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Coarse calico-ranfors

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We offer you beautiful Turkish-made Halley bedding, represented by a wide range of patterns and colors. The bed is made of soft ranforza based on natural cotton, which will give only a pleasant sensation of sleep and...
First choice bedding set First choice bedding set
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First choice bedding set is made of cotton fabric, which is characterized by environmental cleanliness, lightness and wear resistance. Such bedding is in our wide assortment. It is chosen for both children and adults....
Majoli Ranfors bedding set Majoli Ranfors bedding set
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A new series of magnificent bedclothes from ranfors from the Turkish brand Majoli. Models are striking in their beauty and design solutions in the design. The bedding turned out to be very pleasant and soft....
-halley-ranfors- -halley-ranfors-
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Buy a Halley Ranfors bedding set - give warmth and comfort during sleep and rest at any time of the year. Made from 100% natural cotton. The fabric is soft, delicate, pleasant to the touch, regulates body temperature,...
Bed linen Halley Young Stil Bed linen Halley Young Stil
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One and a half bedding Halley Young Stil, will be a pleasant gift for your children and a bright addition to the childrens room. The bedding is made by the famous Turkish manufacturer from soft ranfor for the...
Nazenin Vintage bedding set Nazenin Vintage bedding set
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A wonderful series of new bedding from a Turkish manufacturer. Excellent models, decorated with vintage patterns and made of high-quality and soft ranfors, will be a wonderful decoration for your bedroom. Buying such...
Bed linen Milan one and a half Bed linen Milan one and a half
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Looking for a great family bedding set? Then pay attention to this bedding from the Ukrainian manufacturer TM Milan. Excellent quality, pleasant coarse calico and cotton fiber - a great combination for your home....
'Комплект постельного белья Милана евро' 'Комплект постельного белья Милана евро'
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We present to your attention a wonderful family bedding set from the Ukrainian manufacturer TM Milan. Made from natural calico on the basis of natural cotton, soft, durable, pleasant to the touch. Such bedding, by...
We present to your attention a family bedding set from the Ukrainian manufacturer TM Milan. Excellent workmanship, pleasant coarse calico based on natural cotton and beautiful design are what you need for your...
Bed Linen Milan Euro Bed Linen Milan Euro
rating 0 review
Looking for a quality euro bedding set? Then soft and environmentally friendly bedding from the Ukrainian manufacturer TM Milan is what you need. Excellent workmanship, coarse calico to the touch and beautiful design...
Tirotex bedding set coarse calico family Tirotex bedding set coarse calico family
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Tiraspol knitting factory has prepared for you a quality set of bed linen. For the manufacture of coarse calico sheets used natural cotton fiber, which does not cause an allergic reaction. It is appreciated for its...
tac-baby- tac-baby-
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PROMOTION! We offer you to buy a wonderful Turkish bedding TAC BABY. The bed is made of high quality soft ranfors fabric, based on natural cotton. The bed was free from flaws, defects and damages, but the...
Altinbasak bedding set Altinbasak bedding set
Limited special offer
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UAH1,420.30 UAH2,029.00
Luxurious Altinbasak ranforces bedding sets, with a unique design and noble, natural colors, will give incredible softness while relaxing. Ranfors bedding is durable, smooth, soft, and pleasant to the touch. It is...
-nazenin-mintaks-ranfors- -nazenin-mintaks-ranfors-
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We are pleased to surprise you with wonderful sets of bed linen from ranfors from the Turkish brand Nazenin. A bright and interesting bedding set will certainly find its owners in your face. You have never met such...
Pillowcases Tirotex 70 x 70 (2 pieces) Pillowcases Tirotex 70 x 70 (2 pieces)
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The assortment of our online store was replenished with an excellent selection of pillowcases from a Moldavian factory. The standard size 70x70 will allow you to decorate your pillows made by hand from down and...
-nazenin-ranforce-pike--- -nazenin-ranforce-pike---
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A magnificent bed set from ranfors from the Turkish manufacturer Nazenin pike will captivate you at first sight. Soft and high-quality material will provide you and your loved ones a calm, strong and healthy sleep....

SWIT HOME presents more than 380 models of high quality bedding sets made from 100% natural coarse calico fabric.

Coarse calico ranfors is a dense weave fabric made of natural cotton fibers. Ranfors coarse calico is especially durable due to the plain weave of twisted yarns.

Distinctive features of bed linen from coarse calico-ranfor

Hygienic. Natural cotton fabric is highly breathable and absorbs moisture. Thanks to these properties, an optimal microclimate is maintained in bed: the body does not sweat, breathes easily. Also, cotton has antibacterial and antifungal properties - allergens, microorganisms, fungal spores never start in the sleeping bed. This quality is especially important for people with sensitive skin and allergies. Also, a bed of coarse calico-ranfors is ideal for families with small children, for teenagers.

Supports temperature balance. В hot summer nights a bed of coarse calico-ranfors gives a feeling of coolness, does not soar, does not cause excessive sweating. In winter, the set, on the contrary, accumulates heat, creating comfort and the effect of soft enveloping in warmth.

Light . Despite the high density, the canvas is light. It is practically imperceptible by the body, since it does not exert pressure, has a high hygroscopicity and air permeability.

Retains the brightness of the color. The fabric is created on the basis of innovative technologies. Initially, cotton undergoes special processing and bleaching. And only then drawings and ornaments are applied to the pure white color. Thanks to persistent, high-quality and safe dyes, the canvas is perfectly stained and retains the brightness and clarity of the pattern after repeated washings without changes.

Low crease . A coarse calico bed even in the morning has an attractive appearance, as if it had just been made. The sleeping place remains level and practically not crumpled. This feature allows you to quickly and easily iron the kit after washing without much effort.

Nice to touch . The fabric is soft and silky, extremely comfortable on the body. The light texture of the canvas helps to relax the body during rest. Also, calico ranfors is not electrified.

Durability. Cotton is one of the most durable materials. The special weave of twisted fibers gives additional strength to the fabric. A bed made of coarse calico-ranforce serves for a long time. Its appearance remains flawless even after many years of use: the bed does not shrink, does not fade, does not change its density.

How to care for a set of bed linen

  • After unpacking, it is advisable to wash a new set
  • Before washing, it is better to turn the pillowcases and duvet cover inside out, so the pattern will retain brightness longer
  • Temperature conditions for washing in an automatic machine from 30 to 60C
  • It is possible to use any detergents, stain removers (no chlorine!), as well as conditioners
  • Washing mode - delicate, with the least number of revolutions
  • Before drying the cloth is better shake and stretch evenly on a rope or dryer. It is ideal to dry in the open air, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • The kit is easier to iron in a slightly under-dried state. If the bed is dry, steam or moisten the fabric with water from a spray bottle.

Why is it profitable to buy a bed in SWIT HOME

  • European size standards . In our online store you can order a set for a single bed, one and a half or double. With non-standard sizes of bedding, orders for individual production of sets for hotels, kindergartens, sanatoriums are accepted.
  • Various manufacturers. Bed linen sets made of coarse calico are presented by well-known foreign and domestic brands .
  • Variety of colors. More than 380 models of bedding sets from calico ranforza in various colors and styles are presented: floral motifs, classic, avant-garde, oriental ornaments, various prints.
  • Reasonable prices. In "Sweet Home" you can buy inexpensive but high-quality linen made from natural fabrics. Premium kits from world famous brands are also available.



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