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Acrylic blankets

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--160220 --160220
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We offer you a magnificent high-quality plaid, presented in a wide range of colors and patterns, so that you can create comfort in your home. Acrylic fabric pleasantly heats in the cool season, is easy to wash and...
--200240 --200240
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Wonderful short-haired plaid, from a well-known manufacturer of home textiles. The blanket is made of quality materials, soft acrylic fabric, decorated with beautiful patterns and embossing, which will allow you not...
-cappone--35kg-200240 -cappone--35kg-200240
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We offer you a warm and soft plaid with a beautiful pattern and embossed texture. A plaid is made by a well-known manufacturer of high-quality acrylic fabric, soft pile does not prick and does not cause allergies,...
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We are pleased to offer you a quality childrens plaid for your children, made by a well-known manufacturer. Soft pile does not prick, does not cause allergies, so your children will always be pleased to play and take...
-elwey---160220 -elwey---160220
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A wonderful plain acrylic blanket will nicely decorate your bed or any bed in the room. Each acrylic blanket also has an embossed pattern, which will pleasantly transform your room, adding a little comfort and home...
-elwey---160220 -elwey---160220
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We offer you a wonderful acrylic blanket from a well-known Turkish manufacturer, in a wide range of colors and with a beautiful embossed pattern. Soft acrylic fabric will give you and your family warmth and comfort,...

Acrylic blanket, practicality and comfort for your home

Acrylic is a synthetic material. Invented on the basis of natural gas, which is processed by chemical reactions into fiber. In the manufacture of textile products, it is used alone or mixed with other substances. For example, acrylic fibers can be found in coat fabrics. Also, their content allows angora, wool, terry and cotton. By mixing different types of fibers, unique, defined variations with exclusive characteristics are obtained. The concentration of acrylic in a product can vary from five to one hundred percent. Modern acrylic is soft and light. Due to his qualities, which we will try to set out below, he surpasses many natural fabrics. The texture of the threads allows you to obtain a high-quality and clear, pronounced weaving pattern with a smooth surface of matter.

Characteristics and peculiarities of PAN fibers

The first acrylic chemical samples were synthesized in the forties of the twentieth century in America. In 1948, DuPont received a new substance, orlon, which showed excellent performance and could compete with the then popular nylon. The only flaw in the novelty was the poor “properties” of matter. Orlon was extremely poorly stained, the process was expensive. Only in 1952, after four years of trial and error, was material found that was just as good, but also easily stained. It was he who was called acrylic. There are also several other names: itron, krylor, redon and polyacryliton. You can often see the abbreviation PAN on tags.

Strengths or why acrylic blankets are so popular

These synthetic items are often compared to wool. Outwardly, they are very similar. But the similarities dont end there. Lets find out other qualities of PAN products:

  • All polyacryliton products have good resistance to sunlight, which means they fade slightly.
  • All acrylic blankets are hypoallergenic and not afraid of people with increased skin sensitivity.
  • Not afraid of pollution. All dirt is quickly washed off at low temperatures. Thus, you can take the rugs with you on a trip without fear of “safety” after.
  • The composition of the fibers forms a durable mesh that is difficult to tear. Similar natural substances cannot boast this property.
  • Products do not shrink and do not “fall off”. It practically does not crease and has an attractive “appearance” for quite some time.
  • It is remarkably painted.
  • It warms well and does not allow heat to seep through the fabric.
  • Increased resistance to various solvents and aggressive chemical cleaning agents. You dont have to worry about your things in dry cleaning.
  • Absolutely not interested in moths and other insects.

What do we have as a result? Practicality. Acrylic blankets will serve you for a very long time, while having the original gloss. As for natural analogs, they are inferior to "synthetics" in several parameters: rapid wear, loss of shape and fading after washing, demanding storage and much more. Against this background, the choice becomes obvious.

Terms of use for acrylic blankets

These blankets were created for reasons of practicality. Soiled products can be safely sent to the washing machine.

  • It is worth remembering that the temperature of the water during washing should not exceed above 30 ° C, and the mode is best set to “delicate fabrics”.
  • You should not use conditioners or bleaches yet, it is insignificant, but spoils the "ceremonial look".
  • No need to iron. The fabric itself is initially even and does not need additional ironing. But if you do decide, then use the lowest temperature and wet gauze.
  • Avoid push-ups and twisting.
  • Drying is best done in open spaces, such as a balcony or veranda.

Where is the best place to buy acrylic blankets

Of course, with us! Sweet Home online store offers a wide selection of products from PAN. We have four manufacturers supplying quality blankets made of 100% acrylic:

  • ARYA
  • Gelin-Home
  • Home-Textile
  • "Tivolyo-Home"

Sizes range from 150x200 to 220x240, and the model range is constantly expanding and increasing. Moreover, we have just a huge selection of colors! There are more than a dozen monotonous palettes alone: cream, somon, suyesil, beige, blue, green (muted), purple, powder, black, lilac, green, raspberry, beige. The pricing policy of our company will not leave anyone indifferent! The SweetHome online store sells products only from well-known manufacturers, therefore we guarantee and are personally responsible for the quality of all goods. Buying from us, you can be sure that:

  • the textiles have passed strict quality control;
  • the composition fully complies with the inscriptions on the packaging;
  • you will get an excellent service and fast delivery;
  • on the purchase of a large batch of goods, there will be a discount;
  • if the goods do not suit you, they will be replaced.



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