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Bedspread - Cotton

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Buy a luxury Alceyiz bedspread from a Turkish manufacturer - a great solution for your bedroom. Attractive design, decorative stitch and nice colors, this cover will make your bed beautiful and cozy. Weave is...

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We present to your attention a unique set with a bedspread, decorative pillowcases with lace, a sheet and pillowcases made of cotton Minteks Shiny . An elegant bedspread finished with embossed embossing and lace...

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For your comfort at home or at the cottage, we are pleased to offer a summer cotton blanket of high quality and softness made by a well-known manufacturer. The lightweight fabric is made on the basis of cotton and...

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Lacy bedspread, pillowcases and a jacquard sheet Nazsu pike perfectly complement the interior of the bedroom. Beige color will give your bed tenderness and romance. For the manufacture of used high-density matter...

How to choose and purchase a cotton bedspread in the Sweet Home online store

Every person returning home wants to feel comfort. The atmosphere in an apartment or house should be such that all the hardships of the day, problems and troubles at work remain outside your cozy home world. To make it pleasant for you to return home, take care of things that will create a pleasant atmosphere of warmth and even relaxation. Start surrounding yourself with things made from natural materials. For example, for a bedroom, choose a beautiful bed in muted shades, buy yourself a soft pillow and a bedspread made of natural material - cotton. There are a number of reasons why you should buy a cotton bedspread for your home:

  • Firstly, it is environmental friendliness and naturalness, and, consequently, safety for your health. Sleeping under such a bedspread will be comfortable and even sweet. Insomnia wont bother you anymore!
  • Secondly, high quality and durability (cotton is superior in strength to wool).
  • And thirdly, a democratic price that will allow you to choose a bedspread according to your taste.

How to make the right choice when buying a cotton bedspread?

When choosing, we recommend that you rely, firstly, on the style of your bedroom and choose a cotton product according to color scale of the room. It is advisable to focus on colors that are pleasing to the eye - delicate pastels, white or pink. Such shades relax and calm a person, there is no need to choose aggressive colors, they can negatively reflect on the mood, even at a subconscious level. Psychologists recommend people with increased anxiety or difficult work requiring a thorough rest to opt for the blue or green color options. These colors calm the nervous system and set you up for a good rest. Also, one of the important factors in choosing is the size of your duvet and bed, the bedspread should completely cover the bedding and the entire surface of the bed.

The main types of cotton bedspreads

  • • monochrome - characterized by the absence of any unnecessary elements that distract. They are suitable for lovers of minimalism. If you value simplicity in everything, including bedroom accessories, then the monochrome option is just for you.
  • patterned - if the bedroom is ascetic, it lacks bright accents, then you can fix it with patterned bedspreads. If the room has monophonic wallpaper, select a larger pattern, if some elements are present on the walls, then a medium or small pattern is suitable, so as not to overload the style with the plentiful presence of decor elements.
  • Quilted - they are very soft and even voluminous, look beautiful, creating an atmosphere of home warmth and comfort. I immediately want to lie down and take a nap in a bed with such a blanket for at least half an hour. impeccable look. Among the rules for caring are the following:

    • Do not throw on the floor (especially if it is white or cream). Allocate space in the storage cabinet.
    • Dont forget to wash. In the washing machine, turn on the gentle mode, dry without clothespins so that they do not leave marks. Unfold the dryer and dry gently at home.
    • After washing, iron it lightly, because it is easy to remember the shape (can be ironed) can be steamed or simply ironed at a low temperature.
    • In case of moving, business trips to for a long time, when you want to take this blanket with you, buy or order a special bag for it with a lock so as not to damage the thing and not get dirty).

    Remember that you are more careful , the longer it will last and will delight you with its appearance.

    How to buy a cotton bedspread

    We offer to buy a bedspread in the Sweet Home online store. We have a range of models from domestic and international manufacturers. High quality, product style speaks in favor of acquiring from us. Our site is presented on the Internet, we do not spend money on the maintenance of the premises, so our prices are much lower than market prices. We deliver the goods by transport services "Intime", "New mail", "Autolux" in compliance with the rules and regulations, you can be sure that the goods will arrive safe and sound. Delivery within the city or self-delivery from the warehouse is possible in Kharkov. Save your time and money, order online, with delivery to your city.

    If you have any questions, you can always ask our consultants. We will be happy to advise you!



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