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A high-quality and comfortable pillow Flora & amp; Fauna will make your home feel comfortable. The environmentally friendly fluff and feather filler provides extra softness to the product. And in a quality case...
Down pillow Flora & Fauna budget Down pillow Flora & Fauna budget
rating 0 review
Want to buy a pillow of excellent quality and inexpensive? Then pay attention to the downy pillow Flora & amp; Fauna from the Ukrainian manufacturer of the textile industry. The composition of the filler includes...
tac--kaz-tuyu-classik-50x70 tac--kaz-tuyu-classik-50x70
rating 0 review
We offer you a soft pillow TAC Classik feather-down with natural filling and a cover made of cotton fabric. Sleep and rest on such a pillow will give you and your loved ones only pleasant dreams and a comfortable...
Teom Bebek Quilt + Pillow Teom Bebek Quilt + Pillow
rating 0 review
A blanket and pillow are better to be dipped immediately in the kit to completely update your home textiles. A kit from a well-known Turkish manufacturer of textile industry will be an ideal purchase that will give...
Penelope Medipoint Pillow Penelope Medipoint Pillow
rating 0 review
Pillow Penelope Medipoint soft and airy, perfectly supports the head and neck in a comfortable position during sleep. Inside the pillow is polyurethane, and at the top is siliconized fiber. The teak fabric covering...
tac--bambu-35x45 tac--bambu-35x45
rating 0 review
Soft and resilient pillow Bamboo Tac from a Turkish manufacturer will give you the most pleasant dreams in the world of dreams. High-quality filler and coating fabric will ensure long-term use of the pillow. Enjoy...
tac--gloria-50x70 tac--gloria-50x70
rating 0 review
Buy a pillow TAC Glory 50x70 from a Turkish manufacturer - give a healthy sleep and a good rest. Filler siliconized fiber has hypoallergenic, heat-saving properties, does not accumulate dust and does not absorb...
Tac pillow Boncuklu Tac pillow Boncuklu
rating 0 review
White pillow from the Turkish manufacturer Tac Boncuklu with a high density promotes a quality and healthy rest during sleep. The safe anti-allergenic filler holofiber will protect against allergies. The teak case...

A pillow is an integral part of a sleeping place. Well-being and comfortable rest depends on the quality of its tailoring, filler and size.

Now it is not difficult to choose a pillow worthy of attention: advantageous offers from many manufacturers allow you to choose the best option.

Variety of pillows in size, stiffness and filling

Each person has their own preferences regarding the size of the pillow. In many respects, the choice is due to the state of health. For people with osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, the pillow can be salvation or punishment. In this regard, it is necessary to navigate the types and dimensions of these products for sleeping.


As a rule, standard, which allows you to use pillowcases from any set of bedding. There are:

  • 70x70;
  • 50x50 - for children; there are also non-standard childrens rectangular pillows;
  • 50x70 - euro size.

From the above parameters, we see that the pillows can be square or rectangular. Choose the one you like best.


It is recommended to choose the height according to the width of the shoulder. Most of the pillows are aimed at people with standard equipment, their height is 8-14 centimeters. People with impressive growth and wide shoulders, it is better to opt for higher products - from 14 to 17 centimeters.


If you have problems with your back and neck, sleep on soft pillows categorically Not recommended. Instead, orthopedic products designed specifically to better support the head are suitable; hard pillows are also suitable for lovers of sleeping on their sides. Products of medium hardness will appeal to those who sleep on their backs, but soft pillows are best bought for those who prefer to rest on their stomach.


The firmness of the pillow and the correct position in time to sleep. All fillers can be divided into two large groups - natural and synthetic origin.

Natural includes:

  • down-feather - soft natural products, can be used for a relatively long time without loss of quality ... They need proper care - frequent ventilation, drying and disinfection. In addition, they can cause allergic reactions, they are carefully used by people with asthma;
  • wool - camel and sheep are used as filler. The pillows are well ventilated, absorb moisture, they are not hot. Cons: wool eventually knocks into lumps; Do not wash pillows - only dry cleaning; can cause allergies;
  • buckwheat husks, herbs, cones - perfectly perform air exchange, are considered orthopedic. Buckwheat husk pillows are now very popular because of their naturalness and beneficial properties. However, it is worth remembering that such products are not without drawbacks: they are heavy, rustling, have a short service life (up to 3 years) and heavy maintenance;
  • natural latex is another material that has proven itself remarkably orthopedic. In addition to the high cost, it has no drawbacks: it is natural, keeps its shape, will last up to 15 years;
  • bamboo is an excellent option for inexpensive high-quality material. The filler is hypoallergenic, natural, breathes, springy, retains its properties for a long time. Pillows can be washed.

Synthetic fillers are considered to be:

  • silicone is a worthy replacement for natural components. It is elastic, soft, breathes, hypoallergenic, washable. Like all unnatural fillers, silicone does not absorb moisture and can become electrified;
  • holofiber is an artificial analogue of down-feather. Demonstrates easy care, non-toxic, holds its shape well, has no smell.
  • polyester fiber - does not cause allergies, does not roll, pillows can be machine washed. The filler is very soft, therefore it does not hold its head well;
  • viscoelastic - belongs to orthopedic fillers. It keeps its shape perfectly, sleeping on such a pillow is very comfortable and convenient. Viscoelastic should not be washed;
  • microfiber - the pillows are light and soft, the microfiber structure allows you to stay so throughout the entire period of use. Caring for pillows is easy, the products can withstand washing in a machine;
  • swans down - an artificial substitute is practically not inferior to a natural analogue. The pillows are soft, airy, do not cause allergic reactions, and are easily washed. However, they are prone to electrification and do not absorb moisture.

How to choose a pillow?

Follow the following scheme:

  • determine the shape ;
  • decide what kind of stiffness of the half you need;
  • choose a filler of the appropriate stiffness;
  • pay attention to the cover: it should be made of natural fabric, well sewn , have a comfortable fastener.

Remember: any pillow must meet the following characteristics:

  • good air permeability;
  • washable;
  • do not deform;
  • serve for a long time;
  • exclude the presence of a favorable environment for germs and microorganisms;
  • be light.

Basic rules of care

Regardless of what kind of filling for the pillow is used, the care of the products must be carried out in a timely manner. Those pillows for which fillers are washable must be washed at a temperature of 30-40 degrees and naturally dried in a well-ventilated area. All other pillows need to be ventilated: hang out on the balcony at least once a season, and be easy to get out of.

It is difficult to clean pillows with natural fillers yourself - it is better to trust dry cleaning services.

Where to buy a good pillow?

A wide offer of various products is not only a positive moment, because it is so difficult to navigate and choose a good option. In this regard, it is better not to take risks and make such a necessary purchase in a trusted store that can provide a guarantee for your products.

By purchasing goods from official suppliers, you get the following benefits:

  • confidence in the origin of the goods;
  • wide choice;
  • compliance of the contents of the package with the inscriptions on the label;
  • good service, prompt delivery;
  • official guarantee.

Why buy from Sweet Home ?

Internet store Sweet Home is an official distributor of products of foreign and domestic textile companies. We offer not only retail goods, but also bulk purchases. Our store offers to acquire other textiles as well - bed linen sets, blankets, bedspreads, kitchen and bathroom textiles, etc. Shop Sweet Home - bring coziness and convenience to your home.



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