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-arya----200x220-delante -arya----200x220-delante
Limited special offer
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Want to buy bedding with an unusual design? Then a unique Delante bedding set from the famous Turkish textile manufacturer ARYA was created for your bedroom. This is a real work of art. The kit is made of first-class...
-arya----200x220-vasi- -arya----200x220-vasi-
Limited special offer
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An exquisite bedding set delights with a riot of colors and a beautiful design. Sleeping and relaxing on such bedding will be especially comfortable and enjoyable. Silk is light, strong, pleasant to the touch,...
Bella Dona bedding set Oasis silk Bella Dona bedding set Oasis silk
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This bedding set is a great option to refresh your bedroom interior with something new. The kit looks beautiful and fresh, bright orange flowers on a light blue background with dew drops look very natural. The set is...
Nazsu bamboo bedding set Nazsu bamboo bedding set
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Buying bamboo bedding is the right decision for you and your entire family. The Nazsu bamboo bedding set made of bamboo fabric perfectly transfers numerous washings without losing its original shape and appearance....
--15 --15
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A set of silk bedding Versace of amazing beauty, with golden patterns and a soft silk tint is perfect as a gift and for personal use. Such bedding will transform your bedroom, add a touch of sophistication and...
love-you--2-- love-you--2--
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Роскошное атласное постельное бельё Эдельвейс от Love You в бордовых тонах с рисунком пленяет любого. Ткань турецкого производства самого высокого качества. Витиеватые тонкие узоры придают изящества и красоты спальной...

Even 200 years ago, only Chinese emperors and their families could afford to sleep in silk. Thousands of years ago, the healing qualities of the finest silk fiber were noticed: during a night of relaxation in silk attire, a representative of the upper class acquired extraordinary body strength and clarity of mind. Nowadays, everyone can afford the luxury of emperors.

Swit Home online store presents a collection of exquisite bedding made from natural silk and satin from world famous brands.

Unique features of silk and satin bedding

Has therapeutic properties. Medical research has scientifically proven and substantiated the benefits of natural silk for the human body. The finest silk fibers obtained from silkworms contain 18 different amino acids, which have a beneficial effect on the circulatory system of the human body. Natural silk also contains such a unique substance as fibrion. This is a protein that heals the skin, relieves irritation, and stops the inflammatory processes of the epidermis. Fibrion also has a rejuvenating effect on skin cells. Since ancient times, Chinese women have rubbed their bodies with silk cocoons to make their skin particularly soft and tender. Modern doctors recommend sleeping in silk beds for people with joint problems, back pain and various skin diseases. It has been proven that natural silk relieves pain, soothes itching, and promotes the speedy healing of damaged soft tissues.

High hygiene qualities . Natural silk of the highest quality belongs to the hypoallergenic group. It is absolutely safe to sleep in it for asthmatics, small children, allergy sufferers, as well as people experiencing attacks of suffocation in hot weather. The material does not attract dust, has antistatic qualities. Also, silk and satin are resistant to pathogenic microflora, fungi, mold. Ticks and allergens never accumulate in silk canvases.

Good heat transfer and hygroscopic qualities. If you examine the thinnest silk thread under a microscope, it can be noted that inside it is hollow and has a cylindrical structure. Due to this, silk perfectly absorbs moisture coming from the human body. Instantly skips evaporation while remaining dry. Silk and satin fabrics also have the ability of thermoregulation: both in winter and in summer, the optimal temperature for human health is maintained in a silk bed.

Comfort. The unusually soft bedding is pleasant to the touch. It does not leave creases on the skin after a long sleep, which means it does not provoke the formation of wrinkles. Lying in a silk bed, one feels like the pores of the skin breathe. At the same time, silk never causes a greenhouse effect, but on the contrary, in the heat it has a cooling effect and in the cold season creates a comfortable, warm microclimate in bed. Lying in bed from silk or satin, muscle relaxation is felt, the body is immersed in relaxation, sleep becomes calmer and more beneficial.

Durability. The finest silk yarn is one of the strongest natural materials. Silk-satin bed is light and thin, but at the same time durable, does not fade under the sun, does not fade or deform with frequent washing.

The advantages of a bed made of silk- by Switch Home

The price meets the quality. Buying a set of silk bed linen at Swit Home - you you invest money in your health, making sleep not only pleasant, but also more useful, better quality.

Perfect quality. Refined, elegant bed linen is created on modern equipment in compliance with European quality standards. Everything is perfect in silk satin bedding sets: from the quality of the seams to the packaging aesthetics.

Gift sets. You cant think of a more sophisticated gift for an anniversary or wedding than satin chic bedding. Bed sets made of natural silk have such a long service life that your gift will be remembered for the coming decades.

Discounts. The online store constantly operates a system of discounts and promotions. Even the most expensive set of exquisite silk satin bedding can be bought at a bargain price.

Different sets of sets. В Swit Home collection (Sweet Home) presents 26 types of different sets for bed sets of different sizes and configurations. You can buy luxurious bed linen for a double bed with many pillows, and for a one and a half berth of European standards.



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