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Seamless underwear

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-giulia-caraco -giulia-caraco
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We bring to your attention a wonderful T-shirt Giulia CARACO made by Ukrainian manufacturer Giulia. The shirt perfectly fits the body, does not constrain movements and does not have internal seams causing discomfort...
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We are glad to offer you a beautiful Norma womens shirt in a wide assortment of soft viscose from a Turkish manufacturer. Each T-shirt is decorated with a beautiful pattern and even rhinestones. Soft viscose fits...
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Soft and comfortable Giulia BRASSIERE top is made using excellent technology of seamless underwear, has special inserts emphasizing the line and volume of the chest. In this top, nothing will hamper your movements...
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Golden Lady Microfiber Tanga Panties , made of soft elastic fabric, have a thin belt and hygienic gusset. In our assortment of underwear, these panties are presented in classic black and white colors. Sizes L and M....

Despite the fact that seamless underwear appeared back in the early 90s, in fact, it was massively used only in the 2000s, when the quality of tailoring reached perfection. Now it is one of the most popular types of clothes, both among men and women.

This type of product is characterized by a rather unusual sewing technology, the main idea of which was borrowed from the production of stockings and socks . Its essence is as follows: a special machine creates a circular continuous fabric of sufficiently dense structure, with stretch elasticity.

Benefits and types of seamless underwear

Due to the absence of any seams and irregularities, this gives the following advantages to the material:

  • provides comfort during sports training and any physical loads;
  • has a pleasant tactile sensations;
  • breathes well;
  • invisible under clothing;
  • easy to clean;
  • suitable for daily use by pregnant women.

In addition, everyone can afford to buy seamless underwear, because the price of these products is low.

Main materials used

In most cases, for the manufacture of e of this type of things, the following types of materials are used:

  • cotton is a natural raw material, clothes from which absorb moisture very well, are pleasant to the touch and do not cause allergic reactions. It has good wear resistance, can withstand repeated washing without losing its original qualities;
  • microfiber - a synthetic fiber based on polyester. It is characterized by high strength, lightness and ability to absorb moisture. In most cases, it is hypoallergenic.

Despite the obvious advantages of both types of fabrics, it is better to give preference to the natural version when choosing seamless underwear.

Types of seamless underwear

Manufacturers offer a wide range of seamless underwear: bras, panties, body, shapewear.

  • Bras - in the top sellers. This is due to the versatility of the product - it can be worn both under tight-fitting clothes of any type (dresses, sweaters), and under translucent things. Elongated cups, inserts and bones (vertical or horizontal) are used to support the breast during sewing. The one-piece structure of such underwear looks very attractive and unobtrusive.
  • Seamless panties - there are many types. Thongs are very popular - they are almost invisible in socks, miniature, which allows you to wear them under a dress or tight-fitting sportswear. Another no less popular product is push-up panties. They have special inserts that increase the buttocks. These panties are voluminous, but manufacturers offer beautiful lace models.
  • Bodysuits became fashionable in the 70s and were initially perceived as underwear. Now designers have fully revealed all the advantages of this type of clothing, and began to produce bodysuits in the form of shirts, tops, turtlenecks and blouses. The body in the form of a blouse looks great complete with office clothes, and in the form of a turtleneck it is suitable for active people who want to feel comfortable every day.
  • Shapewear - things created for smoothing minor flaws in the figure. They allow you to create a slender silhouette, tighten the belly, and make a more expressive waist. Corrective seamless underwear includes high-waist panties, modeling body, grace, tops.

How to choose the right seamless underwear?

There are several rules, guided by which you can easily buy yourself the desired version of underwear.

  • Make a purchase only in trusted stores. So, you will ensure yourself the confidence in a quality product and receive excellent service.
  • Lingerie is usually sold in three colors - black, white and beige. You can buy the same sets of two colors and successfully wear them under any type of clothing. The most versatile products are beige. They will not shine or catch the eye even when combined with transparent things.
  • The main purpose of seamless underwear is not to stand out. Therefore, you should choose those models that do not have any embossed inserts and bright colored parts.
  • The correct size is the key to a beautiful look. If the size is large or small, the linen will not perform its corrective or supportive functions, imperfections will be visible. You should not buy panties of size M on the figure S - the desired effect will not work. First of all, you need to look at the centimeters by weight.

So that the linen lasts a long time: the rules of care

More often In total, materials for seamless underwear are high-quality and wear-resistant, therefore they do not need special care. Washing is carried out at a temperature of 30-40 degrees, preferably in a delicate or manual mode. It is better not to squeeze too much so as not to damage the structure of the fabric. Dry in the fresh air, naturally.

Avoid using strong powders and bleaches for washing - they significantly shorten the life of the product and worsen the appearance.

Make a purchase from trusted suppliers

When buying underwear from official suppliers, you will be confident in the quality and good tailoring of your products. You should not save and buy things in unfamiliar stores that attract buyers at a low price, but do not guarantee long wear. As a rule, suppliers who care about their good name do not run the risk of entering into deals with unknown manufacturers, only with worthy companies.

When you buy seamless underwear in trusted stores, you get the following advantages:

  • excellent quality;
  • good tailoring, excluding uneven seams, protruding threads and other flaws;
  • uniform saturated color, not fading or fading over time;
  • excellent service: support and assistance in choosing the right size;
  • prompt delivery.

Why buy seamless underwear in the store Sweet Home?

Our store cooperates with reliable domestic and foreign companies producing high-quality underwear that meets all sanitary and consumer requirements . Shop SweetHome guarantees the quality of all its products. Experienced consultants will provide all the necessary information and help you choose the right size. If the item does not fit, it can be exchanged within 14 days.

In addition to seamless linen, we offer a wide range of other textile products for home and hotels: bedding, bedspreads, towels, tablecloths etc. Treat yourself - make a purchase in our store!



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