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  • satin 3 D

    satin 3 D

    <p> The leader in sales of high quality bedding, the <span>SWEET</span> <span> HOME </span> online store presents the latest collection of satin 3 <span> D </span> bedroom accessories. Bedroom sets featuring live flowers, realistic animals, tropical and urban landscapes will impress anyone. Satin 3 <span> D </span> is a new trend in the fashion of home textiles, which allows you to bring a particle of nature into the usual interior. </p> <h2><strong> <span> What is Satin 3 </span> </strong><strong><span>D</span></strong><strong><span></span></strong> </h2> <p> Satin is a 100% natural cotton fabric with extra strong weave of threads. Satin fabric has existed for over 500 years, was first produced in China and remains popular today around the world. But if before textile craftsmen painted satin by stamping or bulk method, modern innovative technologies made it possible to apply a pattern to satin by photo printing. Satin 3 <span> D </span> is an invention of the 21st century, striking the imagination with a three-dimensional pattern. The print has such a clear, vivid, realistic image that even at a distance of a meter it seems that there is a huge lion on the bed, a rose has spread its petals, or a lurking bird will flap its wings at the slightest sound and fly. Modern masters do not reveal all their secrets in applying 3 <span> D </span> patterns, but there is a single rule: the image is applied only to high-quality cotton linen after special repeated processing and bleaching. In other words, a satin bed3 <span> D </span> simply cannot be of poor quality, since it is impossible to apply a three-dimensional print on a synthetic, loose fabric. A distinctive feature of the bed sets "Satin 3 <span> D </span>" is their unique coupon pattern. This is not mass production. Almost every bedding set with 3 <span> D </span> images produces limited, small collections that are unique and do not repeat after a season. </p> <h3> Benefits of SWEETHOME satin-3D linen sets </h3 > <p> <strong> LUXURY-class bedding - </strong> the front side of satin has a satin gloss, which is as pleasant to the touch as natural delicate silk. Cotton satin does not cause perspiration, creates an optimal microclimate in a bed. </p> <p> <strong> High-quality and durable </strong> - the bed does not shrink from heat treatment, can often be washed, is easily ironed and has a low creasing effect. Sharpness and brightness of 3 <span> D </span> images remain unchanged. </p> <p> <strong> Huge selection of 3 </strong> <strong> <span> D </span> images </strong > - more than 400 types of prints in floristic style; the world of animals and birds; landscapes. </p> <p> <strong> Possibility to match bedding of any size </strong> - single, one-and-a-half, double, European standard. </p> <p> <strong> Affordable price </strong> <strong > <span> VIP </span> -sets </strong> - prices for high-quality bed linen made of satin-3 <span> D </span> are not much higher than usual bedding, and practically do not differ at a discount. But modern, trendy sets of 3 <span> D </span> satin are leaders in the sales ranking, as they relate to trendy home textiles that are chosen by young people, middle-aged and mature people. </p> <h3> What is the difference between high-quality bed from cheap counterparts </h3> <ol><li> <strong> Easy to use </strong>. Bedding accessories made of natural cotton perfectly "fit" on pillows, blankets, tightly fitting the mattress. If an inexpensive bedding fabric contains synthetic fibers, it will slide under the body, slide off the mattress, roll onto the floor. </li> <li> <strong> Does not disrupt natural air exchange during sleep </strong>. The bed, or rather the quality of the fibers of which it is composed, plays a huge role in the general microclimate of the rocky area. If the fabric is 100% natural, it is highly hygroscopic and breathable. Substandard, synthetic bedding causes excessive sweating, floats in summer and creates a feeling of cold in winter. </li> <li> <strong> Long-lasting </strong>. Unfortunately, bedding sets from dishonest manufacturers can serve exactly until the first wash. Broken seams, shrinkage, gaps in the canvas - all these signs of a barque surface in the coming months of operation. For comparison, bedding sets made of satin-3D from the SWEETHOME online store last at least 10-12 years with the words of proper care. </li> <li> <strong> Not harmful to health </strong>. Why synthetics are dangerous when in contact with a naked body: skin irritation, allergic reactions, the accumulation of electrostatic charges, up to respiratory distress from toxic dyes. Needless to say, sets from trusted brands are 100% health-friendly underwear made only from natural fabrics, the quality of which meets European standards and is confirmed by certificates. </li> </ol>
  • satin + silk

    satin + silk

    <p> If there is a task to purchase the most durable, but at the same time thin, light and delicate bedding set, satin + silk is the ideal solution. Natural fabric, combining cotton and silk fibers, combines the practical density of satin and the extraordinary luxury of satin. The secret to the durability of satin and silk bedding is a special interweaving of fibers: the wrong side of the fabric consists of 4 dense cotton threads. The finest silk threads are woven into the upper layer of the canvas, giving it softness and satin shine. Due to the combination of different textures, the bed is very comfortable to use: the rough backside prevents slipping, the silky top provides comfort for the body. </p> <p> <span> SWEET </span> online store - <span> HOME </span > offers a whole collection of exquisite satin and silk bedding. </p> <h2> <strong> Benefits of satin + silk bedding sets </strong> </h2> <ul><li> <strong> Lasts at least 10 years . </strong> Natural fabric is durable, withstands repeated washing and ironing. Virtually no shrinkage. Bright, rich colors of the bed last for a long time, do not fade and do not fade. It should be noted the quality of the sets sewing: strong seams designed for a long service life of the linen. </li> <li> <strong> High comfort class. </strong> Silk and cotton are the most environmentally friendly materials that are hygroscopic and breathable. The body breathes in bed, does not sweat. In summer, you feel comfortable cool, in winter - soft, warming from the inside. </li> <li> <strong> Provides a healthy microclimate of the berth. </strong> The uniqueness of satin + silk fabric also lies in its high hygienic qualities: natural fibers resist fungi, germs, dust mites and microorganisms. Due to the constant microcirculation of air and fumes emanating from the human body, the bed maintains optimal temperature, dryness and comfort. </li> </ul><h3> <strong> To whom and for which sleep in satin silk bed is recommended </strong> </h3> <ul><li> <strong> People suffering from insomnia. </strong> Doctors have proven that natural silk has a calming effect on the nervous system, promotes relaxation and quick immersion in a deep, healthy sleep. </li> <li> <strong> For families with small children. </strong> If a baby is sleeping with her parents in the same bed, it’s naturally better to choose the safest bedding. Satin and silk are hypoallergenic materials that do not irritate the baby’s delicate skin. </li> <li> <strong> Elderly people with frequent joint pains. </strong> The soft analgesic effect of silk has been known for several thousand years. When in contact with natural silk, the body improves microcirculation, reduces the likelihood of swelling of soft tissues. </li> <li> <strong> With great physical and mental stress. </strong> Sleeping in a bed of silk and cotton fibers helps to relax muscles. Also, lying on a silk pillowcase relieves headaches, improves blood circulation in the brain. </li> <li> <strong> For skin diseases. </strong> Silk has a healing effect on the epidermis. With antibacterial and antifungal properties, silk fibers soothe the skin, relieve itching and peeling. </li> <li> <strong> Men and women who want to prolong the health and youth of the body. </strong> Back in the days of ancient China, the anti-aging properties of silk canvases were noticed. Indeed, natural silk contains amino acids that contribute to the process of renewing skin cells. </li> </ul><h3> <strong> Why buy a bedding set from an online store </strong><strong> <span> SWEET </span> - </strong> <strong> <span> HOME </span>? </strong> </h3> <ul><li> <strong> Permanent discounts </strong>. In our store you can purchase luxury bedding with a discount of up to 50%. </li> <li> <strong> VIP-level bedding </strong>. <span> SWEET </span> - <span> HOME </span> offers products from the best brands that have won recognition around the world. Buying bedding sets in our store is not only profitable, but also prestigious - we do not have fake brands. </li> <li> <strong> Large selection </strong>. There is no customer and no bed for which we could not find high quality bedding. We have sets for every taste, price policy, all kinds of bedroom set. </li> <li> <strong> 100% quality guarantee </strong>. When buying a bed in Sweet Home, you can be sure of the naturalness of the fabric and the long life of upscale bedding sets. </li> </ul>
  • Satin jacquard

    Satin jacquard

    <p> <span> Online store SWEET HOME offers luxury bedding made of satin jacquard. Presented a new collection of exquisite bedding from such world-famous brands: LOVE YOU, Home-Line, Arya, BellaVista, Tac. </span> </p> <p> <span> </span> Satin Jacquard is fabric with a special weave of threads, made from 100% premium cotton with the addition of cotton fibers. A distinctive feature of jacquard is a double-sided pattern, which is formed due to the complex interweaving of threads of two or more tones. In jacquard, both the back and the front side have an ornament, only on one side is the pattern more convex, on the other - depressed. Or the difference may be in tonality: when combining two primary colors on one side, the background for the ornament will be exactly the color that the main pattern on the back side serves. </p> <h2> Distinctive qualities of a satin-jacquard bed </h2> <p><strong> <span> Luxurious appearance. </span> </strong> <span> Satin jacquard was first invented and produced by French textile workers in 1801. Jacquard fabrics belong to the elite types of fabrics, as they are distinguished by emphasized luxury. They are beautiful and noble, ideal for classic-style bedrooms, although they can bring a touch of aristocratic lightness and elegance to any interior style. </span> </p> <p><strong> <span> High strength. </span></strong> <span> The density of jacquard satin is not less than 250g / m2. The particularly strong structure of the fabric is explained by the interweaving of the fibers: it is not only multi-layered and complex, but is also carried out with the help of twisted strands of threads. </span> </p> <p><strong> <span> Does not wrinkle. </span></strong> <span> Satin jacquard bed is characterized by low creasing, does not lose its elegant appearance even after several days of use. Due to the satin sheen, the fabric seems fresh, stretched, perfectly ironed. </span> </p> <p><strong> <span> Hygroscopicity. </span></strong> <span> Cotton absorbs moisture well and quickly evaporates without creating a greenhouse effect. This feature makes satin jacquard very comfortable for sleeping on hot summer nights when sweating increases. </span> </p> <p><strong> <span> Does not interfere with air exchange. </span></strong> <span> A satin jacquard bedding set improves the microclimate of the entire berth. The bed does not float in summer and does not cool in winter. Does not stop the natural microcirculation of heat, air and vapors that occur between the body, bed and mattress. </span> </p> <p><strong><span> Long-lasting .</span></strong> <span> Woven the pattern of jacquard fabric cannot be spoiled, since it does not fade in the sun, strong cotton threads do not break and do not become thinner under mechanical action (washing, ironing). Linen can be washed and dried often in automatic machines. </span> </p> <p><strong> <span> Resistance to deformation. </span></strong> <span> The bed does not sit down after washing. The satin-jacquard cotton fabric does not stretch or stretch, puffs and spools do not form on the surface. Easy to iron, does not require dry cleaning. </span> </p> <p><strong> <span> Pleasant to the touch. </span> </strong> <span> The fabric is a little dense, but elastic, silky, pliable - does not form rigid folds and creases. Thanks to natural cotton fibers, it does not irritate the skin. </span> </p> <p><strong> <span> Environmentally friendly. </span> </strong> <span> Premium quality cotton is used in the manufacture of satin jacquard growing in ecologically clean regions. Raw materials undergo multi-stage processing before they become clean, light colors, soft and silky. When dyeing threads, special safe dyes are used, which give the fabric a persistent tone, do not fade and do not fade in the sun. Jacquard satin does not include synthetic threads, which makes it hypoallergenic and suitable for people with sensitive skin. </span> </p> <h3><strong> <span> Health benefits of satin-jacquard linen </span> </strong> </h3> <ul> <li> Does not electrify </li> <li> Does not cause increased sweating. </li> <li> Hygienic - resists fungal, allergenic and microbial microflora </li> <li > Promotes deep, healthy sleep. </li> <li> Free of synthetic threads and toxic dyes. </li> <li> Allows the body to breathe, relax </li> <li> Provides a pleasant tactile sensation on contact </li > <li> Does not interfere with epidermal bioprocesses </li> <li> Suitable for people with skin diseases, allergies, diabetics </li> </ul><h3><strong> <span> Why is it profitable to buy a bed set in SWEET HOME </span></strong> </h3> <ul> <li> We offer textile products only from world famous brands, completely excluding the possibility of counterfeiting </li> <li> Flexible in our online store prices, a constant system of discounts and sales, allowing you to purchase an elite bed at an affordable price for everyone </li> <li> A wide range of textile accessories for home allows you to independently design a bedroom in a single style, choosing bedspreads, headsets, bedding sets, by tone and texture, etc. . </li> <li> Inhabitants of Kiev and Kharkov can order delivery by courier service. For other regions of Ukraine, bedding sets are sent on the day of ordering by verified carriers. </li> </ul>
  • Satin Bamboo

    Satin Bamboo

    <p> Swit Home online store offers a huge selection of bedding sets of different sizes and all kinds of colors from 100% environmentally friendly satin bamboo fabric. </p> <p> <span> </span> Bedding sets made of satin bamboo in Ukraine are considered something exotic, although all over the world they have long been recognized as one of the most popular and practical, as they serve for a long time, are pleasant to the touch, suitable for allergy sufferers and families with small children. Bamboo fabrics were made in China many centuries ago. During this time, technologies have changed, but the principle remains: 60-70% of the linen is made up of bamboo fibers and 40-70% of cotton. In order to make dense and unusually strong threads, initially the leaves and stems of young bamboo are crushed, undergo a painstaking process of chemical and heat treatment. To obtain a high-quality, durable satin fabric, bamboo and cotton threads are intertwined in a complex order, where 4-5 thick threads are made on the wrong side and 1-2 finest bamboo fibers twisted into a bundle are laid out on a smooth surface. Thus, the fabric acquires a satin sheen and high strength. </p> <h2><strong> <span> Distinctive qualities of a satin-bamboo bed </span> </strong> </h2> <ul> <li> <strong > 100% environmentally friendly material. </strong> High quality raw materials are used in the manufacture of fabric. The processing technology of bamboo fibers eliminates the use of toxic substances or caustic dyes. Satin bamboo fabric does not contain synthetic threads and belongs to 100% natural fabric, the basis of which is vegetable raw materials. </li> <li> <strong> Hypoallergenic fabric. </strong> It is bamboo fiber that includes fabrics for clothing for premature and newborn babies. A satin bamboo bed has a high degree of hygiene - does not attract dust particles and allergens, ideal for people with particularly sensitive epidermis. </li> <li> <strong> High level of air permeability and hygroscopicity. </strong> The fabric does not hold, but quickly passes heat, air and damp fumes. If the body sweats, the liquid is instantly absorbed, dries up, the fabric quickly erodes, remaining dry. </li> <li> <strong> Thermally neutral. </strong> Bamboo sateen has a unique ability to maintain optimal body temperature in hot or cold weather . </li> <li> <strong> Antibacterial. </strong> Even if the bedding set has not been used for a long time, dust mites or microorganisms will never get into it. </li> <li> <strong> Non-slip texture. </strong> The underside of satin bamboo is slightly rough. This ensures a snug fit and fixation of the sheet on the bed. During sleep, the body does not slip on the bed and does not feel discomfort. </li> <li> <strong> Does not absorb odors. </strong> A bamboo bed will never retain body odor or only briefly retain the fragrance of washing powder. Due to its excellent breathability, the fabric quickly erodes. </li> <li> <strong> Does not electrify. </strong> Natural fabric does not stick to the body and does not accumulate positively charged particles, removes electrification from underwear. </li> </ul> <h3> How to determine the quality of the presence of bamboo fibers in the fabric? </h3> <ol> <li> A canvas in which there is at least 40-50% of natural bamboo threads has an olive, light gray or milky white hue. Although rare, snow-white bamboo fabrics are found. </li> <li> To the touch, high-quality satin-bamboo bedding should be slightly dense, not hard and not brittle. If you hold such a fabric in a fist for 4-7 seconds, there should be no persistent creases, it should straighten up tightly soon. </li> <li> The fabric should have a delicate, natural, grassy or neutral aroma. If there is an artificial smell, even if it is very pleasant, most likely the manufacturers pre-treated the fabric with an antistatic or paint fixative. </li> <li> The basis of the satin bamboo fabric includes smooth, soft, twisted threads. Therefore, upon contact with the skin, natural linen gives a silky feeling. If small roughness occurs in the fabric structure, this is a sign of poor quality raw materials. </li> </ol><h3> <span> </span><strong> <span> Recommendations for the care of bamboo underwear </span> </strong> </h3> <ul> <li> To preserve the brightness of the printed design, turn the bed inside out before washing </li> <li> Sets, if possible, it is recommended to wash by hand, but machine wash at temperatures up to + 30C is also applicable in a gentle mode, without auto-drying </li> <li> It is better to choose washing powders without coloring, bleaching microgranules </li> <li> Immediately after washing, the kit must be hung up, if you let the bamboo cloth dry slightly in a crumpled state, it will be more difficult later iron </li> <li> It is ideal to dry the bed in a straightened horizontal position on the dryer </li> <li> For drying, it is better to choose open spaces away from direct sunlight. </li> <li> The bed is better to iron out if it is flat Do not dry or use hot steam while ironing. </li> </ul> <p> <span > </span> </p>
  • Satin with lace

    Satin with lace

    <div style = "text-align: justify;"> <p> In the online store <span> SWEET </span> - <span> HOME </span> it is possible to purchase exquisite satin bedding with lace at a bargain price. More than 100 models of high-quality sets of different sizes and various color palettes are presented by the most famous brands. </p> <p> Satin with lace is an excellent combination of 100% natural cotton fabric with the finest lace woven of their silky and linen threads. Satin is one of the strongest fabrics, as it is made from the best grades of cotton using a complex weave technology: the basis of the fabric consists of 4 thicker threads, which give special density to the wrong side. A thin layer of cotton twisted thread is laid out on the front side, which gives the fabric a silk shine. </p> <h2> Advantages of satin bedding sets with lace </h2> <ul><li> <strong> Pleasant luxury for the body </strong >. Thanks to the satin structure of the front side, satin is pleasant to the body. The delicate, thin material belongs to the hypoallergenic group, does not irritate the skin. Due to its breathability, it does not cause a greenhouse effect - it does not provoke excessive sweating in hot weather, while in the cold season it is able to keep the heat emanating from the human body in bed. </li> <li> <strong> Suitable for any interior style </strong>. Most satin and lace bedding sets have a plain, delicate color. This makes it easy to combine the decoration of the bed with the overall style of the bedroom. </li> <li> <strong> It can be an exquisite gift </strong>. Each set has an elegant gift wrapping. Thanks to its classic style, satin bedding with lace will delight people of all ages. They look luxurious, elegant and respectable. </li> </ul> <h3> <strong> Why you should not save on high-quality bedding </strong> </h3> <ul><li> <strong> Natural bed cotton improves health </strong>. Maximum relaxation is important for the human body during sleep. At the same time, his body continues to evaporate heat and moisture all night. Only natural fabrics, possessing high hygroscopicity, are able to absorb moisture and let air through their fibers. This effect allows the skin to breathe. Another difference between a high-quality satin bed with lace is that it does not accumulate static energy, unlike synthetic paintings, which in this way disrupt the cardiovascular and nervous system. </li> <li> <strong> Good linen lasts a long time </strong >. When handled correctly, cotton satin bedding sets will last for over 10 years. The collection of lingerie in the online store <span>SWEET</span> <span> HOME </span> is represented by the best manufacturers who manufacture products using modern equipment, from high-quality raw materials using innovative technologies. Satin bed with lace practically does not shrink; does not fade; strong seams withstand multi-cycle washing. </li> <li> <strong> Buying an expensive kit significantly saves money </strong>. The adage that the miser pays twice is perfectly appropriate. A bed of cheap material, not only serves a maximum of 2 years, but also harms the human body. Sets of satin with lace from world famous brands justify their value: they are of excellent quality, absolutely safe for health, can be used for at least 12 years. At the same time, they are not whimsical in care: they are washed in a regular automatic machine, dry quickly and easily ironed out. </li> </ul><h3> <strong> How to care for bedding made of satin with lace </strong> </h3 > <ul> <li> The bed can be machine washed, but in a delicate mode. </li> <li> Water temperature up to + 45 ° C </li> <li> With the formation of persistent stains it is possible to use special oxygen-based products, but without chlorine. </li> <li> Particularly difficult contaminants (greasy stains, traces of berries) are best removed under dry cleaning conditions. </li> <li> Spin is desirable in a gentle mode at low speeds. </li> <li > Linen should only be dried in the open air in a flattened state. </li> <li> Do not hang bedding in the open sun to avoid burning out. </li> <li> In order for natural linen to be ironed better, it is necessary leave slightly damp. The lace is ironed through a fine cotton fabric. </li> </ul> </div>
  • Bamboo jacquard

    Bamboo jacquard

    <p> In Japan, bamboo is recognized as a symbol of purity. Chinese culture reveres this plant as a symbol of longevity. Indians personify the image of a strong and flexible bamboo trunk unshakable family values. We can say that the bamboo jacquard bed set combines all three qualities: durable, environmentally friendly material, which is useful for sleeping and relaxing for all family members. </p> <p> Online store <strong> Sweet Home </strong > Introduces a new collection of exclusive bamboo jacquard bedding sets. These are exclusive, high-quality bedding sets that add a unique chic and luxury to any sleeping space. </p> <h2> What is bamboo jacquard? </h2> <p> Jacquard is a fabric that has no inside out. In other words, the same embossed and colored pattern is applied on both the front and the seamy side. This effect of exclusive double-sided patterns and ornaments is achieved thanks to a special complex weave of threads, where some loops are shorter than others. Bamboo fiber jacquard is a 100% natural and environmentally friendly product. When growing bamboo, nitrate fertilizers and insect sprayers are not used. Bamboo grows in natural conditions of the subtropics. To make the fabric, young bamboo stems and leaves are removed, which undergo a multistage chemical-mechanical treatment. As a result, silky yarns with extraordinary strength are obtained from bamboo fibers. By their qualities, bamboo fabrics are very similar to natural silk fabrics: the same soft, durable, with a satin sheen, are also useful for the skin, but bamboo jacquard is much cheaper than silk. </p> <h3> The advantages of their jacquard bedding sets are bamboo </h3> <ol> <li> The fabric has a natural shine and a unique double-sided pattern that will never disappear </li> <li> High ecological properties allow the use of bamboo bedding for allergy sufferers and families with small children </li> <li > Bamboo-jacquard bed does not electrify, does not cause excessive sweating, has healing properties </li> <li> The bed does not wrinkle, does not absorb odors, always remains fresh. Despite its similarities to silk, bamboo fabric does not slip. </li> <li> Silky, soft fabric pleasantly caresses the body, contributes to a healthy, deep sleep. Ideal for people who suffer from insomnia, sweating or especially sensitive skin. </li> <li> Bamboo jacquard is highly durable and lasts a long time </li> <li> The price is 100% quality </li> </ol> <h3> Unique qualities of a jacquard bamboo bed </h3> <ul><li> <strong> Guaranteed 300 washings! </strong> Thanks to the special interweaving of threads, the fabric has high wear resistance. Natural bamboo canvas is soft but strong. Even after repeated washings, the bed does not deform, the seams remain intact, the pattern and tone do not lose their brightness. </li> <li> <strong> Does not cause allergies and irritations on the skin </strong>. Bamboo fiber is considered by doctors and scientists to be one of the rare plant materials that is biocompatible with the human epidermis. This is supported by the fact that it is from bamboo fabrics that clothing for newborns, pregnant women, athletes and people with various skin diseases is made. </li> <li> <strong> Absorbs 60% more moisture </strong>. A bed made of natural bamboo fiber is highly hygroscopic. This means that even on a hot night with profuse sweating of the body, the sleeping area remains dry and fresh, without trapping the smell of sweat. </li> </ul> <h3> The main properties of bamboo-jacquard fabric </h3> <ul> <li> <strong> Antibacterial and antifungal protection </strong>. The high bactericidal properties of bamboo fibers have been proven by scientists. The natural fabric resists the retention and propagation of fungi, pathogens, and bacteria. Once on the surface of the bamboo fabric, they die within 20 hours. The fabric retains this protective quality even after repeated washing and ironing. </li> <li> <strong> High moisture absorption and breathability </strong>. The fabric has thermoregulating properties. Jacquard bamboo is capable of passing 20% more air than other fabrics. This allows the body to breathe while resting in bed, without overcooling in winter and without feeling hot in summer. </li> <li> <strong> Revitalizing effect </strong>. Sleeping in bed from bamboo jacquard is not only pleasant, but also beneficial for the whole body. Bamboo contains unique amino acids, vitamin E and pectin, which have an anti-inflammatory effect on the epidermis and increase the energy resource of the body. Also, in contact with bamboo fiber, the body does not lose moisture - natural material helps to retain moisture in the skin cells, which significantly slows down the process of aging of the epidermis, relieves fatigue, relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation. </li> </ul>
  • Satin suite VIP

    Satin suite VIP

    <p> If there is a task to buy an elite, high-quality textile for the bedroom - you should pay attention to bed sets made of satin-luxury <span> VIP </span>. SW <span> EE </span> T <span> HOME </span> online store presents more than 300 models of beautiful, durable and pleasant to the body bedding sets made of 100% natural luxury satin fabric <span> VIP </span>, which combines all the best qualities. </p> <p> No wonder this exclusive canvas has a second name - cotton silk. The satin luxury feels like a delicate rose petal - the same thin, light, weightless and silky. But behind the visible sophistication of natural fabrics, there is an extraordinary durability. Satin luxury is one of the strongest natural fabrics. This material is made from special varieties of fine fiber cotton, which undergoes special processing (mercerization), due to which the cotton fibers acquire a silky smoothness, a light satin sheen and an unusually strong structure. The complex weaving of strong threads also gives special strength to the fabric: the seamy side is made up of 2-3 thick threads, and the front side is laid out from a thinner twisted thread. The mercerized cotton is silky to the touch, not slippery, practically does not wrinkle, can be easily washed in a regular automatic machine and just as easily ironed. </p> <h2> Why is luxury satin a VIP product? </h2> <ul > <li> <strong> Underwear that improves the quality of life. </strong> A set of sateen suite is a bed in which you want to fall asleep and wake up. One of the most important advantages of chic bedding is that it gives an unusually pleasant tactile and emotional feeling. In a silky, tender bed, the body receives a relaxation session, after which not only mood improves, but also physical and mental performance. Scientists have proven that people who do not save on their comfort are less prone to stress and depression. </li> <li> <strong> A bed that does not harm, but strengthens health. </strong> The fact that a person spend 1/3 of his life in a dream deserves a careful approach to choosing linen for a sleeping bed. Luxury satin is a 100% natural cotton fabric that has a beneficial effect on health. It is safe to say that while a person sleeps, his body receives a charge of energy, muscles relax as much as possible, the skin breathes, which means that the aging process slows down. Thus, sleeping in a high-quality satin-luxury bed also has a therapeutic effect. </li> <li> <strong> Textiles that do not require much </strong><strong> <span> VIP </span> care ... </strong> Satin luxury with all its chic and sophistication does not belong to capricious fabrics. The bed can be washed in an automatic machine. The only condition for the fabric to retain the brightness of the pattern, the duvet cover and pillowcases must be turned inside out before washing and do not use aggressive bleaches, as they thin natural cotton fibers. </li> <li> <strong> Payment is not a brand, but high quality products . </strong> The collection of satin luxury bedding sets is represented by the best manufacturers who produce home textiles using modern technologies in compliance with European standards. The highest class of products is evidenced by everything: from gift, respectable packaging, to perfectly laid special seams that preserve the integrity of the product after 300-400 wash cycles. </li> </ul><h3> <strong> Distinctive features of bedding sets from Satin Suite </strong><strong><span>VIP</span></strong> </h3> <ol><li> <strong> Creates the perfect microclimate in a sleeping place. </strong> Cotton holds heat well, but does not cause heat in summer, since it has a unique property of thermoregulation, i.e. adjustment to the optimal body temperature. Due to its hygroscopicity and breathability, a satin luxury bed quickly absorbs moisture and instantly ventilates, remaining always dry. Natural cotton fibers are not afraid of allergens, fungi, dust mites - they simply do not start in them and therefore do not multiply. The bed maintains high hygiene even after many years of use. </li> <li> <strong> Comfortable to use. </strong> Despite its similarity to silk, luxury satin does not slip. He practically does not wrinkle. To make the bed look always well-groomed, just shake and straighten the sheet and blanket, beat the pillow and sleeper again and will have a perfect look. </li> <li> <strong> Serves at least 10 years with normal care. </strong> The impeccable wear resistance of bedding is due to the high quality of tailoring and the first-class, strong linen satin luxury <span> VIP </span>. This thin fabric withstands at least 400 washing cycles, and practically does not deform: it does not sit, does not warp, its density and brightness remain unchanged. </li> </ol>
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We offer you wonderful pillowcases for standard pillows from a well-known manufacturer. Each pillowcase is made of soft and high-quality satin and decorated with an original pattern with a volumetric effect. You can...
First choice bamboo bedding set First choice bamboo bedding set
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UAH4,317.15 UAH5,079.00
Buy a magnificent bedding set from the famous Turkish manufacturer First Choice - to give a completely new feeling of sleep and impeccable softness. A wide assortment, excellent workmanship of this bedding, the use of...
HOBBY Imperial Satin Suite Bedding Set HOBBY Imperial Satin Suite Bedding Set
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Gorgeous pattern and bright colors in the new bedding from the brand and the Turkish manufacturer HOBBY. Incredibly soft satin - luxury will give you great sleep and relaxation, and high quality will allow you to...
ARYA bedding set sateen Violin ARYA bedding set sateen Violin
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UAH2,469.25 UAH2,905.00
The violin and bright scarlet roses are perfectly combined in the new bedding from the brand Arya. Bright drawings will decorate your bedroom and add originality, and the incredibly soft satin fabric will give you a...
th--cristina-flock th--cristina-flock
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In the beautiful Tivolyo Home Cristina Flock bedding set you will find a great combination of silk beauty and soft satin fabric. The Turkish manufacturer made sure that you not only enjoyed a pleasant sleep and...
Tivolyo Home Minoso bedding set Tivolyo Home Minoso bedding set
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We are pleased to present to your attention an excellent Turkish Tivolyo Home Minoso bedding set. The set includes: a duvet cover, a sheet and four pillowcases trimmed with magnificent lace. Bed linen is made of...
Summer bed set Tivolyo Home ARREDO Summer bed set Tivolyo Home ARREDO
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We offer you a beautiful Tivolyo Home ARREDO PIKE bedding set from a well-known Turkish manufacturer. The kit includes a large jacquard bedspread, satin sheet and pillowcase. A pleasant shade and high quality...

For people who do not skimp on their health and comfort, the quality of sleep is important. Deep and healthy sleep can only be provided by high-quality bed linen made from natural fabrics. Satin bed is one of the most popular, as it has all the important qualities: delicate, strong, natural, durable, does not require special care.

Online store SW EE T HOME offers more than 800 models of exquisite bed sets of various sizes and configurations from the best and most trusted manufacturers. It is easy to choose a high-quality bedroom set in our catalog for a large, medium or single bed.

What is satin?

Satin is a 100% natural fabric made from cotton. The fabric acquired its name due to the satin weave of cotton fibers: denser threads form the basis of the fabric and the finest twisted thread is laid out on the front of the fabric. Thanks to this intricate weave, the fabric has a rougher underside and a glossy top, very similar to natural silk. Also, satin is characterized by high strength, which is explained by a strong plexus of fibers, where 1 thick twisted thread for the front side accounts for 4 thick wrong threads. The double-sided structure of the linen ensures maximum comfort of the bed linen: the satin bed does not slip on the sleeping area thanks to the rough inside. The silky front side with a noble glossy shine is extremely pleasant for the body.

Benefits of the SW satin bed EE T HOME

Hygroscopic. Natural Cotton absorbs moisture and fumes from the human body well and dries quickly. Thanks to these qualities, even in hot weather with increased sweating, the bed remains dry.

Breathability . In a satin bed, there is a constant microcirculation of air, heat and vapors. The fabric does not cause a “greenhouse effect."

Low thermal conductivity . Cotton satin is pleasant for a naked body in the summer, as it has a cool glossy silk. In winter, on the contrary, satin keeps cozy warmth inside the bed.

Aesthetic look . Satin has a glossy texture reminiscent of silk sheen. The canvas of the perfectly correct and durable structure always looks respectable, even after several years of operation. Satin bed does not lose its brightness and does not deform when washed and ironed frequently.

Lightness. Strong material does not add excessive weight to the bedding set. Sleeping under a blanket in a satin duvet cover is comfortable: the body breathes and relaxes without feeling pressure.

Does not crinkle . A satin bed always looks neat, even and ironed. Due to the low crease of natural linen, the set after washing lends itself well to ironing with an ordinary iron without a steam generator.

Not high price . With all its similarity to natural silk in terms of external data and properties, satin underwear is much cheaper. This is explained by the difference in the cost of raw materials, but not by the difference in quality.

Features of satin bedding

Durable. The wear resistance of a satin bed is due to the special weaving of natural cotton fibers . The sleeping set retains its perfect appearance even after 300 wash cycles. If you wash a satin bed 2 times a month (taking into account a removable set), then, practically, it will be enough for the next 12 years. In the future, the quality of the fabric will remain unchanged, it can only become a little less bright coloring.

Does not sit down when washing . The convenience of a satin bed also lies in the fact that it is easy to care for: it can be washed in an automatic machine (temperature 40C) with ordinary washing powders. The fabric does not shrink, dries quickly, is easy to iron.

Does not cause skin irritation . Smooth and soft 100% cotton bed is suitable for people with particularly sensitive skin and allergy sufferers. Due to its high hygienic qualities, delicate satin does not cause excessive sweating and itching. On the contrary, when the bed comes in contact with naked skin, the body experiences maximum comfort.

Hygiene. The ability of the canvas to pass moisture and air does not allow the emergence and reproduction of pathogenic microbes, fungi and allergens in the bed .



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