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Mattress covers and sheets with elastic

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A knitted sheet with an elastic band is much more convenient than usual. She does not crinkle and does not gather in folds during a nights rest. Mistresses noted not only its convenience and practicality, but also...
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We offer you a wonderful set of sheets and two pillowcases TIVOLYO HOME. The sheets and pillowcases are made of Turkish cotton, which will provide you with a pleasant softness and a comfortable sleep and rest. A...
Tirotex Euro sheet with elastic Tirotex Euro sheet with elastic
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A good quality sheet of elastic with coarse calico from the Moldavian factory Tirotex. The sheet is euro size and looks great. The assortment contains a lot of bright and original sheets. Such sheets easily tolerate...
We offer you a mattress cover Mislina Alez from a Turkish manufacturer made according to the best technology for the most pleasant and comfortable sleep and rest. The mattress cover also has a water-repellent surface,...
Protect your mattress with a high-quality elasticated mattress cover, with a neat side, from the Ukrainian manufacturer, made of soft microfiber fabric and reinforced with high-quality stitch. Holofiber filler of high...
We offer you a quality mattress cover from the Ukrainian manufacturer, presented in a wide range of sizes. Fabric, high-quality and soft microfiber, with a strong stitch in the form of rhombuses, holofiber filler 150...
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We offer you a quality TIVOLYO HOME pillow case with elastic pillowcases from a well-known Turkish manufacturer. The sheets and pillowcases are made of soft satin, based on the best Turkish cotton. The sheet is...
-alez-amor-paris-160x200 -alez-amor-paris-160x200
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The waterproof alez Amor Paris mattress cover from a Turkish manufacturer will be a good purchase for hotels and motels. High-quality performance and soft water-repellent fabric of high density will protect the...
th-------100200 th-------100200
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Tivolio Home 100x200 waterproof mattress cover is made by a Turkish manufacturer of soft and dense fabric based on cotton fiber. The mattress cover is attached to the mattress with dense elastic bands and protects it...
We offer you a quality mattress cover from the Ukrainian manufacturer for your comfort and a wonderful dream. The mattress cover is made of microfiber and reinforced with a high-quality stitch in the form of waves,...
Nazenin sheet + 2 pillowcases Nazenin sheet + 2 pillowcases
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Buy a wonderful three-piece bedding set - give a comfortable and cozy sleep. The kit includes two pillowcases and one sheet. The entire series is made of high quality coarse calico by a Turkish manufacturer of...
tac-alez-----160x200 tac-alez-----160x200
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We bring to your attention a wonderful mattress cover from the Turkish manufacturer of the TAS brand, which will give a healthy sleep to you and your loved ones. Excellent quality materials and high quality...
An excellent mattress pad will definitely be the best purchase for your hotel or motel. It is suitable for almost any standard mattress. Thanks to the use of cotton, it turned out to be very soft, and a special...

Mattress covers and sheets with elastic

Sweet sleep is not only a guarantee of good health, but also an indispensable factor for maintaining good health for a long time. That is why close attention is paid to the selection of bedding. Today their range is very wide, and it is far from always easy to dwell on what is right for you. One of the best tools for a sound and comfortable sleep is mattress covers. Their main function is to protect the mattress from dust or dirt particles, the formation of stains, and microorganisms. It is recommended to combine such an “addition” with all varieties of mattresses, especially those whose service life is not too long.

A sheet on an elastic band does not functionally differ from its usual “sister”. The difference is that an elastic band is attached to the edges of such a product, so even if you sleep restlessly, the linen stays in place and does not move.

What you need to know about the mattress toppers

First of all, note that mattress covers are made up of several layers. This allows you to optimally cope with the functions of protecting the mattress and provide comfort to the body, absorbing sweat. Most often, two layers - upper and lower - are made of bamboo or cotton cloth, microfiber, but the layer between them is synthetic or of natural origin.

In shape, most mattress toppers are similar to sheets with an elastic band, since they are fixed with the help of corner straps or the same elastic tape, fixed around the entire perimeter. However, there are also "covers" that are zipped.

What modern mattress covers are made of

As for such accessories, the material from which the products are made plays a role.

  • Satin is a fabric that looks and feels like silk, but is much more affordable. Keeps its appearance for a long time, even with frequent washing.
  • Batiste - looks great, very pleasant for the body, but wears out quickly.
  • Knitwear is a comfortable option that perfectly absorbs moisture and allows air to pass through well , but over time it can stretch.
  • Mahra - does not cause allergies, is practical, does not require ironing.
  • Bamboo - looks very luxurious, is not afraid of wear and is distinguished by the necessary hygroscopicity.
  • Coarse calico or ranfors - durable and attractive fabrics with a natural composition and excellent appearance.

Advantages and distinctive features

There are many reasons to purchase such products , however, it is worth highlighting the main ones. So, why should you use mattress toppers?

  • They allow you to optimize the softness and firmness of the mattress, if necessary, change it in one direction or the other.
  • Keep the perfect appearance of the mattresses, and also significantly prolong their service life.
  • They do not require complicated care, are easily washed, removed or put on.
  • They increase the comfort of sleep, create the necessary conditions for a good rest.
  • Thanks to the variety it will not be difficult to find a suitable modification.
  • Sheets with an elastic band around the perimeter also have many advantages: they do not stray and do not slip, so it is much more pleasant to sleep on them;
  • make it easier to clean the bed;
  • can be used instead of a mattress cover (in this case, a regular set of bed sheets is placed on top);
  • indispensable for cots.

Tips for choosing a mattress cover

Before placing an order, consider a few important points. If you are allergic to any materials, it is most reasonable to dwell on specially designed hypoallergenic models that differ in a unique composition. For a crib, the mattress cover should be selected especially carefully, giving preference to the natural composition. In general, the main criteria for a successful choice are as follows:

  • coincidence with the size of the mattress on which the product will be worn;
  • such products should be a reliable company that provides a guarantee for them;
  • if necessary, determine the type of model (for example, orthopedic ones help to maintain anatomically correct body position, waterproof
  • prevent the spread of fluids, antibacterial ones do not allow pathogenic microbes to multiply);
  • take into account the filler, which can be natural (cotton, silk, sheep or camel wool) or artificial (latex, synthetic winterizer, holofiber).

How to choose the size of the mattress topper

Before buying, think over the following nuances:

  • carefully measure the dimensions of the bed - this will allow you to understand which option (single or double, "euro size") is right for you;
  • decide on the material: cambric, satin, satin will suit luxury lovers; allergy sufferers should pay attention to bamboo, calico, cotton, terry; velor will provide maximum softness;
  • the colors and the presence of ornaments - today such products can be plain or with patterns, bright or pastel;
  • how harmonious such a sheet looks with the rest of the bedding.
  • We recommend purchasing these products together with duvet covers and pillowcases: this way you can create a stylish and elegant set where all items are in harmony with each other.

Why buy such accessories in the Sweet Home online store

Faced with the problem of purchasing bed linen, many are wondering where to buy it: sometimes the offered assortment is not happy, sometimes the prices “bite”. Explore our catalog - and you will easily select exactly those options that suit you in all respects, will differ in an affordable and attractive price, the highest level of quality and stunning appearance. Among our main advantages:

  • cooperation only with proven and well-established manufacturers;
  • a wide range, which is constantly updated;
  • reasonable pricing policy;
  • the ability to place an order at a convenient time;
  • prompt delivery;
  • different payment methods.

We know what is required for a quality nights rest and we offer just such products!



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