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Terry sheets

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--ermet-julie-200240 --ermet-julie-200240
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The double-sided bed sheet is made of terry cloth. Such terry sheets will appeal to all family members, due to their softness and pleasant tactile sensations during contact with the skin. The sheet is sewn by a...
The microfiber sheet is monophonic The microfiber sheet is monophonic
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Buy a beautiful microfiber sheet - decorate your bed and bedroom. Medium density pile, a large selection of bright colors and a magnificent embossed pattern will attract your attention at a glance. The bedspread is...
Tivolyo Home Alora terry sheet has a beautiful texture, pleasant softness and high density of high-quality double-sided terry. Under such a blanket, you will always be comfortable resting in the warm season, and...
Terry sheet Cotton Castilio Terry sheet Cotton Castilio
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A gorgeous terry sheet will appeal to you for its soft terry and quality of embroidery. Double-sided terry allows you to enjoy this veil at any time of the year, you can take cover or just make a bed. The bedspread is...
--bukle-cotton-castilio-200220 --bukle-cotton-castilio-200220
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A gorgeous terry sheet will please you with its soft texture and embroidery quality. Two-sided terry will allow you to enjoy this product at any time of the year, as it has remarkable hygroscopic properties. The sheet...
th---elips--220240 th---elips--220240
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The beautiful Tivolyo Home Elips terry sheet is made by the Turkish manufacturer of the best terry cloth based on natural cotton. High-density double-sided terry will give you a comfortable rest in the warm season,...
th--elips-tek-murdum- th--elips-tek-murdum-
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Tivolyo Home ELIPS TEK terry sheet will be a pleasant purchase and gift for you and your loved ones. Soft cotton terry has a pleasant softness and density, which will perfectly complement any cool evening watching...
th-----2--alfredo-240x260- th-----2--alfredo-240x260-
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We offer you to buy a wonderful Tivolyo Home Alfredo pique bedding set made by a well-known Turkish manufacturer. The set includes a pique terry sheet, satin sheet and two satin satin pillowcases. And all this in a...
th---baroc-tek-bej- th---baroc-tek-bej-
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The bedding set of Tivolyo Home BAROC pique is pleasant not only to purchase for yourself, but also to give to relatives and friends. The kit is made by the Turkish manufacturer for a pleasant feeling during sleep...
th---camilla--220240 th---camilla--220240
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We offer you a soft terry sheet Tivolyo Home Camilla from a well-known Turkish manufacturer. The sheet is made of cotton fabric, has a double-sided terry of high density and is presented in a wide range of shades....

Terry sheets for comfort and coziness in your home

These products have recently been in great demand and this is not surprising, because they are made from natural terry, which is especially indispensable in the hot season. But this does not mean that at another time of the year it should not be used, just in the hot season, mainly in the summer, to sleep on such sheets made of pure natural raw materials is very comfortable and pleasant. But here the question already arises of how to buy a good sheet and we do not recommend saving money on this matter, because in return you can get the most unpleasant synthetics, and this is a completely different conversation.

Terry sheet is a unique textile element, famous its versatility, since it is also used as a bedspread, or as a blanket in the summer, as mentioned above. It should be noted that terry fabrics are in no way inferior to ordinary bedspreads in beauty.

The modern textile market is famous for a rather good assortment of terry products, each of which can differ in both quality and price. Naturally, great importance is attached to materials included in the production of fabrics, and this is the basis for the entire pricing policy. The most popular raw materials are bamboo and cotton fibers. Bamboo fiber is more popular for its antibacterial and deodorant properties. Also worth noting is the healing effect that bamboo canvases have. Heat treatment is not required, simple drying is enough and you can make the bed. Due to the unique properties of the product made of this material, the buyer will be very pleased with the purchased item, which will give him maximum comfort. Pay attention to the density and structure of the fabric (the duration of the service life is determined by the number of threads woven together: the more there are, the denser the fabric, which means it will last longer) - these criteria are also taken into account when prices vary.

Such sheets of their terry are presented on the shelves of our online store. We are exclusively engaged in deliveries from Turkey, since the quality and price of this option will delight any buyer. Composition - 100% cotton. In the manufacture of the fabric, dyes of the highest class are used, accordingly, it is not necessary to be afraid that the sheet will shed. Preservation of the original color is ensured.

Advantages and distinctive features of terry cloth

Perfectly fits on the bed, and no duvet covers are required for operation - what else is needed? It is also worth highlighting a number of main advantages:

  • Beautiful modern design;
  • The surface is soft, silky and pleasant to the touch;
  • Practicality and versatility;
  • Massage effect;
  • Hygroscopic and hypoallergenic;
  • Only environmentally friendly raw materials;
  • Bamboo and cotton are the leading elements;
  • Long term of use;
  • Abrasion resistance;
  • Never lose their shape and will not fray;
  • Conform to all international standards;
  • The use of the modernized fiber in the product.

The manufacturer ensures that no defects appear on store shelves in the form of an unfinished line, a large uneven and loose seam, hard pile or other nuances. The volume of the linen will increase after the first wash, so you shouldnt be too surprised.

Luxury that everyone can afford

Everyone strives for coziness and comfort for himself and his family. The assortment of products, which is constantly replenished on our trading floor, can help a lot in this. This product is indispensable for each apartment and house and in each room it is used for different purposes:

  • Bedroom - blankets, bedspreads;
  • Bathroom and toilet - rugs, bathrobes;
  • Kitchen - napkins, towels
  • In the bathhouse, on rest - terry cloth for saunas.

This type of product does not require ironing, copes well with moisture absorption, but there is one drawback: the denser the fiber, the worse it is absorbed. Prices in our store are fundamentally different from market prices. If you browse the site’s catalog in full, you can verify this. Ask why? Everything is very simple. We have been working for many years and cooperate only with well-known proven brands that produce the best fabrics. Our assortment is huge, and the prices are designed so that any visitor can choose something to their liking.

Why is it profitable to buy a terry blanket from us

The network is full of competitors that provide their services and much more. Why is it necessary to buy our products? As mentioned above, we are an experienced company with many years of experience. We are a team of highly qualified specialists. We are safety and guarantee! By purchasing our products, you do not overpay a penny. Only certified goods are on the shelves of the Sweet Home online store. Add-ons are available with various embellishments, decorative borders or jacquard designs, for example:

  • Unique Greek designs;
  • Flowers and stripes;
  • Sprigs of green bamboo;
  • Panda bears;
  • Pictures of several cupids playing, etc.

A great gift can be made. Each hostess will be glad of such a surprise. We provide fast delivery all over the country. If you are suddenly unsure of your choice, entangled in the characteristics of a product, or you just need some information, please contact our administration. We are always happy to help you, provide advice, clarify the timing and delivery point, if necessary. All you need is to fill out the feedback form or call by mobile phone. Have a nice shopping!



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