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th--lignum-cift-bej-krinkle-- th--lignum-cift-bej-krinkle--
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Indulge in the softness and quality of satin fabric. Turkish-made Tivolyo Home LIGNUM krinkle bedding will be a wonderful purchase for you and your family. Quality satin made of natural cotton will give you a...
ARYA Bedding Set Satin Silk Bear ARYA Bedding Set Satin Silk Bear
Limited special offer
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A wonderful set of bedding for children from the famous manufacturer ARYA Suite Satin Silk Bear will appeal to absolutely every child. It is made in two versions: in green and pink colors. Thus, underwear is suitable...
ARYA bedding set sateen + PUPILLA silk ARYA bedding set sateen + PUPILLA silk
Limited special offer
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The bedding set is made by well-known manufacturers of textile industry. This bedding is made of satin and silk, it will give you wonderful softness during sleep and will allow you to decorate the interior of your...
th-prelude-krinkle-cift-sari th-prelude-krinkle-cift-sari
rating 0 review
We offer you Tivolyo Home PRELUDE bedding set with a modern design from a well-known Turkish manufacturer. Magnificent satin is combined with a beautiful silk top, which will help create a special mood in your...
th--hedera-cift-hardal-krinkle-- th--hedera-cift-hardal-krinkle--
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We are pleased to bring to your attention the beautiful Tivolyo Home HEDERA krinkle bedding made in Turkey made of soft satin and crushed silk. Such a combination will undoubtedly give you only pleasant emotions and...
th--piante-cift-gri-krinkle-- th--piante-cift-gri-krinkle--
rating 0 review
We offer you an interesting Tivolyo Home PIANTE krinkle bedding made in Turkey, made at a high level of quality and combining soft satin and silk fabric. Undoubtedly, sleeping and relaxing on such bedding will give...
th--donna-pembe-krinkle-- th--donna-pembe-krinkle--
rating 0 review
The wonderful Turkish-made Tivolyo Home DONNA bedding will delight you with its beautiful appearance and softness of satin fabric. The upper part of the duvet cover is made of crushed silk and decorated with...
Tivolyo Home NATURE bedding set Tivolyo Home NATURE bedding set
rating 0 review
Tivolyo Home NATURE bedding set from the Turkish manufacturer will delight you and your loved ones with a beautiful silk duvet cover and soft satin sheets and pillowcases. The kit is dressed in beautiful colors,...
Tivolyo Home Nature bedding set Tivolyo Home Nature bedding set
rating 0 review
A Turkish bedding set Tivolyo Home Nature from the Turkish manufacturer combines the excellent softness of satin fabric and the beauty of silk. The satin sheet has a pleasant solid color, the duvet cover is...
th--velvet-cift-bordo-krinkle-- th--velvet-cift-bordo-krinkle--
rating 0 review
We are pleased to offer you an interesting bedding Tivolyo Home VELVET krinkle made in Turkey. The bottom of the duvet cover, sheets and pillowcases are made of soft satin fabric, the top is made of crushed silk and...
-arya----160220-livello -arya----160220-livello
Limited special offer
rating 0 review
Buy an exquisite bedding set from the Turkish manufacturer ARYA - give an excellent mood, an unforgettable experience and a pleasant dream! The fabric is soft, durable, perfectly absorbs moisture, with a beautiful...
th-ella-cift-kisilik-krinkle-murdum th-ella-cift-kisilik-krinkle-murdum
rating 0 review
We offer you a wonderful Tivolyo Home ELLA bedding set from a well-known Turkish manufacturer. The original pattern is decorated with soft silk fabric, the sheet is made of satin based on the best Turkish cotton....
-arya----200220-rubina -arya----200220-rubina
Limited special offer
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ARYA Rubina bedding set will make your bedroom elegant and neat. Perfect for daily use and will give a comfortable sleep and rest. The fabric is shiny and dense, light and pleasant to the touch. Withstands a large...
th-briliant-krinkle-cift-kahve th-briliant-krinkle-cift-kahve
rating 0 review
We offer you the original Tivolyo Home BRYANT bedding set made of high quality satin and crushed silk. Such bedding will give you a wonderful dream and decorate the bed with its bright appearance. Gift wrap from...
th--angel-cift-gri-krinkle-- th--angel-cift-gri-krinkle--
rating 0 review
Tivolyo Home ANGEL krinkle bedding fits perfectly into the interior of your bedroom and decorates your bed. A soft satin sheet will give you a wonderful sleep and rest, and a blanket cover made from crushed silk will...

If there is a task to purchase the most durable, but at the same time thin, light and delicate bedding set, satin + silk is the ideal solution. Natural fabric, combining cotton and silk fibers, combines the practical density of satin and the extraordinary luxury of satin. The secret to the durability of satin and silk bedding is a special interweaving of fibers: the wrong side of the fabric consists of 4 dense cotton threads. The finest silk threads are woven into the upper layer of the canvas, giving it softness and satin shine. Due to the combination of different textures, the bed is very comfortable to use: the rough backside prevents slipping, the silky top provides comfort for the body.

SWEET online store - HOME offers a whole collection of exquisite satin and silk bedding.

Benefits of satin + silk bedding sets

  • Lasts at least 10 years . Natural fabric is durable, withstands repeated washing and ironing. Virtually no shrinkage. Bright, rich colors of the bed last for a long time, do not fade and do not fade. It should be noted the quality of the sets sewing: strong seams designed for a long service life of the linen.
  • High comfort class. Silk and cotton are the most environmentally friendly materials that are hygroscopic and breathable. The body breathes in bed, does not sweat. In summer, you feel comfortable cool, in winter - soft, warming from the inside.
  • Provides a healthy microclimate of the berth. The uniqueness of satin + silk fabric also lies in its high hygienic qualities: natural fibers resist fungi, germs, dust mites and microorganisms. Due to the constant microcirculation of air and fumes emanating from the human body, the bed maintains optimal temperature, dryness and comfort.

To whom and for which sleep in satin silk bed is recommended

  • People suffering from insomnia. Doctors have proven that natural silk has a calming effect on the nervous system, promotes relaxation and quick immersion in a deep, healthy sleep.
  • For families with small children. If a baby is sleeping with her parents in the same bed, it’s naturally better to choose the safest bedding. Satin and silk are hypoallergenic materials that do not irritate the baby’s delicate skin.
  • Elderly people with frequent joint pains. The soft analgesic effect of silk has been known for several thousand years. When in contact with natural silk, the body improves microcirculation, reduces the likelihood of swelling of soft tissues.
  • With great physical and mental stress. Sleeping in a bed of silk and cotton fibers helps to relax muscles. Also, lying on a silk pillowcase relieves headaches, improves blood circulation in the brain.
  • For skin diseases. Silk has a healing effect on the epidermis. With antibacterial and antifungal properties, silk fibers soothe the skin, relieve itching and peeling.
  • Men and women who want to prolong the health and youth of the body. Back in the days of ancient China, the anti-aging properties of silk canvases were noticed. Indeed, natural silk contains amino acids that contribute to the process of renewing skin cells.

Why buy a bedding set from an online store SWEET - HOME ?

  • Permanent discounts . In our store you can purchase luxury bedding with a discount of up to 50%.
  • VIP-level bedding . SWEET - HOME offers products from the best brands that have won recognition around the world. Buying bedding sets in our store is not only profitable, but also prestigious - we do not have fake brands.
  • Large selection . There is no customer and no bed for which we could not find high quality bedding. We have sets for every taste, price policy, all kinds of bedroom set.
  • 100% quality guarantee . When buying a bed in Sweet Home, you can be sure of the naturalness of the fabric and the long life of upscale bedding sets.



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