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Woolen Plaids

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Plaid Vladi Elf 140 * 200 Plaid Vladi Elf 140 * 200
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We offer you a beautiful Elf series, which presents blankets of Ukrainian production Vladi. Plaids are made of natural wool of sheep, which allows you to quickly warm and give comfort and coziness. The products are...
Plaid Vladi Elf 170 * 210 Plaid Vladi Elf 170 * 210
rating 0 review
Beautiful checkered Elf series plaids from the Ukrainian brand Vladi will captivate you from the first touch. Plaids are made of natural wool, light and warm very quickly. Such a product can be taken with you for a...
--140200---14 --140200---14
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We are pleased to offer you a wonderful Jacquard plaid 140x200 from a Ukrainian manufacturer. Made from quality wool, in jacquard weave. With this plaid, you can easily warm yourself and your loved ones. Only...
Plaid Vladi comfort 140x200 Plaid Vladi comfort 140x200
rating 0 review
The classic checkered plaid in pleasant pastel colors fits perfectly into any interior. The Ukrainian manufacturer Vladi made sure that you and your loved ones are surrounded by warmth and care. This plaid...
Cozy woolen rugs Vladi Elf 200 * 220 made of natural material give warmth and comfort. Plaids are very light, you can take them with you on a hike, for a walk or on a trip, so that the warmth is always in you....
Plaid Elf childrens 100х140 wool Plaid Elf childrens 100х140 wool
rating 0 review
We are pleased to offer for your children a soft woolen blanket from the Ukrainian manufacturer, high quality, pleasant softness and at an affordable price. The manufacturer used the best raw materials and natural...
--130170 --130170
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A quality woolen blanket from a well-known Ukrainian manufacturer will give you and your family warmth, comfort and a sense of coziness in the cool season. Soft woolen fabric does not prick at all, pleasant to the...
Plaid Metro from the domestic manufacturer TM Vladi in classic checkered colors will dilute any interior with coziness. Woolen blankets made of fleece have beneficial effects on the body and health, warm joints and...
Plaid Vladi Charlotte 140 * 200 Plaid Vladi Charlotte 140 * 200
rating 0 review
The original woolen blanket from the Ukrainian manufacturer Vladi will be your favorite blanket in your home. Natural 100% wool of New Zealand sheep and high-quality performance will allow you to enjoy the warmth on...
Шерстяные пледы высокого качества от украинского производителя ТМ Vladi пользуются популярностью. Их согревающие свойства пригодятся в прохладный день, на даче или на прогулке. Ваши родные и близкие будут окружены...

Woolen blankets are an indispensable attribute of your comfort and coziness

Coming home after a hard day, wearing comfortable clothes and enjoying fragrant tea wrapped in a warm blanket is such a welcome moment in the cold season. Therefore, a woolen blanket is simply indispensable during a romantic dinner, watching a movie, listening to music or relaxing on the couch. This accessory is soft, stylish, warm and natural. In addition, it helps relieve back pain, has a beneficial effect on blood circulation, and relaxes muscles.

Features of the manufacture and advantages of woolen blankets

In modern enterprises, in the process of creation, the product goes through several levels of processing, therefore the products are not prickly, as some people mistakenly believe. They are incredibly soft, lightweight, perfectly warm, bring sophistication and comfort to any room. In addition to the aesthetic component, they have antibacterial properties, do not accumulate dust, and prevent the reproduction of mites. There are a large number of spaces between the fibers to provide air ventilation. This eliminates the greenhouse effect and creates a healing warmth. In addition, woolen blankets wick moisture away from the body as well as possible.

Also, their advantages are:

  • Strength and density;
  • Give comfort at any time of the year;
  • Quickly warms up and keeps you warm;
  • Does not electrify and is suitable for sensitive skin;
  • Long-lasting;
  • They have medicinal qualities;
  • Hygroscopic;
  • Eco-friendly;
  • Normalize blood circulation;
  • Do not need frequent washing.

Wool blankets are characterized by special softness and warmth, which are so needed on cool evenings. Moreover, they do not cause allergies. Unusually gentle and light things are created from cashmere. They are great for warming and suitable for newborns. This is a great gift for loved ones at any celebration, woolen textiles will appeal to every lover of comfort. The healing properties of the coat will help those who suffer from radiculitis, arthritis, rheumatism, muscle and headaches. The warming effect is able to remove pain and improve health. These medicinal products are a valuable assistant in the home and when going out into the countryside.

Types of wool and how to choose a quality woolen blanket

Due to their characteristics, woolen blankets are always popular and undoubtedly liked by customers who appreciate naturalness and comfort. For the production of quality blankets, the following types of wool are used:

  • Alpacas;
  • Camel;
  • Sheep;
  • Merino;
  • Angora;
  • Cashmere.

Items made of sheeps wool are the most popular, possess valuable qualities and cost less than analogues made from other raw materials. Camel hair makes the hottest and most durable. They have a positive effect on the whole body, protect from heat and cold due to the special structure of the hairs. They are not electrified, they serve for many years. Products from alpaca, the South American llama, are expensive, characterized by natural softness, silkiness, hypoallergenicity and a wide range of natural colors. Angora blankets are amazingly soft, fluffy and wonderfully warm. Cashmere accessories are made from extremely thin threads. They are light, delicate, and have a noble color. The quality of wool products depends on:

  • • Living conditions of animals, nutrition.
  • • In what climate was the haircut, time of year.
  • • Breeds , gender and age.
  • • The method of analysis and processing of fibers.
  • • The parts of the body with which they are trimmed.

When choosing a high-quality and warm woolen blanket, it is not necessary to spend a lot of effort looking for reliable manufacturers. Using the services of the Internet - Sweet Home store, you will receive quality textiles from trusted companies at an affordable price. Buy a woolen blanket that matches your bed? Do you want to decorate the interior, fill the house with a feeling of coziness and comfort? Easy! Our managers will be happy to help you choose the perfect option, specify the place and delivery time in a short time.

Care recommendations

Woolen blankets are washed in a delicate mode or manually at the maximum allowable water temperature - 30 ˚C. It is not advisable to use ordinary washing powder, it will make the fabric coarse. Use special detergents and rinse aid. Hand washing is the best solution that takes more time and effort. Ironing woolen rugs is prohibited, except with minimal heat, in addition, they do not crease. It is necessary to dry in a horizontal position, evenly spreading, straightening and slightly stretching in all directions. In order not to harm the material and eliminate shrinkage, do not turn on spin and drying. Bleach is strictly prohibited, it can ruin the fabric and stain it, should not be dry-cleaned.

Where to buy the best woolen blankets?

To buy a woolen blanket, just go to the Sweet online store Home, which presents a huge number of home textiles in different colors and sizes from trusted manufacturers. Here you can get the best blankets at an affordable price. They will create home comfort in the living room or childrens room and will become the highlight of any interior. When choosing such an important accessory, pay attention to natural materials, such as wool. Such things can be self-cleaning, do not absorb dust and odors, pleasant to the touch, perfectly breathable, stylish and functional, and will last for many years.



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