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Cotton blankets

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Plaid Government London 130 * 170 Plaid Government London 130 * 170
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Buy a high-quality Vladi London plaid - give comfort and coziness, complement the interior of your room with an exquisite detail. Natural sheep wool and pleasant colors will please you and your guests. Light, soft,...
hasben-gipurlu-pike-set hasben-gipurlu-pike-set
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A magnificent set of bedding with a blanket will pleasantly surprise you. The kit from the popular Turkish manufacturer Hasben Gipurlu Pike Set will fill your bedroom with air and a feeling of freshness. Soft...
ARYA Cotton Plaid ARYA Cotton Plaid
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A wonderful series of cotton blankets from Arya brand will be a pleasant discovery for you. Beautiful design, nice colors and patterns will give a great mood. Magnificent execution and application of only high-quality...

Cotton rugs: tips for choosing and using

Creating an atmosphere of home comfort is impossible to imagine without textiles. All kinds of decorative pillows, bedspreads, blankets can diversify the interior and make it unique. Today without a blanket it is impossible to imagine a single apartment. In the cold season, wrapping yourself in it, you will quickly warm up, or wrap up your frozen feet and enjoy the warmth spreading over your skin. Cotton will give you coolness on hot summer nights and will pleasantly warm you in the cool season.

Choose the material

This cotton product will bring coolness on hot summer nights, and will also warm you up in the cool season. This versatility is associated with the properties of cotton fabrics. The idea that home textiles should be 100% natural are outdated. The performance characteristics of natural products are lower than when artificial yarns are added. Textiles with the addition of acrylic or polyester will last longer and will not lose their appearance and characteristics. The peculiarities of the weaving of threads allow manufacturers to work with different patterns: two-layer and two-sided, complex and intricate, pile or large-patterned. Combinations of materials for cotton textiles:
• cotton with acrylic in a proportion of 60/40 or 50/50;
• cotton with acrylic and polyacrylic in a proportion of 50/40/10;
• cotton with dralon - 60/40.

Benefits of Cotton

1. Hygroscopicity - cotton fiber absorbs moisture well. A summer nights sleep under such a blanket will be comfortable and pleasant.
2. In cool weather, quickly takes the body temperature and stores it for a long time. What could be better than wrapping yourself in a cotton blanket and enjoying the sunset at sea. It will protect you from the evening sea breeze and coolness.
3. It allows air to pass through and provides heat exchange.
4. Cotton fibers lend themselves well to dyeing. The use of quality dyes allows you to enjoy your favorite color for a long time.
5. Practicality and durability. The textiles are machine washed at the mode specified by the manufacturer. The addition of artificial yarns prevents premature wear of the fabric and loss of shape. Easy to care for.
6. Dries quickly.
7. Hypoallergenic, which allows it to be used for infants or people with allergies.
8. Lack of electrification.

The only drawback of cotton home textiles is their simplicity. Such a product is not suitable for creating an interior with a claim to luxury. But with such a plaid, you can easily fill your bedroom or childrens room with a sense of comfort and warmth of the hearth.

Our tips for choosing a cotton plaid

When choosing a cotton or cotton plaid, pay attention to the quality of the weave of the threads ... They should fit snugly, forming an uncomplicated pattern. The presence of gaps and inhomogeneity of the structure indicates low quality. The surface should be smooth and level, without puffs. The presence of a paint smell indicates the use of cheap materials that can cause allergies and discoloration after several washes. The sizes of cotton blankets can be different:
• 200x150 - can be used as a blanket, thrown as a cloak on a chair or sofa;
• 180x220 - decorate a small sofa;
• 220x240 - can be used in as a wrap on a double bed.

Care and maintenance rules

Caring for home textile made of cotton is straightforward. There are a number of care rules to prolong the life of your favorite products.
Rule one: a white cotton bedspread can be washed at temperatures up to 95 degrees and, if necessary, bleached. Colored items should be washed at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees and separately from whites. By investing in a conditioner balm, you will reduce the effect of ironing on the item and extend its service life.
Rule two: cotton fabrics do not dry in direct sunlight. After washing, shake them well to even out the structure of the fabric, and then hang them on a clothesline. Special dryers for cotton fabrics are not suitable unless otherwise indicated on the label.
Before washing, check the manufacturers recommendations on the label. This will allow you to keep the original look and color of your favorite blanket longer.

Why is it profitable to buy at Sweet Home

Sweet Home online store offers a wide selection of cotton blankets at affordable prices from domestic and foreign manufacturers. You will be satisfied with the quality of our products and the variety of colors and textures. Any plaid can be bought wholesale and retail with delivery anywhere in Ukraine in a way convenient for you. A wide assortment will appeal to every housewife. A modern plaid is not only a way to decorate your home, but also a way to warm yourself on cool evenings at home and on vacation. Cotton products are lightweight, easy to care for and take up little space. You will fully enjoy the softness and pleasant touches of natural tissues to the skin. A cute and soft cotton blanket, chosen in the "SweetHome" online store, will make your bedroom more comfortable, and friendly conversations with family and friends near the fire or fireplace warmer and more comfortable.



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