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Kitchen textiles

  • Kitchen towels and napkin sets

    Kitchen towels and napkin sets

    <h2> How to choose a set of napkins and kitchen towels that will last a long time </h2> <p> Every housewife wants the same coziness and comfort in the kitchen as in the living room. That is why so many stylish decor elements are presented today that making a room cozy has become a matter of minutes. For example, kitchen towels can be used to add charm and sophistication to the interior. The main advantage of such a towel is that with its help you remove a hot pan from the stove and do not burn yourself. Of course, gloves and potholders are used for such purposes, but if there are none, take a towel. Also, towels in the kitchen are great as napkins at a feast. They add coziness and warmth to the celebration, as if saying that the hostess values guests very much, therefore she does not spare the best for them. </p> <h3> How to choose napkins for the kitchen? </h3> <p> The main criterion is these are the quality of the products offered, the composition of the fabric and the price. Choose napkins made from natural or organic cotton. These are high-quality and inexpensive accessories that will certainly not shrink after washing and turn into a floor rag. Cotton absorbs moisture well, so you can be sure that any cleaning in the kitchen will be successful. Cotton is a natural, hypoallergenic material. With proper care of it, the product will serve you for a long time, and at the same time retain all its qualities and perfect appearance. Kitchen napkins are an irreplaceable thing, because anything can happen in cooking, and you cant do without such a product. Sometimes you need to wipe the table top, collect crumbs, or dab the table top. Bamboo napkins will cope with all this. In our online store there is a wide range of kitchen textiles, with beautiful embroideries, prints and gift packaging from the manufacturer. You will be able to choose the most suitable wipes for you. They are made of bamboo fabric, which is characterized by the fact that it absorbs moisture much more than cotton. It is also an environmentally friendly and healthy material. The bamboo options are very durable and high quality. With them, any situation you do not care! You can handle spilled soup and water spilled from the kettle. You can also wipe your hands on them if the dirt is such that you cannot do without a napkin. </p> <h3> How to care for a cotton towel for the kitchen </h3> <ul> <li> First, never wrinkle it and dont just throw it. It is always necessary to unfold it and hang it either on a hook or on a nightstand. It should always be dry, otherwise it will become saturated with dampness and will have a musty smell. </li> <li> Secondly, you cannot remove greasy stains or serious dirt from the table with them, otherwise you will simply throw this towel away. It is better for such purposes to have a special rag that you do not mind, and all the most difficult moments can be solved with its help. </li> <li> Thirdly, do not forget about regular washing with rinse aid. If you follow these simple rules, you can use a towel for a long time and not worry about buying a new one. </li> <li> Fourthly, style is considered an important point in choosing. Choose models that will blend in with your design. An excellent option is to read in tone with the kitchen, or a shade lighter or darker than the main color. You can also play in contrast, for example, a red product will work well in a white interior. </li> <li> Fifth, learn to put emphasis. If your decor is monochrome and lacks prints, add them with a check or patterned towel. There are many options, the main thing is not to be afraid to experiment, because such an important and small accessory can update your kitchen. </li> </ul> <p> We suggest you also buy not only a set of towels, but also several gift sets with napkins, they will undoubtedly come in handy you in everyday life. </p> <h3> Where to buy excellent napkins and towels for the kitchen at an affordable price? </h3> <p> To make a purchase, use the advantageous offer from the Sweet Home online store. All products that are presented with us meet <br /> international standards. A democratic pricing policy will allow each buyer to make a choice and make a purchase. To order a product, open the catalog, then go to the product and add the product to the basket. As soon as the purchase is confirmed by the manager, we will call you back to clarify all the details of the order. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine by such services as: Intime, Autolux, New Mail. Also, for residents of Kharkov, there is a courier delivery in the city. You can choose delivery to the nearest metro station or delivery of goods to your home. Also, we can pick up from our warehouse in Kharkov. If you have any questions, ask our consultants, order a call or fill out the contact form. We will call you back, write and answer <br /> for all your questions. We will be happy to advise and help you! We will be glad to make your life more comfortable, we are waiting for your orders. </p>
  • Tablecloths


    <h2> What is the best tablecloth to buy for a festive and everyday table? </h2> <p> Every housewife has this textile product in her arsenal. With it, even the simplest serving of an ordinary dinner becomes festive and takes on a radically new look. Without this item, not a single celebration takes place, for example, a birthday, a wedding or anniversaries. Have you already guessed what will be discussed next? </p> <p> A tablecloth is an irreplaceable thing in the design. This fabric began to be used with the advent of the first yarns. What was it intended for at the beginning? As it turned out, beauty faded into the background. There was no furniture as such then due to the lack of modern technology. Surfaces were not coated with varnish or paint. All the manipulations that were carried out were scraping in order to remove dirt and microbes brought in with food intake. For 10-20 years of operation, the countertop had a completely unpresentable appearance. In addition, there was a sign that you can’t say bad words on a tree that has absorbed moisture. All this served as the beginning of the use of canvases. </p> <p> Today it is a universal element of decor that can be found on the shelves of any specialized store. Now there are no such problems with hygiene, but the desire to preserve the surface and decorate the holiday remains. What materials are used for sewing? Find out more. </p> <h3> What are modern manufacturers of tablecloths made of? </h3> <p> This industry uses natural and synthetic fibers, as well as their combination, in yarn. Therefore, carefully look at the composition. </p> <p> The most common fabrics: </p> <ul> <li> Jacquard. Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801 invented a special loom, on which this fabric was woven with a large and complex pattern. The main feature is the regularly repeated woven pattern. Thanks to this embossed pattern, a rectangular or round tablecloth looks noble and sophisticated. This method of weaving makes it also dense (250 g / m), strong, and resistant to deformation. It does not require complex maintenance and is pleasant to the touch. Natural jacquard is quite expensive. </li> <li> Tapestry. Tapestry acquisition has density and durability. An excellent option for the kitchen, as it serves for a long time without losing its original shape and color. </li> <li> Decorative silk. It has an extremely pleasant texture to the touch. It is safe for all age categories, keeps its shape well, and is hygroscopic. The flowing effect will transform the table setting and make it unique. </li> <li> Satin. Cotton yarn has excellent absorbency properties. Do not be afraid for durability, because it can withstand a large number of washings, while not changing the original quality. Does not cause allergic reactions, dries quickly and is easy to iron. </li> </ul> <p> You can buy a tablecloth on the Sweet Home website. The assortment is constantly updated, and you can check with our managers about the availability and colors. </p> <h2> What are the shapes and sizes of tablecloths? </h2> <p> These parameters depend on the dimensions of the table. Also, recently it has become fashionable to cover the tabletop with two options of different sizes at the same time. Often, the bottom is longer and white, while the top is small and colored. They are in shape: </p> <ul> <li> rectangular; </li> <li> square; </li> <li> oval; </li> <li> round. </li> </ul> <p> Popular sizes: </p> <ul> <li> diameter 160 cm; </li> <li> 160 * 220 cm; </li> <li> 160 * 300 cm; </li> <li> 160 * 350 cm; </li> <li> 160 * 240 cm; </li> <li> 180 * 350 cm; </li> <li> 160 * 260 cm; </li> <li > 160 * 280 cm. </li> </ul> <p> It is considered acceptable if the edges hang from the table by at least 20 centimeters. And if you choose an option for a celebration, it is better if the legs of the table are completely covered as much as possible. But these are far from all the sizes that are presented on our website. Moreover, the assortment is expanding, and you will definitely choose the best option. </p> <h3> How can you keep the tablecloth fresh for a long time? </h3> <p> Before the meal, prepare alcohol, hodgepodge and napkins. If a trace of wine appears, dry it with a paper towel, wipe it with a sponge soaked in cold water, and then sprinkle with salt; from fat - soak with a paper product or bread and cover with salt; from fruits, juice or berries - wipe with lemon. </p> <p> Never leave damp laundry for a long time, because mold may develop. Soak in cold water before washing, and brush off any leftover food. Read the instructions on the label and adhere to the specified temperature reading. Do not load the drum of the washing machine more than 70%. </p> <h2> Where can you buy a tablecloth at a low price? </h2> <p> SweetHome online store provides its customers only quality goods. We cooperate with textile manufacturers exclusively directly and without intermediaries, which can significantly reduce the price of goods and delivery time. That is why the cost is so different from analogs in retail stores. Moreover, wholesale buyers receive a discount of 10% of the total cost when purchasing a certain amount of one item. On the site you will also find a product with a reduced price. Products are delivered throughout Ukraine. You choose any method of delivery convenient for you. If you still have questions, please contact our online managers who will be happy to answer them. </p>
  • Aprons


    <h2> Aprons for comfort and coziness in your kitchen </h2> <p> The history of this piece of clothing begins in 1208. In ancient Egypt, men in the civil service tied a special fabric with draperies around their thighs. Since that time, the item of clothing has developed, transformed and had various additional functions. So in the neighboring countries, the apron had a very interesting history and was used not only as an accessory, but also had very interesting meanings. For example, they were worn by young unmarried girls to show that they are of marriageable age. Today the apron is used in various professions and its main purpose is to protect clothing from contamination. First of all, you need it: </p> <ul> <li> In cooking. In restaurants, chefs must wear them for safety and cleanliness. If the chef is without an apron, this is already a violation of the rules of staying in the kitchen; </li> <li> Waiters. In expensive and fashionable establishments, the staff simply must wear an apron. This is evidence that the restaurant cares about cleanliness and ensures that all standards are met. </li> <li> To hairdressers. This garment is also widely used in this profession. </li> </ul> <h2> An apron for the house and its types </h2> <p> In the kitchen, this is simply an irreplaceable thing! Despite the fact that we are all used to cooking in home clothes and are not always afraid to get dirty, it’s worth using an apron for your own comfort. </p> <p> First, you will avoid unnecessary stains on your clothes. </p> <p> Secondly, the apron can protect you not only from spilled soup, a drop of fat, but also from burns. Since the kitchen is that place, everything boils, hisses, boils and fries, no one is safe from small unpleasant moments. So that nothing bad happens to you, wear an apron. </p> <p> There are two types of aprons: </p> <ul> <li> aprons - only cover the legs to the knees; </li> <li> aprons - covers part of the body from the chest to the knees. </li> </ul> <p> It is advisable that you have two types in your arsenal at once, since they will definitely not be superfluous in everyday life. </p> <h3> How to choose a kitchen apron? </h3> <p> Pay attention to the material and the manufacturer. We offer you to opt for quality linen products. They are easy to wash, do not lose their beauty and provide reliable protection against cooking stains. You can also choose oilcloth, they are good because they do not even need to be washed. Simply wipe it off with a damp cloth and use it further! As for the country of origin, we recommend ordering Turkish and Moldovan products. </p> <p> It is very easy to care for an apron made of natural linen, you need to wash it once every two weeks, dry it well and then iron it. It is better to store in a cabinet on a separate shelf neatly folded. We recommend washing at a temperature not higher than +30 degrees. </p> <h3> An apron as a gift </h3> <p> In our online store, there are not only aprons, but also special sets that include potholders. This set is perfect as a gift for a close friend, grandmother, sister or mother. Be sure, every housewife is able to appreciate such a cute present. A wide range of colors will allow you to choose a set to your liking. You can present the set as a birthday present or just as a sign of attention. </p> <h2> How to order? </h2> <p> In order to make a purchase, we suggest you choose the services of the Sweet Home online store ). We have a wide range at affordable, affordable prices. To order, select the necessary category and go to the product you like, then click on it and add it to your basket. As soon as your order is confirmed by our managers, we will call you back to clarify the information and send the order as soon as possible. </p> <p> Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by such courier services: Intime, Autolux, New Mail. </p> <p> There is also the possibility of pickup from our warehouse in Kharkov or courier delivery in the city. Courier delivery is carried out in two ways: </p> <ol> <li> To the metro station nearest to you. </li> <li> To the doors of your house / apartment. </li> </ol> <h3> Benefits of the purchase at Sweet Home </h3> <p> Buying online is an opportunity to save time and money. You do not need to go shopping to find the right product, just select our catalog and place your order. Also, the online store presents goods at lower prices, this is possible due to the fact that we do not spend money on the maintenance of the premises. That is why we sell goods at an acceptable, pleasant price. We try for you and do our best to make you satisfied with our service and the quality of the products ordered. On the site you can order a call, fill out a feedback to clarify details We will contact you shortly and clarify all the information you are interested in. We will be happy to help you! </p>
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Comfort and a certain mood in each room in the apartment creates textiles. The kitchen is not an exception, because it is so important to create a harmonious atmosphere in the room, which most often becomes the heart of the house: family, guests gather here, prepare food.

The variety of kitchen textiles makes it possible to choose the right option for specific decoration and design of the room. At the same time, not only sewing and color are different, but also fabric, style.

Types of textiles for the kitchen

Kitchen textiles combines different things: tablecloths, napkins, towels, aprons, covers for chairs and dishes and many other pleasant things that decorate and ennoble the room. It is noteworthy that they perform not only a design function, but also a useful, practical one.


Which table can do without tablecloths ? This is an indispensable attribute, designed to protect the table from scuffs and dirt and create a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen or dining room. Without a tablecloth, the furniture looks “bare”, unattractive. They are used in any situation: they are laid on every day, in the event of a celebration and reception of guests.

On the market there are several types of tablecloths that differ in manufacturing material: made from natural fabrics, synthetic , oilcloth, paper. Each of them has its own pros and cons. The most environmentally friendly - fabric and paper, will last the longest - fabric, the most unpretentious in care and the cheapest - paper and oilcloth. However, despite all the above nuances, everyone chooses the product that suits him best.

Often, they prefer to buy napkins along with the tablecloth. This is a harmonious union that will protect you from running around the shops in finding napkins suitable for decoration and fabric to the main tablecloth.


Kitchen towels are a very common textile product, since you are unlikely to find a home in which they are not. They are universal, used for wiping hands, dishes, as potholders. But, in addition to a practical function, towels are decorative: thats why it is so important to buy them, adhering to the general idea and color of the interior.

Most often, you can find cotton or terry towels, less often - synthetic. It is better to take natural counterparts: they absorb water well, they will last longer.


These housewives clothes have just recently begun to revive again ... Now aprons are sewn very attractive and beautiful, there are fewer frankly unsympathetic models. Aprons allow a woman to remain attractive, but at the same time fulfill their direct duty - they protect clothes from pollution.

A huge number of aprons of various cuts, but if you are not indifferent to needlework, you can find many attractive patterns and sew an apron yourself.


On sale there are covers designed to decorate chairs and dishes, in particular a teapot. These cute textile things will not leave anyone indifferent: they change the interior familiar to our look as much as you definitely want to buy and use them at home.

On sale you can see beautiful additional textile accessories for the kitchen in the form of small toys, bags for spices or cookies.

Rules for choosing kitchen textiles

When decorating a kitchen space with textiles , you must adhere to some rules:

  • The choice of color design plays an initial role: follow not only your personal preferences, but also the general design of the room. When in doubt, buy solid color items. The same rule applies to the choice of textiles as a gift: pastel and white shades will be more appropriate;
  • natural fabrics are better than synthetic ones. They not only look worthier and prettier, but also last much longer;
  • size is important when buying a tablecloth, while towels and napkins are usually standard. Tablecloths are long, reaching to the floor, and short, covering only the tabletop. The main preference is given to products of medium length. To do this, measure the countertop and add 30 cm on each side;
  • if you have a classic-style kitchen or Provence, then you can buy a lot of textiles, but high-tech is not accepts fabric design.

Practical guidelines for the care of kitchen textiles

Kitchen textile accessories need timely and good care. This is due to the features of the constant use of products, while the kitchen is considered one of the dirtiest places in the house. To make the textiles last as long as possible while maintaining their appearance, adhere to these rules:

  • use several towels in the kitchen: if one of them is dirty, immediately send it wash and use the second;
  • ideally, towels should be washed daily;
  • natural products are easier to wash: you can use tall temperatures and potent agents;
  • if the stains are significant, it is better to soak the textiles before the main wash;
  • for better removal of dirt, soda can be added to the powder in the drum;
  • it is advisable to iron before using the product.

Where to buy textiles for the kitchen?

Protect yourself - buy kitchen textiles only from trusted manufacturers. This will give you the opportunity to be confident in the quality of the fabric and dye used for sewing. If you are not sure of the origin of the product, it has a chemical smell, uneven color, uneven seams and protruding threads - then the product is very dubious in front of you, refrain from purchasing.

Another thing, if you buy from a verified official representative of the manufacturer. Such a store will be able to provide a guarantee and certificates of textile quality.

Why choose a store Sweet Home ?

Online store SweetHome sells products only from well-known domestic and Turkish manufacturers, so we can guarantee the long-term operation of all goods. The buyer will be sure that:

  • the textiles passed strict quality control;
  • the composition of the products fully complies with the inscriptions on the packaging;
  • will receive excellent service and fast delivery;
  • for the purchase of a large batch of goods, there will be a discount;
  • if the product does not fit, it can be replaced.



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