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Tablecloth TAC Hotel Life Tablecloth TAC Hotel Life
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An excellent tablecloth from the TAS trademark will delight you with its snow-white beauty and excellent quality of performance for a long time. Buy a tablecloth made of satin - to decorate the kitchen, living room...
--cicek-elfin-160220 --cicek-elfin-160220
rating 0 review
We offer you a wonderful tablecloth Cicek Elfin from a well-known Turkish manufacturer. Made of soft jacquard and complemented by lace edging, this tablecloth will undoubtedly give you a good mood and will become a...
Tablecloth Verolli KDK ED-40 Tablecloth Verolli KDK ED-40
rating 0 review
Buying a tablecloth Verolli KDK ED-40 is a great idea for a beautiful and practical decoration of your kitchen. Made of their soft and strong jacquard, decorated with embroidery and complemented with lace trim, it...
Tablecloth Cicek Sumce Stones Tablecloth Cicek Sumce Stones
rating 0 review
A beautiful Cicek Sumce tablecloth with stones will amaze you with its quality and design. Decorated with beautiful lace piping and decorative stones, it will undoubtedly become your favorite tablecloth. The model...
Tablecloth Verolli ED-180 Tablecloth Verolli ED-180
rating 0 review
The tablecloth on the table Verolli ED-180 impresses with its sophistication and originality. The Turkish manufacturer used the best fabric for the beauty of your home and interior. It is decorated with a pleasant...
Tablecloth KAYAOGLU Gloria Tablecloth KAYAOGLU Gloria
rating 0 review
You can buy a KAYAOGLU Gloria tablecloth from a well-known manufacturer of the textile industry on either a rectangular or a round table. Pleasant classic colors, high quality and durable embroidery are the main...
-verolli-cazibe-set- -verolli-cazibe-set-
rating 0 review
Tablecloth Verolli Cazibe set with decorative napkins and napkin holders, made of tapestry fabric of high softness and density. The set is decorated with a beautiful pattern of jacquard weaving threads, which looks...
Tablecloth TAC Raschel Tablecloth TAC Raschel
rating 0 review
Buy a luxurious tablecloth from the famous Turkish manufacturer TAS - decorate your holiday table and create a cozy atmosphere. The tablecloth is made of cotton fabric and complemented with tulle. Guests will...

What is the best tablecloth to buy for a festive and everyday table?

Every housewife has this textile product in her arsenal. With it, even the simplest serving of an ordinary dinner becomes festive and takes on a radically new look. Without this item, not a single celebration takes place, for example, a birthday, a wedding or anniversaries. Have you already guessed what will be discussed next?

A tablecloth is an irreplaceable thing in the design. This fabric began to be used with the advent of the first yarns. What was it intended for at the beginning? As it turned out, beauty faded into the background. There was no furniture as such then due to the lack of modern technology. Surfaces were not coated with varnish or paint. All the manipulations that were carried out were scraping in order to remove dirt and microbes brought in with food intake. For 10-20 years of operation, the countertop had a completely unpresentable appearance. In addition, there was a sign that you can’t say bad words on a tree that has absorbed moisture. All this served as the beginning of the use of canvases.

Today it is a universal element of decor that can be found on the shelves of any specialized store. Now there are no such problems with hygiene, but the desire to preserve the surface and decorate the holiday remains. What materials are used for sewing? Find out more.

What are modern manufacturers of tablecloths made of?

This industry uses natural and synthetic fibers, as well as their combination, in yarn. Therefore, carefully look at the composition.

The most common fabrics:

  • Jacquard. Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801 invented a special loom, on which this fabric was woven with a large and complex pattern. The main feature is the regularly repeated woven pattern. Thanks to this embossed pattern, a rectangular or round tablecloth looks noble and sophisticated. This method of weaving makes it also dense (250 g / m), strong, and resistant to deformation. It does not require complex maintenance and is pleasant to the touch. Natural jacquard is quite expensive.
  • Tapestry. Tapestry acquisition has density and durability. An excellent option for the kitchen, as it serves for a long time without losing its original shape and color.
  • Decorative silk. It has an extremely pleasant texture to the touch. It is safe for all age categories, keeps its shape well, and is hygroscopic. The flowing effect will transform the table setting and make it unique.
  • Satin. Cotton yarn has excellent absorbency properties. Do not be afraid for durability, because it can withstand a large number of washings, while not changing the original quality. Does not cause allergic reactions, dries quickly and is easy to iron.

You can buy a tablecloth on the Sweet Home website. The assortment is constantly updated, and you can check with our managers about the availability and colors.

What are the shapes and sizes of tablecloths?

These parameters depend on the dimensions of the table. Also, recently it has become fashionable to cover the tabletop with two options of different sizes at the same time. Often, the bottom is longer and white, while the top is small and colored. They are in shape:

  • rectangular;
  • square;
  • oval;
  • round.

Popular sizes:

  • diameter 160 cm;
  • 160 * 220 cm;
  • 160 * 300 cm;
  • 160 * 350 cm;
  • 160 * 240 cm;
  • 180 * 350 cm;
  • 160 * 260 cm;
  • 160 * 280 cm.

It is considered acceptable if the edges hang from the table by at least 20 centimeters. And if you choose an option for a celebration, it is better if the legs of the table are completely covered as much as possible. But these are far from all the sizes that are presented on our website. Moreover, the assortment is expanding, and you will definitely choose the best option.

How can you keep the tablecloth fresh for a long time?

Before the meal, prepare alcohol, hodgepodge and napkins. If a trace of wine appears, dry it with a paper towel, wipe it with a sponge soaked in cold water, and then sprinkle with salt; from fat - soak with a paper product or bread and cover with salt; from fruits, juice or berries - wipe with lemon.

Never leave damp laundry for a long time, because mold may develop. Soak in cold water before washing, and brush off any leftover food. Read the instructions on the label and adhere to the specified temperature reading. Do not load the drum of the washing machine more than 70%.

Where can you buy a tablecloth at a low price?

SweetHome online store provides its customers only quality goods. We cooperate with textile manufacturers exclusively directly and without intermediaries, which can significantly reduce the price of goods and delivery time. That is why the cost is so different from analogs in retail stores. Moreover, wholesale buyers receive a discount of 10% of the total cost when purchasing a certain amount of one item. On the site you will also find a product with a reduced price. Products are delivered throughout Ukraine. You choose any method of delivery convenient for you. If you still have questions, please contact our online managers who will be happy to answer them.



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