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Bamboo jacquard

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We offer you the Tivolyo Home bedding set Jacquard ARREDO made by the famous Turkish manufacturer of soft jacquard fabric. The bed will give you a wonderful feeling of sleep and rest, it is also worth noting the...

In Japan, bamboo is recognized as a symbol of purity. Chinese culture reveres this plant as a symbol of longevity. Indians personify the image of a strong and flexible bamboo trunk unshakable family values. We can say that the bamboo jacquard bed set combines all three qualities: durable, environmentally friendly material, which is useful for sleeping and relaxing for all family members.

Online store Sweet Home Introduces a new collection of exclusive bamboo jacquard bedding sets. These are exclusive, high-quality bedding sets that add a unique chic and luxury to any sleeping space.

What is bamboo jacquard?

Jacquard is a fabric that has no inside out. In other words, the same embossed and colored pattern is applied on both the front and the seamy side. This effect of exclusive double-sided patterns and ornaments is achieved thanks to a special complex weave of threads, where some loops are shorter than others. Bamboo fiber jacquard is a 100% natural and environmentally friendly product. When growing bamboo, nitrate fertilizers and insect sprayers are not used. Bamboo grows in natural conditions of the subtropics. To make the fabric, young bamboo stems and leaves are removed, which undergo a multistage chemical-mechanical treatment. As a result, silky yarns with extraordinary strength are obtained from bamboo fibers. By their qualities, bamboo fabrics are very similar to natural silk fabrics: the same soft, durable, with a satin sheen, are also useful for the skin, but bamboo jacquard is much cheaper than silk.

The advantages of their jacquard bedding sets are bamboo

  1. The fabric has a natural shine and a unique double-sided pattern that will never disappear
  2. High ecological properties allow the use of bamboo bedding for allergy sufferers and families with small children
  3. Bamboo-jacquard bed does not electrify, does not cause excessive sweating, has healing properties
  4. The bed does not wrinkle, does not absorb odors, always remains fresh. Despite its similarities to silk, bamboo fabric does not slip.
  5. Silky, soft fabric pleasantly caresses the body, contributes to a healthy, deep sleep. Ideal for people who suffer from insomnia, sweating or especially sensitive skin.
  6. Bamboo jacquard is highly durable and lasts a long time
  7. The price is 100% quality

Unique qualities of a jacquard bamboo bed

  • Guaranteed 300 washings! Thanks to the special interweaving of threads, the fabric has high wear resistance. Natural bamboo canvas is soft but strong. Even after repeated washings, the bed does not deform, the seams remain intact, the pattern and tone do not lose their brightness.
  • Does not cause allergies and irritations on the skin . Bamboo fiber is considered by doctors and scientists to be one of the rare plant materials that is biocompatible with the human epidermis. This is supported by the fact that it is from bamboo fabrics that clothing for newborns, pregnant women, athletes and people with various skin diseases is made.
  • Absorbs 60% more moisture . A bed made of natural bamboo fiber is highly hygroscopic. This means that even on a hot night with profuse sweating of the body, the sleeping area remains dry and fresh, without trapping the smell of sweat.

The main properties of bamboo-jacquard fabric

  • Antibacterial and antifungal protection . The high bactericidal properties of bamboo fibers have been proven by scientists. The natural fabric resists the retention and propagation of fungi, pathogens, and bacteria. Once on the surface of the bamboo fabric, they die within 20 hours. The fabric retains this protective quality even after repeated washing and ironing.
  • High moisture absorption and breathability . The fabric has thermoregulating properties. Jacquard bamboo is capable of passing 20% more air than other fabrics. This allows the body to breathe while resting in bed, without overcooling in winter and without feeling hot in summer.
  • Revitalizing effect . Sleeping in bed from bamboo jacquard is not only pleasant, but also beneficial for the whole body. Bamboo contains unique amino acids, vitamin E and pectin, which have an anti-inflammatory effect on the epidermis and increase the energy resource of the body. Also, in contact with bamboo fiber, the body does not lose moisture - natural material helps to retain moisture in the skin cells, which significantly slows down the process of aging of the epidermis, relieves fatigue, relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation.



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