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  • Bed linen for children

    Bed linen for children

    <h2> How to buy baby bedding for comfort and healthy sleep? </h2> <p> The key to a sound and healthy sleep is the naturalness of fabrics, because it is then that it restores strength and grows. The first individual elements of the kits began to be made in Ancient Egypt, when linen yarn was created. The craftsmen decorated it with floral prints. Only the rich could afford this luxury. Later, such beautiful linen was sewn from Egyptian cotton and silk. In the XV century, more raw materials, ways of sewing, and jewelry appeared. Since then, this industry has developed. Nowadays, on the shelves, you can find both a product for adults and for children. Are they different? Lets understand. </p> <p> If you want to buy baby bedding, then carefully approach the choice. It should be durable and safe, also have the right size, and, of course, like crumbs. That is why you should take into account all the features, so that in the future the atmosphere of comfort, warmth and tranquility always reigned in the room. </p> <h3> What material to buy linen from? </h3> <p> From which threads to take textiles? Parents are constantly asking this question. The main thing is the composition. Manufacturers focus on the naturalness and practicality of the material. Popular materials: </p> <ul> <li> Ranfors: improved quality coarse calico fabric. It uses diagonal weaving, which makes it more dense, soft, silky and durable. The price of ranfors bedding is quite large. </li> <li> Satin: has low thermal conductivity, lightweight, resistant to wear, does not cause allergies, does not crease. </li> <li> Coarse calico: can withstand many washes without losing its original appearance , easy to iron, quick-drying, breathable and does not accumulate static electricity. </li> </ul> <p> Here you can also look after yourself and buy underwear made of other fabrics. The natural basis of all these canvases does not accompany the appearance of irritations on the skin, has excellent hygroscopicity and promotes good sleep. </p> <h3> Beautiful underwear for the child must also be of high quality </h3> <p> Every mother has it sooner or later the question of the selection of hypoallergenic textiles. Sleep is an integral part not only for adults, but also for the little inhabitants of our planet, whose life has just begun. While resting, nothing should interfere with the way to comfort and convenience, therefore the canvas should be pleasant, delicate, practical and durable. </p> <p> In the first months, the baby may get nervous or cry for unknown reasons. Defining the problem is not easy. It happens that the slightest tingling from a feather that has broken out of a pillow affects his mood. Therefore, choose a dense fabric to get rid of such situations. </p> <p> The price of bed linen depends not only on the appearance, but also on the fibers from which it is sewn. Pick up a durable, natural copy of neutral shades. <br /> So, crying without obvious factors is the first sign to take a closer look at the kit. It may need to be replaced with a more suitable one. </p> <p> What to look for before buying baby bedding? <br /> To create a comfortable day or night rest, consider the following: </p> <ul> <li> Composition. This is the most important criterion. Do not spare your time, read the composition on etiquette, because the health of your offspring is in the foreground. Doctors and specialists recommend taking natural products. What is suitable? Linen, satin, silk, ranfors, bamboo. These options have anti-allergenic properties, soft to the touch, and are not at all harmful to others. </li> <li> Clasps. It would seem that this is such a trifle, but even small buttons can cause discomfort. Even expensive and beautiful linen cannot guarantee comfort. It is best if the blanket will be fixed in a duvet cover with a zipper, Velcro or have a standard hole. </li> <li> Size. The parameters of the accessories are selected exactly with the dimensions of the bed, otherwise it threatens to roll and unpleasant lumps. </li> </ul> <h3> What care is required? </h3> <p> Read all the recommendations on the tag. Often, such a piece of home textiles is machine washed. Use of mild and non-aggressive detergents is allowed. Drying is advised in a room with open air access and not in direct sunlight. </p> <h2> Where to buy linen at a low price? </h2> <p> Sweet Home is engaged in retail and wholesale sales . There are promotions, cumulative bonus discounts, discounts when buying from 3 units. The cost is not hidden, you do not need to call managers for this. <br /> The popularity of such gifts is growing on the eve of New Year, Christmas, Easter and other holidays. During this period, there are many people in ordinary stores, the cost rises, and the range decreases. What to do? The most rational way is to make a purchase online. </p> <p> 7 advantages of purchasing online: </p> <ul> <li> Savings; </li> <li> Minimum time; </li> <li > Easy checkout; </li> <li> Large assortment of goods; </li> <li> No queue; </li> <li> Fast delivery; </li> <li> Convenient payment method. </li> </ul> <p> The parcel will be delivered in 3-5 days throughout Ukraine. The price of bed linen is significantly lower than that of competitors. What is the reason for this? And all due to the fact that we cooperate with manufacturers directly and without intermediaries. Everything comes directly to our warehouse, from where it is dispatched shortly to the happy owners of the valuable product. </p>
  • Blankets for children

    Blankets for children

    <h2> What you need to know about the baby blanket, what it is made of and where to buy </h2> <p> Planning to buy a warm and soft blanket for your baby? Then we have a few recommendations for you to help you choose a really high quality product at a reasonable price! </p> <ol> <li> Choose by height. </li> <li> Focus on the tastes of the baby and buy what will please him. </li> <li> And, of course, pay attention to the quality! </li> </ol> <p> We offer you order a microfiber blanket. </p> <h3> Why microfiber? </h3> <p> This is a pile that has a high level of moisture absorption and resistance to dirt. Also, the cost is important, it is quite democratic and acceptable for everyone who wants to buy it. Microfiber blankets for children are an example of quality and advanced technologies in textile production. Such a soft and beautiful, it will surely appeal to your little child and will delight and warm it. </p> <h3> How to choose the right one? </h3> <p> We figured out the quality, now lets move on to the next factor, namely size and style. The sizes should correspond to the height, the blanket should completely cover the baby and at the same time be slightly longer than the height, so it will be convenient to wrap up in the blanket even at night, if the child turns over or stretches out on the bed, the covers will be enough for him not to freeze. Buying a blanket is not advisable, because if you plan to make a thing last for a long time, it is better to take it a little more, the child will grow up, and the blanket will come in handy. But also do not order too large, it can be simply uncomfortable to sleep with. </p> <h3> Style and appearance of the blanket </h3> <p> All kids love bright and cheerful colors. And it doesnt matter - its just a book with pictures, clothes or kits for a good and sweet sleep. Please your baby, choose the blanket that he likes. You can even choose together by viewing the catalog and the proposed lineup. For example, we have with a giraffe, cubs and monochrome, minimalistic. The child should be pleased to come to his room and relax there, so create him all the conditions for this. After all, children are afraid to stay alone, do not want to sleep at home and run to their parents. One of the ways to solve this problem may just be the arrangement of space. Find out what the baby is interested in and what he doesnt like. The chosen design and all the components of the room will create coziness, and the child will go to his own place, because he will feel good in his <br /> personal space. </p> <p> If you want to give a gift to your son or daughter, this is great a set of blankets and toys will do. </p> <h3> Rules of care and use </h3> <p> It all depends on which option you prefer. If it is a very light shade, then wash it often on a delicate cycle. Do not use bleaching agents! Firstly, it is harmful to your child, and secondly, it will make the bedspread very hard and unpleasant to the touch. If you have chosen a bright product, you shouldn’t wash it as often as white, but you should adhere to the following rules: </p> <ul> <li> always make the bed, and not leave a blanket on the floor; </li> <li> allocate a separate shelf for it in the cabinet; </li> <li> wash in a delicate mode at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees; </li> <li> be sure to iron or lightly steam the item. </li> </ul> <p> If the child cleans the room himself, tell him how to treat things correctly and carefully. With proper care and maintenance, the item will serve you for a long time and will warm you on cold evenings. </p> <h2> Where is better to order? </h2> <p> There are a lot of manufacturers of products for children today, but we recommend that you choose purchase in the Sweet Home online store. Firstly, you do not waste your time looking for the product you need, but immediately look through the entire catalog. Secondly, you save your money, because prices on online platforms are much lower than market prices. The products you order will be delivered to your home in a short time. </p> <h3> Why is it worth buying a product in the Sweet Home store? </h3> <p> We present a high-quality model range from time-tested manufacturers. The wide color gamut of our models will allow you to decide on a purchase very quickly. In order to place an order, select a catalog, then go to the option you like and add it to the cart. If you have any questions, you can ask our consultants. Request a call back or fill out the contact form, we will call you back and clarify all the points you are interested in. We deliver products in Ukraine with such services as: "New Mail", "Intime", "Autolux". It is also possible to take the order out of our warehouse in Kharkov or courier delivery in the city in two ways: </p> <ul> <li> Delivery to the metro station nearest to you; </li> <li> Delivery directly to your home. </li> </ul> <p> We will be happy to make your life more comfortable and comfortable! We hope that our products will bring you joy and make the interior bright and comfortable. We are waiting for your orders! </p>
  • Robes for teens

    Robes for teens

    <h2> Bathrobes for teens in the Sweet Home online store </h2> <p> Children want to be like adults, and one of the signs of their seriousness, recognition as a person, is individual home clothes. Instead of regular towels, they start to use fluffy terry robes for teens. Thanks to the soft material, these products look childishly charming, at the same time solid and strict. Caring parents know that a soft terry bathrobe will perfectly protect the child from the cold and give comfort after taking water procedures. You can carry it at home, take it with you to the water park or pool. This textile item is worn on a naked body, so it is better to choose options made from natural fibers, hypoallergenic and durable. </p> <h3> General characteristics </h3> <p> Entering the bathroom in winter, we feel the coolness of the tiles . To preserve immunity, you will need warm terry bathrobes. In addition, these items will help to instill in the child a sense of concern for their health. Toddlers are happy to dress up bright, comfortable accessories with attractive and fun designs. Schoolchildren have their own taste and it is better for them to purchase solid colors in a pleasant color scheme. </p> <p> They are produced using modern equipment and the use of special types of yarn to ensure their high moisture absorption and durability. Mahra is made from premium cotton to avoid puffs. The products are resistant to washing, after which the shape and color are perfectly preserved. A special anti-shrink technology guarantees the preservation of aesthetic and quality indicators, contributes to a comfortable wear. </p> <p> Products are made comfortable and practical, sewn in a free cut. They give a great mood after a shower and replace the towel due to their high hygroscopicity. It is not necessary to wipe your head, it is enough to hide it in a voluminous hood. Dressing gowns for teens are a wonderful multifunctional wardrobe item for any season, suitable for a boy and a girl. The affordable price will delight parents and allow you to buy a teenage dressing gown for every taste. </p> <h3> Terry robes, benefits </h3> <p> They are worn directly on the body and it is important that they possess such advantages: </p> <ul> <li> Hypoallergenic. They are made from natural and synthetic raw materials: linen, cotton, polyester. </li> <li> Excellent breathability, which allows you to regulate the heat transfer of the body. The child will not sweat in a hot room and will not freeze in a cold one. </li> <li> Has a massage effect with the inner side of the pile. The product will give softness, relaxation and soothe nerves. </li> </ul> <h3> How to choose the best bathrobes for teens? </h3> <p> It is not difficult to choose a quality copy for children 13-14 years old, you need to familiarize yourself with some criteria. The colors can be very different, some models contain a hood, others have a collar, patch pockets and a belt are also provided in size. There are also differences in composition: </p> <ul> <li> from polyester - wear-resistant synthetic matter; </li> <li> from microfiber - elastic polymer fibers; </li> <li> from viscose, created on the basis of wood pulp; </li> <li> made of cotton - a perfect option for daily dresses. </li> </ul> <p> Bathrobes for teens from terry have a standard density of 330-340 g / m². Preferably, the textile consists of at least 70% natural raw materials. This <br /> has a positive effect on its properties and level of comfort. </p> <h3> Basic rules of care </h3> <p> Carefully consider the choice of detergent and water temperature. It is not advisable to use bleaches and stain removers, they destroy the structure of the fabric. When placing in the washing machine, do not put together with items containing buttons, zippers or other fasteners. To wash samples from silk or velvet, you must first turn them inside out and start the delicate mode at 30 ° C, in order to avoid molting. Air dry. Dressing gowns for teens will last for many years with proper <br /> care: </p> <ul> <li> Before washing, it is recommended to soak in cool salty water to maintain the color brightness; </li> <li> Wash at a temperature of 40 ˚С ; </li> <li> Do not iron terry cloth; </li> <li> Dry at freezing temperatures using a hanger; </li> <li> Set the minimum speed to avoid deformation. </li> </ul> <p> Using the above tips, you will extend freshness, preserve the original appearance of the product, enjoy its warmth and tenderness for a long time. </p> <h2> Why is it profitable to buy a teenage dressing gown at Sweet Home? </h2> <p > In the online store Sweet Home, you can buy a teenage robe at an affordable price. If you have any questions, qualified managers will be happy to answer them and help you choose the perfect option. A wide range of a large number of beautiful and fashionable textiles for children of any age. Bright and pastel, with embroidery and patterns, such accessories will be a wonderful gift that a child will love and wear with pleasure. We work directly with trusted manufacturers, you can be sure that you will receive high-quality products at an affordable price. Delivery is carried out as soon as possible. There is a flexible system of discounts for wholesale buyers </p>
  • Dressing gowns for children

    Dressing gowns for children

    <h2> Childrens bathrobes, how and where to choose the best one? </h2> <p> Your child is not enthusiastic about bathing and always justifies his unwillingness to go to the bathroom by the fact that he is cold and does not like splashing in the water at all? This problem can be solved very simply, tell him that a very cool gift awaits him and present him with a bathrobe! </p> <p> Cotton or velor, it warms well and can become a favorite piece of home clothing! </p> <p> Cotton lends itself to ironing, absorbs moisture and does not lose its properties after washing. Velor does not crease, and it is ironed. It also absorbs moisture well and the fibers are very soft. This is a high-quality option that, like cotton, is capable of retaining its properties even after multiple washes. At the same time, it does not lose its appearance, does not fade or shrink from exposure to warm water. Whatever dressing gown you prefer, you won’t lose in any case. </p> <h3> How to choose a dressing gown for a child? </h3> <p> To order a thing that will appeal to you and your child, stick to simple, everyone known rules: </p> <ul> <li> First, take measurements from the child and order only the product that fully meets the parameters of the baby. </li> <li> Second, look at the quality. </li> </ul> <p> We suggest you buy a cotton or velor bathrobe. These are ecological fabrics that are absolutely safe for health. Cotton has only a slight drawback - it dries for a long time. Velor is the same in terms of characteristics as cotton. Since kids love bright colors and various cartoon characters, we recommend that you choose <br /> robes with bunnies and other characters they love. </p> <h3> Choice for boys and girls </h3> <p> For little princesses We suggest you choose pink or white, and the boys choose a blue, white or orange bathrobe. Beautiful bathrobes will also serve as a great gift for your child or the child of your friends and acquaintances. If you are going on a holiday to a child of close friends or your toddler is going to a friends birthday party, the problem of presenting is no longer so difficult! Just choose a matching bathrobe or order a set. </p> <p> In general, the style of childrens clothes is universal, so whichever option you choose, your child will be satisfied with such a gift and may even love evening bathing! </p> <h3> How to care for a baby gown? </h3> <p> The rules of care are the same as for a normal gown or a towel: </p> <ol> <li> Dry it completely before hanging it in the closet. </li > <li> Wash on a delicate cycle using a rinse aid and at a temperature not exceeding +30 degrees. </li> <li> Best stored on a hanger or hook. Since the dressing gown is quite voluminous, you should not put it in a closet. </li> </ol> <h2> How to place an order in the online store? </h2> <p> Since you lose the opportunity to try on the online store, you need to competently approach the issue of choice. As we have already written, it is important to take measurements from a child, because you can’t guess right by eye, but it’s better not to risk it. The second point, the age of the child. Focusing on size, also do not forget to take into account the age of your baby. We have a lineup for children aged 2 to 10 years. A wide range will allow you to order a special set, it can consist of three things or five. This 3 piece set includes a bathrobe, washcloth and towel. The five-piece set consists of two towels, a bathrobe, slippers and a bathing glove. </p> <h3> Where to order? </h3> <p> We advise you to shop online as it has its advantages: </p> <ul> <li> Do not waste time going shopping. </li> <li> This saves money. </li> </ul> <p> Prices on internet sites are much lower due to the fact that that the budget does not include the amount to pay the rent of the premises. It is this factor that makes it possible to sell the entire model range at a lower cost than is on the market. In order to make an acquisition, it will take only a few minutes of time. Just go to the website of our online store, then go to the catalog and <br /> click on the option you like, adding it to the basket. As soon as your application is confirmed, we will call you back to clarify all the details. Delivery of goods is carried out in a very short time throughout Ukraine. We deliver products by services such as: "Intime", "Autolux", "New mail". There is also the possibility of pickup from our warehouse and courier delivery in the city. Delivery within the city is possible in two ways: </p> <ul> <li> to the nearest metro station; </li> <li> to your home. </li> </ul> <p> We will be glad to give you warm emotions and the joy of shopping. We are trying to make your life more pleasant and comfortable! If you have any questions, or want to clarify for yourself some points, call us at the numbers listed on the website or write! We will give feedback as soon as possible and help you with your choice! All products presented for children meet quality standards and are affordable. We sell products only from time-tested manufacturers. </p>
  • Towels for children

    Towels for children

    <h2> What kind of towel should you buy for your baby? </h2> <p> Parents bathe their baby every day since birth, and thus show them the importance of daily personal hygiene. Due to the softness of home textiles, all water procedures pass without discomfort and tantrums. Childrens towels are often sewn from terry cloth, which is considered the most optimal option. Why is she so appreciated? Because it has soft villi that quickly absorb excess moisture from the skin. </p> <h2> Types of baby towels </h2> <ul> <li> For face, legs and hands. Most often made from velor or terry. They have a pleasant to the touch surface to make them comfortable to use. Sizes are different. </li> <li> Beachfront. The product is quite large, which can even be used as a bedspread on a beach by a lake, river or sea. They often have a hood to protect the babys head, shoulders and neck from the wind and sun. </li> <li> Kryzhma (for baptism). This is an indispensable attribute in baptism. As a rule, Orthodox crosses or angels are depicted on it. For many, it serves as a talisman. It is believed to help relieve pain during illness. </li> <li> Hooded. A find for parents, as it not only protects from chapping, but can also have funny ears sewn on, which cheers up. It is very convenient to wrap up a baby in it after a shower. </li> </ul> <h3> How to choose baby towels? </h3> <p> Material. This is the main selection criterion. Choose natural yarn that does not irritate delicate skin and does not harm the health of others. A suitable option is terry or velor. These canvases are woven from natural fibers without synthetic impurities. The size. Textile manufacturers provide a wider selection of sizes. The most common of them: </p> <ul> <li> 75x150 cm; </li> <li> 80x80 cm; </li> <li> 100x100 cm. </li> </ul> <p> More profitable and it is most convenient to take sets, the copies of which not only match each other, but also have in the set, for example, a towel with a hood, a robe or a washcloth. </p> <p> Appearance. The child will not confuse his personal hygiene product with an analogue that belongs to another family member. This is because his product depicts favorite cartoon characters or famous fairy-tale characters. Pay attention to the loops and smell. Hinges should be neat and of medium length. A pronounced smell indicates that cheap paint was used during the painting process, which will wash out over time. </p> <h3> Buying a terry towel is the best choice </h3> <p> A terry towel is the most suitable option. The fabric itself contains 100% natural fibers, so you dont have to worry about your childs health. Product Advantages: </p> <ul> <li> Hygroscopic. It extremely quickly and efficiently absorbs excess water, dries quickly both indoors and outdoors. As a result, you will not be afraid of mold and unpleasant odors. </li> <li> Long lasting. It can be machine washed without fear of losing its original state. The shape and brightness of the color will last for a long time. </li> <li> Soft. Doesnt cause discomfort. Softness depends on the length of the villi. Note that too long loops often cling to sharp objects and extend. </li> <li> It is optimal to choose an average size. </li> <li> Low cost. Anyone can afford to buy because cotton threads are inexpensive compared to others. </li> </ul> <h3> How to care for terry cloth? </h3> <p> If you want to buy a towel with a soft texture, then you need to know the basic rules of care in order to keep it fresh for a long time. In order for the fabric to have good absorbent properties for a long time, do not use aggressive conditioners and rinses. Do not throw other things into the washing machine with snakes, buttons or other convex and sharp elements. The loops can cling and the appearance will quickly deteriorate. </p> <p> Heat treatment, i.e. ironing, has a great influence on the softness of the villi. Therefore, it is better not to iron at all, but simply hang it out in a room with an open window. </p> <h2> Where to get a towel for children at a low price? </h2> <p> Our SweetHome online store provides its customers with only high-quality products. It undergoes regular checks in quality departments in production for defects. If such a fact was noticed, then the party is withdrawn from sale until the problems are fixed. </p> <p> The price for childrens towels is lower than for others. What is the reason for this? This is due to the fact that we directly cooperate with companies and do not use the services of intermediaries. This not only speeds up the delivery process, but also serves as a kind of guarantee of the authenticity of the goods. Everything comes to our warehouses in the city of Kharkov, from where it is sent to its new owners anywhere in Ukraine. You can choose a delivery method convenient for you. It is possible to call a courier, if it is provided for in the services of the service, having previously indicated the place of residence. </p> <p> We value and love our customers, therefore there is a temporary reduction in prices. Moreover, each wholesale buyer receives a discount of 10% of the cost, subject to purchase of 3 or more units of the same name. </p>
  • Bedspreads and blankets for children

    Bedspreads and blankets for children

    <h2> Buy bedspreads and blankets for children - give a peaceful sleep </h2> <p> A child spends a lot of time in his room, so everything should be safe and comfortable here. The babys crib is used for games, sleeping, watching cartoons and other active activities. To preserve its cleanliness and take care of its cosiness, it is necessary to choose high-quality bedspreads and blankets for children, which will give the child a feeling of protection, protect from allergies and decorate the interior of the house. Such products will bring an excellent mood, especially if they depict your favorite cartoon or fairy-tale characters. </p> <h2> Key Features </h2> <p> Caring parents want to provide the child with all the comfortable knitwear. Therefore, high quality bedding is required for a crib. Covering the bed every day, the baby learns to organize its space and develops. For newborns, these kits are of great importance in everyday use because they sleep a lot at first. In addition, they need additional warmth, attention and care. </p> <p> They especially respond to changes in temperature, especially in spring and autumn unstable weather. Warm bedspreads and blankets will cope with this task. By spreading them out on the floor, you create a great playground that is appropriate at home, on the beach and away. In addition, the accessory will accentuate the stylish décor of your home and your amazing taste. </p> <p> Baby blankets are often made of wool, cotton, fleece, bamboo and jacquard. They are light, delicate, hypoallergenic, possess remarkable thermoregulatory qualities. We advise babies with sensitive skin to take products made from natural cotton, they are harmless to health. Quilted models stand out with their attractive appearance, do not form spools, do not wrinkle and do not fade. Before buying, you need to take into account some indicators: </p> <ul> <li> The density of the fabric; </li> <li> Features of execution; </li> <li> The size of the outer seams; </li> <li> Softness of the yarn; </li> <li> Dyeing technology and more. </li> </ul> <h3> Tips for choosing a baby blanket </h3> <p> It is important to choose accessories for kids made exclusively from high-quality eco-friendly yarns . Bedspreads and blankets for kids are inexpensive, available for any wallet. Pay your attention to the most important selection criterion - the material and its advantages: </p> <ul> <li> The lightness of the canvas; </li> <li> Woolen samples will please you on winter evenings, they have a thermoregulatory effect that allows you not to freeze and not sweat; </li> <li> Bamboo - the best solution for the summer, soft and hypoallergenic. </li> <li> Cotton fabric - practical and convenient for everyday use. It does not shrink with proper washing, retains its original appearance and brightness of colors for a long time. </li> </ul> <p> Considering the design, it is advisable to give preference to monochromatic options. Although bright elements are no exception, they will delight toddlers. Avoid scuffs on curls and rough edges. For durable fastening, you need to take items with fasteners, buttons, zippers. </p> <p> For people prone to allergies, baby blankets with synthetic filling are suitable. In the absence of this factor, no doubt get downy, warm and pleasant to the touch, they will not be superfluous. Products differ in size from adult models, so it is better to stock up on the required amount in advance. It is not recommended for babies to use too large things so that they do not get confused during moments of rest. Older children, they just provide the desired coziness and comfort. A blanket for a child will come in handy in nature, you can play plenty of toys on it. In addition, it perfectly makes the bed, looks more neat and beautiful. When buying textiles, consider the many factors that affect sleep. Carefully read the information on the packaging to make sure the raw materials are natural. </p> <h3> Care recommendations </h3> <p> The main thing is to remember the rules of care and maintenance, so that things last for a long time and retain their properties. For example, woolen products require hand washing with the addition of special detergents for delicate fabrics. Drying is carried out in a horizontal position. Made from cotton and synthetic fibers, blankets for children are machine washable and can be dried in the fresh air, lying vertically. </p> <h2> Where is the best place to buy bedspreads and blankets for children? </h2> <p> In the online store Sweet Home offers a huge range of home textiles in all sizes and designs to meet the most demanding customer requirements. Here you can profitably buy bedspreads and blankets for children at an affordable price. We cooperate with reliable manufacturers and deliver in the shortest possible time. Our managers will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the ideal option that will harmoniously fit into the interior of the room, give warmth and comfort. </p>
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Buy a Nazenin bebe bedding set - to make your baby’s bedroom stylish and cozy. Bright design attracts attention and creates a great mood for the child. Among a large assortment and different colors you are sure to...

Textiles for children and teenagers for every taste

Each parent seeks to surround his child with warmth to the maximum, especially when it comes to clothes, blankets, bedspreads, etc. Care must be taken and responsibility in the process of selecting childrens textiles, because the health of your children will depend on the choice. It is necessary to purchase products only from good raw materials, perfectly permeable to air, rejecting the possibility of allergies on the skin of children. First of all - quality and safety! It is such products that are presented in our online store.

Also, do not forget about the psychophysical state of the baby, which depends on many factors, especially its environment. A bed is a place where children spend, if not half, then exactly a third of their time, so it is very important to carefully choose blankets, rugs and pillows. As pillow fillers, it is best to use natural materials.

Comfort and safety

Rest and sleep are an important part in the life of every child and the main helpers in this are correctly selected bedding, for example sleeping bags, a variety of bedding sets, bedspreads and blankets, which are presented in a wide range in the window of our Sweet Home online store.

For some reason, many parents think that children do not care what is laid their bed looks like a pillow, bedspread or blanket, but they are deeply mistaken. Of course, baby bedding is chosen by parents, but it will be more useful if, first of all will appeal to children. Therefore, one should pay attention not only to convenience and comfort, but also to attractiveness in appearance. Which of the guys does not want to have a colorful little thing with the image of his favorite cartoon character or superhero. Some will think that if a thing is very beautiful, then it is not of high quality. But not in our online store. On our shelves you will find only high-quality certified products, environmentally friendly and safe. We cooperate with the most famous world brands, and they know how to please children, to give them maximum coziness and comfort.

Products purchased from us will never lose their color properties, will not change brightness, because in production only the best dyes are used and numerous washings are not a threat to them. Also, the products are very soft and pleasant to the touch.

How to choose the right cloth

Before choosing, you need to know how to choose the right thing, and what indicators and characteristics to pay attention to first of all:

1. Material. It is worth giving preference to things in the production of which only modern fabrics are used, since hypoallergenicity and hygiene must be at a high level. Also, the material must withstand numerous washes, because it is childrens clothing and linen that is most often washed. The most popular fabrics to this day are:

  • Cotton (100%) - suitable for any season, quite comfortable and pleasant;
  • Calico - it has no equal in breathability, as well as wear resistance, although sometimes it may shed during washing;
  • Chintz is a very pleasant fabric, but wears out too quickly;
  • Linen is very strong;
  • Satin - never wrinkles, very strong and durable, perfect for making textiles for newborns.

2. Colour. Be guided by the age of the children when choosing colors and be guided by it. It is necessary to resort to the choice of optimally neutral colors. Thanks to this, the baby will be less agitated, calm and will quickly fall asleep. It is worth neglecting too bright colors of linen. For little ones, choose more delicate colors, for teenagers - choose products with images of characters from fairy tales or cartoons.

3. Possible defects. Look for continuous seams. Interruption of the sewing line is already a defect. Do not choose clothes with protruding threads - this may indicate that the processing of the seam was not implemented correctly, the sewing of the fabric was not done, which means the seam is damaged.

Where is the best place to buy textiles

Undoubtedly, in modern stores quite a good assortment. But it is the online stores that we are in great demand.

Sweet Home is a large platform with many years of experience, the catalog of which is updated daily with the most fashionable and interesting novelties of home textiles. Here you can find out all the necessary parameters of any product.

All modern parents know that it is best to purchase goods in online stores, because it is very convenient and there is no need to go or go somewhere. You can simply place an order, specify all the necessary parameters in the appropriate categories, fill out an application and receive the goods as soon as possible.

We enjoy exclusive trust only from trusted manufacturers. You will also be pleased with the democratic nature of our prices, since you will not find anywhere below. We have a team of highly qualified specialists who at any time can help in solving any problem, suggest when choosing things on the site. We respond to calls and letters in a timely manner, so write anytime, we will be happy to help and advise.



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