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Bedspreads and blankets for children

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Buy a soft, warm and environmentally friendly baby blanket - make a nice gift for your child. This blanket is suitable for all children, the filler includes cotton fiber, which does not cause allergies. Also,...
Teom Bebek Quilt + Pillow Teom Bebek Quilt + Pillow
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A blanket and pillow are better to be dipped immediately in the kit to completely update your home textiles. A kit from a well-known Turkish manufacturer of textile industry will be an ideal purchase that will give...
-tac-baby-boncuklu-95x145 -tac-baby-boncuklu-95x145
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We are glad to offer for your kids a high-quality and warm blanket made of materials safe for the child by a well-known Turkish manufacturer. A sturdy and soft cover made of dense cotton fabric restrains the microgel...
---100140---39 ---100140---39
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We bring to your attention a high-quality jacquard blanket, based on natural wool, made by a famous Ukrainian manufacturer. Such a blanket will be a wonderful purchase for kindergartens, resorts and hostels. Also, it...
Baby blanket ARYA Earth Baby blanket ARYA Earth
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A quilted quilt with a new generation of filler - natural bamboo fiber of medium density, which creates an optimal microclimate and has a beneficial effect on the well-being of the child. High density teak coating....
-markus------downfill-- -markus------downfill--
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Buy a MARKUS teak blanket to feel like you are in the air. The swan fluff filler does not cause allergies, passes air perfectly, gives warmth and softness, and weighs little. This blanket will warm you on cold...

Buy bedspreads and blankets for children - give a peaceful sleep

A child spends a lot of time in his room, so everything should be safe and comfortable here. The babys crib is used for games, sleeping, watching cartoons and other active activities. To preserve its cleanliness and take care of its cosiness, it is necessary to choose high-quality bedspreads and blankets for children, which will give the child a feeling of protection, protect from allergies and decorate the interior of the house. Such products will bring an excellent mood, especially if they depict your favorite cartoon or fairy-tale characters.

Key Features

Caring parents want to provide the child with all the comfortable knitwear. Therefore, high quality bedding is required for a crib. Covering the bed every day, the baby learns to organize its space and develops. For newborns, these kits are of great importance in everyday use because they sleep a lot at first. In addition, they need additional warmth, attention and care.

They especially respond to changes in temperature, especially in spring and autumn unstable weather. Warm bedspreads and blankets will cope with this task. By spreading them out on the floor, you create a great playground that is appropriate at home, on the beach and away. In addition, the accessory will accentuate the stylish décor of your home and your amazing taste.

Baby blankets are often made of wool, cotton, fleece, bamboo and jacquard. They are light, delicate, hypoallergenic, possess remarkable thermoregulatory qualities. We advise babies with sensitive skin to take products made from natural cotton, they are harmless to health. Quilted models stand out with their attractive appearance, do not form spools, do not wrinkle and do not fade. Before buying, you need to take into account some indicators:

  • The density of the fabric;
  • Features of execution;
  • The size of the outer seams;
  • Softness of the yarn;
  • Dyeing technology and more.

Tips for choosing a baby blanket

It is important to choose accessories for kids made exclusively from high-quality eco-friendly yarns . Bedspreads and blankets for kids are inexpensive, available for any wallet. Pay your attention to the most important selection criterion - the material and its advantages:

  • The lightness of the canvas;
  • Woolen samples will please you on winter evenings, they have a thermoregulatory effect that allows you not to freeze and not sweat;
  • Bamboo - the best solution for the summer, soft and hypoallergenic.
  • Cotton fabric - practical and convenient for everyday use. It does not shrink with proper washing, retains its original appearance and brightness of colors for a long time.

Considering the design, it is advisable to give preference to monochromatic options. Although bright elements are no exception, they will delight toddlers. Avoid scuffs on curls and rough edges. For durable fastening, you need to take items with fasteners, buttons, zippers.

For people prone to allergies, baby blankets with synthetic filling are suitable. In the absence of this factor, no doubt get downy, warm and pleasant to the touch, they will not be superfluous. Products differ in size from adult models, so it is better to stock up on the required amount in advance. It is not recommended for babies to use too large things so that they do not get confused during moments of rest. Older children, they just provide the desired coziness and comfort. A blanket for a child will come in handy in nature, you can play plenty of toys on it. In addition, it perfectly makes the bed, looks more neat and beautiful. When buying textiles, consider the many factors that affect sleep. Carefully read the information on the packaging to make sure the raw materials are natural.

Care recommendations

The main thing is to remember the rules of care and maintenance, so that things last for a long time and retain their properties. For example, woolen products require hand washing with the addition of special detergents for delicate fabrics. Drying is carried out in a horizontal position. Made from cotton and synthetic fibers, blankets for children are machine washable and can be dried in the fresh air, lying vertically.

Where is the best place to buy bedspreads and blankets for children?

In the online store Sweet Home offers a huge range of home textiles in all sizes and designs to meet the most demanding customer requirements. Here you can profitably buy bedspreads and blankets for children at an affordable price. We cooperate with reliable manufacturers and deliver in the shortest possible time. Our managers will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the ideal option that will harmoniously fit into the interior of the room, give warmth and comfort.



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