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Terry bathrobes for hotels and hotels

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The Philippus Hotel multi-colored terry bathrobe is a great choice for hotels, but also for personal use. Soft double-sided terry will give a pleasant warmth to the body after a shower and absorb water from the skin....
We bring to your attention Philippus Hotel bathrobe from a well-known Turkish brand and manufacturer. The dressing gown is made of soft double-sided terry using 100% natural cotton. Soft terry will give you pleasant...
Soft terry bathrobe Berra Hotel made by the Turkish manufacturer of the best cotton fabric for your comfort and coziness. The snow-white double-sided terry easily absorbs water, and due to its high density, it easily...
Terry Bultex Hotel bathrobe from a Turkish manufacturer is made of the best cotton fiber for your comfort and convenience. Such a bathrobe will be a great purchase for hotels and motels of any level. Terry cloth has...

In the subsection "Terry bathrobes for hotels and hotels" "Hotel Line" all kinds of fabric models are presented for health centers, sanatorium complexes, guest houses, boarding houses, hotels and other institutions. The assortment of diverse options for men and women, unisex, is made taking into account all the wishes of both users and hoteliers. The models have a similar high quality of workmanship and excellent characteristics. All nomenclature is executed in the same manner, has similar styles, density. Bed linen for hotels , bathrobes, various towels and other textiles that harmonize favorably with each other, having a similar texture, color background, etc.

Terry bathrobes for hotels and what you need to know about them

When choosing, first of all, understand what it is for. For example, you like, while still wet, to put on a bathrobe and gradually dry out in it, or put it on over a “dry” body. These situations require different models. In the first case, a long double terry cloth (from eight millimeters and above) is better suited, which perfectly absorbs moisture. For the second case, a short (three or less millimeters) terry double layer is more suitable. Such a bathrobe will be lighter and more tender. It is worth knowing that there is still an average length that varies from three to six mm and is suitable for any occasion. Innkeepers tend to choose medium buttonholes to please everyone. Also very often in the bathrooms of a hotel room you can see unisex bathrobes, which are great for men and women.

In addition to the two-sided terry so much loved by everyone, there are other options for bath robes, but these models are less common in the hotel business:

  • Instances with one-sided hairiness, on the one hand - fleecy "loops", on the other - "trimmed" hair.
  • Velor bathrobes. On both sides it has a "cropped" pile.

Sometimes you can see the logos of establishments or the names of hotels on the dressing gowns. As a rule, such "patterns" are sewn with threads over the material, and not applied with paint or other methods.

The companies represented in our store

Site staff offer the most selected and high-quality positions with the recommended corporate mark "Hotel line". We provide high quality at affordable prices. You will like our pricing policy, because we work only with manufacturers, so we can provide the most favorable and attractive price tags in Ukraine.

The main suppliers are Turkish textile factories, such as:

You can easily find the optimal model of the required size. The assortment includes the following dimensions S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL. For more information, contact our specialists.

How to buy in our store?

Everything is done simply and conveniently. To make purchases on our website you need:

  • In the window of the product you like, you need to select the size, color and quantity.
  • Next, click on the "One-Click Purchase" button, if this is your only purchase, or on the "Buy" button, after which the product will go to the "buyers basket", which is fixed on the site at the top right.
  • Go to the "customer’s basket" and fill in the fields opposite which there is a red star.
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