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-legs-miss-40-den -legs-miss-40-den
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We offer you classic elastic tights from the Italian manufacturer. Tights made to perfectly complement the business style and emphasize the beautiful lines of the legs. An average density of 40 den will allow you to...
-legs-tetti-100-den -legs-tetti-100-den
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We offer you excellent tights from the Italian manufacturer of high density and high quality. Tights have a density of 100 den and are made of soft microfiber for your comfort in any cool weather. The pantyhose...
LEGS RELAX 40 tights LEGS RELAX 40 tights
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High-quality dragging-away tights from the Italian manufacturer will give you beauty and comfort, as well as become a pleasant purchase. Tights have an average density of 40 den, are made efficiently and from the...
-legs-miss-20-den -legs-miss-20-den
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Thin elastic tights from the Italian manufacturer will be a great purchase for you and a wonderful occasion for your good mood. A low density of 20 den is ideal for the warm season. Classic shades complement the...
We offer you tights with a dragging-out effect from a well-known Italian manufacturer. Tights have a density of 70 den, they are made so that the dragging effect is distributed along the entire length of the leg....
-legs-velour-180-den -legs-velour-180-den
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These velor tights will warm your legs in the coldest winter and emphasize their beauty. Made by a well-known Italian manufacturer of the best materials, these tights have a very high density of 180 den, which will...
-legs-freedom-100-den -legs-freedom-100-den
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We offer you wonderful tights with a low waist, from a well-known Italian manufacturer. Tights are made of soft microfiber and have a density of 100 den, which will allow your legs to look beautiful and stay warm....
-legs-tetti-60-den -legs-tetti-60-den
rating 0 review
These tights from the Italian manufacturer are made of high quality soft microfiber, have an average density of 60 den and a nice palette of shades. In such tights you will always be warm even in the cold winter,...
-legs-briliant-110-den -legs-briliant-110-den
rating 0 review
We offer you magnificent tights with a brilliant effect from the Italian manufacturer. Tights are made with high quality and have a density of 110 den, in such tights you will be warm and comfortable, and your legs...
-legs-cotton-110-den -legs-cotton-110-den
rating 0 review
Wonderful cotton tights from a well-known Italian brand and manufacturer will be a great purchase for you. High density of 110 den and no less high quality workmanship make these tights one of the best for winter...
We offer you very warm and dense tights from a well-known Italian manufacturer made of soft microfiber. Tights have a high density of 250 den and a small inner fleece, which is undoubtedly the best choice for a...
-legs-silky-20-den -legs-silky-20-den
rating 0 review
These tights are made by the Italian manufacturer of the best materials for your good mood and the beauty of your legs. Tights have a low density of 20 den and are made with a silk effect, which looks very...
-legs-vb-20-den -legs-vb-20-den
rating 0 review
High-quality low-waisted tights will delight you with their high quality performance. Made by an Italian manufacturer, they will last you a long time, and your legs will always look great. The density of tights is...
-legs-freedom-110-den -legs-freedom-110-den
rating 0 review
Beautiful tights from the Italian manufacturer are made of soft microfiber based on cotton fiber, also have an understated fit and a high density of 110 den. Such tights will emphasize the beauty of your legs and...
-legs-relax-20-den -legs-relax-20-den
rating 0 review
Excellent Tights with a dragging effect and low density from a well-known Italian manufacturer. The low density of tights in 20 den will allow you to wear them almost at any time of the year, emphasizing your style...
-legs-cotton-40-den -legs-cotton-40-den
rating 0 review
We offer you high-quality cotton tights from a well-known Italian manufacturer. The low density of tights at 40 den is perfect for the autumn-spring season, pleasant shades will complement your look, and you can...
-legs-cotton-80-den -legs-cotton-80-den
rating 0 review
Warm tights from the Italian manufacturer will be an excellent purchase for you and will give you a good mood. Tights have a high density of 80 den and are made of natural cotton fiber, which will make your winter...

Tights are an important element of any ladys wardrobe, which is able to highlight her style, emphasize the beauty of the leg line and skillfully hide figure flaws. The online store SWEET HOME offers a huge selection of all kinds of tights of the best Italian, French, Turkish, Polish and Ukrainian brands. SWEET HOME you can buy inexpensive tights for every day or sophisticated premium designer models.

A unique assortment of tights from SWEET HOME

  • Warm 100DEN tights - the composition includes acrylic wool
  • Pantyhose with fishnet panties - have a low density of up to 40 DEN
  • Microfiber tights 60 DEN - warm tights with cotton gusset
  • Shaping tights - with a tightening effect on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks
  • Classic tights - with high waist, padded toe and heel
  • Low rise tights - perfect match with trousers and skirts with a low waistline
  • Tights with shaping push up shorts - shaping the hips and buttocks
  • Cotton tights - warm, comfortable tights with melange effect
  • With a slimming effect along the entire length - form a beautiful line of buttocks, hips, games
  • Tights with powder effect - give an elegant matte, mask skin imperfections
  • Ultra-dense tights 300 DEN - elastic but very warm tights for winters

What is the density of tights:

5-20DEN - the thinnest, ultra-transparent tights for spring, going out in summer

20-40 DEN - medium density and more intense tone , which can slightly mask cosmetic defects in the skin of the legs ( spider veins, pallor, bruising), suitable for cold autumn, early spring

50-100DEN - high density , which simultaneously provides a warming and masking effect. Suitable for winter.

Types of tights:

  • Classic tights . They have a simple but practical design: reinforced heel and toe, cotton gusset. They are often produced with thicker shorts or openwork panties.
  • Decorative . Graceful tights that serve as an integral part and complement to the suit. With their help, you can finish off sexuality, girlish playfulness, or vice versa insolence to the image. In such tights, decorative elements are used: mesh, imitation of stockings or high golf, stones, floral patterns, ornaments in the form of elastic from stockings.
  • Warm winter tights . They always contain polyamide, elastane, acrylic, as well as natural cotton and wool fibers. Thick, opaque tights have a unique heat-saving property. At the same time, they are thin, do not add extra centimeters to the figure, and look quite elegant on their feet. Sometimes they are produced with the effect of melange.
  • Figure-shaping - this type of tights fit tightly around the legs, hips, buttocks and the line above the waist , making the figure more slender, giving grace to the line of the legs. At the same time, the product has a functional top in the form of tight panties or shorts that hide the tummy, form a beautiful silhouette of the hips and buttocks. The tightening effect also extends to the area above the knee - thus, a beautiful thigh line is formed, such imperfections as cellulite, aging skin, weak leg muscles are skillfully masked. In such tights, you can safely wear short skirts, tight-fitting dresses, tight pants.
  • Corrective - tights that are able to mask some flaws of the female figure. The product has areas with a special density and a weave of synthetic fibers that support muscle groups: they tighten the abdomen and sides, raise the buttocks, make the thigh line more prominent, sloping. Thanks to a special insert, the “perezoma” provides a string effect. This feature of the structure of the claws allows you to wear tight things without the effect of folds on the sides.
  • Support tights SUPPORT - have a compression effect by varying the density in certain zones. Such tights have qualities that are good for health: they improve the condition of veins, reduce swelling and fatigue of the legs. They are recommended to be worn by women who walk a lot in heels, stand, subjecting their legs to heavy loads.
  • Tights with a massage effect - due to the special interweaving of fibers, tights have a soft massage effect on the skin, which in turn improves blood flow in the legs, relieves fatigue, and gives a feeling of relaxation.

How to recognize poor-quality tights:

  1. Chemical odor
  2. Thick, not neat seam
  3. Not uniform dyeing along the entire length
  4. Loose toe area
  5. No gusset
  6. Too thin elastic without sealing
  7. Poor quality, cheap packaging
  8. Rough, uneven surface

What combinations of tights are not allowed:

  • If a womans shoes and outfit are black, transparent tights “cut” the color line silhouette. In this case, only black tights are applicable.
  • Open-toed shoes and tights are a forbidden combination
  • White shoes, boots and dark tights - an unacceptable combination
  • It is not customary to wear black tights in the morning and in the afternoon. They look appropriate in the evening or at special receptions
  • Tights with a bronze tan effect look ridiculous with pale skin of the face and hands
  • B business style does not welcome mesh tights or with patterns
  • Colored and white tights fill the legs, and vice versa - black visually stretches the silhouette of the legs, “thinns”

How to care for tights:

  • It is advisable to wash the product after each wear
  • Only applicable by hand wash in water up to 40C without stain removers and bleaches
  • Tights are not twisted, but only slightly wrung out, for this you can use a terry towel
  • Tights are hung for drying by the sock
  • Stubborn stains from shoes or faded clothes are removed with laundry soap
  • Tights will gain strength, if you leave them in the freezer for a couple of hours
  • Tights will last longer if you remove the rings from your fingers before putting them on

Interesting to know.

A little history - we owe the appearance of tights in our wardrobe to Mary County is a British fashion designer who introduced miniskirts into the world of fashion in the 60s. The light industry of the 20th century had no choice but to follow a womans whim: an ordinary pair of stockings was connected by panties, and the first tights appeared.



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