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Hotel towels

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Towel Berra dray 70 * 140 - this is a wonderful cotton towel from the Turkish manufacturer. Who goes on a business trip or just goes to the beach will appreciate the quality of this towel. The average density of the...
Cotton Berra dray 50 * 90 towel , made by a well-known Turkish manufacturer, has a soft, medium-density terry, absorbs moisture well and is made in pleasant colors. The towel is resistant to frequent machine washings...
Pay your attention to the Berra towel 50 * 70 colored legs , from a famous Turkish manufacturer. Soft cotton terry gives your feet warmth and comfort, and also absorbs moisture quite quickly. Each towel is decorated...
A Philippus Color bukle 530 g / m towel is a great choice for your hotel or motel. Made by the Turkish manufacturer of the best cotton fabric, it perfectly absorbs moisture and gives comfort after a bath or shower....
Towel Berra dray 90 * 150 - this is a wonderful cotton towel from the Turkish manufacturer. Who goes on a business trip or just goes to the beach will appreciate the quality of this towel. The average density of the...
Buy a cotton Berra Hotel dray towel 420 g / m2 from a Turkish manufacturer - a great solution for hotels and motels. High density of terry, natural cotton fiber make it easy to absorb moisture and make the towel...
Zuhra Hotel Towel will be a pleasant purchase for any customer who appreciates quality and comfort. The soft double-sided terry is made using the best Turkish cotton, which will give you a nice dry skin after a...
Duygu foot towel 50 * 70 from a well-known Turkish manufacturer made of soft cotton fabric. A terry towel absorbs moisture well, has pleasant colors, dries quickly and remains soft after machine washing. This foot...
The white Berra foot towel is made of high density cotton. On the towel is a drawing of legs. It absorbs water perfectly, creates comfort from touch and is perfect as a rug in the bathroom. Withstands a large number...

Quality hotel towels from the manufacturer

Its always nice to see cleanliness and order in a hotel, because it becomes your temporary home. Hotel towels are an indispensable attribute of a bathroom, they give guests softness after taking a shower and warm them, which helps to fully enjoy their rest. These products should be silky to the touch, made exclusively and durable to withstand repeated washing and serve for a long time. Most often, they choose natural cotton items that perfectly absorb moisture and smell great.

Characteristics of hotel towels

This accessory must be fluffy and soft, because after washing you always like to feel a pleasant dry skin . High-quality creations made from natural materials are what the hotel sector needs. For one room, at least three types of towels are useful for hotels:

  • For face
  • For feet
  • Bath

It is important that they are all made in the same color scheme and the same style. White terry towels for hotels are commonly used. The slightest flaws are visible on them. You can use bleaches and other chemicals, but do not worry about the persistence of paints. If multi-colored accessories are more suitable for corporate symbols or design of the premises, they are also allowed.

To check the quality of the product, it is enough to make a test and see how much the original look has been preserved. Significant features are: ease of stain removal, appearance, absorbency, size retention. Another feature is capillarity, the ability to quickly absorb water at the moment of wiping off the body.

How many sets should be ordered?

Usually, when opening an establishment, you need 3 - 4 sets per room. Under this scheme, one or two, based on the original order, need to be renewed in the second year. On the third, you need to buy hotel towels, including the one on the first. This guarantees excellent quality and low wear. This formula does not require strict execution, the main thing is to monitor the presentation and purchase as it wears out.

Rules for choosing textiles for hotels

There are many factors that affect positive memories of visiting a place. Hotel towels are a small element that has a strong impact on the impression of the guests, shows the care for them. Therefore, the choice should be approached responsibly.

It is necessary to pay attention to the condition of the pile, the properties of the fabric, possible shrinkage, edge processing. The main quality indicators are described in the manufacturers certificate. The higher the density, the greater the price and stiffness that may appear if improper care is taken. Most hotel and motel owners approve of the following important features for evaluating textile quality:

  • Made from 100% cotton.
  • Shrinkage no more than 10%.
  • Only two ends are stitched, the others are trimmed. Thanks to this, the construction is stronger, dries quickly and less abrasion.
  • Seam up to 60 mm wide.
  • Long-lasting color and whiteness of towels.

One Of the most important criteria there are maintenance costs. It is not advisable to take towels with a pile density of less than 450 g / m2. If there is a pool or SPA, then for them it is better to stock up with colored, more practical ones that are easily erased. By purchasing quality products, you ensure the loyalty of visitors.

Care Tips

Daily washing, bleaching, drying - for these procedures you need to purchase hotel towels that can withstand these difficult conditions. After the purchase, they must first be washed to wash all the chemicals used during manufacture. If this is not done, the client may have an allergy.

There are 2 technologies by which terry towels for hotels are painted:

  • Reactive. Color changes form around the 30th application.
  • Drum. After it, they do not fade after 120 washings.

The recommended processing temperature for white items is 95 ˚С, for colored items - 60 ˚С. If the product is not designed for high temperatures, some impurities may not be washed: chocolate, butter, shoe polish and others. In this case, liquid chemistry will not save. Of course, you can wash at 90 ˚C to remove the stain, then the dimensions can be reduced by up to 30%. Colorful objects shed significantly. Proper use doubles the service life.

Where to buy hotel towels?

The Sweet Home online store works directly with trusted manufacturers and offers excellent textiles at an affordable cost. A wide assortment allows you to purchase the best option for you. Managers will gladly help with the choice, delivery is carried out as soon as possible. Most hotels want to increase the level of service; textiles play a significant role in this. By purchasing hotel towels in our online store, you will undoubtedly give maximum comfort and coziness to your hotel visitors. Durable and durable, they will last a long time, save money and bring joy to your guests.



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