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Children tights

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SWEET-HOME online store offers a large selection of childrens tights from famous brands in Poland and Ukraine: warm and thin, soft and elastic, high-quality tights made of natural materials for babies of any age.

  • Multicolored cotton tights - perfectly keep their shape, resistant to wear and tear
  • Warm monochromatic tights - extremely soft , sit well on the leg, have excellent heat-saving qualities
  • 100DEN plain tights - soft and comfortable tights for autumn and early spring
  • Medium-density knee-high stockings 100DEN - plain demi-season knee-highs with high material strength
  • Solid viscose tights - an excellent option for schoolchildren
  • Thin knee-highs 20DEN - summer, transparent knee-highs with a wide elastic band that does not squeeze the leg

Tips for choosing childrens tights

  • Composition. Since tights fit snugly on delicate, sensitive baby skin, the material should be at least 70% natural. Ideal if it is cotton with the addition of bamboo fibers, cotton tights or wool. But, so that the pantyhose does not sag behind, do not puff in the knees and fit the legs tightly, they always contain a small percentage of elastane. The same material ensures the durability of the product.
  • Seasonal selection . For winter, terry tights or with angora pile on the inside are good. Woolen is also suitable. These natural materials retain heat perfectly, while allowing the skin to breathe. For warm scales and autumn, it is better to choose cotton tights, viscose or microfiber. In summer, usually children change tights for golfs, although each fashionista’s wardrobe always has a pair of white tights for special occasions in the summer. These are thin nylon tights, which are also breathable, superelastic and soft to the touch.
  • Safe for health . Of course, childrens underwear should only be factory-made, from high-quality hypoallergenic materials, produced in compliance with all GOST standards for knitwear. But this information is not always on the tights tag. Therefore, their quality should be determined "by eye". Good tights shouldnt have a chemical smell. If there is one, this is the first sign of low-grade raw materials and dyes. After washing, the product should not fade. Another aspect of childrens health is the breathability of the fabric. If the percentage of synthetics in tights is more than 60%, they will most likely cause sweating, reddening of the skin, and even irritation if the child overheats. Tights, the composition of which is natural with a small percentage of elastane, are hygroscopic (absorb and remove moisture) and provide good air exchange. It is worth remembering this when choosing tights for a child who is in them from morning till evening - at school, in kindergarten, especially if the baby has closed shoes.
  • Size. You should not buy tights for growth. They sag between the legs, slide down at the ankle, fold into an accordion in shoes. The tights should be clear in size, fit well along the waistline and perfectly match the size of the childs foot. It is also worth paying attention to the elastic tension. If it leaves a red, depressed mark on the skin, this not only causes discomfort in the child (tummy hurts, skin itches), but also adversely affects the work of internal organs. The elastic in good tights should be wide (not curled into a roll), soft, but elastic enough so that the tights do not slide down.
  • Color. Naturally, tights with flowers are not bought for boys, although they always have bright striped colors, a cage with cartoon characters and even vehicles. For little fashionistas, as a rule, the assortment of tights is always wider and there are practically no rules in their choice. The only thing worth considering is that for schoolchildren it is better to choose plain tights that will go well with the shape and will not get dirty so quickly by the end of the lessons.
  • Durability . Good tights should last more than one season, not lose their shape after washing: it does not become smaller or, on the contrary, stretches, does not fade and does not fade. Their quality and durability can be judged by the seams, the density of the product on the heel and toe and, of course, by the type of elastic. If threads stick out in the tights, puffs easily form, uneven coloration - all these are signs of low quality products.
  • Quantity. Since it is recommended to wash the tights after each putting on according to hygiene standards, they should be in stock at least 5-6 pairs. For girls, even more, since tights should be for all occasions: for walking, white for the holiday, openwork for special celebrations and dresses, bright and colorful for the mood.

Why profitable to buy childrens tights at SWEET HOME

  • Only proven quality. Online store offers high-quality tights of famous brands of Poland and Ukraine. Childrens products are made of natural materials and meet the requirements of GOST of Ukraine and Europe.
  • Large assortment. SWEET-HOME offers the widest selection of childrens tights: warm, demi-season, plain and in bright colors.
  • Help in choosing the size. Professional online consultants are always happy to help you choose tights exactly according to childrens size, tell you about the manufacturers of the goods and the composition of the material.
  • Fast delivery. On the day of ordering the package goes to the customers city by the fastest and most reliable postal services.

How to take care of childrens tights

  • Tights belong to underwear, so it is advisable to wash them after each wearing.
  • Washing can be hand or machine in water temperature up to + 40C.
  • Bleaching agents (without chlorine) are used only for white tights, it is better to wash them separately
  • Special bags are used for washing in an automatic machine.
  • A gentle spin is used for delicate fabrics
  • Dry the tights better in horizontal position, not on batteries
  • Tights do not iron



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