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-levante-romant-30-den -levante-romant-30-den
rating 0 review
Wonderful stockings from the Italian manufacturer Levante will give you a pleasant softness and good mood. A wide range of stockings, from black to pale brown, will help you choose exactly what you need for your...
-guillia-emotion-20-den -guillia-emotion-20-den
rating 0 review
Wonderful stockings from the Ukrainian manufacturer are presented in classic colors for every taste, made of the best materials, have a thin density of 20 den. In such stockings you can walk almost at any time of...
We offer you classic stockings from a well-known Ukrainian brand and manufacturer. Stockings are made very high quality and have an average density of 40 den, which will give you comfort and warm in the cool season....
Stockings Levante Romantic 15 Stockings Levante Romantic 15
rating 0 review
We offer you quality Italian stockings from a well-known manufacturer. Levante Romantic stockings have a low density of 15 den and are made in several colors to emphasize your business or non-official style. In...
-elledue-stay-up-30-den -elledue-stay-up-30-den
rating 0 review
We offer you wonderful stockings from an Italian manufacturer of high quality and medium density at 30 den. Stockings will be a good purchase for you, perfectly emphasize your business style for every day. Also in...
Stockings OMSA malizia 20 Stockings OMSA malizia 20
rating 0 review
We offer you beautiful stockings from the famous Italian manufacturer OMSA malizia 20. Made at a high level of quality, such stockings will give you a good mood and will be a great addition to your business style....
We offer you wonderful stockings from the Italian manufacturer for your unforgettable appearance. Stockings are made of the best materials and have a density above average 40 den, which is perfect for the cool...
-elledue-stay-up-15-den -elledue-stay-up-15-den
rating 0 review
We offer you classic stockings of Italian production Elledue Stay-up . Made from quality materials, they will give you a good mood, emphasize the beauty of your legs and give a comfortable feeling in any weather....
-guillia-chic-20-den -guillia-chic-20-den
rating 0 review
Beautiful and high-quality stockings from the Ukrainian manufacturer will give you a good mood and become the envy of your friends. Soft, have a density of 20 den, they are ideal for the warm season, when a dress...
-legs-20-den -legs-20-den
rating 0 review
Classic stockings from elastane from the Italian manufacturer will emphasize the beauty of your legs and give a great mood. The low density of 20 den will allow you to enjoy a walk around the city even in the late...
Buying beautiful stockings from an Italian manufacturer is a great reason to please yourself with a quality and beautiful product. Stockings are made of the best materials, have a density of 40 den and are easy to...
-omsa-sunlight -omsa-sunlight
rating 0 review
We offer you thin stockings from a well-known brand and manufacturer from Italy. High-quality performance and light density of 8 den make stockings almost invisible. Elastic band in silicone-based stockings....
-guillia-manea-40-den -guillia-manea-40-den
rating 0 review
We offer you wonderful socks of medium density and high quality from a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer. The density of golf at 40 den will allow you to feel the warmth and comfort in the cool season, and a wide...
-marilyn-paris-03-20den-12-34 -marilyn-paris-03-20den-12-34
rating 0 review
Stockings MARILYN PARIS 03 20 DEN is a pleasant purchase for any stylish girl and woman. Stockings are made by a well-known Polish manufacturer, decorated with a large lace crown on a silicone basis. Stockings are...
-guillia-manea-20-den -guillia-manea-20-den
rating 0 review
Wonderful womens golfs from the Ukrainian manufacturer will be a great purchase for you and your loved ones, and will give you a good mood at any time of the year. Golfs have a density of 20 den, high quality...
-marilyn-akte-ii-20den-12-34 -marilyn-akte-ii-20den-12-34
rating 0 review
We offer you interesting stockings MARILYN AKTE II 20 DEN from the Polish manufacturer. These silky sheer transparent stockings will be one of your favorite accessories in addition to your favorite dress. High-quality...
-omsa-malizia-rete-den -omsa-malizia-rete-den
rating 0 review
Beautiful mesh stockings from the Italian manufacturer will be for you a great purchase and give a good mood. Stockings hold well on the leg thanks to an elastic band on a silicone basis. Stockings are available in...
-elledue-retta-10-den -elledue-retta-10-den
rating 0 review
We offer our customers high-quality feminine socks from the Italian manufacturer. Socks are elastic and with a density of 10 den, they are easily suitable for every day, because they are almost not felt on the leg....
-elledue-retta-20-den -elledue-retta-20-den
rating 0 review
We offer our customers high-quality Italian womens socks with a density of 20 den. Socks are ideal for the off-season, when it is not very cold, and still warm. Each sock has a comfortable elastic band for...
-elledue-retta-40-den -elledue-retta-40-den
rating 0 review
Thick womens socks from the Italian manufacturer will please you with their high quality and pleasant density of 40 den. In these socks your legs will not freeze, such socks are very dense and suitable for the cold...
-elledue-hoby-10-den -elledue-hoby-10-den
rating 0 review
We offer you wonderful womens knee-highs from the Italian manufacturer. Golfs are made at a high level of quality using the best materials. The density of golf is 10 den, which is suitable for daily use in the warm...
-elledue-hoby-20-den -elledue-hoby-20-den
rating 0 review
High-quality Italian-made golfs will be a great purchase for you and your loved ones. High quality workmanship, pleasant softness and density of 20 den make these socks one of the best. In these golfs you will...

Online store SWEET-HOME presents an exquisite collection of stockings from the worlds most famous manufacturers of high-end products. In our store you can buy stockings for every day, for evening rounds and decorative stockings for special occasions. There is a wide assortment of stockings of all kinds of colors, for lovely ladies of various physiques with all kinds of preferences in choosing a delicate lingerie accessory.

A wide range of stockings from SWEET-HOME

  • Lycra stockings - high quality hook-resistant stockings. They have silicone elastic with raspberry and silver floral patterns
  • Small mesh - the sexiest model of stockings that can be worn during the day and in the evening. There are no holes or puffs on them, they perfectly fit the leg and serve for a long time.
  • Ultra-thin stockings - have a density of 8 DEN , transparent and almost invisible on the leg, ideal for summer
  • Matte stockings 60 DEN - fairly dense, not transparent stockings with a reinforced toe, suitable for cold or if necessary to hide skin flaws
  • Warm stockings from lycra 120 DEN - elegant stockings with a pattern and openwork crown ideal for winter
  • Classic mesh stockings large - this model belongs to the evening version of the stockings, the mesh is distinguished by its resistance to wear , such stockings practically do not tear
  • Imitation stockings with a belt - universal tights in a look no stockings on the belt, comfortable and practical.
  • Stockings with seam imitation - unusually elegant, classic stockings that emphasize slimness legs. Ideal for work and evening walks.
  • Stockings with wide elastic - decorative, evening stockings, in which an openwork crown has a special, enlarged design to give the product a sexier image
  • Golfs - the thinnest knee-highs of different colors with a wide, comfortable elastic band, which does not roll when walking.
  • Stockings under the belt - classic stockings that are fixed on the leg with the help of elastic bands.
  • Stockings with colored elastic band - elegant, sexy stockings with a decorative elastic band on a silicone basis.
  • The knee-lengths are a trendy detail of a womans wardrobe. Unlike stockings, long golfs are allowed to peep out from under clothing. Thin, medium and warm booties are available.
  • Microfiber stockings - dense, warm stockings without seams with a hidden toe .

What to look for when choosing stockings?

  • Smell . In any respectable lingerie store, it is allowed to open the packaging and smell the hosiery. If it has a fragrance, it is a 100% sign of Italian branding. It is in Italy that factories adhere to stocking technology using persistent but unobtrusive flavors for all products.
  • Shov . A round, convex, rough seam indicates poor product quality. He not only does not look aesthetically pleasing, but also squeezes the leg, rubs the skin of the thigh, and is noticeable under tight-fitting clothing. In good stockings, the seam is always flat, when stretched on the leg it is compared to the main fabric and is not visible at all under thin clothes.
  • Structure . The more lycra stocking is in the stock, the better they stretch and hold their shape. Lycra has an extraordinary "second skin" effect - the stockings fit the leg perfectly, do not fall off while walking and when bending the leg.
  • Size . When choosing a stocking, do not neglect the size. Too small stockings can stretch out over a full leg, but they will definitely be short and there is a high risk of damage when walking. Also, large stockings on the leg will roll, twist. On any package there is a table with which it is easy to determine your personal size: horizontal indicates weight, vertical height. Stockings also differ in length: the S mark means that the stocking will be slightly above the knee; M - medium length, 8-10cm above the knee and L - to mid-thigh.
  • Density . 6-15 DEN - these are very thin, transparent stockings that are suitable for social events in the summer. 20-40 DEN - demi-season, fairly tight stockings that are suitable for spring and autumn. 60-100 DEN - opaque, dense, warm stockings for a cold pore.

Basic rules for wearing stockings

  • Stockings are a little female secret. It shouldn’t be clear from the outside - a woman in stockings or regular pantyhose
  • White, fishnet or mesh stockings full of legs
  • The elastic of the stockings, even if very beautiful, should not peek out from under the clothes
  • Stockings with patterns and pictures are not suitable for business meetings.
  • Black stockings combine only with black clothes.
  • Ideally, when the stockings match the color scheme of shoes or clothes, if not, then at least a couple of tones to be lighter but not darker.

5 signs of branded stockings

  1. Ergonomic shape - the shape of the folded product should repeat the bend of the female leg and foot
  2. Reinforced toe - extends the life of the stocking
  3. High-quality silicone elastic - it should fit snugly along all edges to the lace cuff
  4. Pleasant scent is the trademark of Italian hosiery
  5. Quality packaging - self-respecting brands do not save on packaging material

How to care for stockings

  • Stockings are washed only by hand in warm water (up to + 35 ° C) using liquid detergents, not powders
  • The stockings are not twisted, but only slightly wrung out
  • Dry them in the open air away from direct sunlight
  • Woolen stockings are dried in a horizontal state, spread on a soft towel
  • Stockings do not dry on batteries

Interesting to know.

A little history - until the 16th century, stockings were worn exclusively by men - representatives of the noble estates. But then the convenience and charm of this part of the wardrobe were discovered by women themselves. Moreover, men used them as outerwear, lovely ladies - as underwear. Nowadays, in Saudi Arabia, stockings are not something that is forbidden to wear, they can not even be imported into the country, as this intimate part of the wardrobe is considered lecherous among Arabs. Modern stockings are noticeably different from stockings of the 20th century: almost all models are fixed on the leg with an elastic silicone gum that prevents them from coming down. Although, as an element of sexy lingerie, exquisite stockings are still produced, which are attached with belts with fishnet elastic bands.



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