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HOBBY Imperial Satin Suite Bedding Set HOBBY Imperial Satin Suite Bedding Set
rating 0 review
Gorgeous pattern and bright colors in the new bedding from the brand and the Turkish manufacturer HOBBY. Incredibly soft satin - luxury will give you great sleep and relaxation, and high quality will allow you to...
th--cristina-flock th--cristina-flock
rating 0 review
In the beautiful Tivolyo Home Cristina Flock bedding set you will find a great combination of silk beauty and soft satin fabric. The Turkish manufacturer made sure that you not only enjoyed a pleasant sleep and...
hasben-gipurlu-pike-set hasben-gipurlu-pike-set
rating 0 review
A magnificent set of bedding with a blanket will pleasantly surprise you. The kit from the popular Turkish manufacturer Hasben Gipurlu Pike Set will fill your bedroom with air and a feeling of freshness. Soft...
TAC delux Prestige bedding set TAC delux Prestige bedding set
rating 0 review
A wonderful set of bedding from the TAS brand will be a pleasant purchase for you and will present an excellent light mood. High-quality satin of high density will give you excellent softness and a wonderful dream....
th---punto-su-yesili- th---punto-su-yesili-
rating 0 review
The bedding set Tivolyo Home Punto is not as simple as it looks at first glance. The kit is made of the best Turkish satin, decorated with small flowers and has a high density. Undoubtedly, sleep and relaxation on...
Tivolyo Home Minoso bedding set Tivolyo Home Minoso bedding set
rating 0 review
We are pleased to present to your attention an excellent Turkish Tivolyo Home Minoso bedding set. The set includes: a duvet cover, a sheet and four pillowcases trimmed with magnificent lace. Bed linen is made of...

If there is a task to buy an elite, high-quality textile for the bedroom - you should pay attention to bed sets made of satin-luxury VIP . SW EE T HOME online store presents more than 300 models of beautiful, durable and pleasant to the body bedding sets made of 100% natural luxury satin fabric VIP , which combines all the best qualities.

No wonder this exclusive canvas has a second name - cotton silk. The satin luxury feels like a delicate rose petal - the same thin, light, weightless and silky. But behind the visible sophistication of natural fabrics, there is an extraordinary durability. Satin luxury is one of the strongest natural fabrics. This material is made from special varieties of fine fiber cotton, which undergoes special processing (mercerization), due to which the cotton fibers acquire a silky smoothness, a light satin sheen and an unusually strong structure. The complex weaving of strong threads also gives special strength to the fabric: the seamy side is made up of 2-3 thick threads, and the front side is laid out from a thinner twisted thread. The mercerized cotton is silky to the touch, not slippery, practically does not wrinkle, can be easily washed in a regular automatic machine and just as easily ironed.

Why is luxury satin a VIP product?

  • Underwear that improves the quality of life. A set of sateen suite is a bed in which you want to fall asleep and wake up. One of the most important advantages of chic bedding is that it gives an unusually pleasant tactile and emotional feeling. In a silky, tender bed, the body receives a relaxation session, after which not only mood improves, but also physical and mental performance. Scientists have proven that people who do not save on their comfort are less prone to stress and depression.
  • A bed that does not harm, but strengthens health. The fact that a person spend 1/3 of his life in a dream deserves a careful approach to choosing linen for a sleeping bed. Luxury satin is a 100% natural cotton fabric that has a beneficial effect on health. It is safe to say that while a person sleeps, his body receives a charge of energy, muscles relax as much as possible, the skin breathes, which means that the aging process slows down. Thus, sleeping in a high-quality satin-luxury bed also has a therapeutic effect.
  • Textiles that do not require much VIP care ... Satin luxury with all its chic and sophistication does not belong to capricious fabrics. The bed can be washed in an automatic machine. The only condition for the fabric to retain the brightness of the pattern, the duvet cover and pillowcases must be turned inside out before washing and do not use aggressive bleaches, as they thin natural cotton fibers.
  • Payment is not a brand, but high quality products . The collection of satin luxury bedding sets is represented by the best manufacturers who produce home textiles using modern technologies in compliance with European standards. The highest class of products is evidenced by everything: from gift, respectable packaging, to perfectly laid special seams that preserve the integrity of the product after 300-400 wash cycles.

Distinctive features of bedding sets from Satin Suite VIP

  1. Creates the perfect microclimate in a sleeping place. Cotton holds heat well, but does not cause heat in summer, since it has a unique property of thermoregulation, i.e. adjustment to the optimal body temperature. Due to its hygroscopicity and breathability, a satin luxury bed quickly absorbs moisture and instantly ventilates, remaining always dry. Natural cotton fibers are not afraid of allergens, fungi, dust mites - they simply do not start in them and therefore do not multiply. The bed maintains high hygiene even after many years of use.
  2. Comfortable to use. Despite its similarity to silk, luxury satin does not slip. He practically does not wrinkle. To make the bed look always well-groomed, just shake and straighten the sheet and blanket, beat the pillow and sleeper again and will have a perfect look.
  3. Serves at least 10 years with normal care. The impeccable wear resistance of bedding is due to the high quality of tailoring and the first-class, strong linen satin luxury VIP . This thin fabric withstands at least 400 washing cycles, and practically does not deform: it does not sit, does not warp, its density and brightness remain unchanged.



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