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Bath and sauna sets

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Philippus sauna set for women Philippus sauna set for women
rating 0 review
Wonderful womens sets for saunas and baths combine beautiful design and excellent quality. Buy a set for a sauna from the Turkish manufacturer Philippus - enjoy a comfortable stay in the sauna and at the same time...
-gulcan-sauna- -gulcan-sauna-
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This Gulca Sauna Set is made specifically for men. A soft Velcro towel and a head towel made of high quality material will allow you to spend time in a sauna or a bath with pleasure. Towels protect the body from...
-gulcan-sauna- -gulcan-sauna-
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Женский набор для сауны Gulcan станет прекрасным презентом для фанатов сауны или бани. В этом наборе есть полотенце на липучке и чалма из материала прекрасного качества. Изделия турецкого производства выполнены на...
Philippus Sauna Set for Men Philippus Sauna Set for Men
rating 0 review
We bring to your attention mens sets for baths and saunas from the famous Turkish brand Philippus. It contains everything you need for a comfortable visit to the sauna. Sets are suitable for men of any age, almost any...
-moda-monacco-sauna- -moda-monacco-sauna-
rating 0 review
Fashionable and stylish sauna kit Moda Monacco will be a wonderful and stylish gift for your friends and relatives. Double-sided terry absorbs moisture well after water procedures. High quality material, tolerates...
-gulcan-sauna- -gulcan-sauna-
rating 0 review
The cute Gursan Sauna Set is designed specifically for women. Delicate shades and quality tailoring will please its owner. Turkish products in various color variations. The set has a large body towel, a turban on the...
Set for a sauna mans Julie Spa Set for a sauna mans Julie Spa
Limited special offer
rating 0 review
UAH726.75 UAH855.00
Buy a magnificent set for a sauna - to present an attribute of real relaxation, softness and warmth. Turkish manufacturer TM Julie used bamboo fiber from the best suppliers to make a high-quality velcro skirt and...
-gulcan-sauna- -gulcan-sauna-
rating 0 review
A wonderful set of sauna Gursan of double-sided terry is designed for the strong half of humanity, men who love to steam in a sauna or bath. High quality Turkish products. A towel around the waist, a front towel...
Sheet for the sauna Sheet for the sauna
rating 0 review
A comfortable Turkish sheet for a sauna made of 100% cotton will help you to fully and fully enjoy your vacation and relax. For the manufacture of such a sheet, only high-quality fabrics are used. The catalog contains...

The best sets for baths and saunas in the Sweet Home online store

We dont know a single person who has not heard about saunas and baths and their beneficial effect on the immune system. Undoubtedly, every adult citizen at least once, but visited this wonderful place and felt the strength of steam, high temperatures and a great feeling of lightness after the procedures. In the Sweet Home online store there is a special section of knitted products designed to maximize a comfortable stay in the bath room. On our showcase you will find wonderful sets for baths and saunas from the best domestic and foreign knitwear factories. Here you can choose various options and models, both for women and men.

Assortment of sets for baths and saunas

When choosing a certain completeness, you need to clearly understand for yourself what exactly Do you want to. We have various kits, with different combinations of components. Heres what sets in this category might contain:

  • Turban.
  • Velcro towel.
  • Waist towel.
  • Slippers.
  • Sauna sheet with fringe.
  • Face towel and foot towel.

We strongly recommend that you pay attention to the information inside each lot! We try to follow modern global trends and update our assortment as new model collections come in. All products can be roughly divided by the composition of the fabrics from which they are created. As a rule, the following materials are used for bath sets:

  • Bamboo
  • Egyptian cotton
  • Cotton

Mothers have to be in very hot and humid rooms, succumb to temperature changes, therefore they do not use synthetic and non-natural substances, only “pure” one hundred percent natural fabrics, without impurities. As for manufacturers and companies whose goods we sell on our shelves, they are represented by the following names of Turkish and Ukrainian brands and brands:

  • Freecoton
  • Gulcan
  • HomeTextile
  • Julie
  • Philippus
  • SoftCotton

What to look for when choosing sets for saunas and baths

When choosing a position, you can be guided by various reasons and desires. For example, someone likes a large double-sided terry cloth, which is pleasant to the touch, in which it is convenient to sit on the veranda after the next trip to the steam room. Others like the lighter and more open options, they do not restrict movement and allow you to feel comfortable both in the sauna cabin itself, and in the relaxation room or when walking to a pond (hole). These situations require different models. And of course, quite a few of our clients want to somehow stand out brightly, acquiring very colorful colors. By the way, we have a solid selection of palette colors. Here are the main ones:

  • Brown
  • Lilac
  • Turquoise
  • Green
  • Cream
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Burgundy
  • Blue
  • Raspberry
  • Light green
  • Beige
  • White
  • Chocolate

Subtleties of care for textiles

Any thing should not be taken lightly and washed all together at a time. Read the instructions on the product tag! Do not mix multi-colored and white fabrics, use the recommended types of washes. For colored linen, the temperature limit is +60 degrees, and in no case use bleaches. For white things, on the contrary, you can add “whiteness” and wash at higher temperatures (up to 90 degrees). Terry items do not need to be wrung out at ultra-fast speeds, the recommended bar is up to 900 rpm.

Drying cotton towels is done in an open space. This will allow the product to dry faster and avoid shrinkage. Try to avoid direct sunlight, they make things dimmer with prolonged contact. Ironing, if it is really necessary, is done with a humidifier and in the “with steam” mode.

Bamboo accessories for bathing procedures are more unpretentious in relation to washing. They can withstand more than half a thousand washes and remain in good "shape" if handled with care. I think it will not be superfluous to indicate that all fabrics made from bamboo raw materials should not be subjected to high thermal loads, 30-40 degrees is enough. Do not use softeners as well. After drying, such towels can sometimes “sparkle”, this is a normal reaction and property of matter.

Why is it profitable to buy in our online store

In our warehouse-store in the city of Kharkov and in the window online store Sweet Home, products from well-known manufacturers are sold. Our prices do not bite, on the contrary, due to direct deliveries, it is possible to keep one of the lowest prices among competitors. Our products reach the shelves without intermediaries. Compare the price tags with competitors!

The constant highlight of our company is the bonus program for our customers, for each next purchase a discount coupon is provided. Buying goods from us, you get a certain amount of bonuses that you can cash out on your next purchase. Its simple, the more the purchase amount, the more bonuses. To find out all the subtleties of the discount system, please contact our consultants. Be sure that when you buy from us, you get a quality product, the composition of which is fully consistent with the labels on the packages. Excellent service and fast delivery, as well as bonus programs are the steps that we take to meet customers.



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