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Towels for children

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Eymir baby towel with a hood created from 100% cotton. Terry double-sided fabric. The product has a good density and embroidered pattern. The towel is wrapped in plastic packaging from the manufacturer. Made in...
-5090 -5090
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When a child is born, parents think about his baptism and begin to learn all the subtleties of this process. The main attribute is a baptismal towel (kryzhma). It is made of natural material that does not cause...
--philippus-bebe-- --philippus-bebe--
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A towel with a PHILIPPUS hood will become a reliable protector of your baby’s skin, giving comfort and softness. Made of high quality natural materials, perfectly absorbs moisture, does not irritate the skin. Your...
------75150 ------75150
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We offer you a beautiful beach towel 75 * 150 made in Turkey made of soft terry cloth based on cotton fiber. Undoubtedly, you and your loved ones will like their quality, high density and vivid cartoonish images....
-bulteks-baby-towel-set -bulteks-baby-towel-set
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Buy a set of Bulteks baby towels with embroidery of various subjects - to make an excellent gift for a young mother. Bright colors and soft terry will give your child a great mood. Towels are made of natural...

What kind of towel should you buy for your baby?

Parents bathe their baby every day since birth, and thus show them the importance of daily personal hygiene. Due to the softness of home textiles, all water procedures pass without discomfort and tantrums. Childrens towels are often sewn from terry cloth, which is considered the most optimal option. Why is she so appreciated? Because it has soft villi that quickly absorb excess moisture from the skin.

Types of baby towels

  • For face, legs and hands. Most often made from velor or terry. They have a pleasant to the touch surface to make them comfortable to use. Sizes are different.
  • Beachfront. The product is quite large, which can even be used as a bedspread on a beach by a lake, river or sea. They often have a hood to protect the babys head, shoulders and neck from the wind and sun.
  • Kryzhma (for baptism). This is an indispensable attribute in baptism. As a rule, Orthodox crosses or angels are depicted on it. For many, it serves as a talisman. It is believed to help relieve pain during illness.
  • Hooded. A find for parents, as it not only protects from chapping, but can also have funny ears sewn on, which cheers up. It is very convenient to wrap up a baby in it after a shower.

How to choose baby towels?

Material. This is the main selection criterion. Choose natural yarn that does not irritate delicate skin and does not harm the health of others. A suitable option is terry or velor. These canvases are woven from natural fibers without synthetic impurities. The size. Textile manufacturers provide a wider selection of sizes. The most common of them:

  • 75x150 cm;
  • 80x80 cm;
  • 100x100 cm.

More profitable and it is most convenient to take sets, the copies of which not only match each other, but also have in the set, for example, a towel with a hood, a robe or a washcloth.

Appearance. The child will not confuse his personal hygiene product with an analogue that belongs to another family member. This is because his product depicts favorite cartoon characters or famous fairy-tale characters. Pay attention to the loops and smell. Hinges should be neat and of medium length. A pronounced smell indicates that cheap paint was used during the painting process, which will wash out over time.

Buying a terry towel is the best choice

A terry towel is the most suitable option. The fabric itself contains 100% natural fibers, so you dont have to worry about your childs health. Product Advantages:

  • Hygroscopic. It extremely quickly and efficiently absorbs excess water, dries quickly both indoors and outdoors. As a result, you will not be afraid of mold and unpleasant odors.
  • Long lasting. It can be machine washed without fear of losing its original state. The shape and brightness of the color will last for a long time.
  • Soft. Doesnt cause discomfort. Softness depends on the length of the villi. Note that too long loops often cling to sharp objects and extend.
  • It is optimal to choose an average size.
  • Low cost. Anyone can afford to buy because cotton threads are inexpensive compared to others.

How to care for terry cloth?

If you want to buy a towel with a soft texture, then you need to know the basic rules of care in order to keep it fresh for a long time. In order for the fabric to have good absorbent properties for a long time, do not use aggressive conditioners and rinses. Do not throw other things into the washing machine with snakes, buttons or other convex and sharp elements. The loops can cling and the appearance will quickly deteriorate.

Heat treatment, i.e. ironing, has a great influence on the softness of the villi. Therefore, it is better not to iron at all, but simply hang it out in a room with an open window.

Where to get a towel for children at a low price?

Our SweetHome online store provides its customers with only high-quality products. It undergoes regular checks in quality departments in production for defects. If such a fact was noticed, then the party is withdrawn from sale until the problems are fixed.

The price for childrens towels is lower than for others. What is the reason for this? This is due to the fact that we directly cooperate with companies and do not use the services of intermediaries. This not only speeds up the delivery process, but also serves as a kind of guarantee of the authenticity of the goods. Everything comes to our warehouses in the city of Kharkov, from where it is sent to its new owners anywhere in Ukraine. You can choose a delivery method convenient for you. It is possible to call a courier, if it is provided for in the services of the service, having previously indicated the place of residence.

We value and love our customers, therefore there is a temporary reduction in prices. Moreover, each wholesale buyer receives a discount of 10% of the cost, subject to purchase of 3 or more units of the same name.



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