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    Bamboo towels

    <h2> Bamboo towels - please yourself with high-quality textiles </h2> <p> For the first time, bamboo fibers began to be used to make fabrics in China. At the end of the twentieth century, the production of bed linen, blankets, towels and others became popular. In essence, this material is an environmentally friendly product made from raw materials grown in their natural environment. Yarn is obtained by steam processing, harmless to nature. Such things attract with incomparable sophistication and impress with their properties similar to cashmere and silk. Any bamboo towel will bring beauty and practicality to the bathroom. They are soft, have a natural shine, due to their hypoallergenicity they are recommended for newborns. In addition, they will be happy for people with problem skin suffering from allergies or asthma. </p> <h2> Main characteristics </h2> <p> Terry bamboo towels instantly absorb moisture, are pleasant to the touch, have an antibacterial effect, day, 70% of microbes that hit the surface disappear. Babies will like these accessories because the threads as a result of processing are smooth, rounded and eliminate irritation. They have a positive effect on the skin of the face and prevent inflammation. After many uses, they retain their properties: </p> <ul> <li> Hypoallergenic; </li> <li> Quickly dry; </li> <li> Gentle to the skin; </li> <li> Attractively shiny; </li> <li> They look great and will decorate any interior. </li> </ul> <p> In most cases, these things are painted, therefore it is better to take light gray, yellowish or greenish ones. These creations do not have a musty smell after drying in the bathroom. They absorb 3 times more liquid than cotton ones. Withstand up to 500 wash cycles, preserving the original appearance. </p> <h3> Bamboo towels, advantages </h3> <p> The plant contains a component with an antibacterial effect. It prevents bacteria and other small organisms from growing. Destroys unpleasant odors and will delight all allergy sufferers. </p> <p> Product advantages: </p> <ul> <li> Natural threads with a porous structure, instantly absorb a lot of moisture. </li> <li> Eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive skin. </li> <li> Non-electrifying and easy to care for. </li> <li> Natural antiseptic, eliminates pathogenic microorganisms. Perfect for children and adults suffering from dermatological diseases. </li> <li> Fluffy and delicate. </li> <li> Withstand repeated washings and do not deform. </li> <li> Easy to wash, perfectly breathable, and stay fresh for a long time. </li> </ul> <h3> How to choose terry bamboo towels? </h3> <p> This piece of textiles is extraordinarily in demand, in terms of its qualities it significantly exceeds cotton fabric. Important features: </p> <ul> <li> Amazing durability, retains its original appearance for many years. </li> <li> Does not need ironing. </li> <li> Excellent moisture absorption, 50 * 100 cm samples can absorb 1.5 liters of water. </li> </ul> <p> Key selection criteria will help you get a high-quality accessory and enjoy it for a long time: </p> <ul> <li> Pay attention to the country of origin. </li> <li> The fabric with the addition of cotton is more durable and wear-resistant. </li> <li> The density of the pile plays a special role in durability, it is recommended above 450 g / m2. </li> <li> Direct your eyes to the length pile, the average will be optimal. The short one is slightly hygroscopic, the long one becomes untidy after a few cleanings. </li> </ul> <p> Buy bamboo towels - to provide the whole family with excellent strong textiles for everyday use. In addition, this is a wonderful gift for any occasion. Such an acquisition will last for years and will bring joy to a loved one. Sweet Home offers a huge variety of towels for every taste at an affordable price, delivery is carried out as soon as possible. </p> <h3> Terms of use </h3> <p> Easy to clean, bamboo towels are recommended to be washed by hand at 30 ˚C, using ordinary soap or powder. It is not advisable to use bleaches, softeners and cleaning products containing chlorine, so as not to spoil the fabric. Also, it can be washed in a washing machine with gentle operation, wring it at low speeds. Do not be alarmed when you see individual threads after the procedures, this is normal, just cut them off. Slightly wringing out the thing, put it in a horizontal position and dry it. Drying is amazingly fast. We recommend ironing bamboo towels at temperatures up to 110 ° C. Adhering to the above recommendations, you will preserve the originality and originality of the goods. </p> <h2> Where is it profitable to buy bamboo towels? </h2> <p> A wide range of products is presented in the Sweet Home online store. Here you can quickly and effortlessly buy bamboo towels. A large number of models, a variety of patterns and sizes, a beautiful color palette allows you to choose the ideal option that will be appreciated by the most demanding customers. The price of products depends on the density, the higher, the softer and more chic they look. We work directly with trusted manufacturers. You can purchase exquisite and high-quality accessories at affordable prices for your comfort. </p>
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How to choose a facial towel?

When choosing a facial towel, it is important that it is pleasant to the touch and even airy, since it is in contact with delicate skin. To avoid redness and rashes, order and buy towels made of natural fiber, so as not to harm yourself. Since the time of kings, a towel was in great demand. At first, its use was only for the nobility. Before meals, aristocrats always used small pieces of cloth, on which they wiped their hands. As you can guess, they had an impeccable and even rich look and were decorated with real gold inserts.

At the beginning of the article, we have already started to touch upon some aspects of the choice. Repeating, we note that the towel must be soft. When you wash, it should not injure and cause discomfort. If you now have a towel, but you notice inflammation on the skin, this suggests that perhaps it does not suit you. It makes sense to change it. When choosing a towel, pay attention to the color scheme of the fabric.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of colors in their models. We recommend opting for muted shades or bright colors. The proposed color scheme is more practical, it is easier to care for, such towels do not get dirty very quickly. The main materials from which the towels presented in our store are made are cotton and bamboo.

Natural cotton material perfectly absorbs moisture, while maintaining a perfect appearance. The very soft pile and quality make the cotton options popular. It is a hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly material. It also does not lose its properties and softness after washing, absorbs moisture well, but dries slowly.

Bamboo - characterized by the highest level of water absorption. If we compare them with cotton, then bamboo have a level of absorption as many percent higher, about 1.6-1.7 times. Bamboo fiber is denser with antibacterial properties and does not have a musty odor. There is an interesting fact: in 24 hours more than 75% of all bacteria die in it! It is an environmentally friendly product with beneficial properties. The bamboo towel does not lose its softness and is machine washable. Any stains are very easy to remove with ordinary powder or even soap. It is recommended to wash at a temperature of 30 degrees.

Rules of care and use

Important points of care of the product are as follows:

  • Be sure to dry it. Never throw curled up in the bathroom. So it will not be able to dry and will smell of damp.
  • Wash it in a delicate mode and use a rinse aid. It happens that you buy a thing, and after the first wash it rolls up, becomes tough and unpleasant. Throw away such a product immediately, it is of poor quality and will not suit you. You need to choose options with a natural pile that do not lose their characteristics after washing.
  • Dry on a towel-dryer.
  • As for the storage itself, you need to keep the towel in the closet, making sure before that that it is completely dry! In the event that you are going on a trip, the face towel should be folded separately, preferably on the very top of the suitcase, so that you can use it on the train.

Where is the best place to order?

We suggest you make a purchase in the Sweet Home online store, as it is much more profitable. The prices in our store are lower, a democratic pricing policy is achieved due to the fact that you do not need to rent a retail space. A wide range of products will allow you to choose an option for yourself and your family at an affordable cost.

Why is it better to order in the online store SweetHome?

We present products from Turkish manufacturers that make home textiles and soft terry products made from natural cotton and bamboo fiber for 10 years. Each factory and brand represented in our store has earned recognition throughout Europe.

Which towel to choose is up to you. It all depends on your tastes and wishes. Since we offer products only from natural materials, no matter what you buy, you will still be satisfied with the purchase. Towels have different thicknesses and structures, and you can easily burn to find the right size and color. Having ordered the goods on our site, you will receive them in your city by any courier service convenient for you: "Intime", "New mail", "Autolux". Kharkiv residents also offer city delivery or pickup from our warehouse. It will take a few minutes to complete your purchase. If you have any questions, contact our consultant, we will tell you how to place an order and answer all questions. As soon as the order is confirmed by the manager, we will contact you to clarify the details and send the order as soon as possible!

Courier receipt is carried out as follows:

1. To the nearest metro station, it will cost no more than 15 UAH;

2. To the doors of your house / apartment.

We try for you and do everything in order to make the life of customers more comfortable and pleasant. We look forward to your requests!



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