet our customers halfway! </p>
  • Sauna towels

    Sauna towels

    <h2> Quality sauna towels from the manufacturer </h2> <p> Its always nice to relax after a hard day and relax in the sauna with family or friends. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the skin and overall human health. To spend time comfortably and as useful as possible, you will undoubtedly need towels for the sauna, perfectly absorbing moisture. They must be free from aggressive chemical components causing allergies. Their quality is of great importance during the period of maximum relaxation, it is advisable to choose products made from natural materials. </p> <h3> Towels for the sauna: features and benefits </h3> <p> The main characteristics include: size, color and raw materials, from which they are made. The service life, quality and tactile sensations depend on the material. These accessories are made of soft, smooth-to-touch fabrics that absorb water perfectly. These include: velor, terry, bamboo, jacquard and others. Sometimes manufacturers use flax fibers, such products are not very hygroscopic but have a massage effect. </p> <p> Such towels are used not only in steam rooms. They are indispensable on the beach and at home. Dimensions of towels are usually 140 * 70 cm and more, which allows you to easily wipe the skin dry, both for adults and children, it is convenient to wrap it after water procedures. Buy towels for the sauna - make it comfortable to visit the indoor pool or sports complex, they will instantly remove drops of water from the body. There are models for men, women and children of different ages. They are made using modern technologies of high quality cotton material and have the following advantages: </p> <ul> <li> High moisture absorption; </li> <li> Dry quickly; </li> <li> Environmentally friendly; </li > <li> Hypoallergenic; </li> <li> Breathable; </li> <li> Amazingly soft and silky; </li> <li> Strong and durable; </li> <li> Practical; </li > <li> Protect from ultraviolet radiation; </li> <li> Easy to clean. </li> </ul> <p> These textiles are cozy, harmless to customers and have a democratic cost. </p> <h3 > Sauna towels: selection rules </h3> <p> When choosing clothes, you need to take into account many factors in order to enjoy a comfortable stay. It is recommended to purchase cotton items - terry fluffy creations. Their rigidity and pile length are perfectly suited for quick absorption of liquids, moreover, they are gentle when touched. </p> <p> Towels for the sauna are sized, ideally completely wrap the wearer. Female models always look especially attractive. They are in great demand among fans of such events. It is important that this bath attribute with a charming appearance and huge color gamut has a large value. </p> <p> Properties possessed by first-class products: </p> <ul> <li> Made of environmentally friendly 100% long-fiber cotton; </li> <li> Contains healthy additives; </li> <li> Pile height is 5 mm; </li> <li> Made of combed yarn; </li> <li> Fabric weight from 400 g / m2. </li> </ul> <p> These accessories look great in classic style or with luxurious velor piping. By purchasing an option that is ideal for the interior of your home, you get a charge of excellent mood at any time. </p> <h3> Care Tips </h3> <p> To extend the life of the products and ensure pleasant use, you need to take proper care of them. Immediately after the purchase, you need to wash them, after which they will be more fluffy and will better absorb moisture. In addition, items from the counter are not hygienic. During washing, the temperature should not be higher than 60 ˚С, sets increase when wet. </p> <p> Use detergent for colored clothes and set the speed to a maximum of 800, in order to avoid breaking the loops. We recommend using an air conditioner that contains silicone to increase its hygroscopicity. Sauna towels do not need to be ironed. Nevertheless, having decided to iron them, select a temperature of up to 150 ° C, use a steamer or moist gauze. Dry naturally, smoothly and evenly. If puffs appear on the terry cloth, cut them off without fear. It is woven, because such actions do not provoke holes. </p> <h2> Where is it profitable to buy towels for a sauna? </h2> <p> In the Sweet Home online store you can buy towels for a sauna and sets at affordable prices. We cooperate with reliable manufacturers who manufacture products using the latest technologies. You can be sure that you will get the best textile solutions to help you get the most pleasant and comfortable sauna experience. Store managers will be happy to answer all your questions, help with the selection of the best option. Delivery is carried out as soon as possible. We provide a high level of service and regularly replenish the catalog with new high-quality items, which can be purchased wholesale and retail, of all kinds of colors and designs. There is a flexible system of discounts for wholesale customers. </p>
  • Baptism Towels

    Baptism Towels

    <h2> Baptism towels in the Sweet Home online store </h2> <p> Before going to church baptism, future godparents must take care of the newborns attire. Kryzhma - a snow-white towel or diaper with which the godmother shelters the baby after the font. This is a mandatory attribute, without which the ceremony will not be completed. </p> <p> What should be the characteristics of such a product? </p> <p> It should be understood that the kryzhma is not a one-time use item (why, we will discuss below), therefore , when choosing this accessory, you need to be guided by the desire for absolute convenience, comfort and safety for the newborn, and after that - the aesthetic factor. </p> <ol> <li> It is important to choose the right material from which the towel is sewn. You should not lose your mind in the pursuit of satin or silk, adding to the aristocracy: yes, such things look gorgeous, but the baby is of little use. Such canvases are not able to absorb moisture, which will necessarily remain after the font, and the baby may become cold. We suppose there is no need to describe what will follow. We recommend choosing the best fiber option - is cotton or bamboo. They are hygroscopic and pleasant to the body. Also, such accessories flawlessly and quickly absorb moisture and will not irritate the delicate skin of the baby. </li> <li> Pay attention to the type of product. Terry bouncers, or lighter models from chintz or calico are at your choice. Check in advance with the church how warm it is in the room where the ceremony will take place. If it’s quite warm there, you should choose a lightweight variation of Kryzhma. In colder temperatures, give preference to the warmed version: swirl or velor. </li> <li> Pay special attention to size. For young children, a bedspread measuring 73 × 75 cm will fit. But if you have already reached the age of three months, stop your choice on a product that is 100 × 100 cm in size. </li> </ol> <p> As has long been known, kryzhma - a symbol of a clean and sinless baby, must be preserved by parents throughout its life. Our great-grandmothers also advised wrapping a sick child with a veil with which he was baptized, and then it was believed that the Lord would help him to become healthy again and improve immunity. </p> <h3> Features of the ritual kryzhma </h3> <p> This is a soft snow-white a towel decorated with beautiful embroidery in gold or silver is a symbol of the childs without sinfulness and purity after the ceremony. That is why embroidery with church symbols, national ornaments and, of course, applications in the form of crosses are used to decorate it. It is also not excluded and personal bouncers, which depict the name of the child, the presence of ribbons, bows and a hood. The most popular raw materials for sewing a bathing cover are: </p> <ul> <li> Linen; </li> <li> Cotton; </li> <li> Mahra; </li> <li> Atlas; </li> <li> Veil; </li> <li> Mitcal; </li> <li> Chintz. </li> </ul> <p> According to the previously accepted and established rule, the godmother buys a bedspread, but with the same success it can be done by the godfather, the parents of the baby or other close relatives. Probably, you will have a question, is it possible to give a child a ritual veil as a gift? We will immediately answer - of course you can! </p> <p> A high-quality baptismal towel is: </p> <ul> <li> The highest quality kryzhma is made exclusively of cotton fabric. Immediately I would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is not for nothing that cotton has become the main type of fabric that is used in the production of canvases. It is the best option for very delicate baby skin: gentle to the touch, unpretentious in care, durable; </li> <li> Any sizes for babies; </li> <li> And, of course, color, design and a creative approach to the implementation of this baptismal attribute. </li> </ul> <h2> Where can you buy a canopy? </h2> <p> The baptismal envelope is an integral accessory, so there are special requirements for it. Our online store has collected the best variations of baptism sets made only from environmentally friendly and natural materials. You can evaluate the aesthetic appearance of the product from the photographs presented in the catalog. It is our assortment that stands out for the best texture of the fabric and in no way will bring any discomfort to your baby. Why should you buy it in the Sweet Home store? Consider a number of advantages that significantly distinguish us from our competitors: </p> <ul> <li> Our company has been pleasing its customers with the reliability and safety of products for more than ten years; </li> <li> We provide delivery of purchases throughout the country and even abroad; </li> <li> We are one hundred percent quality guarantee. </li> </ul> <p> Order a product that you like and our couriers will deliver your purchase as soon as possible. Our storefront displays products with the most affordable price. A 24-hour team of highly qualified specialists works on the site, who are always happy to help you. We are ready to answer any question that interests you, or suggest or give information about the product that you need to purchase. Contact us by number or using the feedback form, and we will answer you within 5 minutes. </p>
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Towels Dolphins dry have dimensions 50 * 90. Made from quality material. Non-fading and well-kept colors after many washes. You can purchase them wholesale and retail in our online store
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Pay your attention to the Berra towel 50 * 70 colored legs , from a famous Turkish manufacturer. Soft cotton terry gives your feet warmth and comfort, and also absorbs moisture quite quickly. Each towel is decorated...
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We offer you a high-quality Turkish towel made of natural cotton, which will give you coziness, comfort and pleasant softness after a bath or shower. The towel has double-sided terry, high density and beautiful...

The market for textile products is widely flooded with terry products. They occupy a large segment of a certain orientation related to moisture absorption and are in great demand among consumers of various target audiences. Lets see what is the secret of the success of terry cloth and why it is so popular.

First, it is worth figuring out where the terry cloth came from and what it is. "Mahra" entirely consists of natural fabric with a special arrangement of threads in the form of loops. All terry knitwear is divided by the type of pile into:

  • One-sided.
  • Two-sided.
  • Terry with a relief pattern.
  • Shorn .

Fuzziness arises due to the fact that the machine leaves clearly measured loops at the base of the material when creating the fabric. Thus, a unique fabric is created that perfectly absorbs moisture, and just as quickly part with it upon drying. Terry products allow the pores to breathe normally, when exposed to the body, you can feel a small massage effect.

What else is worth knowing about terry cloth? Its characteristics vary depending on the density (300-800 g / m²). When creating, they can add polyester thread to the "frame" of the fabric in a ratio of 2: 8. In addition to the main raw material, cotton, you can find linen and bamboo “compounds”.

A variety of terry products

The combination of all the characteristics of terry terry make it unique and irreplaceable. In subsections of this direction you will find:

  • Bathrobes.
  • Towels.
  • Slippers for home.
  • Bed linen.
  • Beach sheets
  • Orthopedic insoles
  • Pillows.
  • Mattresses
  • Cover products of various dimensions.

Various fibers are used in production, but more often with small and medium thickness. There are options when a thin thread is twisted in half. If we talk about durability, then good-quality copies are able to maintain their original appearance and not fade at 300-500 washes. A wide range of face, bath, beach, foot, hotel towels have different density and structure of terry, meeting specific needs. Among others, specific products can also be noted: christening towels , for a sauna, terry sheets, sets and gift towels.

Do not forget about sets for sauna and bath , bathrobes , which do an excellent job of thermoregulating the body and do not impede the spread of air. As for the bathrobes, they can be both with one-sided pile, and mutually fleecy. Bed linen with terry cloth is denser than coarse calico counterparts. Its advantage can be considered the effect of body massage when touched.

Rules of choice

Natural goods from terry are little susceptible to a change in state and retain a soft and voluminous texture for a long time. It is not necessary and contraindicated to iron them. This is how "fluffiness" is violated. When choosing, you should know the following:

  • All terry cloth, with the rare exceptions described above, is completely natural. It is indicated for allergy sufferers and does not cause any allergic reactions.

  • Depending on the needs, the height of the pile may vary, changing the quality of moisture absorption. The shorter the thread, the weaker it will accumulate water in itself and vice versa. As a rule, the "golden mean" between 3.5 and 8 millimeters is considered optimal.

  • Density has an important role in various indicators of finished products. Less dense models are more susceptible to rapid wear, mainly kitchen towels, they are often replaced. Increasing the density allows the specimen to take more moisture. So facial and bath towels have indicators from 450 to 600 g / m², and bathrobes and bath accessories are one hundred lower gram per square meter. Rugs are made, on the contrary, very dense.

  • The quality can be seen in the details, namely in the canvas, border and seams, if any. They should be clearly "punched" and neatly made. These products will last much longer than their "loose relatives".

  • If you catch a strange specific smell when buying any towel, then do not rush to put it back. As a rule, textile factories treat all products with an antibacterial composition.

  • Tactile sensations can be considered an important criterion when choosing a towel, do not hesitate to touch, checking for softness.

  • The fabric should be even and uniform.

Terry garments care

When washing, follow the rules described in the instructions on the label , or, if it is a set, in the insert. So exceeding the temperature conditions can adversely affect the color. To prevent unwanted staining of other things, it is advisable to wash the products separately for the first couple of times.

If you want to keep the original appearance, then do not use aggressive cleaning agents and powders with a "bleaching effect". These options are good only for white things, but not colorful. This is worth remembering.

Great deals

Our online store and a warehouse store in Kharkov cooperates with major manufacturers of textiles for home and hotels from Turkey , Moldova and Ukraine. All products are transported personally by us directly from the factories, without intermediaries and third-party transport companies. Thus, we are exactly confident in the quality and originality of our entire range and create our own low price for the entire range of products offered.

Our pricing policy is designed for cooperation with both wholesale and final retail customers. For everyone there will be bonuses and promotional offers that will allow you to remain our regular customers in the future.

Having made purchases with us, you can choose a convenient way of transporting goods and any courier service that works in your city. Dispatch takes place during the day.

If you have any questions during the product selection process - just write to our representatives via chat on the website or contact the specialists in the warehouse store, they will be happy to will help.



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