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-valeri-3109 -valeri-3109
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We offer you bright Valeri 3109 leggings decorated with a stylish print in the form of space and bright stars. Leggings have excellent elasticity, a wide belt and high quality from the Ukrainian manufacturer. Your...
-valeri-5501 -valeri-5501
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We offer you the classic Valeri 5501 leggings made of high-quality elastic fabric, a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer. In these leggings your legs will look slender, the figure is taut, and the style is...
-valeri-5504 -valeri-5504
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Stylish and elegant Valeri 5504 leggings will undoubtedly please you with their high quality, elasticity and practicality. Mid-rise, rear pockets and an interesting finish make these leggings a pleasant addition to...
-valeri-5506 -valeri-5506
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We offer you interesting youth Valeri 5506 leggings with a high landing and a wide belt with valves. Leggings are made by the Ukrainian manufacturer from high-quality elastic fabric that fits snugly on the skin,...
-valeri-5507 -valeri-5507
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Stylish Valeri 5507 leggings from the Ukrainian manufacturer are made at the highest level of quality from the best materials. The model is decorated with interesting fittings, has a high landing, pockets of blende...
-valeri-1201 -valeri-1201
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Valeri 1201 sports leggings perfectly complement the wardrobe of any active girl. Microdiving made by the Ukrainian manufacturer of soft and elastic fabric, these leggings ideally fit the figure, do not stretch....
-valeri-7009 -valeri-7009
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We offer you to please yourself with high-quality and elegant leggings Valeri 1002 from the famous Ukrainian manufacturer. The model fits very well in shape, has a wide belt and high elasticity, so it does not roll...
-valeri-1202 -valeri-1202
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We suggest you pay attention to the Valeri 1202 sports leggings from a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer. Leggings perfectly lay down on a leg, the color insert will help emphasize your active lifestyle. A wide...
-valeri-1202 -valeri-1202
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Beauty and quality, are ideally combined in Valeri 1203 sports leggings from the famous Ukrainian manufacturer. Leggings are made of dense plain fabric, have pleasant shades and are decorated with stripes. Thanks...
-valeri-5508 -valeri-5508
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We offer you youth Valeri 5508 leggings with leather inserts made by a Ukrainian manufacturer of soft and elastic fabric. The model turned out to be very interesting and stylish, a leather insert along the entire...
-valeri-1202 -valeri-1202
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We offer you excellent sports leggings Valeri 1204 from the Ukrainian manufacturer. Leggings are made of quality material, have a wide belt and are decorated with stripes. In such leggings it will be convenient for...
-valeri-7009 -valeri-7009
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We offer you quality Valeri Zipper leggings . Due to the density and softness of the fabric, leggings fit perfectly on the leg, which will undoubtedly emphasize your beauty and elegance. This leggings model is...
-guillia-terry-leg-600-den -guillia-terry-leg-600-den
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Quality cotton leggings , it’s always a good way to give yourself a good mood. Made by the Ukrainian manufacturer, these leggings have a high density of 600 den, are elastic and strong, which will prevent your legs...
Excellent microfiber leggings from the Italian manufacturer, will please you with their quality and give you warmth in cool weather. The density of leggings 250 den will allow you to feel comfortable walking in the...
-valeri-7009 -valeri-7009
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Elegant Valeri 5019 leggings from the Ukrainian manufacturer will be a great addition to your style and a pleasant purchase. The leather insert along the entire length of the leg looks very interesting, the high...
-valeri-5503 -valeri-5503
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Interesting Valeri 5503 leggings are great for every day. Decorated with beautiful butterflies and a large seam on the side along the entire length of the legs, they emphasize your elegance. Elastic fabric gives...
-valeri-7009 -valeri-7009
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Beautiful black Valeri 5020 leggings made of soft and high-quality fabric by a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer will give your figure sophisticated lines, and a high rise will emphasize your waist. These leggings...
-valeri-7009 -valeri-7009
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We offer you high-quality Valeri 5021 leggings supplemented with small pockets with metal locks. Due to the density and softness of the fabric, leggings fit perfectly on the leg, which will undoubtedly emphasize...
-valeri-7009 -valeri-7009
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Beautiful Valeri 5022 leggings with a wide belt, made by Ukrainian manufacturer from soft and strong fabric. An interesting snake intrigues and attracts attention. The fabric fits perfectly on the leg emphasizing...
-valeri-7009 -valeri-7009
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Elegant Valeri 7010 knitted leggings perfectly accentuate your figure, are suitable for any weather and are resistant to stretching. Pockets of blende add originality to this model of leggings, and in combination...
-valeri-7009 -valeri-7009
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Indulge yourself with classic Valeri 7009 leggings from the famous Ukrainian manufacturer. Leggings are decorated with two pockets on the back and stitched tins on the front. The model perfectly complements your...

Online store SWEET-HOME presents a large assortment of fashionable and high-quality leggings from well-known brands of Poland and Ukraine.

Leggings, or as they are also called foxes, is unique , a multifunctional item of womens wardrobe. They are the prototype of tight trousers, but since leggings are sewn from knitted fabrics, they are more elastic, better fitting the figure. Leggings have become popular because of their comfort - they are soft, do not require ironing, with their help you can emphasize the figure and skillfully hide extra pounds. Leggings are applicable in all spheres of a womans life: sports, home, work, outdoor activities. The versatility of leggings also lies in the fact that, depending on what clothes they are combined with, they instantly change their profile. Tight leggings can be worn with short dresses and miniskirts, combined with blouses and elongated sweaters, worn as sportswear for training, jogging, on the rink.

Leggings are loved by women of all ages and even men. The male gender uses them as warm underwear. Bright leggings are worn by girls and adolescents, business women and ladies of noble age like plain leggings, sportswomen and housewives cannot do without leggings.

Sew leggings from superelastic knitted fabrics. As a rule, these are special synthetic fabrics (microdiving, microplush, microfiber) with high stretch in both directions. Although there are leggings made of cotton or velor with the addition of elastane. There are also demi-season leggings with imitation of genuine leather.

How to determine the quality of leggings

The quality of the fabric - cheap low quality the fabric is often covered with spools or shoots an arrow. Unfortunately, this is unpredictable as long as the item is new. In this case, it is worth giving preference only to well-known firms, manufacturers of womens clothing.

Stretch of the fabric - the fabric should stretch well and accept initial state after release of tension. This is the only way leggings will retain their shape, will not stretch out on their knees and sag behind.

Quality appliqués - often the item is decorated rhinestones, pebbles, various pictures. It is worth taking a closer look at how tightly they are fixed to the fabric. If the edge of the appliqué lags when pulling the canvas, it will disappear altogether with time.

Hardware quality - bells, buttons, buckles should be with the manufacturers brand logo or at least made of high quality materials that are not afraid of moisture

Seams - the presence of loose threads , gaps in the stitching or a mismatch in the color of the fabric with the tone of the threads - the first sign of a handicraft that will not last long

What leggings are there

  • Sports leggings - suitable for aerobics, gym, jogging, etc. They are distinguished by good hygroscopicity and breathability. Perfectly stretched with active movements, without shackling and not sliding down. Do not cause excessive sweating, have the effect of thermoregulation.
  • Body shaping leggings - thanks to the special interweaving of synthetic fibers they create a “tightening” effect in problem areas: tighten the stomach, form a beautiful hip line, create Elegant ankle line. Have a high waistline to create a "torso" effect
  • Leggings with imitation trousers or jeans with false pockets - have a special design, very similar to tight-fitting trousers
  • Thin and thick under dresses - leggings resemble dense tights, but they are practically not transparent and warmer
  • Classic with stripes or a stitched arrow - made of thick knitwear, can be worn as pants under boots or shoes
  • Leggings with a strap over the foot - are considered the sexiest model, belt loops through the foot give extra tension and thereby emphasize the slenderness of the legs
  • Maternity leggings - have a special insert in the abdominal area, which has a supportive effect
  • Mens leggings - warm and thin leggings that are practically invisible under any trousers.

Internet-ma leggings assortment SWEET-HOME gasoline

  • classic leggings with a high rise and a wide belt
  • printed leggings
  • leggings medium landing
  • leggings high rise
  • leggings with patch pockets on the back
  • sports leggings with a slight sheen
  • warm tights 180DEN microplush
  • warm leggings with cotton and elastane
  • leggings with full-length leather
  • micro diving leggings
  • sports leggings with colored insert
  • sports leggings 3 / 4
  • soft microfiber velor leggings
  • 600DEN warm cotton leggings
  • knitted leggings
  • combined leggings from raincoat fabric and knitwear
  • leather leggings
  • classic leggings with a stitched arrow
  • stretch microfiber leggings
  • printed leggings
  • leggings with shoulder straps foot
  • leggings stretching along the entire length
  • decorative leggings with cuts
  • warm microfiber leggings for men with fleece lining
  • high rise maternity leggings
  • maternity leggings with thick panties
  • warm kids leggings in bright colors

How to care for leggings

Hand or machine wash on a gentle cycle at low spin speeds.

Leggings with wool in it are dried only horizontally.

It is advisable to dry in the open air away from direct sunlight.

Leggings are ironed only from natural fibers - cotton, wool.

Synthetic fabrics are not ironed.



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