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First choice bamboo bedding set First choice bamboo bedding set
Limited special offer
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UAH4,317.15 UAH5,079.00
Buy a magnificent bedding set from the famous Turkish manufacturer First Choice - to give a completely new feeling of sleep and impeccable softness. A wide assortment, excellent workmanship of this bedding, the use of...
Cestepe bamboo bedding set Cestepe bamboo bedding set
Limited special offer
UAH3,781.65 UAH4,449.00
Gorgeous high-density bedding based on bamboo fiber will give you wonderful softness of fabric and decorate the interior of your bedroom with original design solutions. Turkish manufacturer Cestepe has taken care of...
Nazsu bamboo bedding set Nazsu bamboo bedding set
rating 0 review
Buying bamboo bedding is the right decision for you and your entire family. The Nazsu bamboo bedding set made of bamboo fabric perfectly transfers numerous washings without losing its original shape and appearance....

Swit Home online store offers a huge selection of bedding sets of different sizes and all kinds of colors from 100% environmentally friendly satin bamboo fabric.

Bedding sets made of satin bamboo in Ukraine are considered something exotic, although all over the world they have long been recognized as one of the most popular and practical, as they serve for a long time, are pleasant to the touch, suitable for allergy sufferers and families with small children. Bamboo fabrics were made in China many centuries ago. During this time, technologies have changed, but the principle remains: 60-70% of the linen is made up of bamboo fibers and 40-70% of cotton. In order to make dense and unusually strong threads, initially the leaves and stems of young bamboo are crushed, undergo a painstaking process of chemical and heat treatment. To obtain a high-quality, durable satin fabric, bamboo and cotton threads are intertwined in a complex order, where 4-5 thick threads are made on the wrong side and 1-2 finest bamboo fibers twisted into a bundle are laid out on a smooth surface. Thus, the fabric acquires a satin sheen and high strength.

Distinctive qualities of a satin-bamboo bed

  • 100% environmentally friendly material. High quality raw materials are used in the manufacture of fabric. The processing technology of bamboo fibers eliminates the use of toxic substances or caustic dyes. Satin bamboo fabric does not contain synthetic threads and belongs to 100% natural fabric, the basis of which is vegetable raw materials.
  • Hypoallergenic fabric. It is bamboo fiber that includes fabrics for clothing for premature and newborn babies. A satin bamboo bed has a high degree of hygiene - does not attract dust particles and allergens, ideal for people with particularly sensitive epidermis.
  • High level of air permeability and hygroscopicity. The fabric does not hold, but quickly passes heat, air and damp fumes. If the body sweats, the liquid is instantly absorbed, dries up, the fabric quickly erodes, remaining dry.
  • Thermally neutral. Bamboo sateen has a unique ability to maintain optimal body temperature in hot or cold weather .
  • Antibacterial. Even if the bedding set has not been used for a long time, dust mites or microorganisms will never get into it.
  • Non-slip texture. The underside of satin bamboo is slightly rough. This ensures a snug fit and fixation of the sheet on the bed. During sleep, the body does not slip on the bed and does not feel discomfort.
  • Does not absorb odors. A bamboo bed will never retain body odor or only briefly retain the fragrance of washing powder. Due to its excellent breathability, the fabric quickly erodes.
  • Does not electrify. Natural fabric does not stick to the body and does not accumulate positively charged particles, removes electrification from underwear.

How to determine the quality of the presence of bamboo fibers in the fabric?

  1. A canvas in which there is at least 40-50% of natural bamboo threads has an olive, light gray or milky white hue. Although rare, snow-white bamboo fabrics are found.
  2. To the touch, high-quality satin-bamboo bedding should be slightly dense, not hard and not brittle. If you hold such a fabric in a fist for 4-7 seconds, there should be no persistent creases, it should straighten up tightly soon.
  3. The fabric should have a delicate, natural, grassy or neutral aroma. If there is an artificial smell, even if it is very pleasant, most likely the manufacturers pre-treated the fabric with an antistatic or paint fixative.
  4. The basis of the satin bamboo fabric includes smooth, soft, twisted threads. Therefore, upon contact with the skin, natural linen gives a silky feeling. If small roughness occurs in the fabric structure, this is a sign of poor quality raw materials.

Recommendations for the care of bamboo underwear

  • To preserve the brightness of the printed design, turn the bed inside out before washing
  • Sets, if possible, it is recommended to wash by hand, but machine wash at temperatures up to + 30C is also applicable in a gentle mode, without auto-drying
  • It is better to choose washing powders without coloring, bleaching microgranules
  • Immediately after washing, the kit must be hung up, if you let the bamboo cloth dry slightly in a crumpled state, it will be more difficult later iron
  • It is ideal to dry the bed in a straightened horizontal position on the dryer
  • For drying, it is better to choose open spaces away from direct sunlight.
  • The bed is better to iron out if it is flat Do not dry or use hot steam while ironing.



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