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Summer bed set Tivolyo Home ARREDO Summer bed set Tivolyo Home ARREDO
rating 0 review
We offer you a beautiful Tivolyo Home ARREDO PIKE bedding set from a well-known Turkish manufacturer. The kit includes a large jacquard bedspread, satin sheet and pillowcase. A pleasant shade and high quality...
th-jqcquard-carsaf-evro-bej th-jqcquard-carsaf-evro-bej
rating 0 review
Treat yourself with a pleasant purchase. The Tivolyo Home Jacquard sheet is the perfect complement to almost any sleeping set and bedding. Gorgeous softness and classic design are perfectly combined with a wide...
th---- th----
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Tivolyo Home jacquard STRIPE bedding set is made by a famous Turkish manufacturer of soft jacquard fabric for your unforgettable sensations from sleep and rest. Beautiful linen is decorated with polished stripes that...
th-jaqard-cift-krem-stripe- th-jaqard-cift-krem-stripe-
rating 0 review
The Tivolyo Home Jaqard stripe bedding set is a great purchase for those customers who love simplicity and quality. Soft satin fabric has a high density, does not slip on the surface and is decorated with polished...
th--crocodile-lila--- th--crocodile-lila---
rating 0 review
Tivolyo Home CROCODILE jacquard bedding will be a pleasant gift for you and your family. The kit is made by the Turkish manufacturer from soft and strong jacquard, which will give you a wonderful feeling of sleep or...
Love You Jacquard 1-07 bedding set Love You Jacquard 1-07 bedding set
rating 0 review
A bright and interesting set of jacquard bedding from the Love You trademark is a great occasion to please yourself and your loved ones with a great purchase. This bedding will decorate your bedroom, complement the...
Love You Jacquard Bedding Set 1-17 Love You Jacquard Bedding Set 1-17
rating 0 review
Another beautiful addition to the Jacquard bedding range from the Love You brand. This bedding has a pleasant milky white hue and original embroidery. The softness of the fabric will allow you to enjoy a pleasant...
tac-jakar--violette-ekru tac-jakar--violette-ekru
rating 0 review
White bedding Tac jakar Violette is characterized by elegant patterns and quality tailoring. The Turkish manufacturer tried to ensure that your sleep was guaranteed to be cozy and comfortable with such a bed. The...
Love You Bedding Set 1-22 Jacquard Love You Bedding Set 1-22 Jacquard
rating 0 review
Exclusive and original jacquard and satin weave bedding. The Love You trademark made magnificent bedding so that you can enjoy the softness of the fabric, the magnificent pattern of jacquard threads and a...
tac-jakar--karios-bej tac-jakar--karios-bej
rating 0 review
A nice Tac jakar Karois bedding set in soft iridescent colors of beige, pink, purple and white is perfect as a gift for personal use. For the production, jacquard and satin of the highest quality were used for your...
th--jacquard-tek-beyaz-15-- th--jacquard-tek-beyaz-15--
rating 0 review
We offer Turkish bedding from a well-known manufacturer, which will give you comfort, coziness and the best feelings from sleep and rest. Soft satin fabric has a high density, is decorated with a beautiful striped...

Online store SWEET HOME offers luxury bedding made of satin jacquard. Presented a new collection of exquisite bedding from such world-famous brands: LOVE YOU, Home-Line, Arya, BellaVista, Tac.

Satin Jacquard is fabric with a special weave of threads, made from 100% premium cotton with the addition of cotton fibers. A distinctive feature of jacquard is a double-sided pattern, which is formed due to the complex interweaving of threads of two or more tones. In jacquard, both the back and the front side have an ornament, only on one side is the pattern more convex, on the other - depressed. Or the difference may be in tonality: when combining two primary colors on one side, the background for the ornament will be exactly the color that the main pattern on the back side serves.

Distinctive qualities of a satin-jacquard bed

Luxurious appearance. Satin jacquard was first invented and produced by French textile workers in 1801. Jacquard fabrics belong to the elite types of fabrics, as they are distinguished by emphasized luxury. They are beautiful and noble, ideal for classic-style bedrooms, although they can bring a touch of aristocratic lightness and elegance to any interior style.

High strength. The density of jacquard satin is not less than 250g / m2. The particularly strong structure of the fabric is explained by the interweaving of the fibers: it is not only multi-layered and complex, but is also carried out with the help of twisted strands of threads.

Does not wrinkle. Satin jacquard bed is characterized by low creasing, does not lose its elegant appearance even after several days of use. Due to the satin sheen, the fabric seems fresh, stretched, perfectly ironed.

Hygroscopicity. Cotton absorbs moisture well and quickly evaporates without creating a greenhouse effect. This feature makes satin jacquard very comfortable for sleeping on hot summer nights when sweating increases.

Does not interfere with air exchange. A satin jacquard bedding set improves the microclimate of the entire berth. The bed does not float in summer and does not cool in winter. Does not stop the natural microcirculation of heat, air and vapors that occur between the body, bed and mattress.

Long-lasting . Woven the pattern of jacquard fabric cannot be spoiled, since it does not fade in the sun, strong cotton threads do not break and do not become thinner under mechanical action (washing, ironing). Linen can be washed and dried often in automatic machines.

Resistance to deformation. The bed does not sit down after washing. The satin-jacquard cotton fabric does not stretch or stretch, puffs and spools do not form on the surface. Easy to iron, does not require dry cleaning.

Pleasant to the touch. The fabric is a little dense, but elastic, silky, pliable - does not form rigid folds and creases. Thanks to natural cotton fibers, it does not irritate the skin.

Environmentally friendly. Premium quality cotton is used in the manufacture of satin jacquard growing in ecologically clean regions. Raw materials undergo multi-stage processing before they become clean, light colors, soft and silky. When dyeing threads, special safe dyes are used, which give the fabric a persistent tone, do not fade and do not fade in the sun. Jacquard satin does not include synthetic threads, which makes it hypoallergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Health benefits of satin-jacquard linen

  • Does not electrify
  • Does not cause increased sweating.
  • Hygienic - resists fungal, allergenic and microbial microflora
  • Promotes deep, healthy sleep.
  • Free of synthetic threads and toxic dyes.
  • Allows the body to breathe, relax
  • Provides a pleasant tactile sensation on contact
  • Does not interfere with epidermal bioprocesses
  • Suitable for people with skin diseases, allergies, diabetics

Why is it profitable to buy a bed set in SWEET HOME

  • We offer textile products only from world famous brands, completely excluding the possibility of counterfeiting
  • Flexible in our online store prices, a constant system of discounts and sales, allowing you to purchase an elite bed at an affordable price for everyone
  • A wide range of textile accessories for home allows you to independently design a bedroom in a single style, choosing bedspreads, headsets, bedding sets, by tone and texture, etc. .
  • Inhabitants of Kiev and Kharkov can order delivery by courier service. For other regions of Ukraine, bedding sets are sent on the day of ordering by verified carriers.



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