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Bath rugs

  • Bath Mats - Acrylic

    Bath Mats - Acrylic

    <p> Want to have a cute acrylic bath mat? This category contains products made from 100% faux fur (acrylic). Acrylic bathroom rugs are durable, durable and easy to clean. Various color schemes, drawings, designs and sizes will not leave anyone indifferent. </p> <p> At Sweet Home you will find acrylic rugs for the bathroom and toilet room in various shapes! Having a rubberized base, such products will not slip and will serve you for a long time, while maintaining their original attractive appearance. </p>
  • Bath Mats - Cotton

    Bath Mats - Cotton

    <p> In this section you will find <strong> natural bath mats </strong>, plain with unobtrusive jacquard pattern or with elegant embroidery and presented in various colors and sizes. </p> <p> Made from <strong> 100 % high quality cotton </strong>, these <strong> bath mats </strong> <strong> bath mats </strong> are practical and durable. They perfectly absorb moisture - up to 80% in the first 5 seconds. In addition, <strong> natural rugs </strong> are very soft and pleasant to the touch, giving your <strong> bathroom </strong> extra coziness and comfort. </p>
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---banyolin-silver-1- ---banyolin-silver-1-
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Bright and nontrivial bath mats Banyolin Silver will look great on the floor. The rubberized base will prevent the mat from slipping, and the soft acrylic coating will provide a pleasant feeling for your feet. The...
---banyolin-silver-1 ---banyolin-silver-1
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Bright and high-quality acrylic bath mats Banyolin Silver fit perfectly into the interior. High quality products from the manufacturer will allow you to enjoy comfort for a long time. The rubberized base provides...
---cotton-life-kolors-set-2-- ---cotton-life-kolors-set-2--
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We offer you an excellent set of bath and toilet mats from a Turkish manufacturer. High quality workmanship and soft fabric made from natural cotton will give you and your loved ones warmth and comfort after a shower...
Bath mat Soft rubberized 50 * 70 Bath mat Soft rubberized 50 * 70
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Soft bath mat from a Turkish manufacturer will please with high quality workmanship. The rubberized base will not allow such a rug to glide over any surface. Warm and soft, it will give you coziness and comfort in the...

When designing a bathroom, they most often prefer practical materials that can withstand staying in a humid environment. Tiles are usually laid on the floor: it looks attractive, durable, easy to clean. The only drawback is too cold and slippery, so after taking a bath, shower or in case of accidentally spilled water, it will be extremely unpleasant and dangerous to get bare feet on the floor.

The way out of this situation yes - use of bath mats. The products not only bring coziness and create a beautiful environment, they have an anti-slip effect and are warm. The market offers a sufficient number of bathroom rugs, the only question is how to choose the best product.

Types of bathroom rugs

There are several types of these products, which differ in their application.

Rugs designed to cover the bowl of a bath or shower stall

These mats are made of rubber. They make the stay in the bathroom safe, protect a person from falls. There are cute options specifically designed for children: they are bright, contain figures, convex elements. This has a positive effect on the development of motor skills and imagination, as children often perceive bathing as a game.

Rubber mats are securely fixed to the bottom of the bowl. Caring for them is simple - wash it well with soapy water. They also dry quickly, they are not limited in color.

Floor mats

The assortment of this category is much wider, since the materials used for making, a lot. A common feature that unites the rugs of this plan is a rubberized base that prevents products from sliding on the floor. The following materials for sewing are presented:

  • Acrylic. Acrylic rugs are most preferred due to high consumer qualities: they are durable, easy to wash, dry quickly, durable, soft . Often, to prevent the development of mold and mildew, the rugs are treated with antibacterial impregnations;
  • Foamed PVC . PVC mats are affordable, soft, retain color for a long time. Their disadvantage is the inability to absorb water;
  • Microfiber . Rugs absorb moisture well, wash easily, dry quickly. They have antibacterial and disinfectant characteristics, are soft, and will highlight attractively;
  • Cotton . Compared with synthetic analogs, cotton rugs are significantly inferior. Despite a number of advantages (environmental friendliness, excellent hygroscopicity, beautiful appearance), they are not practical for use in very humid environments. Firstly, you will be faced with the fact that the rug will be constantly wet - you will have to dry it. Secondly, if a stain appears, a major machine wash is required, otherwise it will not be displayed. In addition, the rugs dry for a long time, so you should definitely stock up on a replacement kit;
  • Bamboo . Natural rugs that have absorbed the best aspects of synthetic products: they are durable, quickly dry, absorb water remarkably, and retain their appearance and characteristics for a long time. The only disadvantage is the high cost.

Massage mats

They differ from all others by the presence of bulges that imitate pebble walking on the beach. This is extremely useful, as it massages certain points on the feet, and improves blood flow. Such rugs will be very useful for people with flat feet.

How to choose the right rug in the bathroom?

Based on why a rug is generally needed in the bathroom. He must:

  • ensure safety - prevent falls if you stand on the tile with wet feet. In addition, some rugs do not conduct electricity, which saves you from risks when using electrical appliances;
  • it is beneficial to complement the bathroom, make it more comfortable and more beautiful.

With this in mind, buy a rug according to the following criteria:

  • obligatory rubberized bottom;
  • easy, easy maintenance;
  • fast drying;
  • impossibility of bacteria development in the material , mold and mildew;
  • matching colors with the interior of the bathroom.

Proper care of products

To make the rugs last as long as possible and retain their original appearance and quality, adhere to the following care guidelines:

  • products that are directly in the bowl of a bath or stall must be rinsed with water after each use after drying;
  • rubber mats can be wiped with a dry cloth to remove water from the surface, and washed once or twice a month with soapy water;
  • clothes made of synthetic fabrics should be washed in an automatic machine at low temperatures;
  • rugs made of natural fabrics require delicate care and frequent washing. It is best to read the instructions on the package;
  • try to dry the fabric mats after each bath or shower.

Where to buy a bath mat?

Many manufacturers offer to buy products from them, but they are not always of decent quality. The weakest side of such rugs is the poorly rubberized backing or the used rubber of poor quality. This significantly affects the service life. To prevent this from happening, be sure to make a purchase only from trusted representatives who can provide a quality guarantee.

Why choose an online store Sweet Home?

Online Shop Sweet Home specializes in products from domestic and Turkish manufacturers. We work directly with manufacturers, so our goods are cheaper, and the quality is confirmed by appropriate certificates. We strive to ensure that each of our customers is satisfied with the purchase.

What gives the purchase of goods in our store:

  • confidence in the quality of sewing;
  • rugs, regardless of the material of execution, will last a long time;
  • the composition of the fabric fully corresponds to the inscriptions on the packaging;
  • customer service at the highest level;
  • pleasant discounts on bulk purchases;
  • wide assortment.

We offer to purchase not only rugs for the bathroom, but also other home and hotel textiles: bed linen , towels, terry products, pajamas, tights, socks and more. We will be glad to see you in our cozy store!



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