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The history of pajamas

The word "pajamas" is translated as "clothing for the legs." In the east, only loose pants were called that. Pajamas were brought to Europe from India in the 18th century; many decades later, full-fledged pajamas were formed from pants and a shirt. If at first we could talk about wide trousers, then over time the pajamas became full-fledged, including both the top (shirt) and the bottom (pants). Today the range of home clothes is wide, it is not only warm sets, but also T-shirts and shorts for girls and even nightgowns. Pajamas in the 21st century became so popular that there was even a trend associated with the fact that elements of nightwear are present in everyday outfits. The pajama trend is popular among celebrities.

How to choose pajamas, what material and features of fabric care

Pay attention to the quality of the products offered and its convenience. The second aspect can even be called the main one, because you should be comfortable in these clothes so that you can rest and sleep in them. It should not press, interfere with movement or leave marks on the body (for example, from an elastic band). Ideally, she should sit in such a way that you feel comfortable. It is important when choosing to pay attention to seasonality. Depending on what time of year you need sleeping clothes, make a choice. It is advisable to buy two sets for yourself at once - for summer and cold winter. Winter options are made of microfiber.

Advantages of microfiber pajamas:

  • do not leave fibers;
  • do not lose color;
  • do not lose their appearance (do not roll off);
  • the fiber does not let liquids inside;
  • absorb moisture well;
  • they dry just instantly after washing.
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  • Features of the care of microfiber pajamas
  • It is strictly forbidden to iron, dry on the battery or heat-treated so as not to spoil the quality of the fiber.
  • Do not allow the accumulation of fat in the fiber, otherwise it will lose its ability to absorb moisture.

In addition to warm microfiber pajamas, you can also choose an equally comfortable set of velor. Velor is a material that has a soft pile and velvety front surface.

Caring for your pajamas from velor includes the following steps:

  1. Wash at temperatures up to 30 degrees.
  2. Pick up special funds for delicate washing.
  3. It does not need to be soaked, apply spin, rinse bleaches.
  4. There is no need to iron the material. If you want to do this, you need to take a damp gauze and iron through it.

A few useful life hacks that will help to keep the velor set look perfect:

  • Pile from animals can be removed with adhesive tape. If there is no sticky tape at home, run your wet hand over the surface, all the wool will remain in the palm of your hand.
  • If you accidentally drip grease, you can remove the stain with stale bread. Rub lightly and the product will absorb a greasy substance without leaving a trace!
  • When washing, look at the manufacturer’s label and follow these recommendations.
  • A little dirt can be removed with a suede brush or a regular eraser, wipe gently contaminated area. In this case, the fabric must be left in the position in which it is. Do not tug or stretch the fabric.

Sleep style

For gorgeous ladies, we suggest choosing bright colors with stylish prints. For example, orange pajamas with bright circles. For lovers of calmer shades and muted colors, a black set with stripes and red accents is suitable. It is also suitable for home wear. It will be warm, cozy and you will feel comfortable.

Where is it better to buy pajamas?

Today there are many manufacturers of sleepwear, they all offer a variety of options, a wide range. We recommend ordering products in the online store, as it is, firstly, cheaper, and secondly, it saves you time. To place an order, measure your parameters and make a purchase accordingly.

Benefits of buying in the Sweet Home online store

Our prices are quite democratic, since we do not spend money on renting premises , this allows us to sell things below market price. We have presented quality pajamas from domestic and world manufacturers. Delivery is carried out by such services: "New mail", "Intime", "Autolux". We also have delivery in the city of Kharkov by courier and self-pickup from our warehouse. When delivered by courier in the city, we can deliver the goods to the nearest metro station, it will cost no more than 15 UAH, or deliver the ordered products to your home. Delivery is carried out in a short time in compliance with the rules and regulations. We care about the quality of products and services, therefore, we do everything to ensure that you receive the goods as soon as possible and at the same time are satisfied from working with the Sweet Home platform. We are waiting for your orders, we will be glad to make your life more comfortable.



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