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Baptism Towels

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We present to your attention a towel for the baptism of your little ones. It is made by a well-known manufacturer of the textile industry from hypoallergenic and natural fabrics, which is a very important quality for...
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We present to your attention a towel for the baptism of your little ones. It is made by a well-known manufacturer of the textile industry from hypoallergenic and natural fabrics, which is a very important quality for...
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When a child is born, parents think about his baptism and begin to learn all the subtleties of this process. The main attribute is a baptismal towel (kryzhma). It is made of natural material that does not cause...

Baptism towels in the Sweet Home online store

Before going to church baptism, future godparents must take care of the newborns attire. Kryzhma - a snow-white towel or diaper with which the godmother shelters the baby after the font. This is a mandatory attribute, without which the ceremony will not be completed.

What should be the characteristics of such a product?

It should be understood that the kryzhma is not a one-time use item (why, we will discuss below), therefore , when choosing this accessory, you need to be guided by the desire for absolute convenience, comfort and safety for the newborn, and after that - the aesthetic factor.

  1. It is important to choose the right material from which the towel is sewn. You should not lose your mind in the pursuit of satin or silk, adding to the aristocracy: yes, such things look gorgeous, but the baby is of little use. Such canvases are not able to absorb moisture, which will necessarily remain after the font, and the baby may become cold. We suppose there is no need to describe what will follow. We recommend choosing the best fiber option - is cotton or bamboo. They are hygroscopic and pleasant to the body. Also, such accessories flawlessly and quickly absorb moisture and will not irritate the delicate skin of the baby.
  2. Pay attention to the type of product. Terry bouncers, or lighter models from chintz or calico are at your choice. Check in advance with the church how warm it is in the room where the ceremony will take place. If it’s quite warm there, you should choose a lightweight variation of Kryzhma. In colder temperatures, give preference to the warmed version: swirl or velor.
  3. Pay special attention to size. For young children, a bedspread measuring 73 × 75 cm will fit. But if you have already reached the age of three months, stop your choice on a product that is 100 × 100 cm in size.

As has long been known, kryzhma - a symbol of a clean and sinless baby, must be preserved by parents throughout its life. Our great-grandmothers also advised wrapping a sick child with a veil with which he was baptized, and then it was believed that the Lord would help him to become healthy again and improve immunity.

Features of the ritual kryzhma

This is a soft snow-white a towel decorated with beautiful embroidery in gold or silver is a symbol of the childs without sinfulness and purity after the ceremony. That is why embroidery with church symbols, national ornaments and, of course, applications in the form of crosses are used to decorate it. It is also not excluded and personal bouncers, which depict the name of the child, the presence of ribbons, bows and a hood. The most popular raw materials for sewing a bathing cover are:

  • Linen;
  • Cotton;
  • Mahra;
  • Atlas;
  • Veil;
  • Mitcal;
  • Chintz.

According to the previously accepted and established rule, the godmother buys a bedspread, but with the same success it can be done by the godfather, the parents of the baby or other close relatives. Probably, you will have a question, is it possible to give a child a ritual veil as a gift? We will immediately answer - of course you can!

A high-quality baptismal towel is:

  • The highest quality kryzhma is made exclusively of cotton fabric. Immediately I would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is not for nothing that cotton has become the main type of fabric that is used in the production of canvases. It is the best option for very delicate baby skin: gentle to the touch, unpretentious in care, durable;
  • Any sizes for babies;
  • And, of course, color, design and a creative approach to the implementation of this baptismal attribute.

Where can you buy a canopy?

The baptismal envelope is an integral accessory, so there are special requirements for it. Our online store has collected the best variations of baptism sets made only from environmentally friendly and natural materials. You can evaluate the aesthetic appearance of the product from the photographs presented in the catalog. It is our assortment that stands out for the best texture of the fabric and in no way will bring any discomfort to your baby. Why should you buy it in the Sweet Home store? Consider a number of advantages that significantly distinguish us from our competitors:

  • Our company has been pleasing its customers with the reliability and safety of products for more than ten years;
  • We provide delivery of purchases throughout the country and even abroad;
  • We are one hundred percent quality guarantee.

Order a product that you like and our couriers will deliver your purchase as soon as possible. Our storefront displays products with the most affordable price. A 24-hour team of highly qualified specialists works on the site, who are always happy to help you. We are ready to answer any question that interests you, or suggest or give information about the product that you need to purchase. Contact us by number or using the feedback form, and we will answer you within 5 minutes.



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