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Bathrobes for men and women

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-vip-line -vip-line
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The Vip Line terry bathrobe will be a pleasant addition to your trip to the pool or just for a pleasant viewing of your favorite movie. Soft double-sided terry absorbs moisture well, dries quickly and does not lose...
Reina 604 халат Reina 604 халат
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Reina 606 халат Reina 606 халат
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Reina 6105 халат Reina 6105 халат
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We offer you a wonderful dressing gown for women Dila with a towel 50 * 90 from the Turkish manufacturer. The dressing gown is made of double-sided terry cloth based on natural cotton, absorbs moisture well and...
-philippus-bamboo-bathrobe -philippus-bamboo-bathrobe
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We offer you a wonderful Turkish-made Philippus Bamboo Bathrobe. A bathrobe made of terry of high quality and density based on natural bamboo fiber, which will give your skin a pleasant softness and quickly absorb...

Bathrobes for men and women - give warmth to each other

The accessory was created in the East, where it was considered an indicator of a persons excellent taste and wealth. Today it is an important element of home comfort; it is pleasant to wrap yourself in it after a shower or wrapping yourself in a cool evening, drinking hot tea and watching your favorite movie. Buying mens and womens bathrobes is not difficult, first you need to decide for what purpose they are needed and where they will be used. Then you can create your own unmatched cozy image.

High-quality robes: types and advantages

Basically, such items are made from the following materials: terry, cotton, bamboo, modal, polyester, velor, silk ... They are indispensable in the hotel, sanatoriums, when going to the sauna. They allow you to feel comfortable, contribute to relaxation and a quiet pastime in the family circle. There are the following types:

  • For home;
  • Sauna;
  • Universal;
  • For sauna;
  • Knitted.

Universal can be worn at home at any time or after taking water treatments. Also, manufacturers make samples specifically for men, women and children. Most of the robes have a nice color scheme, high density and are decorated with interesting embroidery. Girls tie them on the left side, guys on the right. Bathrobes made from natural raw materials are especially popular. It is worth highlighting their advantages:

  • Breathability;
  • Quickly absorb water;
  • Environmentally friendly;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Wear-resistant.

These accessories are usually quite expensive, so it is best to purchase them directly from the manufacturer. Mens and womens terry dressing gowns will always come in handy in the wardrobe and will be a wonderful gift for loved ones.

How to choose a product?

It is not easy to choose a quality bathrobe, for this you first need to decide on the fabric from which it is manufactured and the right length. The short model will emphasize the beauty of the figure, the long one is great for tall people. For men, definitely take the long version. A short one will not warm enough and looks unpresentable. Secrets of choice:

  • Goods made from natural materials never go out of fashion, they look rich, comfortable and incredibly beautiful. Even with a simple cut, they will be the most popular. No matter what, the feeling of comfort and tranquility is what everyone expects from this little thing.
  • Style. Loose, with a lowered shoulder line is the main sign of quality. It brings joy during dinner, cleaning, reading a book, visiting a SPA. The designers emphasized 2 main types. The first is made without a clear contour with a flared bottom and a wide belt. The second sample is characterized by a free cut on the fasteners, trimmed with ruffles or patch pockets - it will hide imperfections and give a feeling of lightness.
  • The color is often chosen calm, relieving stress after a hard day: white, turquoise, sand, gray, mint. Fashion is constantly changing, the main thing in the choice of everyday clothes is always quality and comfort. You can buy mens and womens bathrobes in the Sweet Home online store. We offer a large selection of sets for a bath and a relaxing holiday from trusted companies. Therefore, it will not be difficult to find products that match your taste.

Care and storage rules

In order for a product to serve for many years, you need to properly care for it. You can wash in a washing machine in a gentle mode at a maximum temperature of 60 ° C. Bleach is only used on white and baby clothes. For cotton models, washing at 95 ° C is allowed, drying in the fresh air to avoid shrinkage. Bamboo items are gently cleaned at 40 ˚С. Models with the addition of polyester are processed at 60 ° C. Velor models require careful maintenance, can be washed in a delicate mode or by hand, do not twist out. Carefully select detergents, ironing through a damp cloth. Mahra dries for a long time as it absorbs a lot of moisture. To keep it fluffy, you don’t have to wash it with your hands. Use a machine wash and never squeeze, so as not to damage the structure of the fabric. Dry in an open space for at least 24 hours, away from direct sunlight, turned inside out.

Mens and womens terry dressing gowns will be soft if you add softening conditioners with silicone. Do not set high spin speeds and do not save on rinsing, in order to preserve the original appearance. We advise you to put them separately so as not to hook the surface with buttons, hooks and other details. It is advisable not to leave them in the bathroom, in order to avoid the entry of harmful microbes and the occurrence of an unpleasant odor. Store in a dry, well-ventilated area. By adhering to the above recommendations, you will preserve their pristine appearance and properties for many years.

Why is it profitable to buy mens and womens dressing gowns at Sweet Home?

At home you want to feel special comfort and coziness, in the best possible way soft terry or velor bathrobes, which you can purchase online in our Sweet Home online store, where models of any size from different materials are presented, will help you with this. They are practical, pleasant to the touch, and can be worn after sleeping or taking a bath. Also, they keep warm on cold evenings and are an elegant piece of clothing. We cooperate directly with trusted manufacturers, delivery is carried out as soon as possible. You do not need to spend time searching for goods. Managers will help you choose the perfect option and make an order with pleasure. We take care of our customers and provide high-quality service.



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