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We offer you excellent mens socks made of soft cotton fabric from a Turkish manufacturer. Socks made of 100% natural cotton fiber, have an excellent structure that allows the skin to breathe. Medium-density socks,...
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We offer you durable and high-quality mens socks for every day. Socks made by Ukrainian manufacturer of soft natural cotton and complemented with lycra for elasticity and greater strength. Socks are available in...
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We present to your attention comfortable and practical socks of Brand of Ukrainian production. Socks are made of high quality wool with the addition of elastane for greater strength. Such products will be worn with...
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Kardesler wool socks are made by a Turkish manufacturer of quality wool for your warmth and comfort in the harshest winter. Wool in combination with viscose and elastane, absorbs moisture well, allows socks to dry...
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KOTKI warm cotton socks made of cotton terry cloth with an ABS system will give your children a lot of warmth and fun moments. Made by the Polish manufacturer, the socks are resistant to wear, have a cotton base and...
-giulia -giulia
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Womens tracks GIULIA will delight you with its quality and convenience. Made by a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer, these socks are perfect for any shoes, have a reinforced toe and will last you a long time. You can...
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High-quality mens socks from the Turkish manufacturer will delight you with pleasant softness and cheer up. Made of natural cotton, perfectly breathable, have a pleasant structure, easily tolerate daily washing....

Sweet Home presents the widest range of high quality socks for men, women and children. In our online store you can find the perfect pair of hosiery for yourself for every taste. We are ready to meet the highest requirements of our customers, as we offer only branded knitwear from well-known brands of Turkey, Poland, Ukraine.

Why is it profitable to buy socks in Sweet Home

  1. The widest range. In our online store you can buy socks for all occasions: for sports and outdoor activities; for business or casual wear. Socks that will fit perfectly with classic, sports or model shoes.
  2. Selection assistance. Professional consultants of our store will help you choose the perfect pair of socks, taking into account the size and fullness of the foot, as well as recommend the most comfortable socks, depending on their purpose.
  3. High quality. Regardless of the price and the country of manufacture, all socks in the Sweet Home online store belong to the highest quality class, meet domestic and European standards, meet highly hygienic requirements, wear-resistant and harmless to the skin of both children and adults with particularly sensitive epidermis.
  4. Flexible prices. In Sweet Home you can purchase an economy set of socks for men, women and children (from 9 UAH) at a minimum price, as well as buy a LUX-comfort sock of famous European brands.
  5. Wholesale purchases. A profitable system of discounts is provided for the purchase of small, medium and large batches of hosiery. For regular partners - especially favorable terms of discounts and delivery.
  6. Fast delivery. Already on the day of ordering, it is sent to any place in Ukraine by the fastest and most reliable postal services.

The widest assortment of socks for children and adults in SweetHome

Womens socks:

  • Combined wool with a turn-up - winter woolen socks with viscose on a wide cuff, have good heat-saving properties
  • Womens footprints - thin, but very strong with reinforced toe. Perfectly fit the foot without causing pinching in the toes.
  • Medium wear tennis - sport socks with a shortened length, a cotton + lycra blend that provides excellent fit and breathability
  • Nylon socks - the perfect solution for a combination of model shoes and womens trousers. The product is superelastic, with a reinforced toe, which ensures a long service life
  • Warm socks for girls in the form of funny toys - cozy, funny socks that can serve as a more comfortable alternative to slippers. Ideal for a gift to loved ones.
  • Toe socks - comfortable for home use, as well as during outdoor activities and sports
  • Warm womens slippers - unusually soft and warm inside, have a compacted sole for increased wear resistance
  • Womens knee-highs - warm, elastic knee-high stockings with a thickened toe and heel, have a wide an elastic cuff that does not compress the leg
  • Socks with fingers and applique - socks that lift the mood of the owner and relatives. Very comfortable for home use, as they do not slip on the floor.
  • Womens seamless socks - perfectly fit the foot, do not cause discomfort when wearing narrow shoes
  • Womens colored socks with ruffles - made especially for romantic people. It goes well with any shoes and clothes.
  • Womens footprints - have a good ergonomic fit, do not slip and do not twist, reinforced toe sock

Mens socks:

  • Sports lycra socks - a mixed composition (cotton + polyester + polyastane) provides extra strength and elasticity of the socks. They perfectly follow the curve of the foot during active movement
  • Classic socks - have the optimal length and a variety of solid colors to match with a business suit. Medium-weight garment made of cotton with added Lycra for durability.
  • Medium sport mesh socks - breathable cotton socks with added Rycra for increased elasticity. Medium length is ideal for cycling, tennis, etc. The sole of the product has a reinforced, durable knit, the upper is in the form of a light mesh.
  • Mens footprints socks - thin, elastic, made of cotton. Good for sports shoes. Wear-resistant - can be washed frequently without deformation
  • Medium tennis socks - have a short length and medium knit density. Mixed composition: cotton with added lycra.
  • Tourism socks - have a special composition and a special weave of natural and synthetic fibers, which provides good moisture wicking and heat retention
  • Wool and moss winter socks are the perfect solution for those who spend a lot of time outdoors in frosty air. Socks have the unique property of storing heat inside the shoe.
  • Mens seamless socks are a product of maximum comfort. Thanks to the unique seamless knitting, they perfectly fit the foot and do not cause discomfort from squeezing the toes
  • Mens bamboo socks - classic, solid color socks unusually thin, soft and comfortable for the summer season
  • Antibacterial socks for men - the product is treated with a special impregnation, which prevents the growth of bacterial microflora in shoes, eliminates unpleasant odors

Childrens socks:

  • Childrens socks made of cotton terry - autumn-winter socks in which the childs foot is always wrapped in warmth, but does not sweat.
  • Warm childrens socks with applique - rubberized sole elements prevent the child from slipping on the floor and make him safer walking without shoes
  • Thin socks for babies - 100% natural socks are made of hypoallergenic cotton, can be used from the first days of a baby’s life
  • Warm socks for babies - decorated with funny little animals, has an anti-slip ABS system (for babies after 6 months), ideal for children who have not yet reached the first shoe
  • Winter socks mahra + angora - super-warm terry socks inside and soft with a woolen knitted top
  • Summer socks mesh - have a compacted bottom and a light mesh upper. Made of 100% cotton, have good hygroscopicity and air permeability
  • Childrens openwork knee-highs - thin, graceful, pleasant to the touch knee-highs for girls for the summer period are well combined with short dresses and skirts
  • Teenage socks - made of natural fibers, which ensures high hygienic qualities. The leg does not sweat in them, the skin breathes and does not irritate.

Rules for selecting socks for men:

  • Color of socks should “not go against the cut” the color of the suit, but be a couple of tones lighter than shoes. If this ratio is very difficult, socks are selected one tone lighter or darker than the trousers. From the latest fashion trends - socks of the same color with a tie. As for the color - white socks are excluded in business life (even with jeans), they are worn only with sports shoes. Bright socks of extreme tones are suitable only for home, sports and recreation. You can also wear socks with patterns, multi-colored stripes and cartoon characters there. For business negotiations, you can wear only socks with a small dot, a classic English cage or a company logo.
  • Length of socks should be sufficient so that in the sitting position you can not see a section of naked calf. This rule applies to a combination of noses and classic trousers. It is perfectly acceptable to wear short socks or footprints when playing sports.
  • The composition of the fibers from which the socks are made is also very important. Silk socks are appropriate only with a tailcoat. In winter, lightweight cotton or net socks will obviously look out of place, even if their owner got out of the car and came in light shoes.
  • What should not be done. It is advisable not to wear socks in an ensemble with shorts. If shorts have nevertheless become an integral part of the wardrobe, socks are worn short, which are almost invisible in shoes or replaced with traces. It is not customary to roll up or bend the top of the product. Open sandals are worn without socks. And the last - holey socks can only be disposed of!

How to prolong the life of socks

  • The optimum temperature for washing is + 35C - + 40C
  • Woolen socks are washed with the addition of conditioners
  • During washing, it is better to fasten the socks in pairs (elastic band into an elastic band) or wash in a special bag.
  • It is better to dry the socks in a flattened state in a horizontal plane, but not heater
  • The ideal place for drying is open space in the sun
  • To prevent socks from burning out and becoming too coarse from drying out, they must be removed in time from the open sun
  • Socks do not iron

Perfect socks - what are they?

  • Hygroscopic. As a rule, a man puts on socks in the morning and takes them off only in the evening. Good socks made of natural fibers (lek, cotton, wool, bamboo, silk) should not cause excessive sweating of the foot; when moisture is released, they should quickly absorb and remove it. Excellent quality socks always keep your feet dry, even in hot summer
  • Breathability. The special weave of natural fibers has a porous structure. Thanks to this, the socks provide an optimal microclimate in the shoes - they do not retain microcirculation of heat and air.
  • Perfect fit on the foot . The socks should be comfortable to wear. They should not squeeze the foot and toes, not twist in the shoes and not slip. In good socks, the leg rests, receives a soft massage effect from contact with the smooth knitting structure.
  • Good elastic . The upper elastic cuff of the socks should not squeeze the leg, roll into the steering wheel while walking. Its main task is to keep the product at the required height and prevent slipping to the level of shoes. Firms that are very scrupulous about their products conduct a special “press control” for their hosiery.
  • The ratio of natural and synthetic fibers . The permissible synthetic norm in the noses is not more than 5%. Although there is an exception for sports socks - they use special synthetic functional fibers. The following ratios are comfortable for the skin: cotton + wool, silk + cotton, linen + cotton, bamboo + cotton.
  • Price . For reference, a pair of branded socks can cost anywhere from $ 50 to $ 120. But this is most likely a price for a brand than for quality. Some Ukrainian brands produce socks of not the worst quality and also from natural, high-quality materials.



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