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Bed linen for children

  • Bed linen for newborns

    Bed linen for newborns

    <p> In the section "bedding for newborns" products are presented that consist of 100% cotton. The basis of the product is high-quality and ecological coarse calico, medium density. Bed linen for newborns made of coarse calico is light, but durable. Thus, the products presented in this section are very durable. </p> <p> Sets of the TAC trademark are bright and attractive, light and durable. The color scheme will delight moms and dads, suitable for both boys and girls. </p>
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-first-bamboo-bebek- -first-bamboo-bebek-
rating 0 review
Buy a set of baby bedding and bamboo - give tenderness and care to your baby. Bamboo fiber has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it is very soft, light, and absorbs moisture well. Such bedding will give...
Clas Baby bedding set Clas Baby bedding set
rating 0 review
Clas Baby bedding set for babies will make your bed comfortable and soft, give your baby a quiet, sweet sleep. Made in a pleasant color scheme with bright interesting images that will attract the attention of the...
Bed linen Halley Young Stil Bed linen Halley Young Stil
rating 0 review
One and a half bedding Halley Young Stil, will be a pleasant gift for your children and a bright addition to the childrens room. The bedding is made by the famous Turkish manufacturer from soft ranfor for the...
tac-baby- tac-baby-
rating 0 review
PROMOTION! We offer you to buy a wonderful Turkish bedding TAC BABY. The bed is made of high quality soft ranfors fabric, based on natural cotton. The bed was free from flaws, defects and damages, but the...
Bedding set Nazenin bebe Bedding set Nazenin bebe
rating 0 review
Buy a Nazenin bebe bedding set - to make your baby’s bedroom stylish and cozy. Bright design attracts attention and creates a great mood for the child. Among a large assortment and different colors you are sure to...
Baby crib set Bella Donna Baby crib set Bella Donna
rating 0 review
Another great crib kit from the Turkish brand Bella Donna. The set is perfectly made of high-quality soft cotton fiber, so that your child enjoys a calm and gentle sleep. Bed linen can be machine washed and dried out...
th------bebe-baby-family th------bebe-baby-family
rating 0 review
A beautiful bedding set + piquet Tivolyo Home Baby LOVELY is ready to give your softness to your kids. Made by a famous Turkish manufacturer of environmentally friendly and harmless materials. The fabric is soft...
th------bebe-baby-family th------bebe-baby-family
rating 0 review
We offer you a quality bedding set for children Tivolyo Home Baby POURTOL. The kit is made of high quality satin fabric based on the best Turkish quality. The kit includes a duvet cover, a sheet, two pillowcases and...
Bed linen TAC bebi ARI VIZZ VIZZ Bed linen TAC bebi ARI VIZZ VIZZ
rating 0 review
We suggest you buy bed linen TAC bebi ARI VIZZ VIZZ in the crib for your little sun. The kit is made by one of the best Turkish manufacturers with the TAS trademark from soft ranforce based on the best cotton. The...
Nazenin Teenage bedding set Nazenin Teenage bedding set
rating 0 review
A bedding set for teens Nazenin Teenage is characterized by a printed youth pattern and fashionable colors. The kit includes a duvet cover, a sheet and two pillowcases of different sizes, all made in the same style....
-sevil-15- -sevil-15-
rating 0 review
Bright and colorful Sevil baby bedding sets will suit both the boy and the girl. Funny drawings and stories will delight your child. The Turkish manufacturer has provided high quality materials for these products....
love-you---3--cr-398 love-you---3--cr-398
rating 0 review
The bedding set was created by the famous Turkish textile manufacturer Love You. Thanks to the delicate design, the bedding set is suitable for both girls and boys. The masters used satin fabric for sewing, which...

How to buy baby bedding for comfort and healthy sleep?

The key to a sound and healthy sleep is the naturalness of fabrics, because it is then that it restores strength and grows. The first individual elements of the kits began to be made in Ancient Egypt, when linen yarn was created. The craftsmen decorated it with floral prints. Only the rich could afford this luxury. Later, such beautiful linen was sewn from Egyptian cotton and silk. In the XV century, more raw materials, ways of sewing, and jewelry appeared. Since then, this industry has developed. Nowadays, on the shelves, you can find both a product for adults and for children. Are they different? Lets understand.

If you want to buy baby bedding, then carefully approach the choice. It should be durable and safe, also have the right size, and, of course, like crumbs. That is why you should take into account all the features, so that in the future the atmosphere of comfort, warmth and tranquility always reigned in the room.

What material to buy linen from?

From which threads to take textiles? Parents are constantly asking this question. The main thing is the composition. Manufacturers focus on the naturalness and practicality of the material. Popular materials:

  • Ranfors: improved quality coarse calico fabric. It uses diagonal weaving, which makes it more dense, soft, silky and durable. The price of ranfors bedding is quite large.
  • Satin: has low thermal conductivity, lightweight, resistant to wear, does not cause allergies, does not crease.
  • Coarse calico: can withstand many washes without losing its original appearance , easy to iron, quick-drying, breathable and does not accumulate static electricity.

Here you can also look after yourself and buy underwear made of other fabrics. The natural basis of all these canvases does not accompany the appearance of irritations on the skin, has excellent hygroscopicity and promotes good sleep.

Beautiful underwear for the child must also be of high quality

Every mother has it sooner or later the question of the selection of hypoallergenic textiles. Sleep is an integral part not only for adults, but also for the little inhabitants of our planet, whose life has just begun. While resting, nothing should interfere with the way to comfort and convenience, therefore the canvas should be pleasant, delicate, practical and durable.

In the first months, the baby may get nervous or cry for unknown reasons. Defining the problem is not easy. It happens that the slightest tingling from a feather that has broken out of a pillow affects his mood. Therefore, choose a dense fabric to get rid of such situations.

The price of bed linen depends not only on the appearance, but also on the fibers from which it is sewn. Pick up a durable, natural copy of neutral shades.
So, crying without obvious factors is the first sign to take a closer look at the kit. It may need to be replaced with a more suitable one.

What to look for before buying baby bedding?
To create a comfortable day or night rest, consider the following:

  • Composition. This is the most important criterion. Do not spare your time, read the composition on etiquette, because the health of your offspring is in the foreground. Doctors and specialists recommend taking natural products. What is suitable? Linen, satin, silk, ranfors, bamboo. These options have anti-allergenic properties, soft to the touch, and are not at all harmful to others.
  • Clasps. It would seem that this is such a trifle, but even small buttons can cause discomfort. Even expensive and beautiful linen cannot guarantee comfort. It is best if the blanket will be fixed in a duvet cover with a zipper, Velcro or have a standard hole.
  • Size. The parameters of the accessories are selected exactly with the dimensions of the bed, otherwise it threatens to roll and unpleasant lumps.

What care is required?

Read all the recommendations on the tag. Often, such a piece of home textiles is machine washed. Use of mild and non-aggressive detergents is allowed. Drying is advised in a room with open air access and not in direct sunlight.

Where to buy linen at a low price?

Sweet Home is engaged in retail and wholesale sales . There are promotions, cumulative bonus discounts, discounts when buying from 3 units. The cost is not hidden, you do not need to call managers for this.
The popularity of such gifts is growing on the eve of New Year, Christmas, Easter and other holidays. During this period, there are many people in ordinary stores, the cost rises, and the range decreases. What to do? The most rational way is to make a purchase online.

7 advantages of purchasing online:

  • Savings;
  • Minimum time;
  • Easy checkout;
  • Large assortment of goods;
  • No queue;
  • Fast delivery;
  • Convenient payment method.

The parcel will be delivered in 3-5 days throughout Ukraine. The price of bed linen is significantly lower than that of competitors. What is the reason for this? And all due to the fact that we cooperate with manufacturers directly and without intermediaries. Everything comes directly to our warehouse, from where it is dispatched shortly to the happy owners of the valuable product.



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