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Fur bedspreads

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Bedspread Koloco grass 220 * 240 Bedspread Koloco grass 220 * 240
rating 0 review
Buy a high-quality Koloco bedspread grass - decorate the interior of your bedroom, give incredible softness and comfort while relaxing. Such a blanket is simply necessary in your home. Also used as a plaid, terry...
Bedspread Koloco Mink 220 * 230 Bedspread Koloco Mink 220 * 230
rating 0 review
Koloco Mink Bedspread is undoubtedly a great purchase for your home. The product has dimensions 200 * 230. Pleasant to the touch and made of non-marking solid fabrics. You can purchase these wipes wholesale and retail...
-koloco---200230 -koloco---200230
rating 0 review
Buy a high-quality Koloco bedspread grass - decorate the interior of your bedroom, give incredible softness and comfort while relaxing. Such a blanket is simply necessary in your home. Also used as a plaid, terry...
ARYA blanket acrylic FLUTTO ARYA blanket acrylic FLUTTO
Limited special offer
rating 0 review
UAH1,985.60 UAH2,336.00
An unusual relief pattern on a plain background will decorate any sofa, bed or chair. Buy an acrylic blanket from the famous manufacturer ARYA - to provide yourself and your loved ones warmth on cool evenings. It can...
hasben-gipurlu-pike-set hasben-gipurlu-pike-set
rating 0 review
A magnificent set of bedding with a blanket will pleasantly surprise you. The kit from the popular Turkish manufacturer Hasben Gipurlu Pike Set will fill your bedroom with air and a feeling of freshness. Soft...
Plaid ARYA acrylic QUADRO Plaid ARYA acrylic QUADRO
Limited special offer
rating 0 review
UAH1,985.60 UAH2,336.00
You can buy acrylic blanket from the famous manufacturer of textile industry ARYA in 4 classic colors. Here you will find the perfect option for both women and men. The relief pattern perfectly complements the product...
Plaid ARYA acrylic ROSE Plaid ARYA acrylic ROSE
Limited special offer
rating 0 review
UAH1,985.60 UAH2,336.00
Buy an ARYA ROSE acrylic blanket to get warmth, softness and a pleasant tactile feel thanks to a scattering of small embossed flowers. Fluffy warm plaid that warms with soft fur and pleases the eye with beautiful...
Plaid Love You long pile Plaid Love You long pile
rating 0 review
A soft and fluffy blanket from the brand and manufacturer Love You should certainly be in your home. Buying a large plaid, with a pleasant pile, a warm milky shade is what you need for a large and friendly family....
Плед ARYA Giraffe Плед ARYA Giraffe
Limited special offer
rating 0 review
UAH2,758.25 UAH3,245.00
Buy a nice plaid ARYA Giraffa made of acrylic with an image of savannah and a pair of giraffes - be in the very center of Africa and give a warm, comfortable stay. Plaid will warm you on cold nights and is perfect...

How to choose a fur blanket for yourself, family and friends and not miscalculate in price and quality

What can be a great addition to your interior? What decor item can harmoniously complement your bedroom, living room or childrens room? Of course - this is a fur cover. Such a decor item can play several roles in an apartment at once: not only add coziness to the room, but also be used as a light blanket. This category of goods has all the qualities that the consumer needs:

  • Long service life;
  • High practicality and versatility;
  • Strength and increased wear resistance;
  • Beautiful design;
  • Air circulation;
  • High heat capacity;
  • The product is pleasant to the touch and absolutely hypoallergenic.

A creative approach to design makes such textiles an exquisite highlight of any interior. Also, a fur cover can be presented as a gift, since it looks quite consistent with the status of any holiday. Every housewife who cares about the beauty and comfort of her home will be glad of such a surprise.

What material is used in the production

The products are made of modern artificial materials. Including polyester, acrylic, microfiber and other fabrics. Such bedspreads are incredibly durable, quite hardy, and affordable. They are not only beautiful in appearance, but also have many different textures, which makes them more popular than competing textiles made of natural fur.

This type of textile has a rather bright or restrained palette. The spectrum of deep tones, such as: dark blue, coffee, deep red, lemon, green and others, has an advantage. Also in demand are pastel colors or minimalistic white. Today you can buy this type of product for every taste, both plain and multi-colored.

Faux fur - affordable luxury for everyone

A “delicate” blanket or blanket will provide nothing better cozy atmosphere in your home. In the cold season, such an element of decor will fill your home with a sense of warmth. With their exquisite appearance, fur products will saturate any interior with luxury and warm the owner. Such fibers are in great demand, while their cost remains as affordable for every buyer who wants to fill their home with special elegance.

What is the advantage of fur bedding? The main function is to protect furniture from dust and dirt, making it look beautiful. Canvases can be quite varied: massive or light, with or without a pattern. But not all buyers like such products, which leads to different reviews about it. Some people believe that this type of product is a so-called "dust collector". But if properly looked after and cleaned on time, they will keep their freshness and cleanliness for a long time.

It should be noted the properties that confirm the demand for bedspreads:

  • Pleasant tactile sensations;
  • Affordable price;
  • Lack of static electricity;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Easy to care for;
  • Do not sit down when washing or cleaning;
  • Resistant to light.

Buying things from an online store is much easier and cheaper than from a stationary store. You can choose from a variety of patterns, textures, pile, different colors and dimensions.

Difficulties in choosing

Bedspreads made of artificial wool are practical, beautiful and durable. In winter it is very warm under them, but in hot weather it is quite comfortable. In addition, this category is environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for health, freely "breathes", creates a pleasant microclimate.

The bedspread plays the role of a protector of bed linen from dust and other contaminants, and sometimes it can replace the blanket. Choosing a bedspread is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The fiber should last a long time, while maintaining its aesthetic appearance and functionality. Unacceptable for good textiles are:

  • Poor coloring, excessive shedding or susceptibility to fading;
  • Made from unsafe or allergenic materials;
  • The presence of uneven seams through which the filler is visible.

Do not forget about the harmony of the interior and decor elements. Below are some guidelines to make the choice of fabric much easier:

  • For a small bedroom, a shade that will be in harmony with the color of the curtains is best;
  • For minimalists, bright colors are suitable;
  • For a room located on the north side, covers of warm tones are best suited, for the south side - cold.

Where is the best place to buy?

To to buy a thing, we are going to get dressed, go to a store or market, search, find and buy. Quite a long process. A more practical and profitable, as well as less costly option would be to skimp on the Sweet Home online store. Why us? Its simple. We have been selling on the Internet for over ten years and are extremely interested in ensuring that our customers are always satisfied with their purchase.

We will discuss in more detail the advantages of shopping with us:

  • Wide assortment constantly updated with fresh new products;
  • Affordable prices for any premium-level products;
  • Fast delivery throughout the country.

On our shelves trading platform you will find only high-quality certified products. Our team of specialists is ready to advise you at any time on an issue of interest. We work around the clock and will provide you with assistance instantly. You can contact us using feedback or by calling the phone number on the website.



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