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  • Fur bedspreads

    Fur bedspreads

    <h2>How to choose a fur blanket for yourself, family and friends and not miscalculate in price and quality</h2> <p>What can be a great addition to your interior? What decor item can harmoniously complement your bedroom, living room or childrens room? Of course - this is a fur cover. Such a decor item can play several roles in an apartment at once: not only add coziness to the room, but also be used as a light blanket. This category of goods has all the qualities that the consumer needs:</p> <ul><li>Long service life;</li> <li>High practicality and versatility;</li> <li>Strength and increased wear resistance;</li> <li>Beautiful design;</li> <li>Air circulation;</li> <li>High heat capacity;</li> <li>The product is pleasant to the touch and absolutely hypoallergenic.</li> </ul><p>A creative approach to design makes such textiles an exquisite highlight of any interior. Also, a fur cover can be presented as a gift, since it looks quite consistent with the status of any holiday. Every housewife who cares about the beauty and comfort of her home will be glad of such a surprise.</p> <h3>What material is used in the production</h3> <p>The products are made of modern artificial materials. Including polyester, acrylic, microfiber and other fabrics. Such bedspreads are incredibly durable, quite hardy, and affordable. They are not only beautiful in appearance, but also have many different textures, which makes them more popular than competing textiles made of natural fur.</p> <p>This type of textile has a rather bright or restrained palette. The spectrum of deep tones, such as: dark blue, coffee, deep red, lemon, green and others, has an advantage. Also in demand are pastel colors or minimalistic white. Today you can buy this type of product for every taste, both plain and multi-colored.</p> <h3>Faux fur - affordable luxury for everyone</h3> <p>A “delicate” blanket or blanket will provide nothing better cozy atmosphere in your home. In the cold season, such an element of decor will fill your home with a sense of warmth. With their exquisite appearance, fur products will saturate any interior with luxury and warm the owner. Such fibers are in great demand, while their cost remains as affordable for every buyer who wants to fill their home with special elegance.</p> <p>What is the advantage of fur bedding? The main function is to protect furniture from dust and dirt, making it look beautiful. Canvases can be quite varied: massive or light, with or without a pattern. But not all buyers like such products, which leads to different reviews about it. Some people believe that this type of product is a so-called "dust collector". But if properly looked after and cleaned on time, they will keep their freshness and cleanliness for a long time.</p> <p>It should be noted the properties that confirm the demand for bedspreads:</p> <ul><li>Pleasant tactile sensations;</li> <li>Affordable price;</li> <li>Lack of static electricity;</li> <li>Hypoallergenic;</li> <li>Easy to care for;</li> <li>Do not sit down when washing or cleaning;</li> <li>Resistant to light.</li> </ul><p>Buying things from an online store is much easier and cheaper than from a stationary store. You can choose from a variety of patterns, textures, pile, different colors and dimensions.</p> <h3>Difficulties in choosing</h3> <p>Bedspreads made of artificial wool are practical, beautiful and durable. In winter it is very warm under them, but in hot weather it is quite comfortable. In addition, this category is environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for health, freely "breathes", creates a pleasant microclimate.</p> <p>The bedspread plays the role of a protector of bed linen from dust and other contaminants, and sometimes it can replace the blanket. Choosing a bedspread is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. The fiber should last a long time, while maintaining its aesthetic appearance and functionality. Unacceptable for good textiles are:</p> <ul><li>Poor coloring, excessive shedding or susceptibility to fading;</li> <li>Made from unsafe or allergenic materials;</li> <li>The presence of uneven seams through which the filler is visible.</li> </ul><p>Do not forget about the harmony of the interior and decor elements. Below are some guidelines to make the choice of fabric much easier:</p> <ul><li>For a small bedroom, a shade that will be in harmony with the color of the curtains is best;</li> <li>For minimalists, bright colors are suitable;</li> <li>For a room located on the north side, covers of warm tones are best suited, for the south side - cold.</li> </ul><h2>Where is the best place to buy?</h2> <p>To to buy a thing, we are going to get dressed, go to a store or market, search, find and buy. Quite a long process. A more practical and profitable, as well as less costly option would be to skimp on the Sweet Home online store. Why us? Its simple. We have been selling on the Internet for over ten years and are extremely interested in ensuring that our customers are always satisfied with their purchase.</p> <p>We will discuss in more detail the advantages of shopping with us:</p> <ul><li>Wide assortment constantly updated with fresh new products;</li> <li>Affordable prices for any premium-level products;</li> <li>Fast delivery throughout the country.</li> </ul><p>On our shelves trading platform you will find only high-quality certified products. Our team of specialists is ready to advise you at any time on an issue of interest. We work around the clock and will provide you with assistance instantly. You can contact us using feedback or by calling the phone number on the website.</p>
  • Tapestry bedspreads

    Tapestry bedspreads

    <h2> Tapestry bedspreads, wholesale and retail </h2> <p> At the mention of the tapestry, ancient works of weaving art come to mind - handmade wall carpets, on one side of which a plot or ornament was depicted. But in those days, such interior items were called trellis. The origin of tapestry weaving is deeply rooted in history. The first mentions appeared in Peru and Ancient Egypt. And the term "Gobelin" comes from the surname of a dyer from a 17th-century French manufacture. It was then that this technique gained immense popularity. The texture is so successful that the fabric still does not go out of fashion. The development of textiles has brought us a variety of variations: paintings, pillow cases, tablecloths, chair covers, icons, bags, wall panels, calendars and tapestry bedspreads. The latter are presented in our Sweet Home online store. What materials is all this made of? </p> <h2> Types and their descriptions </h2> <p> <br /> It is based on cotton with the addition of acrylic or polyester. In weaving, different threads are used that form an intricate pattern. Depending on the scheme, several subspecies are distinguished: </p> <ul> <li> One-sided bedspreads - there is an image only on the front side, but not on the seamy side. </li> <li> Double-sided bedspreads - on the front and back sides picture. Moreover, if the main line is red and the auxiliary line is black, then everything is displayed with accuracy from the inside out, and vice versa. </li> </ul> <h3> Characteristics and properties of tapestry bedspreads </h3> <p> Products do not lose their popularity due to their practicality and durability. More about positive qualities: </p> <ul> <li> Natural cotton made this material environmentally friendly, without negative effects on the body. </li> <li> Good absorption of moisture, followed by its rapid evaporation. </li> <li> Light weight even for double-layer fabrics, easy to transport. </li> <li> The special weave of the threads ensures comfortable air circulation. </li> </ul> <h3> Why choose the "Tapestry bedspreads" section? </h3> <p> This texture never gets boring. A variety of designs allow you to take a walk of your imagination and pick up something perfect for the interior of your bedroom or nursery. The confusion of classics, ethnic motives and notes of modernity turns out to be unexpectedly appropriate and non-trivial. What are the main advantages of the acquisition: </p> <ul> <li> This instance looks very attractive, due to the beautiful intricate ornaments. </li> <li> The absence of bruises and creases, the bed always looks fresh and tidy. </li> <li> The composition of the fibers includes a special impregnation that repels dirt and dust particles, so the tapestry bedspread for a long time retains a “new” appearance . </li> <li> Easy to care for and requires little effort to keep clean. </li> </ul><p> </p> <h3> The intricacies of caring for a tapestry </h3> <p > This is one of the easiest materials to use. Strong threads and a secure weave with a stain-resistant finish for a radiant look and vibrant color. To maintain cleanliness, it will be enough for you to remove dust with a damp cloth once a couple of weeks, and shake or vacuum the cover every month. During the entire time of use, cleaning will have to be resorted to only a few times. In this case, you will need a dry-cleaner or a home washing machine. <br /> No matter how wide the bed is, it is better to take a bedspread with the expectation that its edges should cover the sides of the sofa, sofa or bed. Visually expand and fill the air space will help pastel and light colors. Also pay attention to the quality of the threads and the composition, the features of care and service life depend on this. </p> <p> How to wash correctly: </p> <ul> <li> Do not use bleaches and aggressive household chemicals. </Li > <li> The water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius. </li> <li> Activate the delicate mode and do not use a mechanical spinning. </li> <li> Treat individual difficult stains before placing them in the drum of the machine. </li> > <li> Dry in a place where there is no direct sunlight to avoid burnout. </li> <li> Iron on a medium temperature on a damp surface from the inside out or through a thin cotton cloth dampened with water. </li> </ul> <p> By following these simple recommendations, you will retain the initial advantages of these products for a long time. </p> <h2> Where is it profitable to order and buy a tapestry bedspread? </h2> <p> The Internet offers a myriad of offers, but how to orient yourself, which them the most optimal? Its better to shop at a well-known site that has positive reviews. This kind of shopping is good because you don’t have to go to the store. You can order what you want directly from your home laptop or smartphone. Low prices are due to the absence of costs for renting space for sale and a large staff of employees. Also, you have the opportunity to choose just such a bedspread as you want, and not be limited to the assortment of one counter. </p> <p> The advantage of buying in the Sweet Home online store is that our assortment includes such Turkish brands as ARYA , GelinHome, HomeTextile, TivolyoHome and Zebra. Almost all standard sizes, which will decorate both a large double bed and a childrens one and a half. On the design side, you have a wide range of rich colors and finishes at your disposal. Check out options with embroidery, prints, piping, lace or decorative cord. It all depends on your wishes and preferences. <br /> We only work with trusted suppliers and receive products directly from the manufacturer. You can buy a tapestry bedspread from us wholesale and retail at the most democratic prices on the Ukrainian market. It is easy to place an order, just add the item you like to the cart. Delivery is carried out by courier in Kharkov and courier services throughout Ukraine. </p>
  • Bedspread - silk / satin

    Bedspread - silk / satin

    <h2> Satin bedspread - the beauty and comfort in your bedroom </h2> <p> Atlas is rightfully considered one of the most popular materials, both in clothes and in home accessories, for example, in bedding. This is due to a number of features. </p> <p> Firstly, it is quality. This is a fairly durable and hardy material, and it is also able to maintain an ideal look for a long time. </p> <p> Secondly, it is a convenience. Satin fabric is pleasant to the body and contributes to excellent rest and sound sleep. High-quality design elements are able to create at home an atmosphere of coziness and a separate, just your world, in which peace and comfort reigns. </p> <h3> <br /> How to choose a satin bedspread </h3> <ul> <li> You can start choosing with color scheme. The best option, according to most psychologists, is considered to be warm shades that calm a person and his </li> <li> nervous system. The bedroom is the place where nothing should be annoying or distracting. Make it a place where you can abstract from all the worries and problems of the day. Choose delicate pink, blue or pastel colors, these colors are considered soothing. </li> <li> The choice should also depend on the size of the bed. The bedspread should completely cover the surface of the bed. </li> <li> The third factor to consider is how the bedspread will fit into the bedroom interior. It all depends on your taste. If you like solid color options, then you should focus on a simple design. If your bedroom lacks vibrant accents, you can make them with stylish patterns on your bed. For example, beds with flowers and vintage drawings will look very beautiful and stylish. Looking at the brightly patterned fabrics, one gets the impression that this is a real artistic painting, created with warmth and love. </li> </ul> <h3> Benefits of a silk bedspread </h3> <p> Since silk is very pleasant to the touch, lying on such a bedspread, you can relax. Its not a secret for anyone that there are hundreds of active points on the body, when exposed to which you will achieve relaxation and tranquility. The soft silk will envelop you in warmth upon contact with the skin and allow you to plunge into a sweet dream. This fabric also has another big plus - it looks expensive and gives the bedroom an aristocratic chic and even shine. It is with the help of this design element of the apartment that you can bring notes of brightness to your home life. </p> <h3> Care and maintenance rules </h3> <p> The bedspread made of silk is quite easy to wash. You must select the delicate mode and do not wash at high temperatures. Before washing, read the instructions from the manufacturer and adhere to the specified rules. As for ironing, you should also choose a low temperature or silk mode. You need to store it carefully, folding it in a closet. If you are going on a business trip or on a trip and want to take a satin blanket with you, it is better to put it in a special bag or case with a lock so as not to get dirty and scratch it on the way. Remember that proper care and careful use will allow you to use the bedspread for a long time, while enjoying not only its quality, but also a flawless look. </p> <h2> How to buy and order a satin bedspread in Sweet Home? </h2> <p> Among the wide range of models that are on the market, we recommend ordering the product in the Sweet Home online store. This is much more profitable and saves time, since you do not need to pay rent and maintain the premises. This factor allows us to sell the product at a lower price than the one on the market. A large assortment presented on our site will allow even the most demanding buyer to make a choice and order a satin bedspread for his home. Also, such underwear is also suitable as a gift for a loved one for a celebration, for example, for a birthday, or just as a pleasant surprise. You can order goods online in just a few minutes. After making a purchase, our managers will contact you to clarify the details of the order. Delivery is made by such courier services as: "Intime", "New mail", "Autolux". For residents of the city of Kharkiv, there is also the possibility of self-pickup from our warehouse or delivery around the city. <br /> Delivery within the city is carried out in two ways: <br /> 1. Delivery to the nearest metro station. <br /> 2. Delivery to your home by our courier. <br /> We try to make our service better every day and do everything to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase from us. </p> <p> We are waiting for your orders, we will be happy to make your life more comfortable and pleasant! </p>
  • Bedspread - Cotton

    Bedspread - Cotton

    <h2> How to choose and purchase a cotton bedspread in the Sweet Home online store </h2> <p> Every person returning home wants to feel comfort. The atmosphere in an apartment or house should be such that all the hardships of the day, problems and troubles at work remain outside your cozy home world. To make it pleasant for you to return home, take care of things that will create a pleasant atmosphere of warmth and even relaxation. Start surrounding yourself with things made from natural materials. For example, for a bedroom, choose a beautiful bed in muted shades, buy yourself a soft pillow and a bedspread made of natural material - cotton. There are a number of reasons why you should buy a cotton bedspread for your home: </p> <ul> <li> Firstly, it is environmental friendliness and naturalness, and, consequently, safety for your health. Sleeping under such a bedspread will be comfortable and even sweet. Insomnia wont bother you anymore! </li> <li> Secondly, high quality and durability (cotton is superior in strength to wool). </li> <li> And thirdly, a democratic price that will allow you to choose a bedspread according to your taste. </li> </ul> <h3> How to make the right choice when buying a cotton bedspread? </h3> <p> When choosing, we recommend that you rely, firstly, on the style of your bedroom and choose a cotton product according to color scale of the room. It is advisable to focus on colors that are pleasing to the eye - delicate pastels, white or pink. Such shades relax and calm a person, there is no need to choose aggressive colors, they can negatively reflect on the mood, even at a subconscious level. Psychologists recommend people with increased anxiety or difficult work requiring a thorough rest to opt for the blue or green color options. These colors calm the nervous system and set you up for a good rest. Also, one of the important factors in choosing is the size of your duvet and bed, the bedspread should completely cover the bedding and the entire surface of the bed. </p> <h2> The main types of cotton bedspreads </h2> <p> </p> <ul> <li> • monochrome - characterized by the absence of any unnecessary elements that distract. They are suitable for lovers of minimalism. If you value simplicity in everything, including bedroom accessories, then the monochrome option is just for you. </li> <li> patterned - if the bedroom is ascetic, it lacks bright accents, then you can fix it with patterned bedspreads. If the room has monophonic wallpaper, select a larger pattern, if some elements are present on the walls, then a medium or small pattern is suitable, so as not to overload the style with the plentiful presence of decor elements. </li> <li> Quilted - they are very soft and even voluminous, look beautiful, creating an atmosphere of home warmth and comfort. I immediately want to lie down and take a nap in a bed with such a blanket for at least half an hour. impeccable look. Among the rules for caring are the following: </p> <ul> <li> Do not throw on the floor (especially if it is white or cream). Allocate space in the storage cabinet. </li> <li> Dont forget to wash. In the washing machine, turn on the gentle mode, dry without clothespins so that they do not leave marks. Unfold the dryer and dry gently at home. </li> <li> After washing, iron it lightly, because it is easy to remember the shape (can be ironed) can be steamed or simply ironed at a low temperature. </li> <li> In case of moving, business trips to for a long time, when you want to take this blanket with you, buy or order a special bag for it with a lock so as not to damage the thing and not get dirty). </li> </ul> <p> Remember that you are more careful , the longer it will last and will delight you with its appearance. </p> <h2> How to buy a cotton bedspread </h2> <p> We offer to buy a bedspread in the Sweet Home online store. We have a range of models from domestic and international manufacturers. High quality, product style speaks in favor of acquiring from us. Our site is presented on the Internet, we do not spend money on the maintenance of the premises, so our prices are much lower than market prices. We deliver the goods by transport services "Intime", "New mail", "Autolux" in compliance with the rules and regulations, you can be sure that the goods will arrive safe and sound. Delivery within the city or self-delivery from the warehouse is possible in Kharkov. Save your time and money, order online, with delivery to your city. </p> <p> If you have any questions, you can always ask our consultants. We will be happy to advise you! </p>
  • Sofa covers and armchairs

    Sofa covers and armchairs

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Bedspread Koloco grass 220 * 240 Bedspread Koloco grass 220 * 240
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Bedspread Koloco Mink 220 * 230 Bedspread Koloco Mink 220 * 230
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Cover satin Dream Magic Modern Cover satin Dream Magic Modern
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Natural summer cover Saheser will warm you on a cool evening or in inclement weather. The cover is made of 100% cotton, easily tolerates washing and does not lose its properties over time. You can easily take such a...
--140200---7--14 --140200---7--14
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For your comfort at home or at the cottage, we are pleased to offer a summer cotton blanket of high quality and softness made by a well-known manufacturer. The lightweight fabric is made on the basis of cotton and...
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Summer bedspreads from the Vladi trademark are popular due to their high quality and a large selection of colors. Such a cover can be taken on a camping trip for friends or for relatives, or to the country. The...
-koloco---200230 -koloco---200230
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Buy a high-quality Koloco bedspread grass - decorate the interior of your bedroom, give incredible softness and comfort while relaxing. Such a blanket is simply necessary in your home. Also used as a plaid, terry...

A bedroom is a place for rest, sleep and just a pleasant pastime. This room requires the creation of special comfort, it should fill with peace and beauty. The main role in the design of such an atmosphere is completely assigned to textiles: it not only adds warmth, but also serves as a practical element of decor.

To complete the overall composition of the bedroom, be sure to take care of choosing a bedspread for the bed, because it will be all attention is paid. On the one hand, the bedspread is designed to perform a protective function, protecting bedding from dirt and dust, on the other hand, to serve as an important decorative element. As a result, it is necessary to select a product taking into account the above two functions.

Rules for choosing a bedspread for a bed

Some may think that choosing a bedspread for a bedroom is an easy task. But the very first trip to the store or a visit to the pages of Internet resources will dissuade you and show how wrong you were. A huge variety of sizes, materials of execution, a large price range will confuse any buyer. To prevent this from happening, you must initially know by what criteria to select the bedspread.

The first and most important thing is size. As a rule, bedspreads cover the legs of the bed to the middle or completely, but they can also bend under the mattress. If you want the first option, but measure your berth and add 20-40 cm from each edge, depending on the desired length of the product. There are standard bedspreads for one-and-a-half, double and euro beds. Please note: the size and weight of the cover should allow you to wash it in your washing machine, otherwise you will encounter problems with care.

The color of the cover can cause a lot of questions. There are certain rules of choice that you can focus on.

  • Matching the color of the bedspreads and curtains is a classic option, but it will fit in bedrooms made in a strict conservative style. If you have a lighter interior, give up this idea.
  • In a room kept in one specific color or dull format, a colorful accent bedspread will look beautiful, diluting an overly calm interior and adding colors.
  • White bedspreads are beautiful and elegant, but the smallest spots are immediately visible on them. Refrain from such a purchase if you have children or pets.
  • Choose a bedspread to match the color of the main room decor - a good solution. For example, the main color of the paintings hanging at the head can be transferred to the bedspread. It will be harmonious and stylistically sustained.
  • If the bedroom is located on the south side, it is better to choose bedspreads in cold colors, if on the north - warm.

Fabric solutions for sewing bedspreads on the bed

After you have decided on the color and size of the product, its time to choose the material. The service life and properties of the bedspread depend on it.


A beautiful smooth canvas was appreciated by many housewives. The atlas boasts the following advantages:

  • delicate, pleasant structure to the body;
  • the fabric is elastic, stretches, after washing it does not deform;
  • the atlas is made of artificial or cotton threads, therefore much cheaper than silk;
  • mites do not start in it, does not cause allergies;
  • a well-made bedspread retains its appearance and performance for a long time.

There is only one drawback: the need for proper care, otherwise there will be stains on the product.


A dense rich fabric that will undoubtedly decorate any room . Positive properties of tapestry bedspreads :

  • naturalness, because they are made of cotton;
  • durability , the color does not wash out (subject to high-quality coloring);
  • machine washable;
  • very attractive, never go out of style.

This material has no operational drawbacks. The only caveat is that it does not fit all bedrooms.


The most practical products in terms of use. Advantages of cotton bedspreads :

  • reasonable price;
  • naturalness;
  • can be used as a blanket;
  • can be washed at high temperatures, which will ensure good disposal of any dirt;
  • it will not be difficult to choose the desired coloring and design style.

A slight drawback is its not very attractive appearance when compared with bedspreads from other materials.


Soft, pleasant fabric that makes the room even more comfortable. Its advantages:

  • naturalness;
  • care is as simple as possible: washing is possible in a washing machine using high temperatures;
  • versatility - can be used as a blanket , sheets and decor.

The disadvantage, as in the case of cotton bedspreads, is an unpretentious look. In addition, with improper use and washing, the loops of the terry cloth can be pulled out, which does not decorate the appearance of the bedspread at all.


Noble looking, expensive material. It will look good in almost any interior. It is soft, pleasant to the body. Discomfort can be encountered during care: stains are removed very poorly, which implies contacting a professional dry cleaner.

Where is the best place to buy a blanket?

Give preference to buying blankets from trusted suppliers who can provide quality assurance. By purchasing products from official suppliers, you will receive:

  • high quality products;
  • confidence that the bedspreads were sewn in the factory, which eliminates uneven seams, defects;
  • a guarantee that the information on the packaging fully corresponds to its content;
  • if necessary, your order will be replaced;
  • high level of service.

Benefits of buying a bedspread for a bed in Sweet Home

Online store Sweet Home works directly with manufacturers, so the quality of our products is at the highest level. We are responsible for the choice of suppliers and take care of the sale of exclusively tested goods. Here you get not only high-quality products, but also excellent service: professional consultants will answer all your questions and provide competent service. In addition to bedspreads, you can find here and other home textiles: bathrobes, pajamas, bedding, tablecloths, mattress covers, bathroom products, etc.



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