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Bathrobes for teens in the Sweet Home online store

Children want to be like adults, and one of the signs of their seriousness, recognition as a person, is individual home clothes. Instead of regular towels, they start to use fluffy terry robes for teens. Thanks to the soft material, these products look childishly charming, at the same time solid and strict. Caring parents know that a soft terry bathrobe will perfectly protect the child from the cold and give comfort after taking water procedures. You can carry it at home, take it with you to the water park or pool. This textile item is worn on a naked body, so it is better to choose options made from natural fibers, hypoallergenic and durable.

General characteristics

Entering the bathroom in winter, we feel the coolness of the tiles . To preserve immunity, you will need warm terry bathrobes. In addition, these items will help to instill in the child a sense of concern for their health. Toddlers are happy to dress up bright, comfortable accessories with attractive and fun designs. Schoolchildren have their own taste and it is better for them to purchase solid colors in a pleasant color scheme.

They are produced using modern equipment and the use of special types of yarn to ensure their high moisture absorption and durability. Mahra is made from premium cotton to avoid puffs. The products are resistant to washing, after which the shape and color are perfectly preserved. A special anti-shrink technology guarantees the preservation of aesthetic and quality indicators, contributes to a comfortable wear.

Products are made comfortable and practical, sewn in a free cut. They give a great mood after a shower and replace the towel due to their high hygroscopicity. It is not necessary to wipe your head, it is enough to hide it in a voluminous hood. Dressing gowns for teens are a wonderful multifunctional wardrobe item for any season, suitable for a boy and a girl. The affordable price will delight parents and allow you to buy a teenage dressing gown for every taste.

Terry robes, benefits

They are worn directly on the body and it is important that they possess such advantages:

  • Hypoallergenic. They are made from natural and synthetic raw materials: linen, cotton, polyester.
  • Excellent breathability, which allows you to regulate the heat transfer of the body. The child will not sweat in a hot room and will not freeze in a cold one.
  • Has a massage effect with the inner side of the pile. The product will give softness, relaxation and soothe nerves.

How to choose the best bathrobes for teens?

It is not difficult to choose a quality copy for children 13-14 years old, you need to familiarize yourself with some criteria. The colors can be very different, some models contain a hood, others have a collar, patch pockets and a belt are also provided in size. There are also differences in composition:

  • from polyester - wear-resistant synthetic matter;
  • from microfiber - elastic polymer fibers;
  • from viscose, created on the basis of wood pulp;
  • made of cotton - a perfect option for daily dresses.

Bathrobes for teens from terry have a standard density of 330-340 g / m². Preferably, the textile consists of at least 70% natural raw materials. This
has a positive effect on its properties and level of comfort.

Basic rules of care

Carefully consider the choice of detergent and water temperature. It is not advisable to use bleaches and stain removers, they destroy the structure of the fabric. When placing in the washing machine, do not put together with items containing buttons, zippers or other fasteners. To wash samples from silk or velvet, you must first turn them inside out and start the delicate mode at 30 ° C, in order to avoid molting. Air dry. Dressing gowns for teens will last for many years with proper

  • Before washing, it is recommended to soak in cool salty water to maintain the color brightness;
  • Wash at a temperature of 40 ˚С ;
  • Do not iron terry cloth;
  • Dry at freezing temperatures using a hanger;
  • Set the minimum speed to avoid deformation.

Using the above tips, you will extend freshness, preserve the original appearance of the product, enjoy its warmth and tenderness for a long time.

Why is it profitable to buy a teenage dressing gown at Sweet Home?

In the online store Sweet Home, you can buy a teenage robe at an affordable price. If you have any questions, qualified managers will be happy to answer them and help you choose the perfect option. A wide range of a large number of beautiful and fashionable textiles for children of any age. Bright and pastel, with embroidery and patterns, such accessories will be a wonderful gift that a child will love and wear with pleasure. We work directly with trusted manufacturers, you can be sure that you will receive high-quality products at an affordable price. Delivery is carried out as soon as possible. There is a flexible system of discounts for wholesale buyers



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