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  • Tights


    <p><strong> <span> Tights </span> </strong> are an important element of any ladys wardrobe, which is able to highlight her style, emphasize the beauty of the leg line and skillfully hide figure flaws. The online store <span> SWEET </span><span>HOME</span> <span> offers a huge selection of all kinds of tights of the best Italian, French, Turkish, Polish and Ukrainian brands. </span> <span> SWEET </span><span>HOME</span> <span> you can buy inexpensive tights for every day or sophisticated premium designer models. </span> </p> <h2> A unique assortment of tights from SWEET HOME </h2> <ul><li><strong> <span> Warm 100DEN tights </span></strong> <span> - the composition includes acrylic wool </span> </li> <li> <strong> <span> Pantyhose with fishnet panties - </span></strong> <span> have a low density of up to 40 </span> <span> DEN </span> </li> <li> <strong > <span> Microfiber tights 60 DEN - </span></strong> <span> warm tights with cotton gusset </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Shaping tights - </span> </strong> <span> with a tightening effect on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks <strong> </strong></span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Classic tights - </span> </strong> <span> with high waist, padded toe and heel </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Low rise tights - </span> </strong> <span> perfect match with trousers and skirts with a low waistline </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Tights with shaping push up shorts </span> </strong> <span> - shaping the hips and buttocks </span> </li> <li> <strong> <span> Cotton tights - </span></strong> <span> warm, comfortable tights with melange effect </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> With a slimming effect along the entire length - </span></strong> <span> form a beautiful line of buttocks, hips, games </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Tights with powder effect - </span> </strong> <span> give an elegant matte, mask skin imperfections </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Ultra-dense tights 300 DEN </span> </strong> <span> - elastic but very warm tights for winters </span> </li> </ul> <h3> What is the density of tights: </h3> <p><span>5-20</span><span>DEN</span> <span> - the thinnest, ultra-transparent tights for spring, going out in summer </span> </p> <p><span>20-40</span><span> DEN</span> <span> - medium density and more intense tone , which can slightly mask cosmetic defects in the skin of the legs ( spider veins, pallor, bruising), suitable for cold autumn, early spring </span> </p> <p><span>50-100</span><span>DEN</span> <span> - high density , which simultaneously provides a warming and masking effect. Suitable for winter. </span> </p> <h3> Types of tights: </h3> <ul><li><strong> <span> Classic tights </span> </strong> <span>. They have a simple but practical design: reinforced heel and toe, cotton gusset. They are often produced with thicker shorts or openwork panties. </span> </li> <li><strong><span> Decorative</span></strong> <span>. Graceful tights that serve as an integral part and complement to the suit. With their help, you can finish off sexuality, girlish playfulness, or vice versa insolence to the image. In such tights, decorative elements are used: mesh, imitation of stockings or high golf, stones, floral patterns, ornaments in the form of elastic from stockings. </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Warm winter tights </span > </strong> <span>. They always contain polyamide, elastane, acrylic, as well as natural cotton and wool fibers. Thick, opaque tights have a unique heat-saving property. At the same time, they are thin, do not add extra centimeters to the figure, and look quite elegant on their feet. Sometimes they are produced with the effect of melange. </span> </li> <li><strong><span> Figure-shaping</span></strong> <span> - this type of tights fit tightly around the legs, hips, buttocks and the line above the waist , making the figure more slender, giving grace to the line of the legs. At the same time, the product has a functional top in the form of tight panties or shorts that hide the tummy, form a beautiful silhouette of the hips and buttocks. The tightening effect also extends to the area above the knee - thus, a beautiful thigh line is formed, such imperfections as cellulite, aging skin, weak leg muscles are skillfully masked. In such tights, you can safely wear short skirts, tight-fitting dresses, tight pants. </span> </li> <li><strong><span> Corrective</span></strong> <span> - tights that are able to mask some flaws of the female figure. The product has areas with a special density and a weave of synthetic fibers that support muscle groups: they tighten the abdomen and sides, raise the buttocks, make the thigh line more prominent, sloping. Thanks to a special insert, the “perezoma” provides a string effect. This feature of the structure of the claws allows you to wear tight things without the effect of folds on the sides. </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Support tights </span></strong><strong> <span> SUPPORT </span> </strong> <span> - have a compression effect by varying the density in certain zones. Such tights have qualities that are good for health: they improve the condition of veins, reduce swelling and fatigue of the legs. They are recommended to be worn by women who walk a lot in heels, stand, subjecting their legs to heavy loads. </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Tights with a massage effect </span> </strong> <span> - due to the special interweaving of fibers, tights have a soft massage effect on the skin, which in turn improves blood flow in the legs, relieves fatigue, and gives a feeling of relaxation. </span> </li> </ul> <h3> How to recognize poor-quality tights: </h3> <ol><li> <span> Chemical odor </span> </li> <li> <span> Thick, not neat seam </span> </li> <li> <span> Not uniform dyeing along the entire length </span> </li> <li> <span> Loose toe area </span> </li> <li> <span> No gusset </span> </li> <li> <span> Too thin elastic without sealing </span> </li> <li> <span> Poor quality, cheap packaging </span> </li> <li> <span> Rough, uneven surface </span> </li> </ol> <h3> What combinations of tights are not allowed: </h3> <ul><li> <span> If a womans shoes and outfit are black, transparent tights “cut” the color line silhouette. In this case, only black tights are applicable. </span> </li> <li> <span> Open-toed shoes and tights are a forbidden combination </span> </li> <li> <span> White shoes, boots and dark tights - an unacceptable combination </span> </li> <li> <span> It is not customary to wear black tights in the morning and in the afternoon. They look appropriate in the evening or at special receptions </span> </li> <li> <span> Tights with a bronze tan effect look ridiculous with pale skin of the face and hands </span> </li> <li> <span> B business style does not welcome mesh tights or with patterns </span> </li> <li> <span> Colored and white tights fill the legs, and vice versa - black visually stretches the silhouette of the legs, “thinns” </span> </li> </ul> <h3> How to care for tights: </h3> <ul><li> <span> It is advisable to wash the product after each wear </span> </li> <li> <span> Only applicable by hand wash in water up to 40C without stain removers and bleaches </span> </li> <li> <span> Tights are not twisted, but only slightly wrung out, for this you can use a terry towel </span> </li> <li> <span> Tights are hung for drying by the sock </span> </li> <li> <span> Stubborn stains from shoes or faded clothes are removed with laundry soap </span> </li> <li> <span> Tights will gain strength, if you leave them in the freezer for a couple of hours </span> </li> <li> <span> Tights will last longer if you remove the rings from your fingers before putting them on </span> </li> </ul> <h3> Interesting to know. </h3> <p> A little history - we owe the appearance of tights in our wardrobe to Mary County is a British fashion designer who introduced miniskirts into the world of fashion in the 60s. The light industry of the 20th century had no choice but to follow a womans whim: an ordinary pair of stockings was connected by panties, and the first tights appeared. </p>
  • Leggings - Leggings

    Leggings - Leggings

    <p> <span> Online store SWEET-HOME presents a large assortment of fashionable and high-quality leggings from well-known brands of Poland and Ukraine. </span> </p> <p> Leggings, or as they are also called foxes, is unique , a multifunctional item of womens wardrobe. They are the prototype of tight trousers, but since leggings are sewn from knitted fabrics, they are more elastic, better fitting the figure. Leggings have become popular because of their comfort - they are soft, do not require ironing, with their help you can emphasize the figure and skillfully hide extra pounds. Leggings are applicable in all spheres of a womans life: sports, home, work, outdoor activities. The versatility of leggings also lies in the fact that, depending on what clothes they are combined with, they instantly change their profile. Tight leggings can be worn with short dresses and miniskirts, combined with blouses and elongated sweaters, worn as sportswear for training, jogging, on the rink. </p> <p> Leggings are loved by women of all ages and even men. The male gender uses them as warm underwear. Bright leggings are worn by girls and adolescents, business women and ladies of noble age like plain leggings, sportswomen and housewives cannot do without leggings. </p> <p> Sew leggings from superelastic knitted fabrics. As a rule, these are special synthetic fabrics (microdiving, microplush, microfiber) with high stretch in both directions. Although there are leggings made of cotton or velor with the addition of elastane. There are also demi-season leggings with imitation of genuine leather. </p> <h2> How to determine the quality of leggings </h2> <p><strong> <span> The quality of the fabric - </span></strong> <span> cheap low quality the fabric is often covered with spools or shoots an arrow. Unfortunately, this is unpredictable as long as the item is new. In this case, it is worth giving preference only to well-known firms, manufacturers of womens clothing. </span> </p> <p><strong> <span> Stretch of the fabric </span> </strong> <span> - the fabric should stretch well and accept initial state after release of tension. This is the only way leggings will retain their shape, will not stretch out on their knees and sag behind. </span> </p> <p><strong> <span> Quality appliqués </span> </strong> <span> - often the item is decorated rhinestones, pebbles, various pictures. It is worth taking a closer look at how tightly they are fixed to the fabric. If the edge of the appliqué lags when pulling the canvas, it will disappear altogether with time. </span> </p> <p><strong> <span> Hardware quality </span> </strong> <span> - bells, buttons, buckles should be with the manufacturers brand logo or at least made of high quality materials that are not afraid of moisture </span> </p> <p><strong> <span> Seams </span></strong> <span> - the presence of loose threads , gaps in the stitching or a mismatch in the color of the fabric with the tone of the threads - the first sign of a handicraft that will not last long </span> </p> <h3> What leggings are there </h3> <ul><li> <strong> Sports </strong> <strong> leggings </strong> - suitable for aerobics, gym, jogging, etc. They are distinguished by good hygroscopicity and breathability. Perfectly stretched with active movements, without shackling and not sliding down. Do not cause excessive sweating, have the effect of thermoregulation. </li> <li> <strong> Body shaping leggings </strong> - thanks to the special interweaving of synthetic fibers they create a “tightening” effect in problem areas: tighten the stomach, form a beautiful hip line, create Elegant ankle line. Have a high waistline to create a "torso" effect </li> <li> <strong> Leggings with imitation trousers or jeans with false pockets </strong> - have a special design, very similar to tight-fitting trousers </li> <li> <strong> Thin and thick under dresses </strong> - leggings resemble dense tights, but they are practically not transparent and warmer </li> <li> <strong> Classic with stripes or a stitched arrow </strong> - made of thick knitwear, can be worn as pants under boots or shoes </li> <li> <strong> Leggings with a strap over the foot </strong> - are considered the sexiest model, belt loops through the foot give extra tension and thereby emphasize the slenderness of the legs </li > <li> <strong> Maternity leggings </strong> - have a special insert in the abdominal area, which has a supportive effect </li> <li> <strong> Mens leggings </strong> - warm and thin leggings that are practically invisible under any trousers. </li> </ul> <h3> Internet-ma leggings assortment SWEET-HOME gasoline </h3> <ul> <li> classic leggings with a high rise and a wide belt </li> <li> printed leggings </li> <li> leggings medium landing </li> <li> leggings high rise </li> <li> leggings with patch pockets on the back </li> <li> sports leggings with a slight sheen </li> <li> warm tights 180DEN microplush </li> <li> warm leggings with cotton and elastane </li> <li> leggings with full-length leather </li> <li> micro diving leggings </li> <li> sports leggings with colored insert </li> <li> sports leggings 3 / 4 </li> <li> soft microfiber velor leggings </li> <li> 600DEN warm cotton leggings </li> <li> knitted leggings </li> <li> combined leggings from raincoat fabric and knitwear </li> <li> leather leggings </li> <li> classic leggings with a stitched arrow </li> <li> stretch microfiber leggings </li> <li> printed leggings </li> <li> leggings with shoulder straps foot </li> <li> leggings stretching along the entire length </li> <li> decorative leggings with cuts </li> <li> warm microfiber leggings for men with fleece lining </li> <li> high rise maternity leggings </li> <li> maternity leggings with thick panties </li> <li> warm kids leggings in bright colors </li> </ul> <h3> How to care for leggings </h3> <p> <span> Hand or machine wash on a gentle cycle at low spin speeds. </span> </p> <p > <span> Leggings with wool in it are dried only horizontally. </span> </p> <p> <span> It is advisable to dry in the open air away from direct sunlight. </span> </p> <p> <span> Leggings are ironed only from natural fibers - cotton, wool. </span> </p> <p> <span> Synthetic fabrics are not ironed. </span> </p>
  • Stockings


    <p> <span> Online store SWEET-HOME presents an exquisite collection of stockings from the worlds most famous manufacturers of high-end products. In our store you can buy stockings for every day, for evening rounds and decorative stockings for special occasions. There is a wide assortment of stockings of all kinds of colors, for lovely ladies of various physiques with all kinds of preferences in choosing a delicate lingerie accessory. </span> </p> <h2> A wide range of stockings from SWEET-HOME </h2> <ul><li><strong> <span> Lycra stockings </span> </strong> <span> - high quality hook-resistant stockings. They have silicone elastic with raspberry and silver floral patterns </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Small mesh </span> </strong> <span> - the sexiest model of stockings that can be worn during the day and in the evening. There are no holes or puffs on them, they perfectly fit the leg and serve for a long time. </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Ultra-thin stockings </span> </strong> <span> - have a density of 8 </span><span>DEN</span> <span>, transparent and almost invisible on the leg, ideal for summer </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Matte stockings 60 </span> </strong> <strong> <span> DEN </span> </strong> <span> - fairly dense, not transparent stockings with a reinforced toe, suitable for cold or if necessary to hide skin flaws </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Warm stockings from lycra 120 </span></strong><strong><span>DEN</span></strong> <span> - elegant stockings with a pattern and openwork crown ideal for winter </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Classic mesh stockings large </span> </strong> <span> - this model belongs to the evening version of the stockings, the mesh is distinguished by its resistance to wear , such stockings practically do not tear </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Imitation stockings with a belt </span> </strong> <span> - universal tights in a look no stockings on the belt, comfortable and practical. </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Stockings with seam imitation </span> </strong> <span> - unusually elegant, classic stockings that emphasize slimness legs. Ideal for work and evening walks. </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Stockings with wide elastic </span> </strong> <span> - decorative, evening stockings, in which an openwork crown has a special, enlarged design to give the product a sexier image </span> </li> <li><strong><span> Golfs</span></strong> <span> - the thinnest knee-highs of different colors with a wide, comfortable elastic band, which does not roll when walking. </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Stockings under the belt </span> </strong> <span> - classic stockings that are fixed on the leg with the help of elastic bands. </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Stockings with colored elastic band </span> </strong> <span> - elegant, sexy stockings with a decorative elastic band on a silicone basis. </span> </li > <li><strong><span> The knee-lengths</span></strong> <span> are a trendy detail of a womans wardrobe. Unlike stockings, long golfs are allowed to peep out from under clothing. Thin, medium and warm booties are available. </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Microfiber stockings </span> </strong> <span> - dense, warm stockings without seams with a hidden toe . </span> </li> </ul> <h3> What to look for when choosing stockings? </h3> <ul><li><strong><span> Smell</span> </strong> <span>. In any respectable lingerie store, it is allowed to open the packaging and smell the hosiery. If it has a fragrance, it is a 100% sign of Italian branding. It is in Italy that factories adhere to stocking technology using persistent but unobtrusive flavors for all products. </span> </li> <li><strong><span>Shov</span></strong> <span>. A round, convex, rough seam indicates poor product quality. He not only does not look aesthetically pleasing, but also squeezes the leg, rubs the skin of the thigh, and is noticeable under tight-fitting clothing. In good stockings, the seam is always flat, when stretched on the leg it is compared to the main fabric and is not visible at all under thin clothes. </span> </li> <li><strong><span>Structure</span> </strong> <span>. The more lycra stocking is in the stock, the better they stretch and hold their shape. Lycra has an extraordinary "second skin" effect - the stockings fit the leg perfectly, do not fall off while walking and when bending the leg. </span> </li> <li><strong><span>Size</span> </strong> <span>. When choosing a stocking, do not neglect the size. Too small stockings can stretch out over a full leg, but they will definitely be short and there is a high risk of damage when walking. Also, large stockings on the leg will roll, twist. On any package there is a table with which it is easy to determine your personal size: horizontal indicates weight, vertical height. Stockings also differ in length: the S mark means that the stocking will be slightly above the knee; M - medium length, 8-10cm above the knee and </span><span>L</span> <span> - to mid-thigh. </span> </li> <li><strong> <span> Density </span></strong> <span>. 6-15 </span> <span> DEN </span> <span> - these are very thin, transparent stockings that are suitable for social events in the summer. 20-40 </span> <span> DEN </span> <span> - demi-season, fairly tight stockings that are suitable for spring and autumn. 60-100 </span> <span> DEN </span> <span> - opaque, dense, warm stockings for a cold pore. </span> </li> </ul> <h2> Basic rules for wearing stockings </h2> <ul><li> <span> Stockings are a little female secret. It shouldn’t be clear from the outside - a woman in stockings or regular pantyhose </span> </li> <li> <span> White, fishnet or mesh stockings full of legs </span> </li> <li> <span> The elastic of the stockings, even if very beautiful, should not peek out from under the clothes </span> </li> <li> <span> Stockings with patterns and pictures are not suitable for business meetings. </span> </li> <li> <span> Black stockings combine only with black clothes. </span> </li> <li> <span> Ideally, when the stockings match the color scheme of shoes or clothes, if not, then at least a couple of tones to be lighter but not darker. </span> </li> </ul> <h3> 5 signs of branded stockings </h3> <ol><li> <span> Ergonomic shape - the shape of the folded product should repeat the bend of the female leg and foot </span> </li> <li> <span> Reinforced toe - extends the life of the stocking </span> </li> <li> <span> High-quality silicone elastic - it should fit snugly along all edges to the lace cuff </span> </li> <li> <span> Pleasant scent is the trademark of Italian hosiery </span> </li> <li> <span> Quality packaging - self-respecting brands do not save on packaging material </span> </li> </ol> <h3> How to care for stockings </h3> <ul> <li> <span > Stockings are washed only by hand in warm water (up to + 35 ° C) using liquid detergents, not powders </span> </li> <li> <span> The stockings are not twisted, but only slightly wrung out </span> </li> <li> <span> Dry them in the open air away from direct sunlight </span> </li> <li> <span> Woolen stockings are dried in a horizontal state, spread on a soft towel </span> </li> <li> <span> Stockings do not dry on batteries </span> </li> </ul> <h3> Interesting to know. </h3> <p><strong> <span> A little history </span> </strong> <span> - until the 16th century, stockings were worn exclusively by men - representatives of the noble estates. But then the convenience and charm of this part of the wardrobe were discovered by women themselves. Moreover, men used them as outerwear, lovely ladies - as underwear. Nowadays, in Saudi Arabia, stockings are not something that is forbidden to wear, they can not even be imported into the country, as this intimate part of the wardrobe is considered lecherous among Arabs. Modern stockings are noticeably different from stockings of the 20th century: almost all models are fixed on the leg with an elastic silicone gum that prevents them from coming down. Although, as an element of sexy lingerie, exquisite stockings are still produced, which are attached with belts with fishnet elastic bands. </span> </p>
  • Children tights

    Children tights

    <p> <span> SWEET-HOME online store offers a large selection of childrens tights from famous brands in Poland and Ukraine: warm and thin, soft and elastic, high-quality tights made of natural materials for babies of any age. </span> </p> <p> </p> <ul><li> <strong> Multicolored cotton tights </strong> - perfectly keep their shape, resistant to wear and tear </li> <li> <strong> Warm monochromatic tights </strong> - extremely soft , sit well on the leg, have excellent heat-saving qualities </li> <li> <strong> 100DEN plain tights </strong> - soft and comfortable tights for autumn and early spring </li> <li> <strong> Medium-density knee-high stockings 100DEN </strong> - plain demi-season knee-highs with high material strength </li> <li> <strong> Solid viscose tights </strong> - an excellent option for schoolchildren </li> <li> <strong> Thin knee-highs 20DEN </strong> - summer, transparent knee-highs with a wide elastic band that does not squeeze the leg </li> </ul><p> </p> <h2> Tips for choosing childrens tights </h2> <ul><li> <strong> Composition. </strong> Since tights fit snugly on delicate, sensitive baby skin, the material should be at least 70% natural. Ideal if it is cotton with the addition of bamboo fibers, cotton tights or wool. But, so that the pantyhose does not sag behind, do not puff in the knees and fit the legs tightly, they always contain a small percentage of elastane. The same material ensures the durability of the product. </li> <li> <strong> Seasonal selection </strong>. For winter, terry tights or with angora pile on the inside are good. Woolen is also suitable. These natural materials retain heat perfectly, while allowing the skin to breathe. For warm scales and autumn, it is better to choose cotton tights, viscose or microfiber. In summer, usually children change tights for golfs, although each fashionista’s wardrobe always has a pair of white tights for special occasions in the summer. These are thin nylon tights, which are also breathable, superelastic and soft to the touch. </li> <li> <strong> Safe for health </strong>. Of course, childrens underwear should only be factory-made, from high-quality hypoallergenic materials, produced in compliance with all GOST standards for knitwear. But this information is not always on the tights tag. Therefore, their quality should be determined "by eye". Good tights shouldnt have a chemical smell. If there is one, this is the first sign of low-grade raw materials and dyes. After washing, the product should not fade. Another aspect of childrens health is the breathability of the fabric. If the percentage of synthetics in tights is more than 60%, they will most likely cause sweating, reddening of the skin, and even irritation if the child overheats. Tights, the composition of which is natural with a small percentage of elastane, are hygroscopic (absorb and remove moisture) and provide good air exchange. It is worth remembering this when choosing tights for a child who is in them from morning till evening - at school, in kindergarten, especially if the baby has closed shoes. </li> <li> <strong> Size. </strong> You should not buy tights for growth. They sag between the legs, slide down at the ankle, fold into an accordion in shoes. The tights should be clear in size, fit well along the waistline and perfectly match the size of the childs foot. It is also worth paying attention to the elastic tension. If it leaves a red, depressed mark on the skin, this not only causes discomfort in the child (tummy hurts, skin itches), but also adversely affects the work of internal organs. The elastic in good tights should be wide (not curled into a roll), soft, but elastic enough so that the tights do not slide down. </li> <li> <strong> Color. </strong> Naturally, tights with flowers are not bought for boys, although they always have bright striped colors, a cage with cartoon characters and even vehicles. For little fashionistas, as a rule, the assortment of tights is always wider and there are practically no rules in their choice. The only thing worth considering is that for schoolchildren it is better to choose plain tights that will go well with the shape and will not get dirty so quickly by the end of the lessons. </li> <li> <strong> Durability </strong>. Good tights should last more than one season, not lose their shape after washing: it does not become smaller or, on the contrary, stretches, does not fade and does not fade. Their quality and durability can be judged by the seams, the density of the product on the heel and toe and, of course, by the type of elastic. If threads stick out in the tights, puffs easily form, uneven coloration - all these are signs of low quality products. </li> <li> <strong> Quantity. </strong> Since it is recommended to wash the tights after each putting on according to hygiene standards, they should be in stock at least 5-6 pairs. For girls, even more, since tights should be for all occasions: for walking, white for the holiday, openwork for special celebrations and dresses, bright and colorful for the mood. </li> </ul><h3> <strong> Why profitable to buy childrens tights at SWEET HOME </strong> </h3> <ul><li> <strong> Only proven quality. </strong> Online store offers high-quality tights of famous brands of Poland and Ukraine. Childrens products are made of natural materials and meet the requirements of GOST of Ukraine and Europe. </li> <li> <strong> Large assortment. </strong> SWEET-HOME offers the widest selection of childrens tights: warm, demi-season, plain and in bright colors. </li> <li> <strong> Help in choosing the size. </strong> Professional online consultants are always happy to help you choose tights exactly according to childrens size, tell you about the manufacturers of the goods and the composition of the material. </li> <li> <strong> Fast delivery. </strong> On the day of ordering the package goes to the customers city by the fastest and most reliable postal services. </li> </ul><h3><strong> <span> How to take care of childrens tights </span> </strong> </h3> <ul> <li> Tights belong to underwear, so it is advisable to wash them after each wearing. </li> <li> Washing can be hand or machine in water temperature up to + 40C. </li> <li> Bleaching agents (without chlorine) are used only for white tights, it is better to wash them separately </li> <li> Special bags are used for washing in an automatic machine. </li> <li> A gentle spin is used for delicate fabrics </li> <li> Dry the tights better in horizontal position, not on batteries </li> <li> Tights do not iron </li> </ul>
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-levante-romant-30-den -levante-romant-30-den
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Wonderful stockings from the Italian manufacturer Levante will give you a pleasant softness and good mood. A wide range of stockings, from black to pale brown, will help you choose exactly what you need for your...
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High-quality tights from the Ukrainian manufacturer will please you with their high quality and pleasant softness. Made from the best materials, these tights have a density of 20 den, are presented with a wide...
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Classic tights from the Italian manufacturer will be a pleasant purchase and complement your elegant style. Tights have a low density of 20 den, which is almost not felt on the leg, while creating the effect of a...
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We offer you tights of high density soft microfiber from a well-known Italian manufacturer. A high density of 70 den perfectly emphasizes the beauty and lines of the legs. Many colors will allow you to choose...
-omsa-nudo-20-den -omsa-nudo-20-den
rating 0 review
We present you the magnificent thin tights that create the effect of the absence of tights and give the skin a silky smoothness. Tights made by the Italian manufacturer for your spectacular appearance. The density...
-sisi-be-free-20-den -sisi-be-free-20-den
rating 0 review
Transparent pantyhose with a low waist will give your leg elegance and emphasize their beauty. Made from the best materials by the Italian manufacturer, they have a low density of 20 den, bikini panties with gusset...
-golden-ciao-40-den -golden-ciao-40-den
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We offer you tight transparent tights from a well-known Italian manufacturer. The average density of tights at 40 den is complemented by shorts for your perfect figure, reinforced toe caps and a standard waist fit....
You will certainly enjoy the beautiful and transparent tights from the Ukrainian manufacturer. Tights have an average density of 40 den along the entire length of the legs and tightening shorts with a density of...
----101214 ----101214
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Colorful tights for children ELENA size 16.18 from the Ukrainian manufacturer, made of high-quality cotton for comfort and good mood of your children. The fabric has a fairly pleasant density, beautiful colors and...
Pantyhose Levante Magic Shaper 40 Pantyhose Levante Magic Shaper 40
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Excellent tights from the Italian manufacturer Levante Madic Shaper with modeling trousers that perfectly fit the shape. The average density of tights at 40 den will give you a comfortable feeling and emphasize the...
-guillia-sensi-40-den -guillia-sensi-40-den
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Buy classic transparent tights is a great way to please yourself with a quality product and complement your style. Made by a Ukrainian manufacturer, tights have an average density of 40 den and a high margin of...
-levante-bsi-40-den -levante-bsi-40-den
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We offer you dense modeling tights with tightening shorts from the Italian manufacturer Levante Body Slim . Tights have an average density of 40 den, keep fit, have a standard waist and give the legs a beautiful...
-guillia-sensi-20-den -guillia-sensi-20-den
rating 0 review
We offer you wonderful classic tights from a Ukrainian manufacturer with a low waist and no shorts. The density of tights is only 20 den, they are perfect for the warm season, when you need to keep a clear dress...
-sisi-fascino-40-den -sisi-fascino-40-den
rating 0 review
We offer you dense, silky, transparent tights without shorts from a well-known Italian manufacturer. The density of tights is 40 den, the silky upper part will give your legs a beautiful appearance and give you...
-sisi-style-15-den -sisi-style-15-den
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Elastic tights with lace panties made by a famous Italian manufacturer will please you with high quality and low density of 15 den. Tights perfectly emphasize the beautiful line of legs and complement any style,...
-golden-vivace-40-den -golden-vivace-40-den
rating 0 review
We offer you wonderful Italian tights with a massage effect that is evenly distributed along the entire length of the legs. Tights without shorts, have a standard fit and an average density of 40 den. The smooth...
-sisi-invisible-30-den -sisi-invisible-30-den
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We offer you gorgeous transparent tights with invisible modeling shorts from a well-known Italian manufacturer. An average density of 30 den allows the leg to look slim and elegant, giving the skin a silky effect....
-omsa-perfect-body-50-den -omsa-perfect-body-50-den
rating 0 review
We offer you supporting tights with a modeling effect in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks from the Italian manufacturer. High density of 50 den will give you comfort and protection in cool weather, and a wide range...

Online store SWEET-HOME presents the most extensive collection of underwear, namely: high-quality tights for lovely ladies, childrens tights made from natural materials, elegant stockings and leggings for women of any age.

Our experts monitor fashion trends and carefully select products that will satisfy everyone’s taste. The SWEET-HOME range includes only the new models of the current season, as well as the classic warm tights for adults and kids that our customers love. We cooperate with the best manufacturers of tights, stockings and leggings, whose products have proven themselves well in Europe and Ukraine. Buying for yourself or loved ones tights, stockings in our online store, you can be sure of the high quality of products and the best price.

SWEET-HOME assortment

  • Tights . Warm, thin, delicate, in the form of an imitation of stockings, for every day or for special occasions. Both traditional colors and trendy tights are presented.
  • Stockings . High and low, with a wide openwork cuff or stockings under the belt, stockings for a celebration or classic. Stockings of all sizes for legs of any fullness.
  • Childrens tights . For autumn and spring, warm with fleece and terry for the cold, thin white for schoolgirls, as well as plain tights for boys
  • Leggings leggings . Sports, classic, with patterns and appliqués, with patch pockets or stripes. Comfortable leggings for all occasions made of knitwear, artificial leather, super stretch, diving and micro velor.

Why it is profitable to buy from SWEET-HOME

Huge selection . We offer the widest selection of high-quality tights and leggings, and the assortment is constantly expanding, as with the arrival of the new season, collections are updated with newfangled models.

Timely consultation. Our operators are always ready to advise and help you in choosing online. The consultant of the online store will give professional assistance in the correct selection of tights, taking into account the size of the legs and physique, inform you about the composition, the manufacturer, and help you place an order so that the delivery of the purchase is as convenient as possible for the customer.

Only high-quality products. We carefully monitor that our product is not only beautiful, but also of high quality, safe, durable. SWEET-HOME does not cooperate with little-known manufacturers. Our partners are world famous brands that produce hosiery products in compliance with European quality standards on modern equipment and only from certified raw materials tested in laboratories.

Low prices. In our store you can make an economical purchase or purchase products of an elite premium class at an affordable price, as we work with official representatives of manufacturing plants and do not include in the price of our goods intermediary services. For wholesale buyers and even for those who have purchased more than 2 units, there is always a cumulative discount system.

Convenient payment and delivery terms . The selected product is sent by delivery services on the day of purchase. The operator in the telephone mode specifies the commercial transportation service convenient for the client. For residents of Kharkov, pickup from the warehouse, delivery by courier to your home or to the nearest metro station is possible.



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