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Blanket cotton jacquard Vladi 140x205 Blanket cotton jacquard Vladi 140x205
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A warm cotton blanket with jacquard weaving will warm you and your loved ones at any cool time of the year. The blanket is made with high quality using natural materials at the famous Vladi factory. This good blanket...
С таким замечательным тёплым одеялом Flora&Fauna Вы легко сможете забыть о городской суете и окунуться в мир комфорта. Гусиный пух, выступающий в качестве наполнителя, обеспечит мягкий и заботливый уют для Вашего...
Quilt Vladi Jacquard Suite 100 x 140 Quilt Vladi Jacquard Suite 100 x 140
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An excellent warm blanket made of sheep’s wool is brought to your attention by the Ukrainian manufacturer TM Vladi . Natural sheep’s wool will warm you much faster than similar synthetic fillers and materials. The...
Paradise Bedding Set with Blanket Paradise Bedding Set with Blanket
Limited special offer
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UAH1,740.80 UAH2,048.00
Charming bedding and a Paradise blanket in one set is a wonderful gift for loved ones or friends. This kit will fully decorate and transform your bed. The bed is made of high quality calico for your comfort. In the...
------- -------
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We offer you a warm blanket MS Camel facilitated from a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer. The blanket is made of high-quality microfiber, and the filler is natural camel hair with the addition of polyamide fiber for...
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The well-known Turkish manufacturer TM TAS presents you a new line of lightweight cotton-filled blankets. A thick fabric cover, pleasant colors and high quality, recognized all over the world, make this blanket the...

Choosing a blanket is a responsible business. This bedding will warm you at night every day, create comfort and coziness. A wide variety of products, materials and sizes allow you to make a choice quickly and enjoy the result. You can purchase the necessary blanket on the Internet: you will save time and money. However, for the purchase to really bring you joy and satisfaction, you need to know what characteristics of the blanket to look at.

Basic criteria for choosing a blanket

All high-quality blankets must meet certain criteria:

  • be hygroscopic;
  • breathe well;
  • do not cause allergic reactions;
  • keep warm;
  • have easy care.

These seemingly elementary things are not always fulfilled. The most negative consequences can be when buying cheap products because of the desire to save. At best, the blanket will quickly deteriorate, at worst it will cause itching and irritation.

Types of blankets

All products of this type differ in the way they are sewn, size, cover material and filler.

Three types of sewing

There are three types of blankets that differ in the way they are sewn:

  • cassette - they consist of separate sections filled with filling. These are the most expensive, but also the most wear-resistant products, since the filler does not go astray, preventing deformation;
  • quilted - the filler is held in the middle with stitched strips made on a special machine. The disadvantages of the product are obvious: if the stitching deteriorates, breaks, then the filler will no longer be fixed properly, it will roll off;
  • Car-steppe blankets are blankets with a decor created by a stitch. The products are beautiful and more durable than their quilted counterparts.


All duvets correspond to the size of the bed and bedding. So, single, one and a half, double and childrens blankets are distinguished.

  • Single: 90x145cm, 100x140cm, 100x145cm, 100x150cm, 110x140cm.
  • One and a half there are such sizes: 140x200cm, 140x205cm, 150x200cm, 150x210cm, 155x200cm, 155x220cm, 160x220cm. At the same time, the standard for the CIS is 140-145x205cm, and for the EU - 155x215cm.
  • The sizes of double blankets: 172x205cm (standard for the CIS), 175x205cm, 180x21 cm, 200x220cm (standard for the EU), 240x220cm.
  • For a crib, the size is one - 120x120cm.

Before buying, check if the blanket will fit your bedding.

Cover material

It is best to prefer a cover made of natural fabric, such as bamboo, cotton or wool. If the synthetic material is of high quality, then you can also buy a blanket with polyester or microfiber, which slightly reduces the cost of the finished product. Some manufacturers add synthetic fibers to natural fibers, which increases wear resistance.

Choosing a filler

The level of warmth of the blanket depends on the filler. This indicator, as a rule, is written on the product packaging and is indicated by dots from 1 (cold) to 5 (warm).

The most popular types of fillers:

  • wool - come from goat, camel, sheep wool. They are distinguished by good air exchange, lightness, warmth. Disadvantages: may roll, cannot be washed - only dry clean, cause allergies;
  • down - may be goose, duck. Blankets are lightweight, warm, very durable. The negative points that you may encounter when using are allergic, voluminous, difficult to clean;
  • bamboo is a wear-resistant filler that can be used at any time of the year. Caring for it is simple and easy. The only caveat is the high cost;
  • holofiber is a synthetic filler, but it works very well. Withstands frequent washing, retains heat, hypoallergenic. In the process of use, it loses its splendor, but not its characteristics;
  • swan down is another synthetic filler for a blanket. Very soft, airy, keeps you warm well.

How to care for the blanket?

Whichever filler you choose, the blanket will still need care if you want, to last a long time.

  • Try to ventilate the blanket at least once a week.
  • Synthetic wash once every few months in a washing machine.
  • Natural only hand wash (except for down feathers and wool - they are not washed at all) at a temperature of 30 degrees.
  • Dry only naturally in a well-ventilated area.
  • Do not hang the blanket under the straight lines sun rays.

Where is the best place to buy a blanket?

Now, in order to buy a good blanket, you dont even have to leave home - the Internet will help you. The trading floors of Internet resources are very popular, and not by chance: here you can find quality products from trusted manufacturers. Buying from official representatives has its undeniable advantages:

  • you will be sure of the high quality of consumables;
  • the tailoring of the products will be solid and well executed;
  • you will be served at a high level, they will answer all your questions;
  • if the product does not fit, you can exchange it.

Benefits of making a purchase in the online store Sweet Home

Shop of home and hotel textiles Sweet Home offers a wide range of good products that will please even the most fastidious customers. We work directly with domestic and foreign suppliers, therefore we guarantee the quality of our products. If you have any questions regarding the products, our experienced consultants will give you comprehensive answers. The assortment includes not only duvets, but also other bedding, as well as bathroom textiles, lingerie, tights, products for children, etc. We are always happy to welcome you in our cozy store!



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