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Mattress covers for hotels

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We offer you a mattress cover Mislina Alez from a Turkish manufacturer made according to the best technology for the most pleasant and comfortable sleep and rest. The mattress cover also has a water-repellent surface,...
Protect your mattress with a high-quality elasticated mattress cover, with a neat side, from the Ukrainian manufacturer, made of soft microfiber fabric and reinforced with high-quality stitch. Holofiber filler of high...
We offer you a quality mattress cover from the Ukrainian manufacturer, presented in a wide range of sizes. Fabric, high-quality and soft microfiber, with a strong stitch in the form of rhombuses, holofiber filler 150...
We offer you a quality mattress cover from the Ukrainian manufacturer for your comfort and a wonderful dream. The mattress cover is made of microfiber and reinforced with a high-quality stitch in the form of waves,...
An excellent mattress pad will definitely be the best purchase for your hotel or motel. It is suitable for almost any standard mattress. Thanks to the use of cotton, it turned out to be very soft, and a special...
The quilted Zambak Alez mattress cover is made of high quality cotton fabric (calico) by one of the Turkish manufacturers. The mattress cover is attached to the mattress with a dense elastic band and protects from...

The section "mattress covers for hotels and hotels" "Hotel Line" is presented by various models for health centers, sanatorium complexes, guest houses, boarding houses, hotels and other institutions. The catalog contains copies from different compositions of fillers and mattress covers themselves. The composition of knitwear can vary from 100% cotton to its various ratios with polyester. Some fabric coatings have water-repellent properties, others are equipped with elastic bands to fix the sheets and so on. You can view more detailed information in the card of each product.

Firms that present their products in the “mattress covers for hotels and hotels”

  • Ultrastep
  • Zarna
  • Urfi
  • Poppy Alez

These are mainly Turkish and Ukrainian productions, which are focused on a wide range of target audiences, including recreational complexes and hotel companies. The entire lineup is made in various colors and has a minimum of 3-4 sizes. Working for the consumer, we have selected the highest quality products from mattress covers for your business. Most of the specimens are hypoallergenic, and do not cause any irritation or rashes on the skin of allergy sufferers. The products have a high density of matter, which allows them to be well protected from external influences and have good indicators not soiled. Thus, your kits will have a pristine appearance for a long time and will not lose their brightness.

What does the mattress cover consist of?

First of all, it’s worth considering that these products, including fillers, can be created from natural or synthetic materials. The choice towards naturalness will be more acceptable for health, because cotton textures are completely hypoallergenic. In such cases, latex (made from resin of trees) or coconut coir (coconut fiber with latex impurities) acts as a filling.
Latex filler is used when they want softness and elasticity of the product, coir when elasticity is needed. In addition, silk fabrics, animal wool, pure cotton or bamboo can be the filling.

The artificial “core” will cost you much cheaper and will last several times longer. The most common option is holofiber or synthetic winterizer. Its most important feature is that after many washes and external influences, it does not lose its shape. A more rigid structure boasts a polyurethane foam packing. If you want softness, the Struttofiber will do. Polycotton, which is absolutely harmless and does not cause allergic reactions, can be considered a novelty on the market of fillers for mattress toppers.

As a rule, the middle is “assembled” from several materials to give the finished product the necessary functional qualities. For example, one side, made of wool, perfectly retains heat, and the other, made of cotton, gives coolness and freshness on summer nights.

How to buy a mattress topper in our store?

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