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MS BAMBOO BLANKET is a lightweight ideal choice for a home with good heating in the cool period, as well as for “hot” people. The blanket is breathable, helping to create optimal conditions for a comfortable sleep....
Give yourself and your loved ones warmth and comfort along with a warm winter blanket from a famous Ukrainian manufacturer. Soft and sturdy quilted microfiber case, contains a warm and safe holofiber filler that will...

Choosing bed linens for hotels, you risk a lot, because the bedroom is the hallmark of any recreational and entertainment complex. A large number of different factors should be acceptable to both the owner of the hotel and its guests. And the latter form an impression of the institution based on their impressions of rest and sleep. A comfortable lodging for the guests is provided by selecting the optimal set of bed linen, mattress, pillows and other accessories.

On the site there is a separate catalog with blankets for hotels with the mark "Hotel line". These models are optimally matched in design, quality of performance and conditions of maintenance for the hotel business. It is also worth noting that our online store has the lowest prices for similar accessories on the Ukrainian market due to direct supplies from the manufacturer.

Since we have touched upon the issue of manufacturers, lets list them:

  • “Love You” is a Ukrainian manufacturer that produces a large assortment of knitwear, including bedding from Chinese and Turkish fabrics. It focuses on all price segments of the CPB.
  • The Magic of Dreams trademark is a Ukrainian manufacturer of home textiles Starteks-KM LLC, which is aimed at producing pillows, blankets, bed linen. They offer only high-quality knitwear using permanent dyes and natural substances.

Want to successfully buy a blanket for a hotel? Lets look at a few simple and concise tips in this difficult matter.

The process of choosing the length of the product should not rest on the average growth rate of people. We advise you to take with a margin, as long people may experience discomfort in your room. From words to numbers: for a double bed, choose a blanket with dimensions of 220 * 200 centimeters, 150 * 210 - for a single bed. Childrens sanatoriums should also adhere to the dimensions 145 * 205.

The firmware is better to choose the cassette type of assembly. Such knitted models do not allow the fibers to wrinkle and prevent deformation. This means that blankets for hotels with this type of firmware will keep a new look for a long time. Agree, this is important.

As for the neatness of the seams, they must be well pierced and hold tight, the quality of the drawings, if any, and the uniformity clearly demonstrate the quality of the blanket.

Density is another of the main indicators of product quality. The filler should be evenly distributed over the cover. Some artificial threads are in no way inferior to natural ones in terms of hypoallergenicity, and in terms of wear resistance they only win. Well, do not forget that such products are also cheaper than their natural counterparts.

Pluses of the microfiber blanket

  • Good fiber ventilation. The air is not trapped and the body can breathe perfectly comfortably under the blanket.
  • Does not absorb odors.
  • When deformed, it quickly restores its original shape and shape.
  • Does not accumulate moisture in itself and thus does not create a favorable microflora for the development of various microorganisms, mites and fungi.
  • Good warms.
  • Excellently subject to "cleaning", dries quickly, almost all stains are washed off.
  • Hypoallergenic materials.

How to buy a blanket in our store?

  • In the product window, select the appropriate size, color and number of pieces for the product.
  • Click on the button "One-click purchase". If this is not your only purchase, then click on the Buy button. This will go to the “shopping cart”.
  • After all the selected models, visit the “shopping cart” and after filling in the main fields (marked with asterisks) click on “checkout”.

If you have any questions during the selection process, write to support. We will be happy to help via chat or mobile phone.



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