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  • Woolen Plaids

    Woolen Plaids

    <h2> Woolen blankets are an indispensable attribute of your comfort and coziness </h2> <p> Coming home after a hard day, wearing comfortable clothes and enjoying fragrant tea wrapped in a warm blanket is such a welcome moment in the cold season. Therefore, a woolen blanket is simply indispensable during a romantic dinner, watching a movie, listening to music or relaxing on the couch. This accessory is soft, stylish, warm and natural. In addition, it helps relieve back pain, has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, and relaxes muscles. </p> <h3> Features of the manufacture and advantages of woolen blankets </h3> <p> In modern enterprises, in the process of creation, the product goes through several levels of processing, therefore the products are not prickly, as some people mistakenly believe. They are incredibly soft, lightweight, perfectly warm, bring sophistication and comfort to any room. In addition to the aesthetic component, they have antibacterial properties, do not accumulate dust, and prevent the reproduction of mites. There are a large number of spaces between the fibers to provide air ventilation. This eliminates the greenhouse effect and creates a healing warmth. In addition, woolen blankets wick moisture away from the body as well as possible. </p> <p> Also, their advantages are: </p> <ul> <li> Strength and density; </li> <li> Give comfort at any time of the year; </li> <li> Quickly warms up and keeps you warm; </li> <li> Does not electrify and is suitable for sensitive skin; </li> <li> Long-lasting; </li> <li> They have medicinal qualities; </li> <li> Hygroscopic; </li> <li> Eco-friendly; </li> <li> Normalize blood circulation; </li> <li> Do not need frequent washing. </li> </ul> <p> Wool blankets are characterized by special softness and warmth, which are so needed on cool evenings. Moreover, they do not cause allergies. Unusually gentle and light things are created from cashmere. They are great for warming and suitable for newborns. This is a great gift for loved ones at any celebration, woolen textiles will appeal to every lover of comfort. The healing properties of the coat will help those who suffer from radiculitis, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle and headaches. The warming effect is able to remove pain and improve health. These medicinal products are a valuable assistant in the home and when going out into the countryside. </p> <h2> Types of wool and how to choose a quality woolen blanket </h2> <p> Due to their characteristics, woolen blankets are always popular and undoubtedly liked by customers who appreciate naturalness and comfort. For the production of quality blankets, the following types of wool are used: </p> <ul> <li> Alpacas; </li> <li> Camel; </li> <li> Sheep; </li> <li> Merino; </li> <li> Angora; </li> <li> Cashmere. </li> </ul> <p> Items made of sheeps wool are the most popular, possess valuable qualities and cost less than analogues made from other raw materials. Camel hair makes the hottest and most durable. They have a positive effect on the whole body, protect from heat and cold due to the special structure of the hairs. They are not electrified, they serve for many years. Products from alpaca, the South American llama, are expensive, characterized by natural softness, silkiness, hypoallergenicity and a wide range of natural colors. Angora blankets are amazingly soft, fluffy and wonderfully warm. Cashmere accessories are made from extremely thin threads. They are light, delicate, and have a noble color. The quality of wool products depends on: </p> <ul> <li> • Living conditions of animals, nutrition. </li> <li> • In what climate was the haircut, time of year. </li> <li> • Breeds , gender and age. </li> <li> • The method of analysis and processing of fibers. </li> <li> • The parts of the body with which they are trimmed. </li> </ul> <p> When choosing a high-quality and warm woolen blanket, it is not necessary to spend a lot of effort looking for reliable manufacturers. Using the services of the Internet - Sweet Home store, you will receive quality textiles from trusted companies at an affordable price. Buy a woolen blanket that matches your bed? Do you want to decorate the interior, fill the house with a feeling of coziness and comfort? Easy! Our managers will be happy to help you choose the perfect option, specify the place and delivery time in a short time. </p> <h3> Care recommendations </h3> <p> Woolen blankets are washed in a delicate mode or manually at the maximum allowable water temperature - 30 ˚C. It is not advisable to use ordinary washing powder, it will make the fabric coarse. Use special detergents and rinse aid. Hand washing is the best solution that takes more time and effort. Ironing woolen rugs is prohibited, except with minimal heat, in addition, they do not crease. It is necessary to dry in a horizontal position, evenly spreading, straightening and slightly stretching in all directions. In order not to harm the material and eliminate shrinkage, do not turn on spin and drying. Bleach is strictly prohibited, it can ruin the fabric and stain it, should not be dry-cleaned. </p> <h2> Where to buy the best woolen blankets? </h2> <p> To buy a woolen blanket, just go to the Sweet online store Home, which presents a huge number of home textiles in different colors and sizes from trusted manufacturers. Here you can get the best blankets at an affordable price. They will create home comfort in the living room or childrens room and will become the highlight of any interior. When choosing such an important accessory, pay attention to natural materials, such as wool. Such things can be self-cleaning, do not absorb dust and odors, pleasant to the touch, perfectly breathable, stylish and functional, and will last for many years. </p>
  • Acrylic blankets

    Acrylic blankets

    <h2> Acrylic blanket, practicality and comfort for your home </h2> <p> Acrylic is a synthetic material. Invented on the basis of natural gas, which is processed by chemical reactions into fiber. In the manufacture of textile products, it is used alone or mixed with other substances. For example, acrylic fibers can be found in coat fabrics. Also, their content allows angora, wool, terry and cotton. By mixing different types of fibers, unique, defined variations with exclusive characteristics are obtained. The concentration of acrylic in a product can vary from five to one hundred percent. Modern acrylic is soft and light. Due to his qualities, which we will try to set out below, he surpasses many natural fabrics. The texture of the threads allows you to obtain a high-quality and clear, pronounced weaving pattern with a smooth surface of matter. </p> <h3> Characteristics and peculiarities of PAN fibers </h3> <p> The first acrylic chemical samples were synthesized in the forties of the twentieth century in America. In 1948, DuPont received a new substance, orlon, which showed excellent performance and could compete with the then popular nylon. The only flaw in the novelty was the poor “properties” of matter. Orlon was extremely poorly stained, the process was expensive. Only in 1952, after four years of trial and error, was material found that was just as good, but also easily stained. It was he who was called acrylic. There are also several other names: itron, krylor, redon and polyacryliton. You can often see the abbreviation PAN on tags. </p> <h2> Strengths or why acrylic blankets are so popular </h2> <p> These synthetic items are often compared to wool. Outwardly, they are very similar. But the similarities dont end there. Lets find out other qualities of PAN products: </p> <ul> <li> All polyacryliton products have good resistance to sunlight, which means they fade slightly. </li> <li> All acrylic blankets are hypoallergenic and not afraid of people with increased skin sensitivity. </li> <li> Not afraid of pollution. All dirt is quickly washed off at low temperatures. Thus, you can take the rugs with you on a trip without fear of “safety” after. </li> <li> The composition of the fibers forms a durable mesh that is difficult to tear. Similar natural substances cannot boast this property. </li> <li> Products do not shrink and do not “fall off”. It practically does not crease and has an attractive “appearance” for quite some time. </li> <li> It is remarkably painted. </li> <li> It warms well and does not allow heat to seep through the fabric. </li> <li> Increased resistance to various solvents and aggressive chemical cleaning agents. You dont have to worry about your things in dry cleaning. </li> <li> Absolutely not interested in moths and other insects. </li> </ul> <p> What do we have as a result? Practicality. Acrylic blankets will serve you for a very long time, while having the original gloss. As for natural analogs, they are inferior to "synthetics" in several parameters: rapid wear, loss of shape and fading after washing, demanding storage and much more. Against this background, the choice becomes obvious. </p> <h3> Terms of use for acrylic blankets </h3> <p> These blankets were created for reasons of practicality. Soiled products can be safely sent to the washing machine. </p> <ul> <li> It is worth remembering that the temperature of the water during washing should not exceed above 30 ° C, and the mode is best set to “delicate fabrics”. </li> <li> You should not use conditioners or bleaches yet, it is insignificant, but spoils the "ceremonial look". </li> <li> No need to iron. The fabric itself is initially even and does not need additional ironing. But if you do decide, then use the lowest temperature and wet gauze. </li> <li> Avoid push-ups and twisting. </li> <li> Drying is best done in open spaces, such as a balcony or veranda. </li> </ul> <h2> Where is the best place to buy acrylic blankets </h2> <p> Of course, with us! Sweet Home online store offers a wide selection of products from PAN. We have four manufacturers supplying quality blankets made of 100% acrylic: </p> <ul> <li> ARYA </li> <li> Gelin-Home </li> <li> Home-Textile </li> <li> "Tivolyo-Home" </li> </ul> <p> Sizes range from 150x200 to 220x240, and the model range is constantly expanding and increasing. Moreover, we have just a huge selection of colors! There are more than a dozen monotonous palettes alone: cream, somon, suyesil, beige, blue, green (muted), purple, powder, black, lilac, green, raspberry, beige. The pricing policy of our company will not leave anyone indifferent! The SweetHome online store sells products only from well-known manufacturers, therefore we guarantee and are personally responsible for the quality of all goods. Buying from us, you can be sure that: </p> <ul> <li> the textiles have passed strict quality control; </li> <li> the composition fully complies with the inscriptions on the packaging; </li> <li> you will get an excellent service and fast delivery; </li> <li> on the purchase of a large batch of goods, there will be a discount; </li> <li> if the goods do not suit you, they will be replaced. </li> </ul>
  • Cotton blankets

    Cotton blankets

    <h2> Cotton rugs: tips for choosing and using </h2> <p> Creating an atmosphere of home comfort is impossible to imagine without textiles. All kinds of decorative pillows, bedspreads, blankets can diversify the interior and make it unique. Today without a blanket it is impossible to imagine a single apartment. In the cold season, wrapping yourself in it, you will quickly warm up, or wrap up your frozen feet and enjoy the warmth spreading over your skin. Cotton will give you coolness on hot summer nights and will pleasantly warm you in the cool season. </p> <h3> Choose the material </h3> <p> This cotton product will bring coolness on hot summer nights, and will also warm you up in the cool season. This versatility is associated with the properties of cotton fabrics. The idea that home textiles should be 100% natural are outdated. The performance characteristics of natural products are lower than when artificial yarns are added. Textiles with the addition of acrylic or polyester will last longer and will not lose their appearance and characteristics. The peculiarities of the weaving of threads allow manufacturers to work with different patterns: two-layer and two-sided, complex and intricate, pile or large-patterned. Combinations of materials for cotton textiles: <br /> • cotton with acrylic in a proportion of 60/40 or 50/50; <br /> • cotton with acrylic and polyacrylic in a proportion of 50/40/10; <br /> • cotton with dralon - 60/40. </p> <h3> Benefits of Cotton </h3> <p> 1. Hygroscopicity - cotton fiber absorbs moisture well. A summer nights sleep under such a blanket will be comfortable and pleasant. <br /> 2. In cool weather, quickly takes the body temperature and stores it for a long time. What could be better than wrapping yourself in a cotton blanket and enjoying the sunset at sea. It will protect you from the evening sea breeze and coolness. <br /> 3. It allows air to pass through and provides heat exchange. <br /> 4. Cotton fibers lend themselves well to dyeing. The use of quality dyes allows you to enjoy your favorite color for a long time. <br /> 5. Practicality and durability. The textiles are machine washed at the mode specified by the manufacturer. The addition of artificial yarns prevents premature wear of the fabric and loss of shape. Easy to care for. <br /> 6. Dries quickly. <br /> 7. Hypoallergenic, which allows it to be used for infants or people with allergies. <br /> 8. Lack of electrification. </p> <p> The only drawback of cotton home textiles is their simplicity. Such a product is not suitable for creating an interior with a claim to luxury. But with such a plaid, you can easily fill your bedroom or childrens room with a sense of comfort and warmth of the hearth. </p> <h2> Our tips for choosing a cotton plaid </h2> <p> When choosing a cotton or cotton plaid, pay attention to the quality of the weave of the threads ... They should fit snugly, forming an uncomplicated pattern. The presence of gaps and inhomogeneity of the structure indicates low quality. The surface should be smooth and level, without puffs. The presence of a paint smell indicates the use of cheap materials that can cause allergies and discoloration after several washes. The sizes of cotton blankets can be different: <br /> • 200x150 - can be used as a blanket, thrown as a cloak on a chair or sofa; <br /> • 180x220 - decorate a small sofa; <br /> • 220x240 - can be used in as a wrap on a double bed. </p> <h3> Care and maintenance rules </h3> <p> Caring for home textile made of cotton is straightforward. There are a number of care rules to prolong the life of your favorite products. <br /> Rule one: a white cotton bedspread can be washed at temperatures up to 95 degrees and, if necessary, bleached. Colored items should be washed at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees and separately from whites. By investing in a conditioner balm, you will reduce the effect of ironing on the item and extend its service life. <br /> Rule two: cotton fabrics do not dry in direct sunlight. After washing, shake them well to even out the structure of the fabric, and then hang them on a clothesline. Special dryers for cotton fabrics are not suitable unless otherwise indicated on the label. <br /> Before washing, check the manufacturers recommendations on the label. This will allow you to keep the original look and color of your favorite blanket longer. </p> <h2> Why is it profitable to buy at Sweet Home </h2> <p> Sweet Home online store offers a wide selection of cotton blankets at affordable prices from domestic and foreign manufacturers. You will be satisfied with the quality of our products and the variety of colors and textures. Any plaid can be bought wholesale and retail with delivery anywhere in Ukraine in a way convenient for you. A wide assortment will appeal to every housewife. A modern plaid is not only a way to decorate your home, but also a way to warm yourself on cool evenings at home and on vacation. Cotton products are lightweight, easy to care for and take up little space. You will fully enjoy the softness and pleasant touches of natural tissues to the skin. A cute and soft cotton blanket, chosen in the "SweetHome" online store, will make your bedroom more comfortable, and friendly conversations with family and friends near the fire or fireplace warmer and more comfortable. </p>
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How to choose a blanket that will last a long time

In the modern world, every house has attributes for a comfortable and cozy stay. Some of them are soft and warm blankets. These products came from Scottish plaid kilts, which over time turned into bedding. And many people associate with soft bedspreads of large size. According to their purpose, they distinguish:
• Homemade. Refined and soft.
• For a picnic. Made of dense and durable material.
• For the road. Cozy, compact, easy to clean, do not absorb dust and odors.

Manufacturers often create textiles from wool, cashmere and cotton. They look elegant, durable, warm and lightweight. Todays synthetics are produced in different sizes and all kinds of colors, with rich, persistent and deep colors that retain their beauty for many years.

Beautiful rugs and their types

When choosing these cozy things in the first place you need to pay attention to what fabrics they are made of. Depending on the composition, they are:
• Woolen;
• Acrylic;
• Fleece;
• Cotton.

First are the most popular on the market, regardless of the high price, which is several times higher than the cost of similar cotton items. They are particularly durable, warm in winter and comfortable in summer. Perfect for those with a weakened immune system, people prone to allergies and suffering from rheumatic diseases.

Acrylic items are often replaced with other names, for example, orlon or prelan, referring to fibers formed from polymers. Outwardly they look like wool, so they easily confuse buyers, and have many useful properties. Synthetic blankets are practical and retain their pristine appearance for a long time, they are distinguished by their antistatic properties and the presence of a wide palette of colors. In some acrylic blankets manufacturers mix synthetic fibers with natural ones, for example, with the addition of bamboo, the resulting fabric is unpretentious to care for, quickly dries, does not accumulate dust and combines the characteristics of fibers of artificial and natural origin.

Wear-resistant fleece models will definitely come in handy in the country. It is convenient to wrap up in them and please yourself with warmth. A wide range of colors allows you to choose the model that suits you. The main component of fleece fabric is polyester, which gives products good hygroscopicity, lightness and practicality. A blanket made of such fabric will serve you for a long time if you wash it in a gentle mode without spinning and dry it naturally.

Cotton blankets , attract with their softness, lightness and durability. Cotton fibers are highly durable and hypoallergenic. Quality blankets made of cotton fabric will give you and your children exceptional comfort and healthy sleep. Hiding behind it, you will feel protected, warm yourself from the cold and run away to the world of relaxation and comfort from the gray everyday life.

The main characteristics of the rugs

They transform the room, making it more romantic, especially nice to be. All kinds of textures, paints and drawings help create a unique image of your home and the best conditions for relaxation.
• Main advantages:
• Excellent protection against the cold;
• Wonderfully decorates the interior;
• Warms in cold weather;
• Highlights the individuality and taste of the owner.

When choosing a blanket for the bed, pay attention to products made from natural or synthetic fur. The first are made from the wool of llama, lamb, merino, camel and cashmere. They have medicinal properties: they optimize pressure, blood circulation, and have a beneficial effect on joints and muscles. Breathable, hygroscopic, resilient and inhibit the appearance of microbes. The second ones have more practical properties and are mainly made of acrylic and polyester.

Selection criteria:

• Consider the size of the bed and choose the appropriate accessory, its edges should hang 30 cm.
• Select the material in relation to the purpose. Children will like fleece and velor, they will warm their hair on the trip.
• Features of care.
• The cost of synthetic things is always less than natural, the most appreciated are cashmere.
• Before you buy a plaid, Pay your attention to the presence of scuffs, matted piles, stretched loops and trimmed edges.

Simple tips for caring for the blanket

These products can be found in every home, they remind us of comfort and warmly. Made in the factory or by hand. Based on the method of creation, determine the features of washing and drying. Woolen products must be carefully washed in cool water in a gentle manner, follow all directions on the label. Use water softeners and dry gently. Larger blankets are best dry-cleaned as they are difficult to dry.

Cotton, linen and bamboo items are allowed to wash at 40 ° C to worry about strong shrinkage. You can iron it with a hot iron. Polyester products are wear-resistant, wash at 40 ° C to avoid creasing after wringing, and add conditioner with an antistatic effect. Fleece - Washable at 50 ° C, no ironing required, a rinse aid will come in handy. Initially, we recommend vacuuming and drying accessories made of artificial fur in the unfolded state. Keep them away from sunlight to prevent them from fading. Ventilate from time to time, and do not give a musty smell, use fragrant herbs.

Where is the best place to buy blankets inexpensively?

A soft and warm blanket is an excellent purchase for your home, a great gift for loved ones people and relatives who value coziness and comfort. In addition to the practical side, it will decorate any interior of the room, suitable for home and hotel, will make the Christmas evening special and warm, will become the highlight of your bedroom. The online store Sweet Home (Sweet Home) presents a wide range of home textiles and quality blankets, different colors and sizes. All products are sourced directly from reliable manufacturers. We offer our customers only the best blankets that will last for many years, will give comfort, warmth and a feeling of coziness to the house. Our managers will be happy to help you choose the perfect option.



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