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Bath towels

  • Bamboo towels

    Bamboo towels

    <p> A bamboo bath towel is perfect for use after taking a bath, shower or for going to the bathhouse, sauna or steam room. Towels in a large assortment of high quality! Towels bought in the Sweet home online store will serve you for a long time and bring you pleasure! </p>
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Towel Cestepe bukle VIP 70 * 140 Towel Cestepe bukle VIP 70 * 140
rating 0 review
A bath Cestepe bukle VIP 70 * 140 towel will be a great purchase for you and your loved ones. Made by a Turkish manufacturer, it will pleasantly surprise you with a soft double-sided terry made of the best cotton,...
Towel Zebra Casa Viggo Towel Zebra Casa Viggo
rating 0 review
--philippus-dolphins-bukle-5090 --philippus-dolphins-bukle-5090
rating 0 review
Terry Dolphins dry 70 * 140 towel from a well-known Turkish manufacturer will pleasantly surprise you with its softness, high quality workmanship and warm colors. The towel is made of Turkish cotton, has a high...
Towel Zebra Casa Terry Towel Zebra Casa Terry
rating 0 review
Towel Berra dray 70 * 140 - this is a wonderful cotton towel from the Turkish manufacturer. Who goes on a business trip or just goes to the beach will appreciate the quality of this towel. The average density of the...
--pupilla-jakarli-dray-5090 --pupilla-jakarli-dray-5090
rating 0 review
We offer you a high-quality Turkish towel made of natural cotton, which will give you coziness, comfort and pleasant softness after a bath or shower. The towel has double-sided terry, high density and beautiful...
-gulcan-bukle-70140-1-- -gulcan-bukle-70140-1--
rating 0 review
We are glad to offer you a high-quality terry towel made of natural cotton, decorated with high-quality embroidery of a dog, a symbol of the New Year 2018. A large bath towel will quickly absorb moisture from the skin...
--philippus-slow-bamboo-70140 --philippus-slow-bamboo-70140
rating 0 review
A Philippus Slow bamboo 70 * 140 bath towel made in Turkey will be a pleasant purchase for you and your family. The towel has a dense double-sided terry made of natural bamboo fiber. It absorbs moisture well and gives...
--philippus-bamboo-5090 --philippus-bamboo-5090
rating 0 review
The high-quality bamboo Philippus bamboo towel from a well-known Turkish manufacturer has a small size of 50x90 cm, a soft double-sided terry and high density. The towel is decorated with beautiful embroidery of...

How to choose a bath towel in Sweet Home

The subsection of bath towels presents various knitted models for a wide target audience (health centers, sanatoriums, guest houses, guesthouses, hotels, wholesale and retail buyers). We provide expensive solutions and budget options. There are more than 120 types and different models on our internet counter and store warehouse. Believe me, we have plenty to choose from! We offer our customers high quality products at reasonable prices. Undoubtedly, you will like our democratic prices, because we cooperate directly with the manufacturer. Therefore, we provide the most acceptable price tags among competitors for the entire product range. The main suppliers today are Ukrainian and Turkish knitwear factories. Today we sell bath towels of the following companies and brands:

  • Gulcan
  • HomeTextile
  • Julie
  • Ozdilek
  • Philippus
  • Pupilla
  • SoftCotton
  • Duygu
  • Zuhra
  • Berra
  • Bulteks
  • Gursan
  • Maisonette

All the abundance of the product range is presented in eleven sizes, ranging from the smallest, designed for a face 30x30 cm, ending with huge models 100x150 cm. In addition, our collections are constantly updated, stay tuned on the site!

Basically, we offer high quality pieces of double-sided terry, bamboo fiber or velor terry. Fabric compositions can be either 100% bamboo, cotton or microcotton, or blended fibers such as cotton and modal (eucalyptus fiber). The density of bath towels varies from 320 to 950 grams per square meter. meter of matter. We have models for every solution and application. We can also boast of a truly wide range of color palettes. As for the monochromatic pieces, we have the following tones:

  • Bordo and Orange.
  • Somon Apricot.
  • White and Beige.
  • Blue and yellow.
  • Green and brown.
  • Cream red
  • Purple and menthol.
  • Milk and powder.
  • Pink and gray.
  • Blue and lilac.
  • Dark blue and purple.

Some products other than pictures has lace. Among our collection you can see towels for hands, face, body.

Difficulties in choosing bath towels

The main task of towels is to absorb moisture. Why then separate them somehow and do them with different characteristics? The thing is that depending on the conditions for which the towel is selected, there are combinations of characteristics that more effectively solve the tasks. For example, the length of the pile is an important parameter for absorption. The longest standard parameters are eight millimeter “protruding threads”, but in rare cases this figure is higher. Average permissible are considered from 3 to 6 millimeters. We also sell “short pile” from three millimeters or less.

We recommend products with average parameters for our wholesale or retail customers for daily use. For example, a double-sided terry cloth with a fabric density of 530 grams per square meter, or an average fiber length (4-5 millimeters). These are optimal indicators of effective water absorption. If you choose a "heavier" towel, it will absorb more moisture, but it will take additional ventilation and time to dry.

Different colors allow you to beat any highlight of the bathroom interior or just refresh the shower with bright shades. It should be borne in mind that light and bright palettes in practice wear out more often. This is because spots are more clearly visible on them, and they are more often sent to the wash. In our Sweet Home online store there are many interesting bath towels with different sizes for every taste. In the end, it is up to you to decide which length and height is more acceptable, and here we can only please you with an abundance of options.

Where is it better to buy?

Of course, in our online store. We sell products only from well-known manufacturers, therefore we guarantee and are responsible for the quality of all goods. Moreover, the company values each client and provides a bonus program that allows you to save on each next purchase. The larger the purchase amount, the greater the bonus amount. For detailed information, please contact our consultants. The company strives to meet the high trust of customers, so we make every effort to:

  • Subject all textiles passing through us to strict quality control.
  • Check the accuracy of the correspondence of the inscriptions on the labels and formulations sets.
  • Provide quality service, fast and convenient delivery for customers.
  • Provide your customers with favorable conditions, low prices and discounts.
  • Replace products if they are did not fit.



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